Convential Wisdom: Guide To Star Trek Events for Late April & May

As the new Star Trek film looms ever closer, more and more events celebrating Star Trek, from museum talks to Fed Con, are being announced. Here is a list of some of the best events for fans as they wait to see ST09 and in the days after the film, from now until May. The good news is that many of the events are free!



Conventional Wisdom: Special Late April – May Edition


(May 1st-3rd – Bonn Germany)
Arguably one of the best conventions in the history of Star Trek conventions, Fed Con has many great science fiction and Star Trek guests, including Nichelle Nichols and Robert Picardo. 99 Euro (3 day pass)
[more info:]

17th Annual Creation Entertainment Sci Fi Summit
(May 1st-3rd – Los Angeles, CA)
Star Trek guests include Jeri Ryan, Michelle Forbes, Michael Welch, and genre favorite Linda Hamilton among others. Event celebrates Star Trek and various science fiction franchises. Price: $73 (3 day pass)
[more info:]

CruiseTrek Mini Con and Dinner
(May 9 from 4PM to 8PM – New York)
Join Dominic Keating, JG Hertzler, Robin Curtis, Casey Biggs, and Vaughn Armstrong for dinner and a minicon. After the convention, many of the fans are going to see the new Star Trek movie together. Prices differ by ticket.
[more info:]



The Spirit of Star Trek
(April 26th and May 17th  –  First Presbyterian Church of Encino California)
Cohosted by Michael Westmore and Rev. Curtis Webster, this event discusses religion and Star Trek with Robert O’Reilly (April 26th) and Robert Picardo (May 17th). The event is free with required reservations (818-788-1147) and donation are welcome.
[more info at]

Esurance AT&T Park Star Trek Night  (at Giants v Dodgers Baseball Game)
(April 27th – Park San Franciso)
For $20 fans get a seat at the Giants v Dodgers game in a special Star Trek section, an invitation to a pregame party, a Star Trek foam cheering item, and a complimentary beverage. There will also be a Star Trek costume contest and other surprises.
[more info at]

The Star Trek Extravangza
(May 5 from 7-8PM – Warren Newport Public Library, Gurnee Illinois)
A free event hosted by Professor John Tenuto, the talk will feature a look at the history of Star Trek collectibles. Registration is required for the event.
[more info at]

Paley Panel: Star Trek Kirk v. ?
(May 7th at 6:30 PM – The Paley Center for Media of New York)
A panel of Star Trek experts discuss Captain James T. Kirk’s leadership abilities versus those of other science fiction greats. The event is free with paid admission to the Paley Center.
[more info at]

Star Trek: A Comic History
(May 9th at 2PM – La Frontera Barnes & Noble Book Store Round Rock, Texas)
Author Alan Porter discusses his new book about the history of Star Trek comic books at this free event.
[more info:]

A Star Trek XI Roddenberry Evening
(May 9 at 7PM – Santa Catalina Island’s Avalon Movie Theater
Hosted by Eugene Roddenberry Jr., the evening begins with a talk at 7PM entitled “Sharing the Legacy” and then a showing of the new Star Trek feature film. Prices differ by ticket.
[more info]

Star Trek: USS Enterprise Presentation
(May 13th – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
A 15 minute presentation and question session with Margaret Weitekamp at the Smithsonian Museum. The event is free.
[more info:]


NOTE: This is is surely not comprehensive for every possible thing going on in the world. If you know of a similar event, contact the TrekMovie tip line.




Star Trek: The Exhibition
(Detroit, MI & Philadelphia, PA)
The traveling Star Trek exhibition of props and costumes continues this Spring, opening in Philadelphia on May 16th
[more info (Detroit): – (Philadelphia)]

"Fascinating" – Exhibit
(Starts May 7th –Eberswalde, Germany )
Starting this May, fans will get to experience props from the show and movies and licensed merchandise (including a display of every Hallmark Christmas Ornament) at the Eberswalde Museum. 
[more info: Website]

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Dang! I’ll be in SF 2 days later!!

Too bad they have nothing near Munich.

Gurnee…. I should check that out. I’m only 40 min. from there.

Shame theres nothing in the UK, but everyone else have fun! =]

Does anyone know whether there’s been any updates on the Star Trek Experience in Vegas? In the Neonopolis? Wasn’t it supposed to open on May 9th to coincide with the movie premiere? Can’t seem to find any hard details on whether that’s actually going to happen, and what the new exhibit will even consist of. Just by chance I’m going to be in Vegas t hat weekend and I’m hoping to visit if it’s open. Anyone else going there that weekend?

I’m from Maine and I have to say I’m disappointed… we don’t even hve advance ticket sales here:-(

Living in the Philly burbs, I’ll be at The Franklin a few times for the Exhibition (plus, for half price after 5pm, it’s a great deal!)

BTW, John: Thank you for posting this! I’m always on the lookout for low-cost or free Trek-related events in my area, since my daughter is also a huge fan, and she loves doing stuff related to Trek!

Oh dear, I live 2 blocks from the ballpark in San Francisco and I don’t think you could pay me to go to such a thing. Feel free to make offers, though. :)

we will be doing an update on Las Vegas Trek Experience, but nothing happening in May (as we noted you shouldn’t expect in our last article)

Going to the Grand Slam…Saturday only. Day passes are only $25.
Got my Jeri Ryan and Linda Hamilton autograph tickets already! Jeri will complete my Voyager cast photo!

I’m going to the gurnee event!

What about Con du Lac in Louisiana in June?

@ #6- I agree with that. I’m from Maine too, and my local Wal-Mart has no Trek toys. All we have is the cereal stuff. Not that that’s a bad thing.

