ST09 Tidbits (T-15): Variety Review Love + Interview-o-rama + ST: The Spork!

Another day and another flood of news related to the new Star Trek movie. Firstly there is an imporant new review from trade pub Variety, that bodes well. Plus we have all the new interviews of the day (both text and video) and some new images. Also have a fun new ‘Enterprise Morph’ video, and  the mos important news of all: Star Trek: The Spork!


Reminder: Tickets available online (including IMAX)
As we will begin every tidbits, we remind you that you can now buy advanced tickets (including early shows) for Star Trek at Fandango. You can also get tickets for IMAX at Fandango.


Variety calls film ‘sci-fi nirvana’ – predicts hit
Another major review for the new Star Trek movie has come in, this time from the leading industry trade Variety. In short, they love it. Here is the opening summary:

Blasting onto the screen at warp speed and remaining there for two hours, the new and improved “Star Trek” will transport fans to sci-fi nirvana. Faithful enough to the spirit and key particulars of Gene Roddenberry’s original conception to keep its torchbearers happy but, more crucially, exciting on its own terms in a way that makes familiarity with the franchise irrelevant, J.J. Abrams’ smart and breathless space adventure feels like a summer blockbuster that just couldn’t stay in the box another month. Paramount won’t need any economic stimulus package with all the money it’ll rake in with this one globally, and a follow-up won’t arrive soon enough.

We linked to the THR review over the weekend, so ST09 is two for two with the Hollywood industry papers. Also the first 7 reviews up at Rotten Tomatoes are all positive, giving Star Trek an early 100% rating. This will likely go down, but the trend is good.

Spock’s Spork!
Any regular reader of TrekMovie can see that there is a lot of new Star Trek merchandise coming out, both movie related and ‘classic.’ But today we may have found our favorite new item, that comes as a bit of a surprise. That’s right folks, the official Star Trek Titanium Spork! These limited edition ‘Enterprise Mess Hall’ eating utensils will run you $22.99 and are an exclusive with ThinkGeek:

The logical way to eat?

MSNBC wants to see you in uniform!
Today MSNBC has posted a request for fans to send in pictures of themselves in Star Trek outfits. They promise to post the best photos before the release of the film. Go to MSNBC to send in yours.

Interviews of the day
At this point with all the publicity going on, there are a lot of interviews. We will try and post as many as possible, but unless something is said that is ‘huge’, interviews from other sites will be linked and embedded in ‘tidbits’ columns. Here are today’s:

Pine and Quinto at MTV

CoolShiteTV with John Cho

UK Movie Show London Blue Carpet interviews



And there are even more interviews (text):

Also, here are some more pictures from London at Hollywood Chicago.

Zoe looking fine in London

Enterprise Morph – a Spockboy Video
Finally, on the lighter side of things, our talented friend Paul ‘Spockboy’ Sibbald has another fun video creation. His "Enterprise Morph" takes you on a tour of the ships called Enterprise, old and new.


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I want that Spork!!
Did I really just say that?

Decloaking . . .

Need to Spork me some multi-colored food cubes for din-din. }:-D>


Given the Starfleet borrows from nautical terms, the spork should be labeled “galley” and not “mess hall.”

Kind of neat, but not work 23 bucks for an eating utensil.

Zoe’s looking fine as ever. . . .

I seriously would like to know – does Zoe Saldana ever EAT? I mean, I know that Hollywood actresses are supposed to be skinny and all that, but my goodness!! She looks like a stick – that CAN’T be healthy!

Tell me I’m not the only one who notices this.

#4– I agree. She’s a very beautiful woman but she is way too thin.

I nabbed some packs of Star Trek Premiere popcorn from the UK premiere…are they worth anything? :p

hmmm…. well, ummm……. can I just see the movie now?

Damn two weeks! Time for hibernation!

Thanks for another great video Sporkboy… I mean Spockboy…

I wonder how Spaghetti-O’s would taste on a titanium utensil?

And Zoe is the epitome of perfection. Some people are naturally skinny people!

I’ve lived long enough.. Chuck Berry and Star Trek together. The universe is now complete!

(thank you for not using “My Ding-a-Ling”!!)

@ 9 – I have to disagree, my girlfriend is the epitome of perfection! Wow, must be weird for a Trekkie to say that :P

Woho, just send in my pictures to msnbc xD

11. ProperTrekkieUK


Oh, and I always thought the Enterprise-E was a cool ship, until now. It just seems too 90s. It looks like a dagger. Be careful guys, if you touch it, it may cut you!

