ST09 Tidbits (T-22): Soundtrack Clips + 5/7 7:00PM + Cast Interviews & Mag Covers + more

We have three weeks and a day to go until everyone can see this new Star Trek, and for today’s tidbits we have some fun stuff. Firstly you can now hear some clips from Giacchino’s score, also the whole 7:00 PM May 7th is definitely happening. There are also new magazine covers (with snippets) with Chris Pine, Eric Bana, and Zoe Saldana. Plus a new Simon Pegg interview. Lastly: Berlin ‘Dance Party’ pictures, a Photoshop contest and more.


Listen to some of the Star Trek score
You can listen to clips from four tracks from Michael Giacchino’s score for Star Trek at the German soundtrack site, One of the clips is for the end credits, which incorporates the original theme from Star Trek by Alexander Courage. The clips have also been put together into a quicktime video, below.

The Soundtrack is available for pre-order at Amazon and should be released on May 5th. Closer to the release, TrekMovie will hold a contest to give away five copies of the soundtrack.

May 7 – 7 O’Clock Showings of Star Trek
In the last tidbits we noted that Paramount was likely to allow theaters to allow showings on May as early as 7:00 PM on May 7th, a few hours earlier than the usual midnight shows. Although Paramount has not made any public announcement, TrekMovie has received a number of tips of theaters offering early shows from Hawaii to South Carolina and points in-between. Many theaters are now offering shows around 7:00 and 9:00 PM. Don’t get sold out! Buy advance tickets to Star Trek now at Fandango!

Pine’s Health
Chris Pine is gracing the cover of the new Men’s Health Magazine. ET has a preview. Pine is quoted saying of Trek:

When I started ‘Trek’ I looked at it, and then I was climbing it, and I didn’t have time for anything else but climbing the thing and getting to the top. And that’s an incredible space to exist in, because there’s tremendous responsibility. There’s tremendous pressure. But all those just clarify your vision.

Kirk says lose that gut mister!

Zoe’s Health
For her part, Zoe is gracing the cover of Women’s Health Magazine. The Insider has an excerpt of Zoe (who stars in two 2009 sci-fi films: Star Trek and Avatar) admitting she is a fan of the genre, noting:

I’m a ‘Star Wars’ fan, but I love the whole ‘Alien’ legacy. My favorite was the second one, because of Ripley [Sigourney Weaver]. She was such a feisty creature — strong and still very motherly.

Kirk says lose that gut mister!

Bana’s Details
Speaking of mag covers, Eric Bana is on Detail’s and Just Jared has pictures and excerpts. Here is one of Star Trek’s villain Nero on how he had to repeat a year of school due because he showed up drunk:

Yeah, I went through a little phase there. But I did a lot better than some of the guys I hung with, who have ended up dead or in jail… It wasn’t like I was busting to get into NASA or anything.

Trek’s Nero started off as a bit of a baddass

Pegg talks slipping into comedy with Scotty
SFX has put up a Simon Pegg interview, with lots of cool stuff, here is an excerpt about the danger of slipping to far into comedy:

SFX: Is there a danger of slipping into pastiche?
Pegg: Well, when you’re talking about a heightened space drama there is a degree of danger of it becoming funny. It’s entirely dependent on context. Take Bones – he had a particular manner of speaking, he was a Southern gentleman but he had those “god damnit!” moments, and Karl tackled that without the slightest wink to the camera. We’re all very careful. There are some fantastic nods in it for Star Trek fans. There really are some gifts in there. I think Star Trek fans will feel spoken to and acknowledged, because there’s stuff in there you couldn’t possibly get if you didn’t know this series very well. Even production minutiae that you’d recognise from certain episodes. I think it’s a great success in terms of appealing to the uninitiated and the faithful

…much more at SFX

Urban: McCoy is grumpy
PC Authority has an extensive interview with Karl Urban, here is a quote on the nature of McCoy

PC: He’s a bit of a technophobe at the start….
Karl Urban: Yeah, here’s the great thing about the character: He’s this grumpy, cantankerous, irascible doctor with the most appalling bedside manner. Yet underneath that, he’s got a genuine heart of gold. He’s the most loyal caring friend you’re likely to find, whether you’re an enemy or not. He’ll put prejudices aside and try and do right by you. He’s a really morally centred character that just happens to be wrapped up in this prickly exterior.

…much more at PCAuthority

Le Star Star Tour in Paris – TrekMovie full report coming soon
Star Trek did not get a gala premiere in France, but the JJ Abrams publicity tour did stop in the city of lights to show the film to the press and to do interviews and pose for pictures. TrekMovie has a full exclusive report from the press event coming up later today. For now here is a picture:

Abrams, Bana, Saldana, Quinto & Pine in Paris

Wikia hosting community powered interview with J.J. Abrams
Wiki community leader Wikia is hosting a user-generated interview with Star Trek director and producer J.J. Abrams on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki. Anyone who’s interested in the upcoming movie can to submit one question for Abrams; the twenty best questions will be chosen by two Memory Alpha administrators and sent to Abrams by Wikia. Submitters whose questions are chosen will be eligable to win a Star Trek-related prize from Paramount; the winner of the prize will be chosen at random. Questions will be accepted until 7AM EST o April 19th. For more details, and to submit your questions, visit this page.

