Star Trek Soundtrack Cover & Tracklist + New movie images + AMC promo video

We’ve got your first look at the cover art for Michael Giacchino’s official soundtrack to Star Trek (and track list as well). Also there are five brand new images from the film, a new IMAX poster and an update to the official model website. [UPDATE: Plus a new promo video with a bit of new footage]



Soundtrack details
Courtesy, Varese Sarabande, here’s your first look at the cover of the soundtrack from Michael Giacchino, TrekMovie has an exclusive high resolution image.

Soundtrack cover front (click to enlarge)

Soundtrack CD cover back
[note we are trying to get a larger version of this image]

Here’s the track list:

1. Star Trek (1:03)
2. Nailin’ the Kelvin (2:09)
3. Labor of Love (2:51)
4. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
5. Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
6. Nero Sighted (3:23)
7. Nice To Meld You (3:13)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:03)
10. Nero Death Experience (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
12. Back From Black (:59)
13. That New Car Smell (4:46)
14. To Boldly Go (:26)
15. End Credits (9:11)

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New Images
Four new images for Star Trek have been released by Paramount Internation. to a number of sites overseas, giving us new looks at Kirk, Spock and Scotty. Click images to see bigger ones at

(click above images to enlarge)

…and here’s a new IMAX poster for the film (which is just a riff on the regular US poster).

Click to enlarge

And finally, Paramount has updated their "Star Trek: The Enterprise Project" website with three new models.  Click the image below to visit the site, which will continue to be updated with new ships.

One of the new artist Enterprises

UPDATE: AMC Gift Card Promo
Shortly after this article went up, Paramount sent out a new video promo for AMC giftcards. The promo is almost entirely previously seen stuff, but there are brief glimpses of a bit more footage from some moments.

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For those who have seen the movie, which font did they end up using in the credits? Classic Trek, or the font seen in the international posters?

Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

Haha dig the yellow

Loving that first shot!

I can’t wait to listen to the great Giacchino! This gonna be amazing!

Can’t wait! The excitement is building.

It appears that the first enterprise is painted like it will appear in the movie.

Oh boy, that track list is very revealing. Didn’t know I was in for some minor music spoilers. Is that an image of Spock and Uhura? Hmmm…. interesting.

The end credits font, as far as i could tell from the footage of Nimoy and writers posted on here earlier this week, is something called Bank Gothic. Its the same font used for the titles on “24” and many others.

I like it. The actual TOS font is neat and all, but damned hard to read.

Oof. Who’s idea was it to make a track list full of puns and clumsy cultural references?

Thanks for the response. What I meant to ask though was what font they ended up using for the main “STAR TREK” at the beginning of the movie.

Enterprise 10:
Who Enterprises the Enterprise?

I can’t wait to buy the soundtrack, I love some of the track names. I think I like the IMAX Star Trek poster better. Love the new shots, as well. This is going to be the best movie EVER.

11. Giacchino does that quite often. It’s cheesy, but it’s just titles.

3rd movie shot above with Spock and Uhura… what is the shuttles name?

wow, more cool stuff. It’s like Christmas!

Hahha A little light shed on what Quinto said about how Spock “Already HAS Uhura” in that one pic. I don’t know the actual episodes, but I do remember Uhura flirting with Spock a number of times. I think what he means by that is she probably has a huge crush on him, and he doesn’t reciprocate the way she wants. But she does get that hug from him, which for Spock is a huge step!

Notice the asterisks behind the last two track titles? Sure as hell this means “contains ‘Theme from Star Trek’ composed by Alexander Courage”. :)

Please no more spoilers from now on till May 8th, it’s really hard to not being able to come here being a Star Trek fan.

Nero fiddles, Narada burns

For anyone familiar with history, you would know Nero is based on Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire. And if you know a lot about him, then it will make sense to you that whoever came up with this title is a genius.

After clicking on that thing it makes me think and say for the first time..”.those is some big nacelles”.

#20 –
Yes, thanks for that! Fascinating. I’m interested to explore this

#15 –
Indeed! Looks like there’s enough space between the M and the O to fit another letter…

Nice shot of Kirk and Spock.

OMG. Sorry, but the names of the the tracks are horrible. Nice to meld you?? Oh, well, they do reveal a lot of spoilers. Which makes me happy. Idont think I can wait one more month. And the new images are awesome. Kirk and Spock, woo-hoo! And Uhura! And Scotty!! I love Pegg as Scotty, his accent’s hilarious. Perfect. Just perfect.

