EXCLUSIVE: First Review Of Genki Star Trek Fragrances w/ First Look At Pon Farr Perfume

Since TrekMovie first revealed the coming release of Genki Wear Star Trek fragrances, they has garnered much media attention from newspapers to even The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Now, we are back with two more exclusives: the first image of the bottle for Pon Farr perfume for women and the first review of the fragrances themselves.


TrekMovie has been given an exclusive preview (presmell?) of the three fragrances. In order to evaluate the fragrances, I have asked my wife Maria Jose, herself a serious Star Trek fan and TrekMovie special correspondent, for some of her thoughts as well. This review features both of our opinions.

The Essence of Trek
The Genki Wear fragrances remind us somewhat of William Shatner’s "Has Been" album from a few years ago. With both the fragrances and the CD, what could have been a joke surpasses itself to be a quality item. The Genki Wear fragrances are good as fragrances, whether they are Star Trek or not. The Star Trek themes add fun and hipness to the items. The Star Trek fragrances are quality, and when the perfume and colognes dry down, the base notes are still enjoyable.

Pon Farr Perfume
Pon Farr, a perfume named for Spock’s mating experiences during the episode "Amok Time," is being promoted as the perfume to "drive him crazy" with the sales tagline of "leave logic behind." [see exclusive first look at promo flyer] Pon Farr has top notes (the first fragrances noticeable) of citrus, blackcurrant, lotus blossom and water lily. The base notes (those that last the longest) are sandalwood, peach, and mulberry. The bottle for Pon Farr is the best of the three fragrances, featuring the IDIC logo and a design reminiscent of the lirpa used by Kirk and Spock to battle each other on Vulcan (dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah. You know the music). Maria Jose believes that fellow female fans will find the Pon Farr perfume perfect for spring and summer because it is a fruity and floral scent. It is feminine and fun and would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Exclusive first look at Pon Farr Perfume – Coming May 2009
[Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $29.99]

Star Trek Colognes (Red Shirt & Tiberius)
The Star Trek colognes are interesting in that Red Shirt is more masculine than Tiberius, ironic considering that Tiberius is named for the ultimate man, Captain James T. Kirk! Red Shirt has top notes of green mandarin, bergamot, and lavender, with base notes of leather and grey musk, and the best feature is the hint of lavender which Maria Jose thinks is excellent.

Red Shirt Cologne – Coming May 2009
[Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $29.99]

The Tiberius cologne has top notes of sweet citron zest, black pepper, and cedar with base notes of warm vanilla, white musk, and sandalwood. It is a more subtle of a fragrance and definitely a musk. However, what Tiberius does have is a classy and fresh smell. 

Tiberius Cologne – Coming May 2009
[Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $29.99]

What is nice then is that both these colognes have value depending on the mood or the event the man is dressing for. If you are battling aliens or going out to the bar (warning: DO NOT TRY YOUR LINES ON UHURA), then Red Shirt is for you. If you are going out for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, wear Tiberius

More to come
Genki Wear will be announcing future fragrances and TrekMovie will continue to be the first bringing fans all the details.

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Smells like success to me!

Weird, but cool.

Gotta get that pon farr stuff….. XD Long live the redshirts!
Dare i say first?

I love collecting fragrances and I can’t wait to get these!

Star Trek+Fragrance= :D :D :D!!!!

If someone had shown me the advert first, I would have thought it was a joke :D

This is kind of awesome in a way-out-of-left-field sort of way.

And if you’re going out to the bar, don’t forget to bring protection.

And I’m not talking about a phaser.

Just sayin’.

Red Shirt – The last cologne you’ll ever wear.

Pon Farr… hmmm. Mating only every 7 years? No thanks…

BTW it should be Geeky Wear not Genki Wear..


FAO sebi

I think some trekkies/trekkers would take having sex only once every 7 years!

@9 That’s what I thought it said at first glance!

The “Tiberius” bottle has the sexy “mirror universe” Imperial logo.

Um… isn’t it a bit late for an April Fools???? Because that takes merchendising to whole new levels of ‘milking the fan cow’.

@Zminus10 – hahahaha nice catch!

Wow, Zminus10, that is funny stuff! It should be part of the adverts. The lid to the Pon Farr is way too cool.

Smells Like Trek Spirit!

I dread the idea of going to a TREK convention and discovering that every other Trekkie is wearing this stuff. Men in general aren’t known for wearing cologne with discretion!

I LOVE IT. Hahahaha :D I can’t wait to buy it!

