EXCLUSIVES: Star Trek DAC Poster + Star Trek Movie Desktop Wallpapers

Paramout have provided TrekMovie.com with a few exclusives related to the new Star Trek movie. Firstly we have the exclusive first look at the official poster for the D-A-C game. Also we have three new exclusive Star Trek desktop wallpapers you can download (which are part of a larger set). Check it all out below.



Star Trek D-A-C Poster
Here is our exclusive first look at the poster for Star Trek D-A-C, the downloadable Star Trek movie-themed arcade ship shooter coming to XBox 360 and Playstation in May.

Official DAC Poser (click to enlarge)

More on DAC: First game Details + First Screenshots.


Exclusive Desktop Wallpapers
Paramount provided TrekMovie with a cool very-limited edition USB promotional card (which are being sent to various outlets).

This card is part of a set, with each card loaded with its own unique Star Trek desktop wallpapers in various sizes. Here are the three on the TrekMovie card:

Desktop #3

[Download: 1024×768 | 1280×1024 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200]

Desktop #6

[Download: 1024×768 | 1280×1024 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200]

Desktop #7

[Download: 1024×768 | 1280×1024 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200]

Other media sites should be getting cards with their own unique wallpapers on them. So far only one site with wallpapers has been spoted, but we will update with more:

If you spot other Desktops, let us know via the tipline.

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nice and really tight, the drawing looks, i’m very impressed.


hahaha nice. I would really like a kick ass star trek usb or usb hub.

Are these cards only for the specific news outlets, or will they eventually be sold to the public?

No word on Star Trek DAC (or other games) for the Wii or PC, huh?

i believe the cards are just promo things being sent to various news sites, sorry.

So far, the url on the poster, startrekd-a-c.com, just links to Paramount’s gaming site, and has a placeholder that says “Coming Soon”

From filmschoolrejects.com

“We popped the USB device into our main control center and came to find out that not only is this card one of only 100 such cards, but that it also contained three sets of desktop wallpapers from the upcoming Star Trek film directed by J.J. Abrams:”

So, there were only 100 made!

Also, they called it “a little viral care package,” so could the PP17 in the upper right-hand corner mean anything for the viral sites, because it doesn’t seem to denote which card it is, as both Trekmovie and FSR’s card have it, but contain different materials.

yeah, uh, those wallpapers are ugly as heck… I’ll stick with my enterprise and kelvin wallpaper from The Light Works :)

I need one! :D That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome! I think I’m in love! Awww! So freakin cute!!! I guess I’m just a spock girl!

Love the baby Spock box, but the “wallpapers” are all pretty bad, like middle school drawings…

I saw the red and green Wallpapers printed on shirts at some of these dance party photos ….

at the paris party pics – there were other shirts – so it’s likely that we will see more of them …

see http://thecobrasnake.com/partyphotos/paristrek/IMG_2459.html

Gotta love Baby Spock!

Not so sure about the Enterprise running into a space ghost tho.

Revolver anyone?

They’re getting pretty arty with Trek this time around, don’t they? First Artist renditions of the Ship itself, which are… well different, that’s for sure and now those T-shirt motifs. Let me guess, when all 100 Cards have been delivered and all pics are available, we can then overlay those partial drawings to complete them, like with the Narada on the binary sites.

The y are trying very hard to hip Trek up. Not sure if I like the way they do that. And what about that shipyard site ncc-1701.com, nothing happening there, huh?

I tell ya what. I’m so thrilled that these classic characters are returning. I’ve enjoyed the TNG series, movies, and spin-offs to varying degrees, but there’s something about the original characters that is special to me. Seeing all the merchandising makes me feel like a kid again.

I’m getting sooooo excited!!!!

I was I’d entered that free t-shirt giveaway trek facebook was holding. The Ghosterprise T-Shirt is a neat design.

Cannot. Wait. Any. Longer!!!

After so many truely awesome wallpapers related to this movie, these are downright terrible. The first on at the FSR site even has the Vulcan hand sign wrong.

#9: The “PP13” is the number of the card itself, rather than the contents. It fits in with the other promotional cards for the trading card set released so far by Rittenhouse. This is either an adaptation of an existing card, or a very ingenious promo card…

What does the little “Diamond” logo say on the FSR ones? The little thing that looks like a messed up (or perhaps blinged up?) Superman logo…at the bottom of the Vulcan hand sign?

It’s also at the bottom of the Alien facing Spock on the green wallpaper. I’m terminally “un-cool” so if it is something everyone knows, please forgive me. But can someone explain? Thanks!


I was one of the winners of the Facebook t-shirt givaway. I’m not exactly sure if each shirt was unique or what, but the one I received was definitely out-of-the-box. It was a white shirt with a group of people all brightly clothed (neon greens and pinks) all wearing different pieces of Trek memorabilia, Shirts, necklaces, and one was holding a phaser while another was holding a replica of the new Enterprise

The baby spock card is nifty, whats up with the home made desktops ? They look like crap.

The Paramount website says: “Coming soon to Playstation Network and PC”

awhhhh, so adorable. I have to admit, as a kid, though, I think I liked the SFS Spock better. But any baby Spock is gonna be so cute XD

D.A.C poster’s very cool! Thanks for the exclusives!

Aw, adorable baby Spock. ^________^

I don’t get it. What are these drawings? I mean, I know it’s Lirl and Spock’s hair, but…?

Sorry, Kirk and Spock


I think I have a new theory as to what DAC might stand for. Could it be “Diversity and Combinations”? As in “INFINITE Diversity in INFINITE Combinations”?
I mean, DAC, with the Vulcan Salute as the poster….thoughts?

#33 Yeah, it could be Detach All Clingons too. ;)

Star Trek: Dumb *ss Commander

“Prepare for ramming speed!”
“But sir, they haven’t even fired on us yet!”
“Dammit, I said RAMMING SPEED!”