Official Star Trek Site Updated With Additional ‘Dossiers’ + more

This morning the official site for the new Star Trek Movie ( was updated. The most interesting new thing was the second wave of ‘dossiers’, with three new entries, including Spock and one showing a cool space station and some ships. They have also added the three new clips (which were previously exclusives) and some new photos (which were sent to some international sites last week). More details below. 


There are some small modifications to the main site like a bigger ENTER SITE button, IMAX logo (and link to the IMAX site) and a link to the the new iPod Application. The video section has been updated with new navigation and it now includes the three recently released clips (see below), and the gallery also has added some recently released images (also see below). The big update is with the dossiers.

New Dossiers
There are three new entries in the Dossiers section at [direct link to dossiers]. Now there are a total of 8, with spaces for 17. The new ones are for Spock, Starfleet Academy, and The Federation. Each dossier image is also available as a downloadable wallpaper and has interesting tidbits about the characters.

Spock  (seen in Transporter room)

Starfleet Academy

Federation (showing station in Earth orbit)

Close-up on station, note the new ships
(click to enlarge)

Last week’s new images now available in higher resolution
Last week we pointed to some new movie images that were sent to international media outlets. These images are now on the official site and released to US media outlets in high resolution. Here they are again, click to see the high res. Now included with [spoilery] captions.

click images to see in higher res

Spock and Kirk on board Narada

Scotty after meeting Kirk and Elder Spock on Delta Vega

Uhura talks to Spock while shuttles being loaded to take personnel to ships headed to Vulcan

Kirk (blue chute) heads to Romulan drilling rig above Vulcan

Kirk and Sulu fire on rig

Uhura on bridge of USS Enterprise

Kirk sees Enterprise for first time, at Iowa Shipyard

Last week’s clips now at Paramount site
Also last week Paramount released three new clips from Star Trek as exclusives to Yahoo, MTV and Apple. These are now all on the official site. Two of them have also been made available as embeds for us and other press.

Kirk Meets McCoy

"Answer Me"

UPDATE: Availalable in HD at Apple’s Quick Time site here

"I’m Impressed"
(no Paramount embed, but here is YouTube version)


More ships at Enterprise Project
There are also some new ships at the ‘Enterprsie Project’ gallery of artist renditions of the new Enterprise ( Currently there are 16 of the total of 25 models on display, including a ‘Slusho’ Enterprise (a JJ Abrams reference from the Cloverfield) movie).

Full gallery of ‘Enterprise Project’

Slusho goes to warp at

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Wow, this just gets better and better. Can’t wait!

Spock is an instructor of phonology? And ethics?!
The founders of the Federation are listed as Earth, Vulcan, Andoria and Tellar. What about Alpha Centauri?

Nice Starbase. Very Franz Joseph-esque.

I’m liking the modern-retro feel of the ships and technology.

The ships are very starfleet battles as well.

That station reminds me of Starbase 1 in the tech manual.

Is that a redress of the Sears Tower in the Academy picture?!

@#2: Chances are that The Alpha Centauri Outpost (it was still called that way in 2152) was under the control of the United Earth Government. I simply doubt that a colony would be a *founding member* of an interstellar alliance.

The Space station looks incredible

Is that shuttle’s name the Moore? Props to the former Star Trek producers?

Heh. that starbase design… Starfleet Battles, anyone?

I think these are really awesome.

Yeah, #3, the return to a Franz Joseph-esque Star Trek is totally awesome. I’m excited to see this movie go back to a pre-“Motion Picture” sense of Trek, the kind of possibilities that the original Trek fans imagined during the decade between Janice Lester and V’ger, when the galaxy was still full of danger and the bridge was where you had your ass hauled by security guards so that Spock could threaten you with court martial to your face.

Check out how the Transamerica building has been dwarfed…

So, there’s a picture of Spock and Uhura having a “moment”, footage of them sharing a hug in the trailers, and with the debut of Spock’s dossier today, the knowledge that Spock is the current instructor of Advanced Phonology at the academy… the same class that Uhura’s dossier says she is an aide for.

Very interesting. I think Spock/Uhura could be the film’s most unexpected friendship/relationship.

That space station is straight out of Amarillo, TX…

I have also been waiting patiently for decades for a Franz Joseph Star Trek world to come on the screen! Do I see a Dreadnought docked at the UFP in that photo??

