Toys R Us Gets Trekified This Weekend

Beginning this weekend, Star Trek toy collectors and fans will find their local Toys R Us stores have a new display featuring Star Trek and sales and exclusives worth checking out if you are considering purchasing items from companies such as Diamond Select Toys, Playmates Toys, and Funko. Courtesy of TRU itself, TrekMovie has all the information and an exclusive sneak peek at this weekend’s TRU promotional flyer.


There are some good savings on Star Trek movie items from Playmates Toys starting this weekend at Toys R Us. The 12" collector figures, the Enterprise playset, the Enterprise toy, and the Transporter Playset are all up to 20% off. The 3.75" action figures are $9.99 for two (instead of $6.99 each). TrekMovie has been provided a sneak peek at the promotional ad from TRU that will be in Sunday papers in America.

First Look at this weekend’s TRU Sunday Insert
(click to enlarge)

Also, for those who prefer to purchase their toys online, all Star Trek items are free shipping at the TRU Star Trek online store (

Starting this weekend, there will be Star Trek boutiques in all TRU stores. They will include giant displays of Kirk and Spock and the Enterprise, along with the largest assortment of Star Trek toys, role play accessories and other items both based on the film and other versions of Star Trek. We have a pic of what these displays will look like from one already set up.

Look for Star Trek ’boutiques’ set up at Toys R Us stores this weekend
(photo by James at TrekToy)

For fans of the original Star Trek television show and feature films, there are also exclusive items for sale at TRU from Diamond Select Toys. These include an exclusive green shirt version of Captain Kirk and a special version of Kirk and Spock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (they both have the grey uniform). Toys R Us is also selling the Scene It? Star Trek game, Star Trek Scrabble, Star Trek Quog vinyl figures, and Star Trek bobbleheads from Funko Toys.

Kirk in Dress Uniform…one of the TRU exclusives

It has been a great many years since Star Trek has had any kind of presence in Toys R Us. Now, Trek returns with treatment that is usually reserved for films such as Star Wars. TrekMovie will continue to bring you exclusive news about TRU and Trek, including pictures of the displays and a review of the Diamond Select Toys exlcusive action figures. Check your local papers for the Toys R Us advertisement this weekend.


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and… This is good stuff

I have the Phaser! I wanted to get the Enterprise model but I had to save SOME money. lol

NICE! I’ll have to check my local TRU and see if they’re on top of this…So far I’ve got all the 6-inchers except Pike and Uhura. Come on, TRU, help me complete my set!

A sale?!.. After I bought every freakin thing out there, they go on sale a week later?!!?

I have the enterprise toy and a couple of figs. Once I found out the bridge is a vinyl play mat that killed it’s appeal.

Hope my local Toys’R’Us don’t get overlooked with it, I don’t trust them ^^

Well crap. I already bought my goodies. I do know the website is featuring FREE shipping right now which I took advantage of for a few items that weren’t in the store.

There were several error figures too. Two packages were marked as Cadet Uhura but contained McCoy.

icant’ believe there is no ST video game coming out for the movie??!!
there is always a movie tie in no matter what movie it is??!!
i see wolverine got his!

As I see, the German page doesn’t even have somethinge Star Trek related in theire Database (just a lot Star Trek, Wrestling things and such)… so I have to wait till saturday or next week to see if the Toys’R’Us in Wuppertal get any of these…

Not a lot Star Trek, but Star Wars… damn it, can’t think properly of anything else than ST ^^

To do list for the next 9 days:

Go to Toys R Us this week and act like a man child.

Watch all of Trek re-mastered season one.

Go see Wrath of Khan on the big screen on Saturday.

Check Trek Movie every hour for updates.

Wait for May 8th to come quickly.

Oh yeah…find time to eat, sleep, support the family, shower…yada, yada.

The two figures for $9.99 is a sweet deal. They go for six & change at Wal-Mart.

5. The hook is for you to buy all the 3 inch figures; each comes with a specific bridge station and chair.

I do wish that Paramount’s marketing department would have had more than one day of shooting for the cast photos. Not real impressive. A different photographer would be a great idea next time. Now back to your regularly schedules toy commenting.

Yesterday, I went out and bought the phaser, tricorder, communicator and the Big E herself. I like them, but they are very “toy-ish”. Not a mark on the exquisite Art Asylum/Diamond Select products which are replica quality.

Was at the local Toys ‘R’ Us earlier this week and noticed they had also found some supply of 40th Anniversary Classic Trek Enterprise models to put on the shelf.