#14. Yeah whats the deal?I could have bought something cool for the cash it cost for the 4lb. boxes of sugar flakes not to mention the poptarts and crakers filling cupbourd. Burger King better be having their promo up here or I’m moving to civilization , I mean it this time…

I’m a little disappointed there is nothing special happening here in Pittsburgh. Considering Zachery Quinto is a native ‘burger, I was kind of half hoping we would get something special.

Hey isn’t JJ’s lady from Maine ? How about a shout out for your girls home state ?

#10 Thanks for the quick update Anthony. Hope to hear more soon. Maybe I’ll stop by anyway and see if I can peek inside a window or something to see if there is any construction going on… Too bad they are missing this awesome opportunity to capitalize on the new movie. Maybe they’ll have something up and running by the time Star Trek ’11 comes out.

Not a real event but something for northern germany: starting May 6th daily screenings NOT DUBBED at Streits cinema in Hamburg!

Shore Leave, Baltimore Maryland, July 10-12.

RE: 5 & 10 & 19

This is Captain Walker from the USS Las Vegas, a local Las Vegas NV Star Trek Club. While it is true about past reports saying the Star Trek: Experience will re-open in time for the new movie, I am sorry to report that it will NOT happen. My Star Trek club has had a few meetings recently across from their new home at NEONOPOLIS and their is NO signs of the Experience arriving. I keep tabs on this regularly as you can imagine and I have sent periodical updates to Anthony Pascale to keep him and you the readers of trekmovie up-to-date. I am very happy to hear that he will be posting a long overdue update very soon.

I can share this with you, our club “USS Las Vegas” will be hosting a special movie event at REGAL Entertainment Group’s Village Square Theater at 9400 W. Sahara Blvd. on May 8th and 9th to celebrate the release of the new film. We will have on display several new games and products that have been authorized by CBS/Paramount to tie-in with the new film. They include Mattel’s NEW Star Trek Scene-It DVD Game, Kellogg’s cereals to promote all the various Star Trek MAIL IN promotions, Hopefully Burger King’s New Star Trek promotion, USAoploly the makers of the Star Trek Monopoly games, and a late addition FUNDEX GAMES to introduce their NEW Star Trek Games: Star Trek Scrabble, Star Trek: UNO and Star Trek: All about Trivia.

Please feel free to contact me for more details…

Paul Walker
Captain-USS Las Vegas Star Trek Fan Club

I’ll be at the Star Trek Night @ AT&T Park on April 27th! I’ll be sure to grab some shots of the festivities.

Anyone else in the UK want to pitch on on this query?
I have seen no merchandise tie-ins here in the UK for the new film, no cereal box offers, Burger king or MacDonalds tie- ins, no billboard posters or even any ads on the TV, as yet!
Only a few chat show interviews ie: GMTV and tonights Jonathan ross with Simon Pegg……Or have i totally missed it all?

I will be on Catalina Island on May 9th to see Star Trek XI and hear Rod and company. Looking forward to it!

-Sebastian Prooth
Executive Producer
Star Trek: The Continuing Mission

Spot the time honored mistake in the text!
Must have been written by a non trek fan!

#5 ST Experience News.

I have heard conflicting news. Yes, it is a go to be rebuilt but when it opens????? I got one report that they have begun construction and then I get some news from my friends who live in Las Vegas that nothing has been done (or maybe they just don’t know where it is going in) so it it is very vague now. The Convention in LV plans to have thier night time dinner parties there if open by August.

At this point, who knows? I do have faith it will reopen.

#4 Leonard Nimoy’s coming to Milton Keynes in July, I think. And we don’t know who’ll be coming to the London scifi conventions yet.

The new Movie is going to be playing at the IMAX theater at the NASM Dulles Annex (Udvar-Hazy center). Does anyone know if there’s going to be any kind of events for the premiere there, as well?

#26 arrrghhh Dr. Spock! Oh dear…

I’ve not seen any movie promotions either. I walked miles to the nearest BK for nothing…

There is also Wrath of Con in late May in Panama City FL:

Just ANOTHER reason I need to get myself RE-EMPLOYED!!!!!

I’ll be in DC for the Enterprise thing at the Smithsonian! Yesssssss.

I’m actually from Scotland but I’m in the DC area for a month 30th April – end of May. So I get to see Star Trek in the US. Hurrah!


Of course nothing in COLORADO!
oh well


The Neonopolis is almost entirely glazed so any construction activity (or lack therof) would be readily apparent. I would guess that the current state of the economy is hindering financing. Las Vegas has been especially hard-hit. Bringing back the Experience would be a very expensive (multi-million) undertaking. As a practical matter, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Starship Farragut in Germany……WOW You guys are fantastic! A new studio in St. Marys, Georgia. A town that loves you all and now Germany to show “For Want of a Nail”. Good luck at Fed Con XVIII !!!!

The sad thing is I can remember back in the 90s when it seemed like there were conventions everywhere. I got to see the Shat in the little northeast corner of Tennessee where I used to live. A few years later Marina Sirtis was there. Now it seems that the only things happening or in New York, California or Vegas.


I feel your pain. Back in the 90’s Creation used to come ot Minneapolis, Minnesota almost every year with a Stra Trek Convention. Now they barely touch us. Its either Las Vegas , West Coast or East coast.

The last two times they did come here, once in 2002, and last year the attendance was down due to the price they charged for tickets, People just didnt want to shell out 350.00 for Gold Circle seating Plus with last years Con they stated that they base coming to certain cities on how many hotels rooms they book at their host hotel. Its a catch 22.

Creation is coming back to Minneapolis this year but with a Twilgiht convention…. Oh well, hopefully one comes around these parts soon.