Verizon & Nokia Launch New ‘JoinStarfleetAcademy’ Star Trek Site w/ ‘Hunt for Nero’ Contest

One of the final pieces of the Paramount marketing partner blitz went live today with the launch of the Nokia/Verizon site This new site is quite elaborate and even includes a game with a prize for a ‘trip to space’ and promises more exclusive content in the future


Nokia and Verizon want you to join Starfleet Academy
When you visit the you will see a nice shot of Nero’s Narada, and much of the site has theme of dealing with the Romulans on it.

Nice shot of the Narada on the Splash page and opening page warns of the ‘Romulan Threat’ with a good shot of Starfleet Academy
[NOTE: Nokia and Verizon logos do not appeaer at Starfleet Academy in actual film at]

What can you do at the Academy?, there are a few options:

  • V Cast Holodock (Videos, currently only trailers, but promises more exclusive interviews and ‘Romulan videos’)
  • Mobile Recreation Center (Verizon Phaser & Tricorder Applications + Trek mobile games)
  • Sensory Lab Testing (Star Trek themed wallpapers, screensavers, tones, etc)
  • Cadet Training facility (online games, one currently, more promised)
  • Enemy Combat Simulator (‘Hunt for Nero’ game, with prize of trip to space)

Right now there is little that is ‘new’ on the site, but there is the promise of new stuff on the Romulans and behind-the-scenes stuff. Here are some screenshots.

Download applications to your Verizon phone

Get stuff to outfit phone with Trek

Find Nero and win a ‘free trip to space’


More Star Trek partners
In addition to Nokia & Verizon, Paramount has lined up quite a few partners for this new Star Trek movie. Here is a run down:




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