ST09 Tidbits (T-21): More Score Clips + New Online Games + South Park Trek + more

This mornings Tidbits for the Star Trek movie bring you a even more music clips from the Giacchino score. Plus Paramount has released a new free online game (and Kellogg’s has one too). Trek is also inspring some deep thinking and a new South Park episode. We have all that and much more below. 



More Giacchino music
Yesterday we pointed to four clips from the Star Trek soundtrack at the German soundtrack site, Now there are more at And thanks to YouTuber ImperatorAquila you can listen to all the music clips in the player below:

The Soundtrack is available for pre-order at Amazon and should be released on May 5th. Closer to the release, TrekMovie will hold a contest to give away five copies of the soundtrack.

New free online game
Yesterday Paramount announced a new ‘Addicting Game’ called the "Star Trek Academy Trainer." The game is a series of harder and harder puzzles, using imagery from the new Star Trek movie. Check it out at

Get addicted

Kellogg’s advertgame
A few fans have sent in tips that they have seen a ‘beam up badge’ game embedded in advertisements for Kellogg’s Star Trek products. It has been spotted on the Nickelodeon website and at Yahoo Movies so far.

Beam up Badge Adver-game popping up around the web

Kellogg’s data cards
Speaking of Kellogg’s, there is a new element to their Star Trek promotion. Some cereals are now coming with ‘Data Cards.’

New Star Trek Data Cards on select Kelloggs Cereals

Star Trek seen as a return to 60s optimism
There has been a lot written about the new Star Trek movie in the mainstream media, analyzing its box office potential, appeal to various demographics, reviews of the film itself, etc. But the UK Times has a new article titled Star Trek boldly goes into the Obama era, looking at the film as it sits in history.
Here is an excerpt:

The first teasing trailer for the new Star Trek movie in January last year showed glimpses of a shiny new USS Enterprise “under construction”. In the background President Kennedy was famously speechifying about space and Neil Armstrong’s crackly “One small step for Man” was heard. And then came the voice of a much more famous figure: Mr Spock, speaking the immortal, still spine-tingling line: “Space, the final frontier . . .”

As things turned out, a year or so later it wasn’t just the Enterprise that was “under construction”. It wasn’t just the most successful TV and film franchise to date being rebooted — it was also the USA that was hitting the “reset” button. And what is the default setting? That Sixties optimism. They believed in the future back then.

South Park homage to First Contact
In another ‘Trek in the zeitgeist’ moment, last night’s South Park was titled "First Contact" and was a parody to the hit Star Trek movie from 1996. Here is a clip:


More early May 7 show times
More and more theaters are adding showings for Star Trek between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM on May 7th. Go to to find your local listings

Star Trek ARG clues?
Intrepid TrekMovie readers have spotted what they think is new clue to the Star Trek viral Alternative Reality Game. The new clue is on a French website with a post related to an intersection that was found on another viral site. There is also a new URL that has been found related to the game. Our previous story has been updated with this new information.

Collins on Ayel
Clifton Collins plays lead henchman to Eric Bana’s Nero in the new Star Trek. In a new interview about his latest project, Trek came up, here is what he had to say:

Wolcott: …You’re also in the new Star Trek. What’s that like?

Collins: It’s a little surreal. I had a lot of fun working with J.J. Abrams. You can trust a person like J.J. And it’s fun to be a part of the revamping of the Paramount franchise.

Wolcott: I try not to learn much about a movie before I see it so I know very little about the film. You have a pretty central role in the plot don’t you?

Collins: Eric Bana and I are Romulans, and we have a bit of a beef with some of the folks on the Enterprise.


Thanks to all the tipsters, too many to count

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Great Music!

Cereal can be fun again!

Damn! Can’t get those flash games to work -.-

no comments on tonight’s Trek theme CSI? Based on the previews…the whole episode revolves around a murder at a Star Trek convention. (though its not called star trek)

Those end credits sure sound purrty!

Yipee! I just bought my tickets for the first showing in Lexington KY on May 7th! First?


South Park! I wish I had known about the episode.

Enterprising Young Man is very reminiscent of “Kirk’s Explosive Reply” from WOK… “You go right on quoting regulations, Mr. Saavik!”

end credits sound a lot like ID4

I think it is funny how an ancillary character like Uhura is garnering a rather large piece of the marketing for this movie. Especially compared to a more major character such as Bones. I guess the whole sex appeal of the actress playing her was too good to pass up by the studio heads.

>>Enterprising Young Man is very reminiscent of “Kirk’s Explosive Reply” from WOK<<

I was intrigued , so I listened to both, and I do fail to see how it’s reminiscent to it.

Its a pitty that they trusted the frachise not enough to make a “proper ” Star Trek game on great platforms like PS3 and Xbox360 soundtrak sounds better and better!


They re-run South Park like a dozen times in the week

Haha, Family Guy, South Park, what’s next! Love seeing Trek in pop culture.

“First Contact” must be a favorite for the South Park writers. I remember another reference from the episode where Jesus fought Satan in a boxing ring.

Stan gave Jesus a pep-talk by saying, “Don’t try to be a great man, just be a man.” Kyle asked Stan something like, “You’ve read the bible?” Stan, “Nah, it’s from Star Trek!”

