3 New Star Trek TV Commercials

The TV campaign for the new Star Trek is moving into high gear with a number of new spots. We have three new commercials below, which are mostly just remixes of previously seen clips, commercials and trailers (with a couple of minor new glimpses). But it is worth checking it all out below regardless.



New 60 Second Spot
This minute-long commercial is mostly an edit of ‘Trailer #3’ shown with Watchmen.

New 30 Second Spot
This spot is mostly mix of previous trailers and commercials, using the music from ‘Trailer #2’ shown with Quantum of Solace.

Earth’s next
Another Rock n’ Roll 30-second spot, taking bits from previous trailers and the recently released clips. It includes a bit of new stuff from the "why don’t you stop me" confrontation between Kirk and Spock first seen in Trailer #2. 


Screencaps & analysis

As noted above, there is very little we haven’t seen before in the above commercials, but here are a couple of things.

Click images to enlarge

Uhura looks to Kirk during Starfleet Academy hearing (New 30 second Spot)

Kirk rides his bike into Riverside ship yards (in "Earth’s Next" spot)

More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme

(Video caps thanks to CinemaClockHDx)

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cool cant wait

Gets more excitin’ with every new trailer (even if it is re-cycled footage)!!!!

Got my tickets for 2pm & 5pm May 7th BRING IT ON.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the trailers!

any news on ticket sales?

I’m going to the midnight IMAX showing.

It is nice to see all the hype for the movie. I do not remember all this for the previous “generations” ones.

I will be there opening weekend.

I am trying to not watch too many trailers. I do not want to spoil the movie.

T-minus 9 days and counting

I really think everyone who hasn’t seen the film yet should STOP watching trailers.

It’s for your own good.

(Even though no trailer can prepare…)

What happened to the shipyard website?

(9. Phil – April 28, 2009
What happened to the shipyard website?)

Yeah! Were’d the Steam-Punk welders go?

There’s another TV spot on Facebook that shows more new scenes (including an up close view of a certain planet biting the dust).

Pretty cool!!

Surprisingly enough, I’ve got tickets to the midnight IMAX showing of “Star Trek.”

There was a new commercial with Heroes last night. Im surprised its not up yet. It should a little bit more of the bar scene, the announcement of a distress call and there someone running and a explosion going off next to them. That’s all I can remember from it.

Which one? I’m going to the midnight IMAX showing in Atlantic City.


Never mind, you guys actually featured that about a week ago! I’m behind the times.

Nice Spots! It will be the longest week in my life!

There is another one too, this one is a “Fly Higher” type of deal. It shows Kirk bumping his head on the shuttle (ala Scotty in The Final Frontier) and has a close up of what I think is Pike saying something calmly in the Captain’s chair.

Got my IMAX tickets for the 7th at 7:00 pm. Whoo Hoo!

NFL Network was bombarded with ‘Star Trek’ commercials throughout the NFL Draft this past weekend. It was the same two commercials over and over again, but still….Paramount went all out for sure.


where is that clip?

kirk bumping his head on the shuttle???? wtf???


I like the 11th TV Spot. The first time I heard the Rock ‘n Roll type spot I thought “That’s Okay.”

But this one I really dig!

I wish I could go to sleep until next Thursday afternoon. I’ve got my tickets and am sooooooo stoked to see this!

The WWE one for Axe Body Spray trash was tooooooooo funny made the film seem like one of those dipsh*t teenage straight to video MTV produced films complete with some cardboard thrash metal track.
Sad thing is it’s pretty steriotypical to do that, like all wrestling fans are heavy breathing amped up inbreed goons. I know alot of peeps who make some very tall bread who watch wrestling and enjoy the campy Shakesperian opera of it all. The most poingant and best film of the year was made about a Wrestler with the best actor of the year by far!!

Good Idea… sleeping a hole week long :)


After spending the last two or so years checking this site multiple times a day, I am having severe withdrawal symptoms since the movie premiere in Austin. I want to know everything, yet I am trying hard to know as little as possible. I agree with you… May 8th seems further away than ever! It’s like the last mile before you get to the house after a long road trip.