Pictures to MSNBC and what? That video is interesting. Why did they use Chuck Berry though? Not complaining, just wondering. Well maybe a little because I can’t seem to get the solo for that one to sound right. It always comes out sounding like Johnny B. Goode.

Haha so Kirk and Spock go on MTV, and they throw Sulu a bone by putting him on CoolShite?

Wow…40 years later, and nothing has changed!!!

And still no Chekhov interviews…surprise, surprise!!!

Ahh…I grow more convinced each day that all is as it should be in Trekdom…

Where was the Enterprise-J in that Morph??

Really? A spork??

Now, I’m all for marketing… but…..

Both of those reviews presume they know what the “torch-bearers” want to see and therefore incorrectly play up how well it will appeal to those fans as part of it’s sucess. They both also capitalize on some of the more disturbing elements of the film as strengths. I would heavily discount both Variety & THR and take them with a grain of salt, not worshiped as the ultimate proof of Trek’s validation because the came-from-Hollywood.

18 – Im a livelong trekkie and I LOVED the film. You have nothing to worry about.

19- lifelong*

#18 – Sometimes I wonder if you really believe the things you type.


I’ve heard them say that the camera ADDS ten pounds….

18. RD

You make me laugh.

Did anyone watch Letterman last night? Nathan Lane was on with a clip. He said he had a cameo in the movie as Larry Spock. He was quite funny.

Spockboy, That was excellent. Great way to end my day!

Nathan Lane did a parody of the trailer on Letterman last night

Ohhh… I’m ready to begin The Search for Spork!


In the YouTube of John Cho’s interview when asked if he would reprise the role of Sulu, why did Cho reply, “We’re never working with [Eric] Bana again.”? Was Bana a jerk on the set or something? Or did he just mean Bana’s character dies so Bana won’t be back for sequels? Does anybody know?

Spork? Heck, I’m waiting for the set of Ginsulu steak knives!



Variety and the Hollywood Reporter are pretty much TPTB in Hollywood in terms of regular industry reporting.

Skeptical Trek fans’ concerns have been referred to with remarkable thoroughness in the mass media (thanks mostly to this site). including in these industry publications.

Being a Trekker is no different than being into Spiderman or Star Wars, and Hollywood rags have been dealing with fans like us and our eccentricities for decades. They can compartmentalize our Obsessive-Compulsive complaints into generalities, put us aside, and tell shite from shinola when a re-boot debuts for the masses.

The reviews are significant pluses in Trek’s corner commercially.

Nathan Lane always annoyed me. Now I ADORE him.

Lane has the worst toup since Shatner!

Zoe – “Eat sometihng. I’m begging you! You look like a swizzle stick.” – Cameron Drake

With apologies to the Tick:


Cheers to Spockby for another great video!

Didn’t Cho even sound a bit like Sulu? This is the first time ive heard him and think his voice tone, inflection, etc is very similar

The ENT vid is priceless.

Thanks, Spockboy!

help me Spork, Spork Help me



First of all, he was just joking!!!! But let’s just say that Nero’s not around for the sequel.

cho was joking around as they all do with 1 another which will complimant the movie and the movies to come and if u have seen the movie dont spoil it for the rest who hasnt

Hey look it’s Voyager!! no wait that’s a spoon, with the Wrong registry # ;)

Why, it’s Mr. Spork!

I guess you really can market anything. Go spork yourself !

I love the ability of the bitter to spin every positive review of this film (which BTW has been virtually EVERY review) their way…a good film is a good film, period. We’ve had a few decades of Star Trek movies that have been good to mediocre Star Trek, but mostly all mediocre movies. I’m ready for a good MOVIE.

Would be fun if they released a whole dinning set from ENT

#4: She eats only with a titanium spork.

Absolutely love “The Morphing Enterprise!!!”

Nice job Spockboy!

Why Chuck Berry. Simple answer and it deals with money. The song is more than a half century old and has not the copyright expired, so it is now public domain prprerty in other words it’s free.

That’s unless the MP3 legal problems messed with the old laws.

And I think Paramount upgraded the copyrights on Star Trek (TOS) to 110 years because of the Digital Rights Management laws dealing with MP3’s.

Speaking of reviews, I am having a baby of joy to say that I am reviewing Star Trek, seeing it May 2!!!


Ah, critics’ screening… no lineup… bringing the fam… ahhhhhh. I will post a link when it is up.

I’ll be thinking of you all, except for the canon purists, as I know that they have no interest in seeing this desecration, ever ever ever.

Ron Yamauchi, Georgia Straight, Vancouver

Spork! I’m hoping for a flamethrower!