New Clues In Star Trek Viral ARG [UPDATE: More Clues]

Over the weekend TrekMovie reported on a Viral ‘Alternative Reality Game’ for the new Star Trek movie with clues being left in images and on various websites. Although we think we solved one of the clues, it appears there is more to this game than originally thought. Today we have some more found clues, which only lead to more questions about the scope of the overall game.
[article updated with more clues found by TM community members]


More Star Trek ARG clues [UDPATED]
Over the weekend TrekMovie, with the help of some of the community members, tracked down the URL for a website, based on clues from other websites (see full story). Originally the clues indicated that this website ( would go live on Friday, but it is already live with some cryptic clues that have shown up over the last couple of days.

Here is what is there now (Wed. afternoon):

PHPChatUser1: テスト中、テスト中。誰かいる?僕が時間より早いのはわかってるんだけど、誰か応答もらえた?

____PHPChatUser1 has disconnected____

PHPChatUser2: Carrefour de la Rue de la Fédération et Rue de Presles

____PHPChatUser2 has disconnected____

The first bit is in Japanese and a translation (thanks to TM Twitter follower Ben Warren) is:

Testing, testing. Is anyone there? I know that I am early. Will someone answer?

The second ‘PHPChat’ message is in French an translates to identifying an intersection between two streets (Rue de la Fédération and Rue de Presles). Those are real streets in Paris and they do intersect, close to the Eiffel Tower. You can see the intersection at Google maps, including a ‘street view.’ The only thing really of note is a cafe ‘Les Presles.’ It isn’t’ clear if this is the clue, or if there is something on that corner. la Federation does translate into ‘Federation’ which has an obvious link to Star Trek, but Presles is just and onld French name and does not have an obvious Trek connection.

(TrekMovie has asked our friends at Unification France to send a man to the intersection tomorrow to see if there is anything there…we will report any findings)

French clue?

If anyone has any ideas what the above French and Japanese clues could lead to, type it into the comments below.

UPDATE: French clues leading to email address?
Many TM community members have noticed that the French intersection is showing up in a number of posts on various French websites, like this one at this one at All the posts are being left by a ‘Malak0’ who joined these sites on April 15th. The posts are notices that Malak0 found an electronic device. Here is a translation from Eric Saussine of Unification France:

I just put an announcement on Vivastreet for Appareil: rue-de-la-federation-et-rue-de-presles It looks like a PALM with a large digital screen – bigger than a phone but not really a laptop. I didn’t succeed in making it work but I will try again. All I get from it is a rather annoying buzz. I was sitting at the café at the intersection of rue de la Fédération and rue de Presles when a guy ran through. He fell by hitting the chairs and started shouted loudly at every people without reason who tried to help him. He was running so face I coudn’t see his face. Once on his feet, he ran towards the bank on the other side of the street. When the waityer came back to put the chairs in place I saw the funny machine. If you’re the one who lost it and if you’re no serial killer and if you’re not crazy, you can contact me by email. I think such an item deserves a reward!

Now the email address for Malak0 is  (notice the middle letters ‘klvn’ for USS Kelvin?). Emails sent to this address so far get no reply. [and I apologize to Malok0 if you are not part of this Star Trek ARG.]

UPDATE: New ‘stardate’ website
Also some Trek fans have found out that is the same website as the IP website ( It is worth noting that Stardates in the movie use that same format with the real year and then 42 would signify which day of the year (so that stardate would be for February 11th, 2387). This date seems to line up with the events of the "Star Trek Countdown" comic series, which is a prequel to the Star Trek movie.

Well done TM community, keep the clue search going!


From original article…

Sound clue?
Even though a URL was discovered from that first set of website clues, there may still be more clues to the game embedded. We still don’t know what the Roman numeral VI means that shows up on all the sties. Also TM reader Matt Wiley think he has found Star Trek effects sounds, when he slows down the audio from the flash movies that play on the various ‘binary’ sites. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Number clue on official site?
TM community member ‘WhatInBlueBlazes’ has been looking closely at the official site at and noticed that the number 680 pops up in a few places around the bridge panoramas. It could just be a coincidence, or it could be a clue. 

Does 680 mean anything?

What does it all mean?
Even if this is not a clue, it is possible there are other clues on the official site. The way these ARG things work, clues tend to be on multiple sites. Our last article was focused solely on clues found in pictures from Star Trek Dance Parties at, but that does not mean that is the only location for clues. 

If you think you have solved something or just are on to something, let people know in the comments below. Also if you think you are on to something, feel free to send it in an email to: tips at trekmovie dot com.

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