Dance Party Photos + T-Shirt Give-away
TheCobraSnake has put up pictures from the Star Trek Dance Party in Berlin from a few days ago. Haven’t looked closely, but there may be more hidden clues for the Star Trek Viral game. Also CorbraSnake’s main page promises a TShirt Giveaway today (unclear how you get your shirts).

Germans groove with some Orions at Berlin Star Trek Dance Party

Bullets: UK Classification + Berlin Dance Party + T-Shirt Giveaway + more

Gizmodo readers try to ‘ruin’ Star Trek

Thanks to all the tipsters, too many to count

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I think I love the new theme!

WoW! I definitely like Giacchinos work! It will be one of the few times I will stay through end credits!

‘Ruin Star Trek’ Photoshop contest’

OMG. I laughed so hard at the Worf/shamwow one. Ha!

The soundtrack seems great so far.

I like the samples of the score. I would have liked a nontraditional or electronic score, but the sheer force of a symphonic score like this is also welcome.

Another “chills down the back” moment: hearing that end-credits clip of the classic theme!

I loved Giacchino’s work on “The Incredibles,” so I’ve got great hope for his Trek work.

Hmm end of the end credits song sounds like 2 steps from Hell’s Enterprise trailer music? Somewhat? I like it anyways…

I literally just cried a little after listening to the new theme.

By god, Jim……

It’s beautiful…..

Track 5 sounds like it’s based on the Enterprise theme from Star Trek II.

LMAO at the Ruin Star Trek entries. My favorite – Pine/Kirk laying on top of Quinto/Spock.

Wow, Giacchino has totally outdone himself! Excellent pieces!

I can’t stop listening to the end credits! Now i’m really excited! Have we ever heard the whole original series theme played on the big screen?

Nice. Great to hear some of the music, including the TV theme!

Some of those “Ruin Star Trek” photos are hilarious, especially “The Negotiator.”

8 Yes, I have the same feeling. But I hear Horner through all the clips. The original theme in end credits is nice. I was afraid it will sound like “Variations on Schiffrin” from M:I 3 but thanks it doesn´t and sounds great for me.

I’m sorry but the original ST theme sounds too strange for the film…hope it isn’t in the movie (credits are fine)….it’s just too “happy happy joy joy” and doesn’t sound epic enough compared to everything else.

Other than that, where are my advance tickets!!!!

I must say that I am not impressed by the soundtrack. And that’s funny because I was really hopeful that Giacchino was going to produce something really special, considering his previous works like Speed Racer and The Incredibles. But from that I have heard so far, the soundtrack sounds like some boring generic music from a TV series. Really weak. Can we have John Williams next time?

15 — Come on! Four 30-second clips aren’t enough evidence of the score’s quality! Geesh…I could pick at least that many Williams clips that, out of context, would sound as “really weak” as you say these do.

Okay, this music isn’t grabbing me instantly the way TWOK or even TVH did, but back then I was hearing the entire soundtrack, not just 2 minutes of random clips.

And John Williams has made plenty of forgettable movie scores, too…

I’m sitting here in a meeting at work and I just bought my 7pm tickets for San Francisco, lol. Thanks for the heads-up!!

Sloppy paint job on the Orion Slave girls!

OMGOMGOMGOMG… hearing the original theme done in that orchestral manner made my hair stand up! I know I’ll get the chills when seeing it in context and I’ll probably get misty (or outright blubber) as well.

It has GOT to be in the movie at some point or it’s really not going to be as effective, though. I hold nothing against it like some newer fans who didn’t grow up on the TOS.

I haven’t found any Star Trek related easter eggs in the photos from the Berlin party (where I would have gone, if I had known about it) BUT something else J.J. is involved in comes up: there’s one single pic of a wall, showing a new Dharma-Logo, which I don’t know.

Would have loved free shirts, ah well…

Does Abrams have to strike that douche-y pose in EVERY picture?

These are only four short clips, and I guess we all have to wait until we hear it while seeing the film. But I think it’s a mixed bag. “Labor Of Love” is awesome, “Does It Still McFly?” sounds really good, very interesting. The background snare drum is a nice nod to Horner’s style. I didn’t really like “Enterprising Young Man”… some of it sounds like a generic Hollywood action cue… same old same old… and at the beginning I was immediately thinking “The Magnificient Seven”! ;) But it’s good to hear the main theme with a bigger orchestration. It works, although it’s still a very simple theme. Courage’s composition in the credits music is okay, but I expected Giacchino to alter and modernize the theme a bit more… and I don’t really like the snare drum… the rhythm feels wrong… too much mimicry of the melody.

I love the soundtrack! It is beautiful! The new theme fits well with the themes that have come before. The music has always been my favorite part of the franchise, so i was greatly anticipating what would come out of this new film, I must admit, when I listened to End Credits, it brought a tear to my eye.

