Cover and Details For Star Trek Magazine Official Movie Guide

The upcoming issue of Star Trek magazine will be the ‘Official Movie Guide’ for the Star Trek movie. This issue of the official Star Trek magazine will be like previous ‘souvenir movie magazines’ and should be a must for any collector. Titan Publishing has sent us details on what is in the magazine along with the first look at the cover.


Press release from Star Trek Magazine


Star Trek Magazine presents the official licensed guide to the greatest space saga of them all, as J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek film beams onto movie screens worldwide. With unparalleled access to the cast and crew of the multimillion dollar spectacular, we answer your questions, and reveal the secrets of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s new voyage. The future really does begin inside!

The Star Trek Movie Souvenir Magazine is your chance to find out everything about the actors who are taking on the iconic roles in the new Star Trek movie as we meet the new James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and many more…


You’ve seen the movie, now you want to relive the U.S.S. Enterprise’s battles? The new Star Trek D.A.C game will provide hours of entertainment ­ and we reveal the secrets behind its genesis…


Chris Pine tells us which scenes in the movie "describe James T. Kirk to a T," and talks about how "playing pretend on that multimillion dollar Bridge was like playing cops and robbers with real horses and real robbers." Zachary Quinto explains how Spock’s very specific fighting style was created and how much he enjoyed working with Leonard Nimoy. And Karl Urban recounts how he felt the first time that McCoy and Spock met on screen…

Simon Pegg is passionate about how well the new film fits with everything that has gone before and how he doesn’t see Scotty as a purely comic figure. Zoe Saldana enthuses about the emotive heart of the movie, and the ambition that Uhura displays throughout. John Cho tells of his pride "to be associated with this intelligent story-telling," and preparing for Sulu’s big fight, and Anton Yelchin praises director J.J. Abrams’ "precision of vision" and how that allowed him to take Chekov to new heights.

Leonard Nimoy talks of his joy at watching the new crew bond as well as his 1960s castmates did, and hints how the older Spock fits into the new movie. Bruce Greenwood gives a peek into the back story that he created for Captain Christopher Pike, while Ben Cross recalls working with the different versions of Sarek’s son Spock and the unusual greeting he gave Leonard Nimoy when they met…


Faran Tahir on the speedy audition process

Chris Hemsworth on the scale of the production

Jennifer Morrison on working with unseen co-stars

Part one of the on-set diaries penned by the original Scotty’s son


Cover for Star Trek Official Movie Guide (STM #18)

You can find STM #18 on newsstands or pre-order it (discounted from $9.99 to $7.99). It comes with the standard cover (seen above, or in a previews exclusive, which has not been released yet).

STM #18
(newsstand edition)

STM #18
(Previews Exclusive)
[not final cover]

(Pre-order -May)

(Pre-order – May)


More movie coverage in Star Trek Magazine #19
Coming in June Star Trek Magazine will have more movie coverage in their next issue. You can pre-order this issue from TFAW also (again discounted from $9.99 to $7.99, and it also comes with the standard cover and reviews exclusive).

STM #19
(newsstand edition)

STM #19
(Previews Exclusive)

(Pre-order -June)

(Pre-order – June)

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Hopefully the new cast bonds better than the old. Last thing we need is for Pine to start being a jerk to Cho.

second woop! Might actually buy this.

I’ll buy it

Hope it’s got some schematics of the new Enterprise!

I’m not much for Trek magazines, but I might pick this one up.

Man, I gotta get this!

Ben Cross doesnt look a lot like Mark Lenard, but he does bear a resemblence to Nimoy/Quinto

I think I’m buying that one.

Bruce Greenwood is ‘becoming’ Pike more each time i see him…

Wow, love the shot of Nimoy on the cover!! Hopefully we get to see more pics of him as Spock soon…

Or as “Spock Prime” I guess I should say.

(I’m sure there’s already a few pics of the other one out there) : P

Classic Spock!!!!