I don’t care for the regular U.S. release poster, but that black in the IMAX poster really changes things and I like that one alot. Might have to shell out the $$$ for that one.

Nice to meld you?

That’s a little cheesy.

I hope he writes his music better than he writes his titles.

26 – These are more groad-inducing that Lost or M:I:III track listings.

Kind of typical for Giacchino. :-)

26: “I hope he writes his music better than he writes his titles.”

Typically, he does. His Incredibles soundtrack is, well, incredible.

Worst. Soundtrack titles. EVER.

I’m sure the music will be wonderful, but Jesus H. Christopher Pike, those track titles sound like they belong to a TREK spoof, a la, GALAXY QUEST. “Nailin’ the Kelvin?” “Nero Sighted??” “Nice to Meld You???” “Does It Stll McFly?!?!??!”

Egads, Michael.

Like the Bettie Page on Enterprise #10!

I agree the nacells are large but I like this design. I notice from the clips that you really will be able to appreciate the size of the big E.


Oh, my Lord. I despise that word. I think I’ll be renaming some tracks in iTunes :D

2. MvRojo – April 9, 2009
Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

Maybe I should know, but, what significance would the name “Moore” have?

28. Chris Basken

Oh, I know he does. I have heard his work before. As a musician and someone who knows what it takes to write a soundtrack, I have nothing but admiration for his work. I think what I meant to say was, I hope the cheesiness of these titles doesn’t translate into the music for this film. Choosing song titles is very difficult and something I spend lots of time pondering, and like I said, his title, “Nero fiddles, Narada burns” is brilliant. But the rest is a little silly, that’s all. To be honest, I have no worries whatsoever that he has created an exemplary soundtrack.

I don’t know I still like my version of the soundtrack cover better….

At least I was close when I posted it a couple weeks ago….

Here it is for your consideration

Why is no one asking stuff about the music score?? I want to know if Jerry Goldsmith’s theme is in it !?!?

34. Adam E – April 9, 2009

“2. MvRojo – April 9, 2009
Is that shuttle named “Moore”? If it is…nice!

Maybe I should know, but, what significance would the name “Moore” have?”

Trek and Galactica writer Ron Moore.


Ron Moore- writer of TNG, DS9, one episode of VOY, and then show runner of Roswell Season 2, then creator/showrunner of Battlestar Galactica.

Ah yes, Thanks guys!

I can barely wait to hear the soundtrack. I’m always almost as excited about the score to a movie as about the movie itself.

The titles of music have SPOILERS. (WARRY)

#20…i caught it LOL… maybe next film they could get an alternate Nero to go back in time to ancient Rome and attempt to save the Roman Empire by doing something akin to what Ra did in the original Stargate movie…after its revealed that Romulans founded The Roman Empire…LOL

37., I’m guessing that if tracks 14 and 15 are listed with an asterisk, it refers to inclusion of other composer’s music, and we’ll see what those references are in the full liner notes. My take is that tracks 14 and 15 will use parts of the Alexander Courage theme, and with the time of track 14 being so short (and so “boldy” named) it’s probably the horn fanfare from TOS that’s frequently quoted in all the movies. I doubt there would be references to Goldsmith’s music here.

#15 M O O R E

It’s like I have previously stated…. If the music is even close to his work on the Medal of Honor series of games….It will be an absolute masterpiece.
I personally cannot wait to hear it.

As much as I want to hear Giacchino’s score i REALLY want to hear that tune by Cyrano Jones! :D

#45 –
Moore… Sounds reasonable.

#34 –
Significance of MOORE? Ronald D. ? I’m from the crowd that believes he saved Star Trek at a point, and then gave Star Trek so much to be proud of for many years more.

Wow, once again soundtrack titles have to be the most crappiest things ever. Yuck.

you people are complete morons.

you REALLY don’t get the point, do you? His titles are SUPPOSED to be cheesy! that’s his style. he KNOWS they’re cheesy.

this reminds me of the time i tried to watch monty python and the holy grail with my grandfather. “a killer rabbit? why, boy, that just doesn’t make any sense! there’s no such thing as a killer rabbit! oh… wait… a holy HAND GERNADE?! why, that’s just ridiculous!”

*ahem* DUUUUUR!

me want. me want now!