Got tickets for 7pm on the 7th! Still gotta grab IMAX tickets for the next day! :-)


If only I had the Guardian of Forever around, I’d totally jump two weeks into the future RIGHT NOW.

18. Saavik001 – April 28, 2009

Got my IMAX tickets for the 7th at 7:00 pm. Whoo Hoo!

Me too!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life: Star Trek in IMAX! Got my IMAX ticket baby!

I seen one in the UK where Pike asks if anyone has and fighting experience, anyone else seen that one? It was a 60 second trailer.

Okay i just saw another one. It starts with Uhura introducing herself to Kirk. It has some elements which include a voiceover saying “We’ve received a distress call, All Cadets report for duty” or similar.

IMAX just called me and offered to change my midnight tickets for 9:30 ones! Woohoo!

And YET AGAIN, in one of these, they cut it so the sex scene is after Uhura talking. Once, twice, I can forgive. But this is getting ridiculously obvious they’re trying to market something they don’t have.

Seriously. Did some exec want K/U in the film for marketability, get told where to get off, and manage to shove it through the marketing or what? It’s just stupid. :\ Market what you /have/, kthx?

…On the other hand I cannot be too angry, because as of three hours from now it’s only 10 days ’til I see it in IMAX, and that makes me as giddy as the schoolgirl I am!

“Earth’s next.”


Gosh, I love Eric Bana. He’s amazing.

(And married. But he’s twenty years too old for me anyways. D: )

#35 :: Oh, don’t stress too much. It’ll all be good come May 8th. And I feel ya on the schoolgirl thing. xD 16 years old, FTW!

“Earth’s next.”


Gosh, I love Eric Bana. He’s amazing.

(And married. But he’s twenty years too old for me anyways. D: )

#35 :: Oh, don’t stress too much. It’ll all be good come May 8th. And I feel ya on the schoolgirl thing. xD 16 years old, FTW!

So far, none of the TV commercials have impressed me the way the trailers, particularly Trailer 3, did.

33 – Devon, you say you’ve seen two clips the rest of us haven’t. Somebody already asked, but it bears repeating: Will you please tell us where you saw the “Kirk head bump/fly higher” and “Uhura says hi/Pike on chair” clips you mentioned?

Please? Pretty please? With Denobulan sugar on top? :)

Just saw a new TV Spot in Ireland on Network 2.

Basically its a rehash of what we’ve seen before except it has an extra scene with Pike asking if people had combat experience….

Lasted just under a minute…also, its being released here on the 7th of May.

Here are the listings for Storm Limerick:


And nobody better book out the half two showing, I’m not missing this for the world!!!

Going to see it tomorrow !!!! :) :) :)

Can’t wait !

#41: see what tomorrow?

40. Seems Yanks are the last to know. . . .

So, what is it with Starfleet Academy hat-thing: optional wear? Gives ST a Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry or Star Wars Imperial Officer look. Kinda like it, kinda don’t….

42. MC1 Doug – April 28, 2009
#41: see what tomorrow?
Well, since this is TrekMovie and this is a thread about the new Star Trek movie, I’m guessing–going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that Hallbjorn means “see this Trek movie tomorrow.” Just a shot in the dark…no idea what made me think that… ;)

43. I am Kurok! – April 28, 2009
So, what is it with Starfleet Academy hat-thing: optional wear? Gives ST a Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry or Star Wars Imperial Officer look.
I know, the hats kinda bug me–but not in a big way. But I do fear that you might be right in the Starship Troopers comparison; I’m expecting this Trek film to be about as smart at Troopers, about as true to the source material, and at least as exciting…but no deeper than Troopers. And with Abrams talking up his Trek-needs-to-be-more-like-Star-Wars stuff, I’m betting he’d like your comparison to the Imperial officers.

DAMMIT JIM! week and a half to go.

# 42
Going to see the new Star Trek movie :)

You are correct Paul, I am indeed going to see the new Star Trek movie, just have to buy the tickets tomorrow at 12pm, and then see the movie tomorrow night….

Can’t wait !

Wife saw 1st tv ad spot on the hallmark channel on Sky today here in the UK at 12 noon!
Seemed to be the one aimed at young men- load of action shots!


And some of you were worried that there wouldn’t be enough of a merketing campaign…