Live Video From UK Star Trek Premiere + More Video From ST09 World Tour [UPDATED]

[UPDATED] Today the Star Trek world tour is in the UK. Earlier there was a live chat in Playstation home, and running right now there are UK junket interview clips running live, awaiting coverage of the UK red carpet. We also have new video of other Star Trek world tour events from Paris, Berlin, Kuwait and Australia.



Live UK coverage [event over]
The press association has a live feed of their coverage from the UK events, with both interview clips and coverage of the UK Premiere.

[UPDATE: Event has ended, but you can watch junket interview clips by clicking the ‘on’ button in the video below]

Playstation Home event at 11 AM Eastern [finished]
At 4 PM UK Time (11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific) Star Trek director JJ Abrams and stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, will be attending an exclusive Q&A in PlayStation® Home with selected press and bloggers from around the world. Watch the event live here.

Live event over…here is recording

Streaming live video by Ustream

More World Tour video
Until that feed starts, here are some more videos from the JJ Abrams world tour which have cropped up in the last couple of days.

Berlin Press conference and red carpet
TrekNews.DE has put together and excellent video with clips from the Berlin press conference and the Berlin premiere. It is almost entirely in English and very much worth watching.

[click image to see stream — click HERE for more viewing options]

Australia Q&A with Quinto and Pine
Australian site has a press junket Q&A with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine.

Paris Press Conference
Unification France has put together video snippets from the French news conference, here they are in a single playlist (NOTE: questions are not included, just answers).

Kuwait event for the troops
The US Army has put together some videos of the Star Trek event in Kuwait.

[CLICK for to see full video of event — in 7 parts)]


Coming soon – London video & more
Today the Trek Tour is in London. TrekMovie will bring you our own video from the red carpet, and SkyTV will be providing video from the press conference.

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Pretty cool stuff.

Go, J.J.

I am having the hard time waiting…

Is that Australian guy a bore or what? First?

Okay… Pine and Quinto must be playing up the bromance (foot massages, long walks on the beach…LOL) because they know that’s what the fangirls want. The line that got me really laughing was Quinto’s “It’s a fencing thing. We’ll talk about it later.”

Oh boys…

UGH… is SO dreadful.

“The most surreal thing in the history of time”, indeed.

That playstation thing is weird… but kinda cool.

Really wanted to go to the premiere tonight, but won’t be able to make it now. Poop. :(

Great interview with Quinto and Pine, despite the boring and monotone interviewer. They both seem pretty cool and genuinely into the whole experience and what it means to people. The next three weeks are going to be the longest ever.

Pine sounds like he’s drunk today.

It was a smart move moving the movie from December to May. It gave them a longer time to sell the movie to the fans, and rope in the general audience.

You got that right, mr. Spock. The wait is killing me.


Maybe he’s just tired. He’s answered the same damn questions, probably three times a day for the past month…

Well thats a total disaster. Next time guys just do a ‘real’ conference, half the time I can’t hear the questions or answers, its choppy and the whole thing feels awkard. Lame

Yeah, it was quite stilted, but the idea of having people from all over the world asking questions live is pretty cool.

I can’t wait to hear about Pine’s first meeting with the Shat where they have a drink… and do some drugs.

9. I think Pine is just worn out, or hung over, from the tour.

I’m kinda wondering why the rest of the world gets this movie before the US? And this isn’t a “the US is the best place in the whole planet” kinda thing. It’s a “this film was a film made in the US, why doesn’t its home country see it first”

Oh well. I’m just gonna get flamed anyhow.

#16 “I’m kinda wondering why the rest of the world gets this movie before the US?”

They don’t. It’s being shown in other countries, but it hasn’t officially opened yet. I’m guessing the LA premiere is probably the end of the tour. And don’t forget, it was first shown to an audience on April 6 in Austin, TX.

Nah I’m not going to flame you but technically the US did see it first.

*Austin, Texas*

I’m so glad Pine and Quinto are the new Spock and Kirk. Even out of makeup you can just kind of -see- the characters in there. I was super worried back in the day when they didn’t have anybody cast and Quinto expressed desire to play Spock, who he said had no emotions. I was like, “NOOO. SPOCK HAS EMOTIONS. YOU’RE SYLAR, WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!” Now I couldn’t picture anybody different playing them.

Oh, and Pinto bromance is my favorite bromance, hehe.

