New Star Trek Viral Campaign [Update: Game Clue Solved?]

Back in January of 2008 Paramount put up a viral site (, but since then it has been quiet on the viral marketing front from for Star Trek, but that appears to have changed, and in fact we seem to have missed it as it has been out there for a couple of weeks. It all starts with those Star Trek dance parties we reported on a couple of weeks ago. 



Party photos hold clues to viral sites

TrekMovie reader Phil B. just sent in a tip that he noticed some URLs appearing in photos from the Star Trek Dance Parties at Here is one from the first party in Los Angeles.

what is that URL

If you go to, you get a flash movie with what appears to be static:

What’s this?

But there are flashes in the static of some clues to it being Star Trek and that there is more to this…

Elements of Narada appear in static…identifying this as related to the Star Trek movie

One flash shows the date of Apirl 17, or next Friday

And a more cryptic flash shows the Periodic abbreviations for Iron (Fe), Calcium (Ca), Silicon (Si), and Aluminum (Al)

UPDATE 3: More clues from first site
First time through missed an image, here it is:

This looks like it could be a code for an IP address

The text is ‘[*^].[#%].[*#@].[*^@]’. This text looks a lot like an IP address. If you assume those symbols represent their corresponding numbers on the keyboard, you get 86.35.832.862, but IP numbers cannot exceed 255. So that isn’t the right IP, or the clue isn’t an IP.

And when you piece together the flashes, you get this (thanks to reader Jean Paul):

And there is the Narada…after putting the pieces together

Lastly, when you translate the binary code for 01001111 you get ‘O’, which stands for Oxygen

UPDATE 1: Paris photo clues lead to two more sites
Here is another photo from the Paris party with a URL: When you translate the binary 0100001101100001 you get ‘Ca’, so this clue is related to elements on the first site.

another site

 That site also has the following clues:

Text ‘*#%^@’ – corresponding numbers on keyboard are 83562

Roman number VI (for 6)

the number ‘87465’

And another party photo gives you: and that translates into Al (or Aluminum).

third site

That third site repeats the Narada outlines, the text ‘*#%^@’ and the Roman numeral ‘VI’, but the site also has the following new clue:

the number ‘19886’

UPDATE 2: Another site
With the above two sites tied to elements, two more should be able to be deduced. The first one is easy, which is taking ‘Fe’ and converting it to binary and adding the .eu you get, which turns out to be yet another site. That site is exactly like the others, with flashes of the Narada outline, the text ‘*#%^@’ and the Roman numeral ‘VI’ but there is one new clue:  

the number ‘94371’ appears at the fourth site

UPDATE 4: Final site?
The final element clue from the first site is Si, which translates to 0101001101101001 in binary, however this does not equate to a valid .com or .eu URL. However, when you try .jp you do get a working site at: The one new clue at this site is the number 15048.  

the number ‘15048’ appears at the fifth site

In summary:

The first site – (which translates into ‘O’ for Oxygen) had the clues:

  • [*^].[#%].[*#@].[*^@]
  • 04/17/09 (the date for next friday)
  • VI (Roman numeral for 6)
  • Fe Ca Si Al  (elements Iron, Calcium, Silicon, and Aluminum)

Each of the ‘elements’ translated into binary and a URL has its own site and each of those sites shares two clues in common

  • VI  (Roman numeral for 6)
  • *#%^@

Each site also has an additional number clue:


UPDATE 5: Puzzle Solved? – leads to site going live next Friday?
OK it looks like TrekMovie community members ‘Slaynest’ and ‘Brown’ may have figured it out, here are the steps:

  1. Assume first site clue[*^].[#%].[*#@].[*^@] is IP address

  2. Assume the order of the clue ‘Fe Ca Si Al’ matches the IP

  3. Take the number codes from each ‘element site’ 94371, 87465, 15048 & 19886

  4. Match them with the ‘key’ code on all element sites ‘*#%^@’

  5. Pick just the numbers associated with the corresponding symbols from the IP clue

For example, when converting [*^] into the first part of the IP, you take the 94371 clue from the ‘Fe’ site, and you grab the First (*) and third (^) numbers 94371, or 97.

When you do this for all four elements you get Turning that into a web address you get:, which is a live blank site. However, matches the IP IPs that close are likely housed at the same location and possibly even the same server.

So for now it looks like the solution is to visit on Friday April 17th. Unclear what the ‘VI’ clue leads to. That may be a code used for the site, or maybe it means 6 AM (or PM).

Is there more?
With these viral games, also called ARGs or Alternate Reality Games, there are often multiple components, so it may be that only part of the whole puzzle has been solved. Plus there may be more hidden clues in the above sites, possibly in the sound. If any reader finds anything new please send it in to tips [at]


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Could the elements be related to what allows the Narada to travel back in time?

wow, i’m going to try to crack the code !