… i was just thinking. it wuuld be fun to hear some version or variation the ‘fight music’ used in Amok time in one of these films. It would be a great nostalgic nod, plus it really is some intense music. here’s hoping…

Kirk Spock McCoy. Finally. I was tired of seeing Kirk Spock Uhura lined up. I get how they were doing that mainly for marketing reasons. Makes sense. But that always felt a bit off. It was always Kirk Spock McCoy in TOS. I’m sure Uhura has a bigger role here than TOS but to be place third in all the posters and stuff? But I try not to sweet the small stuff and be to nitpicky.

So Nimoy notes that the new cast have bonded as well as their 60’s counterparts? I hope not! Haha!

That’s the best pic of Nimoy I’ve seen so far.

I think ill get this Mag. It has everything in it and more. Should be great. Trek Minus 7 days and 6 hours.

I agree with 17, def the best Spock picture so far. ( I will not dignify this whole Spock Prime business. )

The Nero cover is way too reminiscent of Darth Maul publicity shots, though.

Looks to be one of the better magazine editons in quite some time. I love bringing the cast together on the cover and focusing on Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope that if the K/S/M relationship isn’t there yet, that it will be in Trek XII. I agree, also, that pic of Leonard Nimoy is the best yet, but that pic of Ben Cross just…no. Doesn’t do it for me. Although that’s just based on that, it’s what’s in the movie that counts…and the performance.

#15. My thoughts EXACTLY!

Spock Original!!
that picture of Ben Cross ???
Where’s Nero??? oh never mind…he get’s his own…Darth Nero!

I will buy them up!

Ben Cross’s pic looks like a DUI mugshot.

The Pic of Mccoy looks so much more like Gary Mitchell. But he makes a great Bones as well.

I’m sorry, but that picture of Cross as Sarek on the cover makes me think of a long-faced Muppet, I think it was “Sam the Eagle.” :)

Despite my doubts, I’m sooo excited about this new film!!! I feel like I’m 10 or 12 years old again….

Very cool cant wait for this issue, I just interviewed Paul Simpson editor for the Star Trek magazine for my podcast a great guy

Anyone have an idea when or if the orthographic schematics of the Enterprise will show up? Either in the magazines or elsewhere?

Wow! I snuck by the end of my subscription w/ Titian shipping my last issue( #18)! Not sure if I’ll re-up again for the next year. Issue #19 appears to have interviews w/ the rest of the cast, over the big 3, Spock Prime, etc. I much prefer the look of the newstand cover over the Premiere Spock/Kirk b/w version anyway.
39.99 is a bit steep for ONLY 6 issues a year!

On Friday, May 8, 2009, a group of us (fans and newbies) is going to see the it at the Edwards Marq*e IMAX, 7620 Katy Freeway, HOUSTON, TX (the 9:55 p.m. show on IMAX). You’re welcome to joins us.

I’ll have “Trekmovie: Houston Chapter” sign or something to help you find our group. You can contact me through my website.

anyone else think urban looks like that guy from ‘scrubs’?

Holy crap! Ben Cross looks like ass. Who cast him?

Give me a break. Did the makeup guy take a break or something?

#24—“Ben Cross’s pic looks like a DUI mugshot.”


I thought for a second that the FBI had nabbed the acting boss of the Genovese Crime Family before noon.

That’s Benjamin “Benny Ears” Crossini.

“John Cho tells of his pride ‘to be associated with this intelligent story-telling'”

Yeah, but it’s not up there with the “Harold and Kumar” films.

nice – good to see theres an offical movie mag for the film – like Starlogs II-VI and Titans VII-X (Nemesis was a supplement)

OT but anyone know if there will be a TERMINATOR 4 movie mag like this? (e.g. from Titan)

I honestly thought that the picture of Ben Cross was supposed to be the picture representing some kind of comedy article in the mag, about some idiot who thinks it’s funny to put on lame Vulcan ears and make “funny” faces. Eminem looks better as a Vulcan than that picture does…

Its Ok found it if anyone wondering:

btw Ben Cross as Sarek is one of the best bits of casting imo

That’s Ben Cross as Sarek! I thought that was the tall elf from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”!


