Verizon & Nokia Launch New ‘JoinStarfleetAcademy’ Star Trek Site w/ ‘Hunt for Nero’ Contest

One of the final pieces of the Paramount marketing partner blitz went live today with the launch of the Nokia/Verizon site This new site is quite elaborate and even includes a game with a prize for a ‘trip to space’ and promises more exclusive content in the future


Nokia and Verizon want you to join Starfleet Academy
When you visit the you will see a nice shot of Nero’s Narada, and much of the site has theme of dealing with the Romulans on it.

Nice shot of the Narada on the Splash page and opening page warns of the ‘Romulan Threat’ with a good shot of Starfleet Academy
[NOTE: Nokia and Verizon logos do not appeaer at Starfleet Academy in actual film at]

What can you do at the Academy?, there are a few options:

  • V Cast Holodock (Videos, currently only trailers, but promises more exclusive interviews and ‘Romulan videos’)
  • Mobile Recreation Center (Verizon Phaser & Tricorder Applications + Trek mobile games)
  • Sensory Lab Testing (Star Trek themed wallpapers, screensavers, tones, etc)
  • Cadet Training facility (online games, one currently, more promised)
  • Enemy Combat Simulator (‘Hunt for Nero’ game, with prize of trip to space)

Right now there is little that is ‘new’ on the site, but there is the promise of new stuff on the Romulans and behind-the-scenes stuff. Here are some screenshots.

Download applications to your Verizon phone

Get stuff to outfit phone with Trek

Find Nero and win a ‘free trip to space’


More Star Trek partners
In addition to Nokia & Verizon, Paramount has lined up quite a few partners for this new Star Trek movie. Here is a run down:




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The Narada!

i just skimmd thru this but that join the fight bit reminds me too much of starship troopers (in a negative way).
just not in my trek.

I’m on akindle so i cant download yet but I will check this out at work tomorrow. Thanks for all the great updates.=/\=

I posted this earlier in the other thread – Check out the enterprise phone wallpaper!

Wonder if this was a mistake having the Nacelles red? or something we haven’t been told yet?


i think i remember hearing something about them changing from blue to red in the film at some stage, whether that be when the ship is in motion i can’t remember!

#5 I hope you are right. Blue when collecting ,red when full ect…

I like the new style Eprise. Its more organic than the original but keeps the same recognizable features. I can see the EpriseD comingg from this style more than the original TOS version. I wont mention the EpriseE, that looked like garbage. IMHO =/\=

Am I wrong or is there a nice representation of the engine room, including the warp core?

@ 9 oooooooh where????? Thats the big reveal i am waiting for!!!

Verizon is a juggernaut company! Star Trek will explode to a super blockbuster. Woohoo!!!

#10 “oooooooh where????? Thats the big reveal i am waiting for!!!”

Cadet Training Facility / Engineering. But maybe that’s just a generic setting.

Gyaaaah USA residents only.

Does this mean we’re getting a Trek-branded Verizon phone?

Oh, if the nacelles turn red when at warp I will be happy a littl bit more than I was. Isn’t that strange?

I like the idea of the bussard collectors going from blue to red… interesting, assuming that’s true and not a mistake by the web developers. The red looks better IMHO. I’d be happy if it’s true.

I I//

So….the trip actually involves space?

So….the trip actually involves space?

Virgin Galactic maybe?

I’m waiting for the STARBUCKS to open up next to the Verizon place on Starfleet campus!

Great. Just what every reboot needs – product placement. Every cadet carries a Nokia communicator and the floors of their dorm rooms are littered with Whopper wrappers. Ditto on the negative association with that piece of drek “Starship Troopers” too. Not my daddy’s ST – and sounding less and less like mine every day, too.

Ummm, what Enterprise is this? It’s not Ryan Church’s. Is it Gabe Koerner’s?

Either way, they used it on the site, and it’s not the Star Trek XI Enterprise…

@22 …yeah that definitely looks like Gabe’s Enterprise >.>

Don’t cry Jim. It’s gonna be okay.

My favorite so far is the Cheeze-it tie-in. Pretty nifty if you’ve got a mugshot of yourself.

Can’t wait to get my Spock glass for BK either. I’m such a sucker.

Verizon is 20 years behind the rest of the world in terms of technology. GSM is the world standard, and, as it evolves, Verizon remains stuck in the ’80s. And the coverage is terrible. I have the service as part of a group deal with my ex-, and it is awful. Their accounts receivable department is awful, and I have had several incidents where thousands of dollars have been lost or owed to me by them.

Bad partner, Star Trek. And they know it.


If you’re referring to the academy image on the site, I’m pretty sure the Verizon and Nokia logos were digitally inserted into the shot for that site alone. If, however, I saw those logos on the big screen (and turned out to be wrong), I’m not going to lie to you, I would be very irritated. Product placement of that degree does not belong in a Star Trek film. Sure, you could get away with it in a ‘Transformers’ film because it’s in a contemporary setting, but to say that Verizon will sustain itself well into the 23rd century is one hell of a stretch. I could say so much more about the subject, but I’m glad you brought it up before I did.