That’s why they had the *real* world premier in Austin, TX…hours before the Sydney premier. However, it was a bit of a rip off because nobody in the US knew to expect it, so nobody who really cared had an opportunity to decide if they wanted to attend or not.

#20 … Trust me, the people who showed up at 10pm on a Monday night planning to see TWOK + “10 mins” of the new movie really cared. This was not a rip off.

love Pegg. he is such a geek, talking about recent experiments in science on the red carpet. he is cool, hope Scotty isn’t too much of a joke in the new movie

got my IMAX ticket for the 7th!!

I hope someone recorded the Q&A from Home.

BS. Yeah, the people there cared. But what of others across the nation who might have wanted to go to Austin for the premier? I’m not going to make the trip just to watch TWOK and a 10 min preview, but I definitely would have been considering it if I had all the information up front that it would be a full premier. No way am I alone in that.

19. (Ciaran)

// Oh, and Pinto bromance is my favorite bromance, hehe. //

Agreed!! They are ADORABLE together.

#25 … Well, plan on going to the one in LA then. There WILL be an official US premiere you can plan for. You’ll get your chance.

My last post is directed at #24 (“Someone”), not #25.


Either that or Bill Shatner will be let down yet again, since he announced it this morning on FOX.

#28 … That would be great news if true.

Awesome stuff Anthony.

Wow! the trailer pieces from the Australien Q&A looks completely differnt with the Music from Star Trek II

This isn’t about me personally. Though personally, I could have driven to Austin but not to LA. I’m talking about what would have been more “fair” for all US Trek fans.

I guess it all boils down to the fact I’ve yet to see it, but they’re showing it daily at various places around the globe.

Not that Bangor, Maine would get a special sneak preview. Not even if Stephen King asked for it.

it was just on the bbc news at 6. Checking itv news now. see what on there… so excited

It was a sleeper in the 60’s, brought back to life in the late 70’s in the 80’s it returned to TV and continued on into the 21st century and now a whole new group of people will be able to enjoy Star Trek as much as we have over the years. If there was question about it there shouldn’t be now…..


Anyone tuning into the live press feed? They are playing what sounds like the whole movie soundtrack. I even heard the classic Alexander Courage part of the score (not the singing bit, the Trek strum) .

The camera crew the feed is following are referring to Zach as “Pinto” not Quinto. Could embarrass the poor guy when he meets them lol

I recorded the music playing in the background LOL anyone want it??

This interview is one annoying wench, asking the most annoying questions that the previous reporter JUST ASKED. OMG stop being so giggly and get original..

Hahahaha, i think Karl Urban just got interviewed by an Irish show called Xpose, it’s basically the “E” type/ frat girls type show over here, the interviewer is really pi***ng KU off, he’s rolled his eyes about ten times in the few minutes I’ve been watching.

Cool… LIVE!

Hey why was my ARG comment deleted?

The ‘camera person’ absolutely sucked too…thats professional?? wow I should sign up I can do a better job with my sony DCRP-105..

#34 I saw the quick interview with Simon Pegg on the blue carpet on London Tonight. Wish I could’ve been there. :( That’s the biggest premiere I’ve seen in Leicester Sq for a long time.

anyone else notice johnathan ross legging it out of the blue carpet area with his two kids dressed in some sort of mad max leather jacket?!?!?

oh and bbc has a piece up, apologies if it’s already been mentioned:

very positive piece apart from Winona Ryder at the end.

In my opinion, they should have a premeire for Canada before may 8th. I guess us Canadians are just taken for granted. Really though, i can’t wait to see it!!!!

i think the live video thing was cool. By the way the guy next to the Press Association team was the Trekmovie reporter Ronan, look for his report later tonight

anything to discuss arg goes here

arg update coming later

premiere is all over sky news right now!

37. (dalek)

// The camera crew the feed is following are referring to Zach as “Pinto” not Quinto. Could embarrass the poor guy when he meets them lol //

Bah!! I shouldn’t get so much enjoyment out of that. ;)

FetusKarl I want it!

i found some more video interviews on the bbc site; here’s Simon Pegg on the blue carpet, Pegg really is in fanboy heaven with this, i’d definitely like to buy him a pint and shoot the breeze.

best bit is where he’s talking about the Trek vision of the future is one of optimism where everyone get’s along, well apart from the Klingons as they’re a bit of pain!

Zach Quinto and Chris Pine:

another one, just a news report i think, won’t seem to load for me for some reason.