#2, Enterprise pretty much confirmed Alpha Centauri as a colony of Earth and not a whole race of aliens like FJ had placed them at. The 4 signers of the Articles of the Federation as of Enterprise where the ones they listed.

The space station is awesome!!!

That space station does look great!

the space station looks awesome.

is that Utopia Planita shipyards?

The Enterprise is docked top and center. Or at least, it looks like the Enterprise.

Why am I not seeing the 9th dossier that is supposedly available? The X one referred to in the article????

Frakkin’ sweet! New ships! The first Star Trek book I ever got was the “Starfleet Technical Manual” by Franz Joseph. It was a present from my parents, probably about sixteen years ago. Nice to see a nod to FJ’s starship designs. The Constitution-Class ship (Enterprise?) looks beautiful, too. (I know, from that far away, its easy to look good, but I really do love this design.)

they kept the academy motto! well thank heaven for small mercies, one less thing for some to try and bludgeon everyone else over the head with… ;p

I want a Dossier of the Enterprise, but from a different angle than we’ve seen before.

apologies for the double post..


it’s probably the outpost where Kirk talks Admiral Nakamura I think it was into giving him the Enterprise back in TMP, in orbit above San Fran if I remember correctly.

Starbase 1 Kicks A$$!!!!!!!

Ex Astris Scientia is also still canon, yippie! :-)

If you look at the Federation emblem there are three large stars within the starfield which represents each of the original founding members… Earth, Vulcan and Andoria..


Can’t wait for someone like Furuta to make models of the new ships!

The music is on the official website is absolutely incredibly FANTASTIC… if you listen closely you can hear the undertones of TMP and TWOK. Great, great, great.

Great to see so many lovers of the original Technical Manual around here. That single image of Starbase 1 is my favorite image so far! Thanks for giving us this Franz Joseph homage! Great to see the franchise in the hands of true fans…..

Rock on!

Utopia Planitia is on or above Mars. This station orbits Earth(as per the caption).

UFP station looks like a Death Star with airport terminals attached….

Looking good so far. I finally viewed the panoramas of the new Enterprise and I must say I would hate to be the one to have to change all those light bulbs. I see why there are so many lense flares in thehots they are showing us so far.

Wow I like that station! Those ships are nice too, would rather see more detailed pictures of them ;)

the shots, the shots!!

#12 @Steve I couldn’t agree more. The trailer showing someone w/Uhura in make-out mode implies it’s Kirk (since the shots before/after are of him), but if you look closely, the character’s face in that shot is obscured and he has thick hair (more like Spock’s than Kirk’s).

I love the Spock and Kirk as well as the Uhura still. Looks really like them. The Federation station looks awful. Like a Trade Federation ship from Star Wars. But the production design was – apart from the uniforms – awful from the beginning, so I’m looking forward to the stories and characters.

So the station appears as prior to the timeline being changed??
Or after? Because those ships are… waaay different.
Or are we talking more like post- NX01 era?

YAY new SHIPS!!! How long I have hungered for some new designs… this is awesome!

I can’t wait to bury myself in tech manuals again!

Notice that the other ships have Kelvin-style nacelles rather than the ones for the Enterprise.

Spock/Uhura isn’t such an unexpected relationship…not if you’ve seen “The Man Trap” and/or “Charlie X” and know about the fanfics that have been floating around for the past three decades.

…lens flares in the hots? Hmmmmmm…. Okay. ;-)

I have a question, it might sound silly but were are any of you find out WHEN tickets are going on sale for this movie!?!?!?!?! I cant find anything and im going insane here! i dont want to miss out on mindnight showing tickets….any help would be great….
I live in michigan so if anyone form michigan knows it would be awesome but i will take any help!!!! thank you :D

so what do you call the station right above earth Starfleet HQ?

I think the Starbase is exceptionally well designed, and nothing I have seen so far, maybe with the exception of Scotty’s waterflume in engineering, makes me the slightest bit worried about this film! Love it!

Oh yeah, the music is pretty neat. Any confirmation on whether this is the real beast or not?

So is the spacedock image a “screen cap” from the movie?

That new Spock picture has me confused. Did he mistake the transporter room for the bathroom?? :D

That was a joke by the way. I know it’s supposed to tie into his being beamed down to Vulcan in the second act.

@21 – Aaron R. –

I had the same question. I only get 8 total dossiers, not the nine mentioned in the article.

#46, I agree with you 100%. I hope that “waterflume” is on the planet they find Scotty on not the Enterprise.