ST09 Tidbits (T-16): Star Trek Cereal + Scoring Pics + More Biz Buzz + More Interviews & pics

It has been only four days since our last tidbits and even with all the other news about Star Trek, there still are a few things that fell between the cracks, until now. Today we have photos for the Star Trek scoring session, new updates on the business and marketing buzz around Star Trek, lots of interviews, clips and pictures…oh and ‘Star Trek The Cereal.’ 


Reminder: Tickets available online (including IMAX)
You can now by advanced tickets (including early shows) for Star Trek at Fandango. You can also get tickets for IMAX at Fandango.

Star Trek – The Cereal
The final piece of the Kellogg’s Star Trek promotion has landed, there is now a limited-edition Star Trek cereal showing up at your local grocer. It is a sweetened oat ceral with marshmallows shaped like the Starfleet logo (in various Star Trek colors). The back also has a Star Trek puzzle. Here are some pics found on Flickr.

ST Cereal

Giacchino Scoring Session Photos + CD Signing
The fine folks at Varèse Sarabande, the label releasing the Star Trek Soundtrack have sent over info on a cool event they are doing in Los Angeles next month:

 Date: 4/18/2009 Varèse Sarabande Records and Best Buy present a special in-store appearance and autograph event by Michael Giacchino, celebrating the release of his new score for STAR TREK! Be the film to hear and own the new soundtrack, on its release day, May 5, 2009!

Visit us on May 5 at 7:00 pm.
Best Buy
West Hollywood CA (Store 393)

1015 N. La Brea Ave

West Hollywood, CA 90038

Hope to see you there!

And remember last year when put up some kind of strange ‘courtroom sketches’ for Star Trek? Well now they have put up the real thing with a full gallery of images of Michael Giacchino and his orchestra recording the music for Star Trek, check it out.

Giacchino and team

UPDATE: Star Trek Music Podcast – discusses new score
Film Score Monthly has a great podcast covering the history of Star Trek scores, including a discussion of the new Star Trek score from Michael Giacchino. The discussion features our friend Jeff Bond (writer of "The Music of Star Trek").


More Star Trek biz buzz
Last week we pointed to an article at AdAge which said that Star Trek was facing stiff competition from the FOX Wolverine movie opening the week before. Now there are a couple more articles talking Trek performance, but with a more positive spin. Firstly Variety overviews the Trek marketing plan and notes that Wolverine is tracking somewhat better amongst the under-25 crowd, but also notes that Paramount has an aggressive marketing plan in the last couple of weeks targeting this group, with an emphasis on utilizing the power of the Viacom MTV networks.  The article ends on a positive note:

Ultimately, rival studios say if the movie is good, Paramount will likely succeed in introducing a new and perhaps globe-spanning generation to the classic franchise. The pic has been screened for exhibs, who expect the movie to be a strong earner.

Also weighing in is Gregory Ellwood of HitFix, who says that his industry experience and contacts lead him to believe that Trekkies ‘shouldn’t worry. He overviews the marketing plan and Trek history and concludes:

So, distraught “Trek” fans, don’t freak out about coming in behind to “Wolverine,” “Angels & Demons” or “Terminator: Salvation.” Instead, take the long view and enjoy J.J. Abrams’ ride. Better yet, why not take bets on who will be the “Trek” breakout star before the crew of the starship Enterprise returns for a second go around? Chris Pine’s ascension aside, is it Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, John Cho or Zachary Quinto? Now, that’s something really worth debating.

Anthony’s 2 cents —
I do believe that the box office rivalry thing can be overstated. It is quite possible that every single film that opens in May will be successful. According to my own sources at Paramount, they are very positive about this film and feel even more optimistic about the sequel, which has already had a script commissioned. Remember that before the Dark Knight cashed in with over $1Billion in 2008, the Bat franchise had to get restarted in in 2005 with Batman Begins, which had a global return of $372 Million. And for Star Trek to be deemed a success it doesn’t need to make as much.And Star Trek has a lot of advantages, including IMAX, more promo partners, and the Viacom networks. 

