Saturday Matinee – Trek Through Time Part II

Last Christmas we presented you "Trek Through Time", a fun and very creative Doctor Who & Star Trek mashup put together by our friends at (which ended up with over 100k views). And as promised then, they have released the second installment in time for Easter. So check out "Trek Through Time Part II – The Wrath Of Caan Parody Easter Special 2009" below.



Trek Through Time Part II – The Wrath Of Caan Parody Easter Special 2009

(YouTube HD Link)


and if you want to get caught up…

Part 1 "Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 – Trek Through Time"

(YouTube HQ Link)

"Trek Through Time" is a labor of love for our friends and periodic contributors, Rick Kelvington and Paul ‘Spockboy’ Sibbald. We look forward to more Trek/Who madness from these two in the future. 


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Cool! Happy Easter Everybody!

Hahaha funny….

Last, I hope. That was awful.

The blurriness present in a lot of the shots kinda ruined what would otherwise be a good mashup.

Amazing what you can do with some stone knives and bear skins. Nice job!

Nonsensical, but loads of great editing and effects work nonetheless!

Excellent, very VERY well made.

#3 Keep driving til you get a sense of humour!

uggghhhh ooookkkkkkkkk


Happy Easter!

Brilliant work! I especially love Paul’s impression of the BBC One announcer at the end, spot on!

anthony you must be writing a veeeery long review


Love the Shat bridge cameo.

But, you’re really gonna make us wait 8 months? Who do you think you are, Paramount???

I had a good laugh

Great fun !!!!

nice job! Part 1 was better but still.. kudos on some great editing and probably lots of long hours screening the shoes for the right clips! looking forward to part 3.

Now that was impressive. Great work Kelvington, can’t wait for christmas now

Shweet. 83

I only got one word to say to Kelvington.


You and Spockboy did a lot editing and put hard effort into it.

I got to admit, your series “Trekking Through Time” will be much, much better than the Star Trek Movie that is coming out this May.

Who knows what will happen on Part 3. Maybe the Klingons and Romulans will show up. Also possible the Gorn and the Metrons.

I would be surpirsed if the Talosians make a guest appearance.

Kelvington, Spockboy. Thank you for part 2 and making my easter weekend.

I wish the both of you a happy easter weekend.

Take Care.


Just like the first one…well done. Good work Rick. And just like the first one I’m aware of how much work is involved. I recognize those dialogue cues. Talk about labor intensive. I look forward to part III. That quest is a worthy one. Maybe the second movie will take a cue from you.

cute, very funny and well done. i thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wheee! Lots of fun! I especially appreciate the ‘quest for Kirk’ preview.

Hooray for Kelvington and Sibbald! Bravo! Bravo!

And, after reading a few comments from others, I have to add this:

From #19:

“I got to admit, your series “Trekking Through Time” will be much,
much better than the Star Trek Movie that is coming out this May.”

What a cold bucket of water.

How much satisfaction can one really get in taking something fun, something that is obviously a labor of love, and turn it into a stone to throw.


Cool mashup!

Right on with Paramount! At least it’s finally less than a month away.

And Anthony, hurry up! I’m dieing for this review!

Sorry to rain on your parade, but the first one was truly inspired, and the second one (like most sequels) falls flat. It is too scatterbrained, too much happening, jumping about from scene to scene. I know it’s not supposed to be perfect, but after that amazing first part, this just seems really low-quality.

this is better the JJ’s Star Trek

I really like it, but it’s clearly not canon, as we all know the enterprise was destroyed over Riverside, and Checkov wasn’t aboard the Enterprise at that time, and the movie music was never used in the series, and the nacelles, and the nacelles, and the… and the…. Kidding. Nice work. And cannot wait for the new film in May :)

OK, that was pretty cool. Did my eyes play tricks on me, or was that Kirk in a TOS uniform coming down with that ST:G scaffolding? LOL

Part one was so much better. Maybe Pt 3 will redeem…

Well, I’ll give it this… it was more entertaining than “Planet of the Dead”.

26. Let’s see YOUR video work, then.

funny clip and nicely done

[SPOILERS for the Kelvington mashup….]

Our story so far….

The Doctor and his companion are traveling through space, pursued by energies threatening destruction of all in all their paths, when they encounter the Enterprise, an unknown vessel. Believing the TARDIS to be the source of the energies, the Enterprise fires on the timeship, damaging it severely. Despite the risks to his own ship, Kirk extends the Enterprise’s shields to protect the TARDIS, and beams it aboard. In doing so, the Enterprise itself is also disabled.

For some reason, while the Doctor is allowed outside the TARDIS, Kirk is shocked at the appearance of his companion, who remains inside.

Aboard the Enterprise, a hearing is held during which the identity of the Doctor is determined, along with his various offenses against time, for which he has been sentenced to community service.

Meanwhile, the energy beams continue their waves of destruction, putting the Enterprise in peril. As the crew discusses their joint predicament, the Doctor transports Kirk to an alternative reality, where the two meet with a mysterious Pike-like figure aboard an otherwise empty Enterprise. The Doctor, whose appearance has mysteriously changed, explains to Kirk that they are being pursued by a destructive race.

