ST09 Tidbits (T-13): Online Sales Strong + ET Sneak Peek Tonight + New Interviews & Reviews + more

Star Trek is now two weeks away (less than that for the those going to Thursday early shows), and the buzz keeps on building. Today we have the first indications of ticket sales (going well), a DVR notice for an ET exclusive tonight, more interviews, some interesting review perspectives, and more. Plus, did Nathan Lane get cut from Star Trek?


Reminder: Tickets available online (including IMAX)
As we will begin every tidbits, we remind you that you can now buy advanced tickets (including early shows) for Star Trek at Fandango. You can also get tickets for IMAX at Fandango.


Star Trek online sales strong – even outpacing Wolverine
Remember last week Ad Age said that Wolverine would outsell Star Trek 2 to 1? Well the first reports for online sales shows that the battle is a lot tighter and Star Trek is actually a bit ahead. THR cites sales figures showing that even though Wolverine is selling well, Star Trek is outselling it in early online sales. TrekMovie contacted Fandango and they said that both films are selling briskly, but that Trek is currently outselling Wolverine by a bit there there as well. They noted it is very early and that most sales will come much closer to the film and so there is a caution not to read too much into it, but it is yet another good sign for the film.

Speaking of Wolverine, the latest TV commercial for that film has a familiar voice doing the narration:…teaching us the lesson that we can all get along…mutant and Starfleet:

Star Trek Exclusive on ET Friday night
Entertainment Tonight will have an ‘exclusive sneak peek inside Star Trek‘ on their Friday night edition. ET is promising a “first look at Kirk in the captain’s chair! Spock in a romance! Nero the villain!” along with “behind-the-scenes look at hitmaker J.J. Abrams at work and the set.” Here is a promo clip:


Nathan Lane’s deleted scene?
Nathan Lane was a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday night, and he brought a special Star Trek clip with him, here it is:

Interviews of the day – Abrams, Nimoy, and Yelchin
links and excerpts

JJ Abrams GQ
excerpt (on why they didn’t do a Batman Begins style total reboot):

Abrams: I think we stumbled on a story that’s a better version of that. We’re telling a story that uses the backstory, the history of the world that Gene Roddenberry created, but doesn’t suffer from that thing a lot of prequels suffer from, where you think, “As exciting as this is, I’ve seen the other movies—I know they live. You can’t get me—I’ve seen Alec Guinness play that guy!” That’s a default problem with any film that’s a true prequel. So this movie is a strange hybrid. We’re not completely restarting everything. Leonard Nimoy’s in this movie, and he’s playing Spock. It connects. And at the same time, it’s its own thing, and it’s alive and vital. But this movie’s intended for people who’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek, so even though it’s not a complete restart, the work we had to do is in many ways the same. You have to make sure you’re giving people a way in, and that requires telling a story that assumes nothing. But if you love Star Trek, there are so many
references and allusions in the film that’ll be rewarding, because you’ll finally get to see scenes that have been discussed but never seen before. You’ll finally understand how certain things happened in Kirk’s backstory, or Spock’s. I love that there’s two ways you can experience this film: If you happen to be a fan, it’s fantastic, and if you’ve never seen it before, all the better.

Leonard Nimoy – Dayton News Journal (report from FX convention)
Excerpt (on what it was about the new team that convinced him to do Spock again)

… I was struck by the intensity of their feelings about the classic Star Trek material that we did. By their awareness of what the characters were about, and how important the characters’ development was, and how important the ideas of those shows were. I was really touched by them, very touched. In fact, it’s been reported I got misty at that meeting, and I actually did. Because for a long time, I felt marginalized. I thought, no, (the new Treks) have nothing to do with me. It’s over for me. But these people made me feel that what we had done in the original series was still relevant, and useful, and meaningful, and they wanted to get back in touch with that," he said. "And that’s what brought me into the project.

Anton Yelchin – LA Times
Excerpt (on Chekov)

With [Chekov], it was fun to capture the comedic aspects. Naturally, he’s kind of funny sometimes. I adjusted it, but I wanted to be close to the [original version]. Certain things I took: the v’s to the w’s. He says wessels. He doesn’t say the v, which is an odd choice. It’s the kind of choice that they made 40 years ago when he was this Cold War stereotype. But it’s fine. It’s great.

Interesting Trek perspectives – Newbie & Scientist weigh in
There are a couple of new reviews of the Star Trek movie, from different perspectives. First up New Scientist takes a look at the film from a scientific point of view, noting what tech was "dubious" and what was "more plausible" [note review is very spoiler].

Another interesting take comes from CNET who dispatched a total Trek newbie to an advance screening. Success with those who are not steeped in Trek canon is important, and her feeling that Star Trek "is just plain fun" should come as welcome news to Paramount.