Hmmm. Look’s like cool stuff. Have to check it out.

Maybe another early showing of the film on the 17th? Anyone here good with chemistry?

Well, those four elements plus limestone = cement.

[very minor spoiler]

Could the elements have something to do with the red matter that is supposed to be in the film?

Mighty strange if you ask me. Nevertheless, I will make an attempt.

Complaint about how smoking shouldn’t be in an ad for Star Trek in 3… 2… 1…

Why didn’t they do this sooner?

Cement…. sidewalk? Chinese theatre? Cement… skatepark?

just thinking out loud….

I would assume that the name of the site is in binary. However the best I can do to decode the site is tell you that the binary is for the letter ‘O”.

Yeah, umm… I just took a crack at it, and just because I feel the necessity to say this in full, what the f*ck?

Sorry, I just don’t get it.

BTW on one of the “Paristrek” pics with the green girls there’s written on the wall, the exact same SWF pops up.

#14 – I found that one too just now!!! About 50% of the times I log into this site and expand the articles, the comments don’t show up!!!! It’s so frustrating…

I’ve decoded it…


Anyone else just lose all the pictures? Just a place holder now for the site?

0100 1111 is 4F hex

The Binary of the last sire just came back as Ca. I bet that the other sites are the binary eqivilant of Fe, Si, and Al.

Michael…are you sure it is the same animation?

deleted is another one. It is the binary conversion of Al.

“Fe” and “Ca”

Could mean “Federation Heavy Cruiser”, the designations used in Starfleet Battles and other strategy games. Haven’t looked at the rest. is another, Binary for Fe

Si does not appear to have a site, at least not one that ends in eu or Com.

Ahhh…Morons and marketing. A classic and inevitable combination.

Binary for Si is 0101001101101001. has different flashes I think, with some text at the bottom, but I don’t have any video capture utilities installed to go through frame by frame, could someone else have a look?

If you watch the bottom right of the static, after a while the letters VI appear briefly, so the number 6 in Roman Numerals.


Oh this was on the eu version (

Agreed their is text at the bottom and the roman numeral IV shows up in the lower right corner.

Opps VI

6 elements?

On the second site ( I keep seeing what I’m assuming are cusswords censored cartoon-style… I’ve got a screengrab that says ‘* # % ^ @,’ which I suppose could also mean ‘8 3 5 6 2,’ but I have no clue what either of those could be alluding to. Huh. And I’m sure I saw some more symbols at the top of the screen on the first site.

(Note: I’m not really sure about the first symbol; it’s a little hard to make out.)

Damn I should type faster.

28. Spocked

I too do not have such software, but out of the two text flashes towards the bottom right, I think I made out one to be 87645. Yet, I cannot find any numerical significance this value may contain.

Agreed it could be six sites. We already have Si, Ca, Al, Fe and the home site, which is O (oxygen).

Check this out:

87465 appears in a flash in the same area as the symbols. I think thats the numbers, they flash so gorram quickly. eu site again

16. Trekker Chick – April 10, 2009

One of my favorite all-time surprise endings :-)

C.S. Lewis

I have found this screen in the first site (the Anthony’s one):

definately 87465

I don’t think they’re all the same, they’re similar but I’m seeing 1986 and other text on is it possible to pull a first contact stunt and lay these on top of eachother? also listening to multiple sites at once is kind of interesting sounds like a lcars computer.

Jim Durdan –

From that page:
Major Elements in the crust of the Earth

Element Volume proportion

* Oxygen (O) 93.7%
* Potassium (K) 1.8%
* Sodium (Na) 1.3%
* Calcium (Ca) 1.0%
* Silicon (Si) 0.8%
* Aluminum (Al) 0.5%
* Iron (Fe) 0.4%
* Magnesium (Mg) 0.3%

Anyone care to inform us what the binary for the missing elements might be so we can try going to that url?

yeah they’re definately not all the same, because instead of getting the 87465 that is in the eu one, in the com one, you get the date mentioned in the article.

Re: 39. Brown, yeah, I saw those too. Coudln’t get a screen shot, though. They flash by too dang fast. I guess the |s could be \s? Can’t tell what’s between ’em, though.

Does this mean anything, numerically?

\86\ \35\ \832\ \862\

I don’t even know what it means when they say a viral campaign. Guess I’m too old-lol!!!!

Mg 0100110101100111
K 01001011

Brown –

Interesting. I think that reads:
| *^ | . | #% | . | *#@ | . | *^@ |

Ideas? Co-ordinates?

#44 could be an IP adress, but they usually dont start with 8

searched 87645 star trek and didn’t find anything interesting, this is fun! I bet this topic won’t have less than 500 posts before we figure it out.

Who killed Kennedy?