I’ll agree that the picture of Cross on the cover is pretty un-flattering…but from what we’ve seen of him in the trailers so far, I think he looks pretty good.

To staff – Just one thing I notice that I cant remember seeing being mentioned and cant find it when I search on various preorder sites –

will there be a comic adaptation of the actual movie?

Oh, eep. That’s not the most flattering picture of Ben Cross. He infinitely better in the trailers. Ah well.. at least it’s just a magazine.

Try not to bag on him too much, guys. He’s a fairly good actor, and, well, not all of Quinto’s shots for magazines were great, either.

But I love that shot of Nimoy. Perfecto! :D

Nimoy dosnt look that diff to how he did in Trek VI/Unification nearly 20 years ago

I was out at Barnes & Noble last night.. still no release on ADF’s novelization of the movie. waaaaaaaaah!

(but I did buy the new ST: Vanguard” novel)

Tickets are bought ! next Thursday, 7 p.m.; be there or be square!

That’s funny, only now did I notice that this Kirk has blue eyes.


Yeah, I didn’t pick up on that either.

They usually don’t bother to cast for eye color or hair. If it is important, then they could have the makeup people take care of it. But I don’t think it matters too much because James Kirk is a fictional character.

Now, if Pine was casted as Genghis Khan, then we might have a problem. There was that unintentionally hilarious 1950s movie with John Wayne in the role of Genghis. At the time, it wasn’t uncommon for shows and movies set in Africa, South America, and Asia to have an entirely white cast. I think people forget that Gene Roddenberry changed everything when it came to accurate casting. TOS was really ahead of its time.

48 –

Yes, I agree with you. I also think that McCoy had blue eyes but the hell with it.

Which cover comes with my subscription? Oh well, doesn’t matter, they all look good!

I do like the new version of Captain Pike. And all due respect to Nichelle … and all due respect to Zoe for saying “that’s not her – her boobs are too small!” I do love the Uhura character as well. The rest are asking us, as Hillary Clinton said once to a 4-star General, to “suspend disbelief,” and big time. I think the moviemasters were ingenious for bringing on Wynona Rider but from what I hear most of her excellent performance will be on the cutting room floor – and that’s a big shame. Ben Cross – and I’m sure he’s a nice guy, looks about as much like a convincing Sarek as I do. Think TAS will go down in history for doing better (Yesteryear).

Let me make something clear to both the producers and the people I’ve seriously P.O.’d over the last week. I really do hope that this film does extremely well. The reasons for delaying it from the December release are still unclear, and if I would have been the dialated-eyed Jimmy Kimmel last night the first question I would have asked JJ would be what was wrong with the film then? Since then, the economy has continued a serious downside, and now Paramount is in a situation where people who grew up believing after their Confirmation that they are too busy and important to attend Church are now back, praying to God that this movie does well. This movie, whether anyone else wants to admit it or not, is what the movie Titanic was once for Paramount … the literal sink or swim economic gamble that must pay off …. in big ways … if there is to be a Paramount Pictures (and to some degree, CBS entertainment division) in the future.

Now having watched Leno from Monday I can tell you that the scene when (spoilers) Nero sort of hangs the St Peter of the episode on a cross upside down … the saint happens to be Kirk’s father who has sacrificed his life for his friends, we are introduced to the stardate system, which has long been a hotly contested and consistently inconsistently feature of Star Trek. The Stardate provided is 2233.04. This would be the year followed by the month so far as I can tell, which according to Folklore is 12 years before the 2245 launch of the Enterprise and 30 years away from Kirk’s assumption of command of the Enterprise.

On JJ’s appearance on Kimmel we were introduced to an interesting ST-V like view of a Shuttlecraft launch from this horribly malformed ship, and g-forces that would break every bone were it not for the presumption of dampening fields within the space suits of the crew of the much celebrated attack on the oil rig – or whatever it is.

I do hope this film succeeds, and I have no doubt that given the millions poured into the advertising – not seen in Star Trek since 1979, we will not be shocked and appalled by what we see, as we were then. I guess we’ll all know next week.