Paramount is trying to resurrect what used to be a very valuable part of their portfolio, at a time when they need steady earning franchises. It my view JJ Abrams has delivered just the right kind of film for that. The big challenges are appealing to those teenagers and appealing to non-English markets (except for Germany where Trek has been strong). But Paramount is looking at this with a long-term view. It is not a done deal, but I am really not all that worried. 


More interviews OZ, UK, and beyond
Even with all our coverage from Star Trek world tour, there is still more. First up we have another junket clip from the UK with Zach Quinto and Chris Pine. [capped by SalvorHardin…thanks]

Also from the London event, here is some blue carpet coverage from Irish TV3


…and here is more bromance from Quinto and Pine in another interview from Sydney Australia, from Ponder Pop.

And there are even more interviews:

More photos from London and Berlin
For new pics, there are tons of photos from Berlin from the Paramount StarTrek.DE site, which includes a lot of stuff where the regular press didn’t have access, including shots inside the theater.

StarTrek.DE has some great shots from Berlin

And there are more photo galleries from the London premiere at:

Pegg is very fan friendly (Mirror)


Star Trek Bullets
And if that wasn’t enough, here is some more

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips, to many to name, but we love you all!

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Star Trek + Lucky Charms = Dream Come True!!!

Boy, that Vulcan salute sure is getting a lot of screen time isn’t it? Hope it catches on in the mainstream.

Aww nice.

I don’t know which Quinto quote I like best:

“He smells… of power.”

“Ohh my god. I *literally* cannot believe you just did that. I hate you so much right now.”

I also liked the cuddling.

Star Trek cereal ROFL!!

Now if they can just figure out a way to have the marshmallows make photon torpedo noises when you bite them….

Why couldn’t I have had this when I was 12!

nice tidbits

p.s. Trek will blow Wolverine out of the water!!!!!!!

(actually, I honestly think Wolverine may get a little more, but it will be pretty close)

I just met Leonard Nimoy at a convention in Orlando, and seeing him talk about the film has gotten me even MORE excited about this movie!!! This is the longest 2 weeks EVER!!!!

Great, great, great interview with Pine and Quinto!

I actually like the fact that they seem kind of tired and worn-out from some of the globetrotting. Comes across as a nice, laid-back interview with no forced airs, like they’re able to let their guard down just a little bit.

Plus they’re both hysterical together!

ST is flying under the radar, IMO, even with all the marketing. It’s going to surprise many people.

ZOE SALDANA. In that red dress.

For Christmas.

PLEASE, Santa!!!

You know what my favorite part of the article was?

T-16 days


Thank god it seems like these guys are getting along, I hope they stick together for a ton more of Trek!


Every time someone asks Quinto about Nimoy, Pine gets that wistful, faraway look in his eyes, as if to say, “Shatner! Why did you forsake me so?”

Saw Fringe an hour ago. There was a nice little (or should I say huge) tidbit in there if you are a Trek fan. And its impossible to miss. I suggest you listen carefully. Good episode too. A little far fetched, but its nothing my imagination can’t handle.

Star Trek cereal I am so getting at least 5 boxes!

My diabetes be damned!

Giacchino and company stop taunting me with those tees!

Ya killing me!!



don’t let’s forget that “lost in space” was the film that finally overtook “titanic” at the box office.

which means nothing. which is my point.

i think j.j. & co. made the film just for me.

(although, without stanky’s $10, the film might fail…)

Anyone else notice that Zachary Quinto dresses like a seventy year old man ready to go kick ass at canasta? Oh well. He can wear Reynolds wrap and burlap as long as he’s as good as Spock as the trailers make him out to be.

Rofl the sneeze.

May 5th, huh? Cool, can’t wait to download it.