LOL as much as I Seriously want togo buy all this stuff I just cant make myself do it. I have boxes and boxes of collectables collecting dust in the addict.

I did however buy the tittanum spork. ;-) I am a Chef so I had to have it.

Argh darn typos.
Addict = attic
togo = to go

11: You’re a man after my own heart.

However, I add one thing to the list: Study for exams. Which, let me tell ya, is gonna be pretty hard come next week…

Please shoot the people who say “first”.
Bummer. I don’t live in the states, so no trek toys R us for me….

yay i bought the phaser from toys r us a week ago its ok. i think the high metallic paint job makes it look like one of those cheap dollar store ray guns that make an annoying sound sequence. also after a week i am noticing alot of scratching and chipping of the paint in certain areas. it wasnt built to last.

while on the other hand my tricorder, phasers, and other various playmates toys still look great after so many years

the tricorder and communicator look good though.

hopefully DST will be making toys for big kids soon

I’ve already bought my new movie tricorder, phaser, communicator, and U.S.S. Enterprise model from toys R us. Awesome stuff.

Our local Wal-Mart is disgraceful. I’ve been looking for the new toys there…nothing! And when I ask about them I get a blank, doe-eyed stare. The nearest T-R-U is a 45 minute drive. I’m thinking a nice liitle weekend drive is in order. :-)

I saw a bunch of stuff at my local Walmart. Almost purchased the enterprise model. Decided to let someone younger have at it.

#22—-My wife got my Star Trek Original Series Pez collection at our Wal-Mart, but I haven’t checked on the availablity of any toys there. My kids don’t really get into action-figures and such.

If it isn’t a baseball, football, basketball, or related item—-they don’t have any use for it (unless it’s a video game version of one of the above).

Well, I guess I know where I’m going this weekend. ;-) I can almost see my wife rolling her eyes at me, laughing, and shaking her head at the sheer magnitude of nerdiness she got in the man she married.

I’ve already picked up the Enterprise and the Tricorder, and a few of the figures (3 of the mid-size, 3 of the small size). The playsets, especially the transporter, are tempting, but I think that’s pushing it for me.

I love everything about the figures, EXCEPT the lack of poseability in the smaller figures. You can’t get them to sit in the chairs that come with them! Their legs don’t bend all the way; someone dropped the ball on that one.

No Uhura or Pike here too.
Australia has only got the 3.75 & 6 figures & Enterprise.

I saw this display at my TRU last Friday…walked in, jaw dropped, and I think I heard a choir singing too, it was nice. I picked up my tricorder and had to pry myself away. 20% off means I can get my bridge set and transporter. I wonder if theyll get cheaper after the movies been out.

on my way home from school today I counted 8 star trek posters^^



My local WalMart had all the new Trek goodies clustered in a corner, under the Star Wars sign :(

I guess I’ll have to go to TRU this weekend, though. With all the merchandise coming out, I was worried I’d have to skip some items!

I’m a grown-ass man who will def be trolling TRU, Target, and Walmart looking for this stuff!! I like this, it’s exciting!!

I ordered the communicator, phaser and tricorder from Amazon because my local TRU was always notorious for not having Trek stuff. Big mistake on my part. Amazon had the communicator on backorder, and the phaser and tricorder are taking forever to arrive. I bopped by TRU and was able to nab the Enterprise and the communicator right off the shelf, right next to ample supplies of the phaser and tricorder — and for $4 apiece less than what I’m paying Amazon.

So … be sure to check TRU first.

I saw a set up not unlike the Trek boutique at the Wal-Mart down the street from my place and my face lit up like the 4th of July. Not only that, but there were kids taking the toys down from the display amidst assorted ‘Ooos’, ‘Aaaahs’, and ‘Wows!” from the tykes AND their parents; I couldn’t help but be a teensie bit touched at the sight.

You know, it’d be kinda nice to see another generation of kids inspired by Sci-Fi and Fantasy again. When you think about it, the late 70’s til early 90’s, were chock full of fun and accessible franchises that tended to ebb off after a time. Not to say that accessible Sci-fi and fantasy are extinct – far from it – just that I’ll be rooting from my corner each and every time I see some new or resurrected franchise brought into the limelight with the caliber of class and thoughtfulness that we’re seeing Star Trek, Transformers, Batman, and several of the more recent Marvel Comics films receiving.

