JJ Abrams Talks Deleted Scenes – Find Out What Didn’t Make Final Cut of ‘Star Trek’

Like with most films, the new Star Trek has scenes that didn’t make the final cut for the film (which runs just over 2 hours with credits). These will end up on the DVD and Blu-ray, but it also turns out that we have already seen elements of them. In the last week JJ Abrams has actually commented about them as well. So now we break down some of what didn’t make it into Star Trek. [SPOILERS]


The deleted scenes we know of so far are in two main areas of the film.

Some of the Kirk and Spock back-story
The new Star Trek is an ‘origin story’ with the primary focus on Kirk and Spock. Both have scenes from their childhoods which ended up in the final film, but some still ended up cut. However, even though they aren’t in the film, some of this footage has been used in trailers and TV commercials, notably a scene at Spock’s birth.

DELETED: Scene with Amanda (Winona Ryder) and Sarek (Been Cross) holding baby Spock

Also gone is a scene with Kirk’s Uncle. If you remember back to last year, it was reported that Brad Henke had been cast as ‘alcoholic abusive Uncle,’ however Henke is nowhere to be seen in the final film. And although Jimmy Bennett still appears as a young James T. Kirk (the kid who steals the Corvette seen in the first trailer), Spencer Daniels (who plays George Kirk Jr.) didn’t make the final cut either [correction] who was originally reported to playing George Kirk, Jr still appears in the film, however he is credited as "Johnny" and has no lines. 

Nero on Rura Penthe
Probably the biggest section of the film that has been cut is a whole sub-plot involving Nero on the Klingon prison planet Rura Penthe. Even though it isn’t in the film, clips from this section of the film have worked there way into various trailers, including Nero’s line "the wait is over."

DELETED: Nero fights off Klingons escaping from Rura Penthe

DELETED: Nero is going to have to wait for the DVDs to see this scene play out

This section of the film is actually not entirely gone. There is a reference in the film to a battle ‘at a Klingon prison planet’ and there is also a brief glimpse of Nero’s past during a flashback sequence (which has also been seen in one of the TV commercials). However, neither of these things makes it clear that Nero was actually a prisoner on Rura Penthe.

NOT DELETED: Nero backstory glimpse

JJ Abrams talks deleted scenes
Last November Star Trek director JJ Abrams actually talked to Empire about cutting the Klingon subplot (which we know to be Nero’s time on Rura Penthe):

There was a big Klingon subplot in this, and we actually ended up having to pull it out because it confused the story in a way that I thought was very cool but unnecessary. So we have these beautiful designs that we’re going to have to wait and do elsewhere I guess.

And in the last couple of weeks Abrams has discussed deleted scenes in more detail. Here he is from the Paris news conference, where he talks about the baby Spock scene and discuesses Nero mangled an the prison escape:

And yesterday Abrams talked to Collider at the US Press Day about deleted scenes, including revealing how long the Klingon section of the film was:

For Star Trek fans, deleted scenes are often things we would love to see in the final movies. Of course even with the deleted scenes, the new Star Trek still ended up being the second longest film in the franchise. But we can look forward to seeing them on the DVD and Blu-ray, and maybe someone can talk JJ and Paramount into doing an extended cut of the movie with everything back in! 

Final note on trailers
After seeing the film a couple of times, it is clear that Paramount has been very clever with the trailers and commercials. Things you think you are seeing (or hearing) in the trailers, aren’t always what they are. Also, sometimes it appears that some bits seen in the trailer are alternative takes from what appears in the final film. So don’t assume they have given it all away in the trailers.



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