Like I’ve said before, look how on the views of the ship they minimize by the presentation the difference between the Star Trek we know and the vastly inferior ship in this movie. I hope that like in the Lost in Space movie something snaps on the hull and the real ship is revealed.

Crikey! It seems Kellogg’s Australia aren’t doing this promo for Star Trek.

If anyone out there is prepared to send me a box of serial, I will gladly reimburse you for your trouble plus a small service fee :)

I a bit peeved… there are still no times available on May 7th for my local AMC multiplex, and that’s where I want to see the movie at. It’s got this whole space theme going in the lobby, plus the theaters are so much better than the ones at Regal. Better service, too. Ticket and food prices are 50 cents more, but… whatever. :-P

I’m glad they finally posted the scoring pics. I was wondering about those. As for predicting Trek’s box office success, there’s really no point in it… but, hey, I’ll try anyway:

The movie has a wide margin of possible opening weekend grosses, but I don’t think it will open with less than $50 million. I also don’t think it will break more than $85 million on opening weekend. A *safe* bet would probably be in the $65 million range. Personally, though, I think it’ll open with around $75 million. Hey, if “Fast and Furious” can open with $70 million, then “Star Trek” should be able to get more!

Ok, I’m done for now. :-P

they couldn’t call ’em “Spock’-ohs?”

Ahh, what better way to cap off a week of midterms than going out to see “Star Trek” on opening night. That is the one thing that’s going to get me through midterms in a couple of weeks!

Personal prediction for opening weekend remains somewhere in the $30M to $55M range. If it breaks $60M, God will call Oral Roberts home. I suppose someone should let him know.

But like I said the last time this came up: opening weekend box office has little to do with the movie and everything to do with the buzz. Fooey on buzz. I hope the movie is good enough to earn b’jillions and k’zillions … over the long haul, like a great movie shouldm, with repeat viewings and bring-your-friends and bring-em-back-again. Buzz is for sugar rushes (like the one I’ll get when I down a box of Star Trek cereal). We need a Star Trek movie with endurance.

Here’s (still) hoping.

ATrek tidbit of my own.
I just finished watchiing Fringe.
In the closing moment,
we heard Leonard Nimoy as the voice of William Bell.
A little tease before his appearance in the season finale.

Star Trek would really be big in Germany if it had David Hasselhoff.

Wow. Cool. More sugar for the kids. When are the trek condoms coming out?

Two things:

1) Simon Pegg’s kilt rocks!!! And so does he.

2.) Star Trek cereal – the ultimate collectible. What fan can resist the tasty marshmallows? … only the true die-hard collector can keep those in the box.

Everyone should check out the new Enterprise model #4, by Robert Rodriguez. He did up the primary hull as an Aztec calendar. It’s really quite beautiful. And, I suppose, a clever play on the ubiquitous “aztec pattern” for sci fi ship hulls.

Sorry #23, I’m not on your sneer train. The new design has won me over. The way it evokes both the TOS and movie models with a sense of mass and elegance is inspired. I’m glad they took chances with it.

Great interviews with Q and P. Those two are very smart and capable actors I have to say! True charisma and star power.

Man im irish and i wanted spock to bash in that chicks head in with her mug.

Seeing Star Trek thursday night, Midterm friday morning… thank goodness for Mountain Dew

#1 Lucky Charms-I thought Spock didn’t believe in little green men

#2 It’s a Jewish thing

#30 It would be a really big hit in france if it had Jerry Lewis

I’ve not really seen anything related to Wolverine over in the UK but Star Trek has had a lot more press coverage. so even if Wolvo does do better domestically – i think globally Star Trek will be the one that comes out on top.

Some of those models are crazy, like the snake/dragon bursting out of the saucer. The yellow one w/ the trekked-out Bettie Page was pretty cool too.