ST09 Tidbits bits
Even more stuff:

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Nathan Lane / Leno … hmmm .. just me or not funny? ( and I do like Nathan Lane )

Must be the 1st!!!
Larry Spock…lol

very moving comments by Mr Nimoy. got me misty eyed too!


Cooooool…I want that lapjack for my A300 now!!

1: I think I have to respectfully disagree — I thought that the Nathan Lane video was a trip.

As always, I enjoy reading SPOILER-FREE comments about the film, film making process, etc. And, I always enjoy reading commentary by Mr. Nimoy — he’s such a talent, both in front of and behind the camera, and a top-notch individual to boot.

Leno??? errr….that was Letterman. I thought it was cute. The only hilarious part was when he talked about looking for batteries for his phaser!

I’ve noticed Abrams is subtly adjusting how he connects with both the fanbase and the newbies. It’s nice that he addresses both sides in the same comment for once, in a postive light non-the-less.

AP Thaks for the tip about tonight. Ive been waiting for them to do something on Trek. I only watch about once a week so I probably would have missed it.=/\=

Slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed how there are a few “space” related news articles popping up in the media lately. I remember learning about this form of marketing when I studied media at university.

Media Spin Doctors (aka PR bullsh!t artists) attached to movies are known to create “news” that happen to somehow relate to their projects. For example, you will see an article on a news website about some retired astronaut speaking about a secret government conspiracy to cover up extra-terrestrials living among us; right next to the article, there will be a link to a trailer for the new Star Trek movie.

I find this type of marketing very interesting; it is interesting to see how often this is done when you really look at media and analyze it closely.

Hi Anthony,
Can you do us all a huge favour and republish all the reports with SPOILER info that’s coming out in a summary with links a week after the movie comes out?

I’d love to read NEW SCIENTIST take on things and a few other reports you’ve published in recent weeks but I’ve decided at this late stage I don’t want to know anything new about the movie.

It would be nice to go back and check out these opinions after we have a common frame of reference!

Has anyone done a mash-up putting the audio from Wolverine over a Star Trek promo, or vice versa? There are some interesting parallels in the narrations.

– Harry


I like X-men and all, but Wolverine is evil and it must be destroyed. Star Trek MUST come in first at the box office. STAR TREK RULES!

“Larry Spock.”

Good stuff, although my favorite Spock riff has to be from Eddie Murphy’s BOOMERANG, where he claims Spock’s real name is “Spock Jenkins.”

boycott the xmen film so star trek comes in first!

The new startrek was shown at many Greater Union cinemas across Australia on Wednesday night for thousands who were lucky enough to nab free tickets. It premiered as a ‘mystery movie’ so the public did not know what would be showed, and therefore many who were not considering watching Star Trek ended up seeing it – and the consensus was that it is a blast. Many have already started spreading the word.

See this website for reviews from the general public:

I thought “Larry Spock” was funny but that the set-up to the clip was HILARIOUS! Karl, the Needy Klingon! Ha!

deleted by admin

The New Scientist makes an excellent point—that this new Star Trek is NOT about a “great idea” but is simply a re-use of a mundane concept—a vengeful villain.

I’ve said many times that I’m keeping an open mind about the new movie… but I’ve also said before—and I hope that somehow this message gets to Orci, Kurtzman, Abrams, etc.—the NEXT movie can’t just be another shoot-em-up action-in-space movie with a villain wreaking havoc. That is NOT what Star Trek was about, really, and not what’s at its heart. You want to keep telling those stories–go somewhere else. Go make a real Star Wars movie, or some superhero flick. But not Star Trek. Star Trek IS about action and adventure and heroes, but these things aren’t always related to a simplistic “good vs. evil” theme or storyline.

There are so many great, adventurous, fun–but also deeply interesting and thought-provoking ideas out there—creepy, eerie, horrific and science-fiction-y ideas—that Star Trek could tell… that could be done in a movie VERY well… THAT is what Star Trek ALSO needs to keep it fresh and interesting.

Think of how some of the classic episodes of TOS could have been done as MOVIES, on a grand scale with a larger palette and more space and time to tell more intricate stories. And very few of these involved comic-book type villains.

PLEASE with the next film, let’s get back to THAT kind of Star Trek—the kind that the movies never touched upon.

16. (Gabriele)

Thanks for the link! Those reviews are AMAZING. O_O

Just when I think Paul has reached the apex of creepiness, he never fails to be creepier.

Larry Spock? Hmmm…

I’m still waiting for someone to make one like this. It would be so “now”:

“What’s your name?”
“I’m James Tiberius Kirk, bitch!”

(it’s probably out there, but I haven’t really looked.)


Nathan Lane is a trip! I must have watched The Birdcage with him and Robin Wiliams a hundred times, and it never gets old. I thought Karl and Larry were awesome, too.

