ST09 Tidbits (T-27days): More Cast Interviews + Jumping on ST Bandwagon + Kuwait Premiere Details + more

Today’s tidbits has more cast interviews from Salda, Pine, Quinto and also Capt. Robau (Faran Tahir). We also have more details on the Star Trek showing for the troops in Kuwait, and some examples of how others are jumping on the Star Trek bandwagon. All that and more, including a notice on the upcoming review of Star Trek. review of Star trek movie coming Saturday
Yesterday I saw the new Star Trek movie, expect my first review tomorrow. If you follow TrekMovie on Twitter you would know this, and have seen my 140 character ‘twitreview’. Soon after the official first TM review is put up, we will put up a number of ‘reader reviews’ sent in from TrekMovie readers who have attended premieres in Austin, Sydney and Auckland.

Saldana/Pine/Quinto interviews
MTV has new interview snippets from three of the Star Trek actors. Saldana talks about her favorite scene, Quinto talks about the respect for Trek history, and Pine talks about the scale of the film, noting the bridge cost $10 Million (perhaps an exaggeration). Watch the clips below:

Captain Robau demands you read this interview
Faran Tahir, who plays Captain Robau of the USS Kelvin, has a new interview up at SciFiWire. The actor talks about his uniform, his casting, and more. Here is a snippet on his role in the film: [minor spoilers]

I am on the ship. That’s how the story goes. And then, of course I have to go deal with Nero. So that’s the premise of it. … It sets up this entire saga of [Star Trek]. People who understand Star Trek, it kind of takes us back to a time when … the story began.

Getting on the Star Trek Bandwagon
The new Star Trek movie is bringing the Trek franchise back into the forefront of popular culture again in a way that hasn’t been seen in a long time. So it is expected for folks who are not actually involved to want to jump on the Trek bandwagon, and there are a few examples of that. 

CSI: Trek
Next week’s episode of the CBS procedural crime show CSI has a major Trek-like theme revolving around a murder at a sci-fi convention and a very Star Trek-like show and fandom. It is ironic that even though CBS own Star Trek, the fictional show on CBS is being called ‘Astral Quest’ but it clearly is an homage to Trek.

Eminem Trek’s out
Rapper Eminem is back and in the video "We Made You" from his upcoming album Relapse, he pokes fun at just about everything from Sarah Palin to Amy Winehouse, but interesting much of the video has a Star Trek theme to it.

Hustler Trek
And for something completely different and definately not for kids, Hustler is coming out with a new Star Trek porno parody in May titled This Ain’t Star Trek XXX. More details at  (not safe for work or kids) HustlerWorld.

Bullets: Kuwait Troops Premiere + ESPN Future Week + Kellogg’s Site

Kellogg’s Star Trek Promo site

Thanks to Greg and other tipsters

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Wow. Lots of stuff going on. Anthony saw the movie? How? Where? I look forward to your review and thoughts.

Damn it! No Video is watchable here…

That Eminem one is cool, possible Trek fan?

Pine actually looks weird in that command shirt adter seeing him in black for so long!

“This video is not available in your country.”

Also, those shirt collars come down to more of a point that what they are like in the clips we have seen. perhaps by the end when at a later date Kirk actually becomes the Captain, the shirts are like that, more like the old!

Maybe more will be like the original by then!

O’Reilly was outraged about Palin’s portrayal in that? He didn’t say anything about Star Trek. And wonder what Tony Romo thinks. Kind of funny. And I’m a fan. That is the only Eminem video I have ever watched by the way.

Anyone else heard that the great Ronald D. Moore will be making a small appearance in the CSI episode?

#5 – Yeah I have the same problem! Most CBS videos are unavailable outside the US unfortunately.

I don’t get why Eminem has Star Trek in his video? Does he not like Star Trek?

uhhgg… My brother was born in the US… That’s about as much contact with countries outside of Canada I get. WHY CANT THE DAMN

MTV, your marketing sucks. I can understand maybe having licensing issues with actual clips… but surely you can show INTERVIEWS outside the US?! *Is in the UK* ;_;

The shirts in the Kellogs ad are photoshopped I’m pretty sure. We haven’t seen any publicity photos with Kirk wearing that uniform yet. And we’ve seen several with Spock and the collar (or undershirt) fits much better than that.

Great roundup, that CSI episode will be a must see.

Also look out for the new GEEK magazine, chock full o’ Trek this issue with JJ on the front flashing the vulcan salute.


I’ll wager 400 quatloos on photoshopping for the winner!

Wow. Lots of Trek out there. Trek here and there and everywhere. This is a good time for Trek. the best since the heyday of Tng. Except much better. Love the Pick of Kirk and Spock on the Kellogs site. great shot.