#15, you need to watch more tv series if you think this sounds like that. Granted, there are a few elements from Lost throughout Giacchino’s work here, but come on, track 5 and the end credits alone are beyond any series.

#14, it’s been said by reviewers that the original theme only pops up during the credits. That end track is NINE MINUTES LONG, so I’m sure that’s enough time to epic it up.

I just bought my May 7th @ 7pm tickets.

Not overly impressed by the soundtrack so far (mainly because I can barely hear the notes through my speakers at work) but as Paul B. said, a few seconds of each isn’t enough to form an opinion.

And I was seriously hoping for a shirtless Chris Pine on the cover of Men’s Health… Isn’t it what they usually do?! ;) Sometimes I wish there was a Maxim equivalent for women…

I LOVE the tagline for the article on Eric Bana! “Makes Captain Kirk His Bitch”… LOL!

I’m betting that Track 5 is when we first see the fully completed Enterprise.

OMG… I nearly fainted when I herd the music. The end credits sound fantastic

Just to make it clear: I am a soundtrack fan (not just ST) and I loved the music from Speed Racer and The Incridibles, some of the best OST of this century. However I cannot hear anything special in the clips available, no memorable motifs, no big romantic music, just boring background music. Even the TOS theme sounds bland. Perhaps they just didn’t select the best pieces, but so far it’s definitively not in the same league as TMP or TWOK. Even the trailer music was better. But in these days I think it’s ok to sound generic.

Why does only the last Track have an actual melody? :-)

There are some great ruined photos in there… lol…

Hm i don’t know…..
I mean Giacchino’s work doesnt sound bad, but …..well….I think it’s not “epic” enough. :-P

When I heard Mike Verta’s orchestral version of the TOS theme, I was excited, it’s excellent. Giacchino’s version is kind of…..too simple, not really exciting^^

Yeah ok, these are only 4 tracks from the whole score and like I already said, all in all it sounds okay ;)

Nevertheless it will be an awesome movie, I can’t wait to see it =)

Btw. the “Ruin Star Trek” Contest made my day, the pics are hilarious! xD

WOO HOO – MIDNIGHT ** and ** 7pm showings in beautiful downtown middle America!!! Tickets already bought!

Pretty good for 30 second clips. Sounds like the motif heard on the website is going to be a recurring one in the film, considering it crops up in the clips of “Enterprising Young Men” and “Does It Still McFly?”. Is it actually, therefore, Kirk’s theme?

Track 5 = Awesome.

#22 But compare Enterprising Young Man against the current background music at which I think is “Hella Bar Talk”… so it’s picking up on the previous track’s theme, as Kirk changes his mind and goes off to San Francisco??

I’ve been enjoying that track at the website for sometime, so it’s sounding like the “theme” more than ever now.

#23 End Credits is superb. The Next Generation mangled the intro in the manner it fused them onto the TMP theme. No one since the original series has had choir and vox humana which is *necessary* to make the Courage theme sound just right. Strings alone don’t cut it.

34 – That’s what I’m guessing.

I think the Ernie as Nero pic might be my favorite.

The original theme! Oh my… it’s wonderful. Now I’m getting emotional.

The score sounds pretty good, maybe not the best so far, but I’ll wait until hearing the whole thing before passing judgement. Either way, it’s increased my anticipation for the movie

I’m amazed and somewhat disappointed that the few notes of trumpet theme that always heralds the Enteprise (and Kirk to some extent) is completely missing from the score. Both Goldsmith and Horner opened their themes up with it, but not to have it even once when we see the Big E seems very odd…

IMAX in the UK is doing a 6PM showing on the 7th!

Anyone hear of 7pm 5/7/09 showings in Columbus/Cincinnati, OH? If you have please email me; Fandango isn’t listing any at all.

41 – You’re basing this off of – what – four 30-second clips from the soundtrack?

Anyone notice the “Enterprising” track is the same theme that is played on


“I didn’t really like “Enterprising Young Man”… some of it sounds like a generic Hollywood action cue… same old same old… and at the beginning I was immediately thinking “The Magnificient Seven”! ;)”

And see, that’s WHY I thought it was outstanding. Soundtracking Star Trek like a western is pitch perfect, in my view.


That’s actually from Hella Bar Talk, not Enterprising Young Men.

#15 opcode, that’s an interesting remark because I had precisely the opposite reaction — I thought the clips had a full, rich orchestral sound, certainly on a par with any previous Trek soundtrack. I found it relieving, in fact, as I was a little afraid we’d get something a bit jazzy a la ‘The Incredibles.’ From the clips, I’d say this will certainly rival, and perhaps surpass, the terrific work we’ve heard before, particularly from Goldsmith and Horner.

Digging the music — a bit Horner and a bit Cliff Eidelman (ST:VI)

Music seems OK from what I can tell.
More feature film than 160 mil major release.

I’m surprised no one in that photoshop contest has simply posted an unaltered version of the first picture of the new Enterprise which was released.