That review (blessedly spoiler-free) has me grinning like a goof. I can’t freakin’ WAIT to see this movie!!

I would love to have spent a day on the set just to watch how JJ and the cast worked to put this whole thing together. It always amazes me how they can turn the various props, greenscreens, etc into something so spectacular looking.

The clip with Nathan Lane was hilarious!

I now have locked in tickets to see Trek film twice! Once on 7th in standard, and the 8th in IMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3D baby! And will so tape the ET segment tonight! Com to Butthead! ahhahahahahahahahahaha

Larry Spock is my great great great great great great great great grandson.

Michael: I do not believe Star Trek is showing in 3D. Anyone confirm?

As far as I know, the entire film was shot in standard anamorphic widescreen… there were no sequences done in IMAX format.


Even if they were shot in IMAX format that is still not 3D (i.e. 3d glasses) that is just a larger format film standard.

#10–yes I’ve noticed this and experienced the dark side of this…. i put the film’s trailer or a TV spot for it on my myspace page or type Star Trek into a message I send someone and the ‘custom-tailored ads’ become links to A GEEK DATING SITE:(

27- 3D what when how???

Just got some tickets for the 7th, and feeling pretty good about it. Can’t wait!

#19 I think that JJ, Orci, Kurtzman, Burk, Lindelof, etc. would all agree with you. But I think they realize that the only way they can get to telling a non-villain story is to get people back in the seats first.

BTW, TMP didn’t really have a villain, V’Ger was just misunderstood. IV’s probe wasn’t truly a villain either. In V, Sybok was just misguided. But yeah, otherwise you’re right. The movies have mustachioed villains.

I’ve always thought the pilots had that right combination of unusual villain with a twist (the Talosians) or inadvertent villain (Mitchell) that works. Here’s hoping an “edge of the galaxy” mission might re-tell the tale of Mitchell and Dehner; along with involving that “little blonde lab tech” Marcus, and a few other TOS backstory that doesn’t require a big mustache.

I have IMAX tickets in Chicago for the 9th. I wanted to go at first on the 8th, but the girlfriend and I are heading up to Milwaukee to watch the Cubs Spank the Brewers.

Nathan Lane should have worn a sombrero in that parody clip.

Oh, well…


That Nathan Lane clip was, indeed, hilarious! Larry Spock. LOL.

Letterman is the king!

“Randall –

Think of how some of the classic episodes of TOS could have been done as MOVIES, on a grand scale with a larger palette and more space and time to tell more intricate stories. And very few of these involved comic-book type villains. ”

Yeah, baby! “Spock’s Brain” on the big screen! ;-)

(just joking)

deleted by admin

Awesome quote from Nimoy!! Spock Prime!!

36 – I’ll be in Milwaukee for the Cubbies game May 9th.

I was at that FX Show when Nimoy made that quote, it was great seeing him talk about the movie and reminiscing about the past.

#41—-I tried to win tickets on 97.5 ESPN radio to the exclusive screening of ST09 on May 2nd in Houston. I needed to be the 5th caller, but I just missed it.

Do you know where this is being held? That was the first I had heard about an H-town premiere…

I’ll be very surprised if there’s truly anything new in “sneak peek”.

#44 No, I haven’t heard anything about that. Hope you get in, though. I’m still planning on May 8.

Nathan Lane should have played the gay Tellarite shuttle pilot.

Hahaha! I can’t stop thinking about Timon from The Lion King every time I hear Nathan Lane speak!

I never really thought about it before, but I guess the original actors probably WOULD feel a bit marginalized after all the spinoffs and TNG movies that have come afterward, and kind of diluted the Star Trek name.

Where once their show was something unique and special, now it’s just one small cog in a huge franchise machine. And their characters are just a few among DOZENS out there now.

I can definitely see how that would be a bit dispiriting.

#35 Daoud:

“I think that JJ, Orci, Kurtzman, Burk, Lindelof, etc. would all agree with you. But I think they realize that the only way they can get to telling a non-villain story is to get people back in the seats first.”

I hope you’re correct in this. But I also think there could have been more inventive, imaginative ways to get this movie going, plotwise, than to just chuck in another villain.

And I hope next time they don’t go that route.

Sadly, you bring up the two worst Star Trek films (with the original crew that is) for examples. I wouldn’t use them. With better execution, yes, both ideas could have been brought off and would not have resulted in the bad and boring films that they did. But I’d rather see the “new” Star Trek looking back to the original series itself for inspiration and ideas.

And to be frank, I’d rather see science fiction writers being called in on this in the future. No, they shouldn’t necessarily write the script—screenwriting should be left to professionals who know how to script a movie. But for story and ideas, I’d rather see the guys who are neck-deep in science fiction contributing to Star Trek again.