Lol!! God knows every trek convention will have base tones of sandalwood from now on. Way to go, taking the smell of geek to a signature fragrance.

Ironically I am very excited about trying to convince my family, all of who have never seen star trek to get me Pon Farr. Maybe I shouldn’t Leave Logic Behind…

Pefume??? um, can we say spellcheck?

re: “EXCLUSIVE: First Review Of Genki Star Trek Fragrances w/ First Look At Pon Farr Pefume”

I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the Red Shirt perfume…er…ah…you know what I mean.

Worf: You smell perdy.

Wesley: -ulp-

@18 Dunno if I’d be all that unhappy if this becomes the new “smell of geek”; especially because that title usually goes to BO… as long as they don’t bathe in the stuff, it’s got to be some kind of an improvement XD

(sorry for the sweeping generalization, no offence intended)

The RED SHIRT guy kind of looks like Frank Sinatra!

What about?

‘Green Woman,’ the green apple top note fades to cannabis and vodka basenotes.

‘Edith Keeler,’ Straightforward fragrance of rose and lavender. It smells like your grandmother, yet strangely sexy.

‘Miramanee,’ light, fresh Earth Patchouli with a musky, Tobacco base.

LOL i can’t believe we’re looking at Star Trek fragrances just what 4 years after Enterprise hit the buffers lol

crazy times :D love it all.

Another geeky and funny thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoP3C76ioTU

omg. Pon Farr perfume!!?!?!?!?
I don’t know what the stuff smells like, but it smells like lameness to me.
Vulcans don’t talk about it…

I still think this is a cool idea. I know there were some who critical that this story was even being reported. Don’t know why. I think in the end Tiberius could be a fragrance that stand on it’s own. Not just the Mirror Kirk. Still a lot of possibilities with this one. We could have Dr Sevrin incense too.

Ugh, this is a disaster. The IDIC symbol used on the Pon Farr bottle is the one Doug Drexler made for an earlier edition of the ST Encyclopedia — probably designed from memory. It’s tilted the wrong direction, the hole in the disk is far to large and the triangle too small. It was redrawn/corrected in the appendix of the final edition.

Just a disaster…

How about the “NO KILL I” Horta fragrance…?

Smells like burnt scrambled eggs.


IDIC is a concept best forgotten, as it was created as a marketing tool to sell trinkets by the Roddenberries during and after season 3.

Despite the positive connotations, IDIC kinda gives me the willies.

Interesting that they actually licensed ($$$) William Shatner’s image for “Tiberius,” while the others are essentially generic.

“‘Pon Farr,’ the fragrance that says having you is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting you.”

How about a another perfume set — one for women called Imorg and one for the men called Morg?


Forgot to mention, the ad campaign could be “Prevent a Male/Female schism”…LOL!!!!

Oh well…I think it’s good.

You’re just jealous you didn’t think of it.


“”the hole in the disk is far to large and the triangle too small.””

Maybe the disk doesn’t care about the size of the triangle… ; )

This is hysterical! I’m getting some Tiberius without a doubt. lol

#35 And maybe nobody cares either way!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s a “Pon Fume” bottle for crying out loud!

I’ll bet Tenuto’s gonna buy every one! And probably wear them too!

If they had one called Uhura, he’d wear that one too — while eating his Star Trek cereal. Then he’d go to the potty and use his Star Trek toilet paper!

Hehehee!!! Oh I crack myself up so much! Thanks for the laugh fodder!

It’s all in good fun though. Keep on keepin on, Mr Tenuto! I’d buy most the crap you write about. I did say MOST of it…HEHEHEHEEHEE!!!



Smells like month-old tripe.

#4 – “Star Trek+Fragrance= :D :D :D!!!!”

When I first read that line, I was thinking of a Carlos Menica bit, “Dee, dee, dee!’

Got anything with an earthy, peaty sort of smell, with just a hint of lilac? Goes good with prune juice?

Umm – I meant Carlos MENCIA. (I guess that’s a “Dee Dee Dee” on me)

Here’s another one:

Ceti Eel — it really goes to your head.

HAHAHAHA!!!! No, just the paper…just the paper…


The Smoking Cudgelnaut is obviously just a Ferengi who is jealous of John’s superior skills in trading and merch.

John#43- LOL!

Really?…Does the world need to know what a Tribble smells like? Or the “musky” scent of Bill Shatner?

I think this fragrance probably has a more persuasive TV campaign:


I am so buying pon farr!

35. Size matters not.