The music’s staccato brass and percussion elements really remind me of some of the best 1960s soundtrack music, including the original series–it’s brash, bold, and a little hip and cool, too. Great stuff!

Very impressed by that end theme especially!

Listen to those end credits!! Wow. Brought a tear to my eye.

Mixed feelings here… Music seems very standard. Maybe it’ll be more rousing in a theater, but right now, except for the”Hella Bar Talk” music on the web site, it seems to be missing something. I’ve read COUNTDOWN and the Nero music, for me, just doesn’t seem to convey that sense of tragedy that I think it should. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too critical.

20.. maybe you and quite a few people who visit this site…

I’ve always enjoyed MIchael Giacchino’s music — nice variety, good sense of texture and rhythm, and knows when to let the diegetic ‘music’ of dialoge and sound effects to take center stage. Looking forward to getting my own copy of this one…

17. rdb – April 16, 2009
The music’s staccato brass and percussion elements really remind me of some of the best 1960s soundtrack music, including the original series–it’s brash, bold, and a little hip and cool, too. Great stuff

Yes, I totally agree.

Geez marion joles. Besides Uhura, are there ANY other female characters in this movie? I feel like J.J. just decided to do away with his talent of writing female characters that actually do something and went all male characters on us.

21 – agreed. lol

Trek press preview in London and premiere in Berlin on the way. Will be checking out twitters later

25. not agreed. lol even harder

Music is pretty good. I was worried we’d get Garageband-esque stuff like from Pirates of the Carribean!

Hmmm. Very standard, neoromatic, generic film score. Courage, especially his orchestrations, was avante garde with his instrumentation and harmonizations (think of all those cool tetrachords and brass heavy wind ensembles with then cutting edge cool electronic organ). He carried this over into his subcontract work for Goldsmith, whose opus speaks for itself, and helped carry much of the “otherworldliness” befitting a Star Trek.

On the plus side, I like his recognizable and prominent melodies, both stepwise and arpeggiated contra the “sonic wall paper” of the B&B era. I also like how he transformed the Star Trek theme into his own semi-grupetto leitmotif. It demonstrated a similarity in style I had not expected, very marine in the same way Courage’s “Beyond the Blue Horizon” inspiration worked. (Why is it that nautical episodes are always scored with rolling melodies and busy harmonizations? Could Die Moldau have been that influential???? I guess the answer is obvious!)

C.S. Lewis

PS: The Imax Experience at King of Prussia still has no show times!

#11, #24

Once again proving you can’t please everyone. Or maybe even anyone.

“I’m a Doctor, Not a Physicist” That’s the line I’m waiting for. Directed at Spock?

Finally! That extended cut of the End credits is the stuff I’m looking for in a trek soundtrack! Glad as hell I preordered this CD!

The new snippet of end credit music actually reminds me of a swashbuckling pirate adventure.

Perfect music for reading TrekMovie Tidbits!


What the hell trek movie. The southpark ep is not called first contact, the clip is called first contact. The ep is based around a first contact in the southpark universe but has about as much to do with startrek first contact in plot terms as it does with the movie ‘contact’.


Wow! There are things I dislike about this upcoming movie but the music isn’t one of them. Great job IMO. Especially like the way the Courage score was “blended” into the end credits as opposed to being “stand-alone” like is often done.

The South Park duo are huge trekkies. If anyone hasn’t seen “Roger Ebert should lay off the fatty foods” yet you must, its a word for word homage to Dagger in the Mind.

I am pro-cereal.

I wanted more Goldsmith in the score — this has a Horner feel to it. Hopefully if there are Klingons in the next movie, Giacchino will use the Klingon motif that Goldsmith created back for ST:TMP and used in other movies.

Well, now we know the McCoyism in the movie, at least!

IRL, I get to use the converse, “I’m a physicist, not a physician” ;)

You know as I listen to

“Enterpriseign Young Man” I think back to the scene in ST II where the Enterprise leaves dock.

End Titles sounds like the orchestra at the Oscars playing it when someone comes up for their award…

Nero Death Experience, I think glacier scene in ST VI

Seems like these guys have at least done some homework or at least have a good feal for the “adventure” side of it all.

Not that it matters but I like it alright ! Its not the opening Titles to ST IV or “Stealing the Enterprise” from ST III but its good.

Enterprising Young Man is the same song that has been playing on for the past few months!!

love his interpretation of the AC theme – not enough though!

Anyone else hear echoes of The High Chapperal in the beginning of Enterprising Young Men?

score is not bad

but not as good as the master Jerry Goldsmith

I agree there aren’t any truly memorable themes in the score, but I still think it works exceptionally well..

It’s big, bombastic, exciting– and most importantly, doesn’t sound like all the OTHER Star Trek movie scores. Goldsmith definitely did some good work over the years, but by the end his music was sounding way too predictable. Every new theme was just a mishmash of a previous one.

the new music is fantastic. i can’t wait for the album



Damnit, I wanted to quote:

Goldsmith definitely did some good work over the years, but by the end his music was sounding way too predictable. Every new theme was just a mishmash of a previous one.