4 New Star Trek Clips + Behind Scenes Clip [UPDATED]

During their press event today Paramount put out their video press kit, which includes four new clips from the Star Trek movie. They are already online and they are viewable below. All are extended versions of scenes from trailers, but in one case it is a bit spoilery so tread carefully. [UPDATED w/ higher res videos]



Kirk meets Uhura
Kirk flirts with Uhura in a bar in Iowa.

Enlist in Starfleet
Kirk and Pike have a chat after a bar fight (same Iowa bar).

Space Jump
Kirk, Sulu and Olsen prepare for their orbital dive over Vulcan

What gives you the right [extra spoilers]
Capt. Robau of the USS Kelvin meets Nero and Ayel aboard the Narada.


B – roll — Behind the scenes.




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The clips are great!

I just bought my tickets for the 7:00 showing on the 7th! YAY!

damn me likey

Anybody else not getting the behind the scenes video?
I can watch all the 6 clips (they have 6 on their site 3 of which have been out for some time) but I can’t watch the last video for some reason.

Nero is totally bad a@#! This movie is going to rule the Summer of ’09!

Who’se On?


Wow, the update came that fast! LOL

The behind the scenes isn’t working. At least not for me.

I loved this movie, the crew of the star ship enterprise are legends and this film knows it!!

Wow… really enjoyed the second clip… I am really looking forward to seeing Greenwood as Pike. The BTS clip wouldn’t load, however.

Gawd, they need a steady cam BAD in that scene with Kirk and Pike, I hope the whole movie isn’t that shaky.

I guess I’m not the only one having problems with the behind the scenes vid.


I believe Robau is on the Narada, not on the Kelvin….? ;)

can’t watch the last one either…

I like the clips. Especially the one with Nero. Does Pike say the Federation is an armada ?

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

At least now we know the context of the website music.


Great clips. All seven of them. :)

The space jump scene was great. The music actually sounded unique and interesting, not “hollywood soundtracky”
Thanks for posting these Anthony.

Did anyone else notice how much Pine looked like Shatner when he leaned forward at 00:16?

Can’t wait.


Robau’s got some balls talkin’ to Ayel like that. Coolest new Captain in a long time.

‘Behind the scenes’ doesn’t work.
The alien in ‘Kirk meets Uhura’ reminds me of MIIB.
The website music begins at the end of ‘Enlist in Starfleet’.
‘What gives you the right’ is excellent!!! So it’s 2233, which is the correct year according to the ‘Star Trek Chronology’ book.

AS I said before:

Holy Mother of Cracker Crispies!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

note: behind the scenes clip isn’t working for me either.

Is it just me or does anyone else see shades of Jeffrey Hunter in Greenwood’s Captain Pike? Partcularly when describing starfleet to Jim Kirk in the second clip?

Those clips are great! Where did the behind the scenes vid go? It didn’t play so I refreshed the page and it was gone.

It would be interesting to see how the “look and feel” of this movie would translate to the TNG era. Don’t get me wrong, I like Next Gen, but it was always a bit sterile,,,

SLUSHO makes an appearance.. the same company that they guy from cloverfield was going to work for before the creature attacked.

does this tie-in make cloverfield a star trek movie?

SUCK sucks SUcks!!!!!!!!! jk :)

What does Robau says at 0:45 in the clip? I can’t understand that sentence.

I’m wiping the tears from my eyes…I’m so happy.

#11 – Me too, I hate films that abuse of the shaky cam to give some “action” to it.
#12 – No, you’re are not. But try going to iesb.net.


Definitely agree with #23

He even looks like a slightly older version of Hunter. The hair does it.

Capt. Robau says “I’m not familiar with Ambassador Spock.”

And to those expressing concerns about the shaky camera: yeah, it’s pretty much all that way. I don’t think I saw a steady shot throughout the entire movie.

Oh! And lens flares!

@ 34



I hope Robau at least makes a fight of it. I wouldn’t was Robau to be like any ensign Ricky…

Behind the scenes works fine for me.

Great scenes! I really like the one of the shuttle leaving the Enterprise. It just stinks that the quality of these clips suck!

What the Fudge!

Paramount’s not so secretive anymore! :)

The lens flares was something I was worried about but the more I see it the more I am use to it. I really wonder if Abrams and his DP started something that other movies will start to do. But going back to the clips I really love the clip with Nero, Ayel, Robau and the pre jump sequence.

#37 I was hoping the same thing that Robau would at least live long enough to fight back. I am starting to wonder if it is Robau is the one who damages Nero’s right ear?


I’m not sure, but I think he said the Federation is a peace keeping armada. I may be wrong though


If I were in Robau’s shoes, and some scary-looking bald man with tattoos on his face started charging at me with a nasty weapon while screaming, I wouldn’t have time to react either. :D

On another post I made a joke that Nero kills Robau because he finds out it’s only Tuesday. As it turns out, my joke was a lot closer to the truth than I thought. Haha!

Ambassador Spock, who?

I’m excited!

Love Kirk’s reaction to Sulu’s combat training being fencing. LOL!

‘Behind the scenes’ now works for me as well.
My favorite is the clip on the Narada!!!

Yeah, the Narada clip is wicked. You definitely get a cool vibe from that clip. A tone that shows us in what direction the plot will take us. Just the little things too. The little details put in make that scene pretty awesome.

Skipped the last clip because of the spoiler warning, but the others are awesome. Can’t wait.

these clips were awesome esp the nero scene and pre-jump scene and yes pike did say federation is a peace keeping armada great work anthony this will go as the most covered star trek movie ever and prob the best yet