Um….yeah, what the hell is Gabe Korener’s Enterprise doing on that site???

what warp core? wasnt the warp core invented post TUC?
wasnt there a line to that in ds9.
gving a problem to rikers FC line. so after riker i had to re define warp core to be a bunch of systems working together. seperate in TOS and linear shaft in TNG era.
tos used terms like engine and fusion and impulse.
tng upped the tech factor to warp core.
ent tried to get a new audiance w/ familiar words like reactor.
so what are we getting here
* I would like to know more :)


To be honest, the little game in engineering is about a “warp coil”.

The Nardia looks beautiful. I have been waiting for ages to get proper look at the ship, as in all the trailers you can only really see the tenticles. It is huge, and very intimidating. You wouldn’t relish going up against her…

Actually,Nokia is very well placed in the movie,LOL! Have FUN y’all! J-R!

Koerner’s Enterprise continues to pop up everywhere.

@ #26″ GSM is the world standard, and, as it evolves”

Um no its not, nor is Verizon only using CDMA anymore. Verizon just like a number of the GSM carriers use 3G now too and are creating 4G networks to roll out in 2 years.

And hate to break it to you, but the rest of the world uses GSM derivatives because they dont have to or dont care to cover wide expanses of area like the US does. CDMA was especially suited to cover more ground than GSM in a short amount of time, enabling Verizon to pretty much own the cellular landscape until the GSM companies started merging together (and as of the Altel acquisition, Verizon still owns the most used network) But GSM as it exists in the US is NOT THE SAME as it is elsewhere in the world. Thats a misconception by people who dont have a clue what they are talking about.

So until you actually know a thing or two about cellular technology or how the US cellular network grew #26, I think you should just keep quiet.

I don’t get it. Why is Nokia involved in promoting Star Trek? Can’t Paramount make their own Star Trek game without bringing in advertisers?

I don’t see how Gabe’s ship could end up on an official partner’s site. Perhaps there’s something we don’t know?

#36 Very interesting. IS it Gabes?

Interesting in that on the one wallpaper the nacelles are glowing RED! OMG, you mean that the next issue of Nacelles Monthly might show the details of the new NCC-1701-JJ, and that its nacelles change color!?!?!?

Red for sublight, Blue for Warp… perhaps Plaid for Really Fast Warp? And if Samuel L. Jackson appears as Captain Clark Terrell, or a young Captain, later Admiral Morrow in the sequel, do we get Purple Nacelles?!? Please, Bob?

Can anybody PLEASE contact me (my email is on this website.. Anthony.. pleaseee).. I Live in toronto.. and I want the Star Trek promo items from kelloggs, I can pay! Specifically, the shirts, USB sticks, 3d dish, and badges.


plaid is for ludicrous speed.

Re: 38

Paul Winfield (Captain Terrell) was 43 in STII
Robert Hooks (Admiral Morrow) was 47 in STIII

Samuel L Jackson is 61. He ain’t playing a young anybody.

i have had enough of these motha f***in ceti eels on this motha f***in planet…..

Re: 21

And yet you still come to check the latest news every day. If you really think there’s a shot of Verizon Hall at the academy in the film, perhaps Trek is too much for you. Product tie-ins outside of a film are nothing new to Star Trek, and Roddenberry loved to get the extra cash, dating back to the original series when Nimoy wanted to make his own record album.


I’ve been waiting all my life to join Starfleet Academy!

#41 Sarcasm. It’s not my fault you’re not aware of Samuel L. Jackson’s request of George Lucas as to the color of his light saber. Purple nacelles would be cool though… Furthermore, so what about the ages of the actors. You got some data from the future on the ages of the *characters*?

#42 Superb! Note to Bob for the sequel: Khan’s previously unseen superhenchman Jules. He was sitting on the back of the Botany Bay, so that’s why we missed him.

I actually am aware of Jackson request for a purple light saber, although I’m not sure what that has to do with what I said. And I wasn’t being sarcastic, I’m just saying he’s a hell of a lot older than the guys you want him to play a younger version of.

Of course, John Cho skews old for his role, so be it.

And if Khan returns, it can only be Antonio Banderas.

Bring back Dr. M’Benga.

Wait, wasn’t money supposed to be wiped out by the 23rd century after First Contact and the subsequent “enlightenment” that humanity underwent as a result?

So that means that Burger King in the 23rd century gives away free food??

I never thought I’d live to see the day, and now obviously I won’t!

And I wonder if BK gets sued by Vulcans for not using purely vegetarian oil to fry their french fries…

But you can’t sue people if they don’t have money…


yeah i just came from there. i liked the plasma arc in a tube concept but the word coil i didnt. i also wondered if this was the main engineeering componant or just one part of a larger system.
coil? we already argued in voy about their use a borg warp coil and how they define dit. wonder if tptb then even knew what a trek verse warp coil is.