#22 – Ensign Ro (Roland)

My local Barnes & Noble is much of the same ilk right now. A couple of days ago I popped into the bookstore to look for a copy of Star Trek: Countdown and was surprised to find a Star Trek section scandalously smaller than my own private collection at home! My first thought was that there must have been another display somewhere in the store, or perhaps the new interest in Star Trek depleted their reserves, but when I braved the miles of Stephanie Meyer “Twilight” displays to ask an employee to search the store’s database for Star Trek – sure enough – that one row – one shelf wonder was it. Fortunately I was eventually able to track down a copy of ST: Countdown and give it a read on my own (a friend had already purchased a copy) – so thanks a lump B&N!

I guess not everyone is up for jumping on the bandwagon to the stars just yet. :\

– 24thCRS


Right On! (oh, its just like looking in a mirror)


Agreed. At my TRU a couple weeks back, I went to grab up what I could…and there were kids and adults alike combing through the Trek toys. an employee walked by and asked if there was anything I needed help finding, and I replied “nope, this is what I came here for” and he said alot of people had been checking this section of the store out in anticipation of the new movie. It’s really nice to see ST have a high profile again.

The TRU in Norwalk, CT has had its movie display up for about a week now. Crowded in next to it, on the same wall, aren’t “Wolverine” toys, but rather “Terminator Salvation.” Kinda surprising, I guess.

29 –

Verizon had an image of the E like that and the BK toy version is like that as well…not sure why

Not only at TRU – my local Blockbuster store also had some Trek stuff in it, including repops of the old Mego action figures (in cloth uniforms, no less!).

Goin to get them yay

Anyone know when the Enterprise keychains will be coming out?

One promotional toy missing from Star Trek continues… Lego.

Sigh, the disappointment continues.

In other news, awesome sale!

I swore I wasn’t going to start collecting the new Trek stuff….just stick with the old. But then I went to TRU last weekend to buy a gift for a friend’s kid and found an entire aisle filled with Trek things and was lost.

$380 later….but the look on the clerk’s face made it kind of worth it.

“No Uhura or Pike here too.”

1 per case is what I’m hearing so they are extremely limited. I was so annoyed that the ones at my TRU were mismarked.

“Argh darn typos.
Addict = attic”

Actually, I think that was Freudian….no? As my above tale indicates, I find collecting rather like an addition.

I was just in a Wal-Mart, and not a trace of Trek items at all. Is this exclusive to TRU?

My B-Day is May 17th. Do you know how difficult it has been to not get anything that I have seen from the stores because I know that my friends and family will be getting these for me?

OK, I DID have to get the new Enterprise. It was the only way my wife could keep my ship jones sated.

Nice to see the toys pop up in my home town as….


(sorry for the off-topic rant)

OK – Now can any of the advanced class tell us- Are the ribbons on the Classic Trek Kirk’s dress uniform correct?


From what I can see, yes. Although Kirk didn’t normally wear a twisty-tie around his waist and arms as a part of his dress uni. That was reserved for the Orion gal.

I bought the complete run of 3.75″ figures as well as the bridge, and these are some of the shoddiest figures I have seen come from a major toy distributor in years. I had to return two of the figures for really bad paint flaws, and the bridge “viewscreen” panel (and there is only one, so I hope your figures really want to look at the Narada all day) was cracked coming out of the package. Additionally, I had to take an exacto knife to most of the figures elbows and knees to remove flash to allow the joints to bend. When I contacted Playmates they had me send them pictures of the problems. I am hoping enough people will complain and follow on releases will be better. These toys are not only well below the quality of anything Hasbro or Mattel is putting out now, they are well below the quality of the Trek toys Playmates released in the 90s.

However, I found three of the Hot Wheels starships (Enterprise A, Enterprise D, Reliant) at Target, and they are excellent. Looking forward to their version of the new E so I can skip the poorly molded Playmates version.

25- I found you can bend the knees on the small figures to 90′ if you pull the lower leg slightly away from the joint. They do this funny slide thing with just a but of effort, but don’t pull too hard!

Hey cool! That’s my picture of my toys r us display!

Bought the new Enterprise, the Phase and the communicator at TRU here in the UK a couple of weeks ago, and my wife found the receipt! felt guilt, but no shame.

luckily it was just a few days after my Birthday so i had an excuse to pay nearly 50 pounds for toys…little did she know that i had also already ordered TOS season 1 on Bluray… I am so broke.. this can only get worse!