@ 39: In Germany it seems to be the other way around. I’ve seen quite a few TV spots for Wolverine but nothing for Star Trek.
When I went to see Watchmen at the cinema they only showed the 2008 teaser that ran with Cloverfield! From some reactions I overheard I wasn’t the only one in the room who went “WTF”.

Maybe, it’s still too far off. Plus there have been quite a few movies in recent months that didn’t seem to get a lot of promotion before their release here (or I just didn’t see it)

41, I think maybe they market these films more where they are going to have a tougher time being successful. Trek has always been huge in Germany.

Also it’s interesting to point out that X-Men opens in the UK 2 weeks before Star Trek and i’ve been looking at Box Office Mojo and found out that in most countries Wolverine opens either on the 29th or the 30th April.

Also also, in a recent poll over at BOM to ascertain what film people are most anticipating, Star Trek beat both Wolverine and Terminator, as well as Angels and Demons with Harry Potter and Transformers flying high.

As you can see all three of the May films are pretty close together:

Star Trek leads with 6.7% of the vote, Terminator with 6.3% of the vote and lagging behind with 6.0% is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. All pretty close to call i would suggest but it shows that Star Trek is the one pulling away from both X-Men and Terminator, lets hope that this plays true come opening weekend for Star Trek.

As far as I’m concerned, Trek looks the best, I’m not saying that as a fan, it just does. It looks different. I doubt it will be the greatest summer film of 2009 – Transformers and Harry Potter will certainly snap 1st and 2nd up for sure but i think Star Trek has a good chance of finishing 3rd in the best films of 2009 perhaps 4th behind Avatar over all.

I just don’t see what is so special or cool about Wolverine and Terminator – fine i guess if your a fan or a teenager going through puberty but lets face it, who has the most money? the hormonal teens or the adults. I think Trek should do well – people need a fun movie this year to take them away from a depressing economic reality.

@ 39 – Really? In three of my local cinemas there are Wolverine posters everywhere but I have only found one Star Trek one, in only one of the cinemas! The Vue in Portsmouth did have some outside for a while but they have gone now!

Also, as I go to the cinema alot (movie press you know :P) I see alot of trailers, and I have to say I have seen the Wolverine one so many times I just want to stick my eyes out as I know the film is going to suck monkies, but I have only seen one Star Trek trailer on the big screen, and that was the first teaser many moons ago, and I saw the second trailer on the small screens in the lobby! So in my opinion Star Trek isn’t getting enough coverage here in the UK!

The only thing I take from it all is that I get to see a press screening of Wolverine on Tuesday (like ages before it comes out), but I don’t for Star Trek…thus Star Trek will get my £5.50 (probably about 4 times as well…going to see it as much as I can, support your Trek), whereas Wolverine will get nothing from me! HAHAHAHA!

Anthony, and everyone if you go on the BBC Radio 1 Movies blog there is a thing with Simon Pegg about Star Trek, and a review further down the page of the film by James King, which is really cracking!

Got my box o’ Cereal at the Kroger’s $2.50!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I really enjoyed the bits of today’s article that relate to the scoring sessions, that being a personal interest of mine.


43, hmm, seems like its really pot luck – Wolverine isn’t getting a dime off me either, I’d rather watch Hannah Montana: The Movie than that dreary constipated man who think’s he’s a cat! lol

btw has anyone seen any reviews for Wolverine? and did it ever get a premiere in London or anywhere for that matter?

Well TV3 is no less cringeworthy then usual.

” So, distraught “Trek” fans, don’t freak out about coming in behind to “Wolverine,” “Angels & Demons” or “Terminator: Salvation.” ”

What ? Behind Angels of Demons ? Are you nuts ? The movie will be equally as successful as the other ”big” May movies. Although i think it would have been wiser for paramount to open it during June. All 3 big movies will make more then 400+ million worldwide. No doubt about it.

Star Trek Cereal. My life is complete.

My wife says we can stock up on a life-time supply of Star Trek Cereal. It’ll be a great way to boldly start the day!