Without warning, the Enterprise is invaded by the Daleks. Thinking fast, Kirk orders the ship to self-destruct. As Kirk and the Doctor race toward the TARDIS, the Daleks aboard the ship are incinerated.

Am I missing anything?

Good work!

I love this! It’s fun!

@34 You got it down pat!

Love it but Part 3 isn’t until Christmas?!

It appears Mr Kelvington is running these parallel to the DW specials…smart move!

On cool Section 31 is a division of Torchwood! Or is Torchwood a division of Section 31?


Good to know I’ve got the basics, 36.

For #23 – DFinn:

Thank you for responding me with your comments. Its an honour.

But let me tell you something, young man. I do not throw “A Bucket Of Cold Water” towards Kelvington and Spockboy.

That would be “illogical” and “unethnical” to do that. These two young men put a lot of effort to create the Dr. Who/Star Trek series. I have waited over 30 years to see if these two popular cultural series would crossover each other.

After a year and a half of Paramount Pictures United States teased the world that Star Trek coming on Christmas Day 2008, they have the gull to changed their minds saying Star Trek is coming on May 2009. That dash my hopes. I know, I know, live with that.

Do you know how many fans made their own Star Trek 11 trailers? Using the TOS format or the TNG format or any other Star Trek series format? Have you created a pre-Star Trek 11 trailer, young man?

I appreciate Kelvington’s version. I appreciate Spockboy’s version and I even appreciate Anthony’s Pascale’s version as well. Every Star Trek fan around the world have or has created their own trailer for Star Trek 11 should get recognition for their own efforts and accomplish this big feat.

The reason I don’t like JJ Abrams version of Star Trek is becasue it looks too much like “90210”. If Matt Damon became Kirk, Gary Senise became McCoy and Koerner’s Enterprise was there, I would have give a chance to see it.

As long it sticks to Mr. Gene Roddenbury’s original format version. not JJ’s version. But that is my point of view. I will accept your point of view as well. Without arguing or fighting in this respectable chat room

I am not interested in seeing the “USS Edselprise” and the technology/ time wise does not much match after the four seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise.

I agree with #27’s (ENC) comments. This series is much better than Mr. Abrams movie

If I hurt your easter weekend or feelings about the movie coming up, my apologies. At least, I am honest with you.

Mr. Kelvington, Mr. Spockboy, I apologise to both of you if this matter got out of hand. I am too blame.

Also, thank you for bringing back Rose Tyler. I really miss her. She has been the best companion since Sara Jane Smith. I would give a big credit to Kyle Minogue for being a temporary Doctor’s Companion. Kylie would have been a great one in the ratings.

Good to see the 9th Doctor again. It would be nice if K-9 shows up.

Still, gentlemen, you did a beautiful job. I look forward for part 3. Enjoy your easter weekend.

By the way, have a great summer, Mr. Kelvington. You as well, Mr. Spockboy. You have a great summer, too.

Take Care,

Respectfully Yours,


Hey folks,

Thanks so much for all the kind words, it’s really appreciated, for those of you that enjoyed… cool For those that didn’t… cool. I mostly make these for myself, and Paul fixes the hell out of them. Then we put them out for everyone to have a little look at. You should see the stuff we don’t let out! LOL

I go back to years in the theater when it comes to reviews. Love the good ones, hate the bad ones, but don’t pay attention to any of them. Which is the same thing I feel about the new movie. It might be rubbish, it might be great, either way, I’m going to give it a chance, and hope for the best.

As for part III, I’m really torn on these, as I really can only do about six minutes of story, since I have a re-cap for the pre-title sequence, then titles, then six minutes to tell a story, then credits and a teaser. I think sometime, when YouTube or whomever makes it possible there will be a full version of this episode up there someday, when I can add all the exposition and story that I’m forced to cut out.

But I will tell you this much, in part III thanks to Doctor Who universe, I figured out a way to fix something that so far in Trek universe they haven’t been able to, or wanted to fix… how’s that for a tease! LOL

Happy Easter!

Many thanks, Kelvington and Paul. Keep on Trekkin’!

@Kelvington Lemme guess Kirk’s middle initial? Heh!

Spock’s funky eyebrows in WNMHGB?


#38: “I have waited over 30 years to see if these two popular cultural series would crossover each other.”

While I’m not a Doctor Who fan, I am a fan of throwing together disparate cultural icons and see what happens (check out my webtoon series ‘Stone Trek’). I enjoyed the first installment, but not so much this second one. While I admire the fanboyism, I have to admit to appreciating more the idea of a coherent mashing of the two, as opposed to a video Rubik’s Cube (again, probably because that’s pretty much how I did it with ‘Stone Trek’).

But, hey… keep it comin’. We need stuff to watch. This damned mavie is taking forever to get here!!

#42: “a video Rubik’s Cube” best imagery ever! That made both Paul and I laugh. I’ll have that by the way.

– I want to vote this video as the best Star Trek movie EVER..!!!………

I am SPEECHLESS!…..Slightly moist but definately SPEECHLESS!