It’s fun to see all the expanding fanfare about this film… I wonder what the post-May 8th climate will look like.

A tiny little editing note… it’s Camp Arifjan, not ‘Arifgan’. Sorry, I’m a writer, it’s what I do. Great site!!

Damn, I have to see that CSI. LOL!

Talk about the best of both worlds.. Star Trek and CSI together again, just like before when… oh wait… you are unaware of the timeline alterations..



#16 – yes I agree! The marketing for this Trek film is simply phenomenal. I would have laughed two years ago if I someone told me this movie would be marketed this profusely.

Seems that Paramount really do believe they have a blockbuster on their hands (and from someone who has seen it – yes – It really is awesome!)

Man, I despise everything about Eminem. That video was typically atrocious and juvenile. This is why I hate rap.

I wonder why CSI is using the fictional stand-in “Astral Quest” instead of actually making it ST. After all, it is a CBS show, so they presumably have the rights. Perhaps the killer in the episode is a fan or cast/crew member of the show, and so they didn’t want to use the real ST for fear of casting it in too negative a light. Still, it’s odd to hear them using all the familiar Trek terminology and catchphrases while pretending it’s something else.

So is the CSI a tribute or another thinly veiled attempt to mock?

Kellogg has finally shown us Pine in the gold uniform!

Eminem a Vulcan! lol maybe a Klingon!

I’m really looking forward to the review! I’ve listened to the audio review over at a few times and they’re excitement has got me more excited than I was already before the gala events!

Anthony P. reviewing the new film. Hmmmm. Is the founder of and personal friend of Bob Orci going to diss the movie? We’ll see.

@12: MTV just sucks in general.

No. Eminem would be a Ferengi.

Seriously why would you even post links to movies no one but the damn americans can see.

The rest of the world loves star trek too. Boycott MTV.

Trek commericals are coming up everywhere. When I played that Eminem clip, a 30 second trailer for star trek came on. I thought the wrong clip was posted till I realized that it was just the random commerical running with that clip LOL

Will there be any Star Trek promotion from Kellogg, Burger King and other companies outside the USA? I am especially interested if there will be collectibles in Germany. Do anyone know something about this?

Technical Message from Starfleet:

To Bypass those distubing Messages like:

“This Movie is not available form your country or region”

Just search for “Proxy Server United States”

there are many free Proxy IP Lists in the Net.

then copy the IP into your Browser Settings

and every video is available.

Thank you

Starfleet Technical Support

Spock looks soooo much better without being Photoshopped/Airbrushed to death!

Eminem is a moron. I weep for the future.

Hey maybe Kellogg’s can have promotional tie-ins with Trek characters and their products… like “Edith Keebler,” for instance.

Tribble you make a good point. BUT Star Trek covers the globe, people from all over the world are coming to to get info, not spend half a day trying to get a proxy working.

Anthony please find a way around this crap that doesn’t involve your visitors risking their machines looking for loopholes.

I can tell those Kellogs pics are photoshopped. Those are just halloween costumes with the collars pulled too far down.

#37 — That’s awesome! Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

#26—More like a Ferengi.

#41. I knew I spelled it wrong the moment I sent it. But thank you for correcting me anyway. Lol But yes he is a Ferengi, With those ears and with that Mouth. Hey he even looks like one.

Anthony, are we going to get a non-spoiler review?? I’m really looking forward to reading the reviews, but it’s so hard to stay spoiler-free. Maybe a review with a spoiler tag, and a shorter one for those of us who want to be surprised come May

Hah, 5 years too late, they figure out a way that would have made me happy to have been deployed to Kuwait.

Re: #37


Harlan Ellison will have a cow if they tried it.

Where’s the full review??

#38 yes sure, just wanted to give those who cant see this messages a possible sollution to watch the clips from all over the world.

no offence :)

It sucks that American Networks tend to block access to people outside of the US. In Canada we have several different broadcasts from various Networks (CBS, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc..) yet we can’t view online.

But I can brag that I am in Canada and watching these videos, Thanks to having a Company that runs our servers out of the US, I just have to log into my VPN and bam, the sites think I am in the US. and my Computer is Safe from unknown proxy sites — Hopefully someone puts this stuff somewhere the entire world can view it soon.

Is the “CSI:” font in the end title card the same as the new Star Trek movies? Looks like it. There are so many different entertainment outlets doing variations of trek, so cool! Glad to see Star Wars spoofs are on the shelf for a little bit.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I personally need to change pants after reading that ‘Hustler Trek’ thing

Orion Slave girls? Mirror T’Pol? Lieutenant Savvik on her Pon Farr? The deleted scenes from the original series featuring Shatner with every singe female in the franchise?

The human adventure is just beginning…