Live Coverage Of Star Trek Hollywood Premiere

This evening the big USA gala premiere is happening at the Chinese theater in Hollywood, California. After a month of international premieres, this is is going to the the biggest with Star Trek director JJ Abrams joined by almost the entire cast and crew. Also on hand will be past Trek luminaries and many of LA’s top celebrities. TrekMovie is there and will be liveblogging (with photos), plus there are live webcams and a local TV station is broadcasting live from the red carpet. Details below.



Expected to appear at tonight’s premiere are Star Trek cast members and filmmakers including: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Cross, Clifton Collins Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Tyler Perry, Winona Ryder, Rachel Nichols, Jimmy Bennett, J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Chernov.

Other celebrities expected to appear include: Common, Hyper Crush, Linkin Park, Pittsburg Slim, David Arquette, Sean Astin, Hank Azaria, Michael Bay, Kristen Bell, James L. Brooks, Sophia Bush, Amanda Bynes, Aaron Carter, Kristin Cavallari, Jack Coleman, Kevin Dillon, Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth, Jonathan Frakes, Jorge Garcia, Maggie Grace, Seth Green, Neil Patrick Harris, Cheryl Hines, Samuel L. Jackson, Shawn Johnson, Zachary Levi, Ray Liotta, Leighton Meester, Carlos Mencia, Alyssa Milano, Michelle Monaghan, Frankie Muniz, John Noble, Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Harold Perrineau, Michelle Pfeiffer & David E. Kelley, Matt Reeves, Perrey Reeves, Trent Reznor, Emma Roberts, Robert Rodriguez, Cristine Rose, Nicollette Sheridan, Elisabeth Shue & Davis Guggenheim, Christian Slater, Leelee Sobieski, Scott Speedman, Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott, Ben Stiller, Mira Sorvino, George Takei, Anna Torv, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mike Vogel, Damon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Will Wheaton, Kendra Wilkinson and Rainn Wilson.

Live Video from LA Premiere
Starting at 6PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern), local station KABC will be live streaming the blue carpet arrivals for Star Trek. CLICK HERE to see in new window. Mann Theaters has also set up three webcams (again opens new window).



TrekMovie LiveBlogging
TrekMovie is at the premiere and will be live blogging with photos via twitter. You can follow along at the TrekMovie Twitter Page or via the feed below. Images will show up as links to


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    Full report later
    On Thursday or Friday TrekMovie will provide a full report on the US premiere with pictures, quotes and hopefully video.



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    Sweet….first! :-P

    Damn, thats a lot of other celebrities. Should be fun.

    This morning I won free tickets from a radio show for a private screening on Monday!! I almost wet myself.

    Ray Liotta? Why Ray Liotta? And what about THE SHAT?!?!!?

    I will be watching this tonight!

    Trent Reznor? Didn’t expect to see that name on the list.

    Following the updates on Wil Wheaton’s twitter, apparently he’s in Detroit. Is he going to make it to the premiere?

    Im really surprised by all the celebs that are showing up for the premiere. Samuel L. Jackson, is showing up for the premiere. I guess he didn’t mean what he said in “The Spirit,” has the Octopus. “You were stone cold dead. Dead has Star Trek.”

    Live coverage. Exciting. Technology is cool.

    #3 You’re so lucky!

    That Wil Weaton…not Will…chuck him out bouncers

    #8 That irked the hell out of me while I was watching The Spirit.

    Mmmmm Alyssa Milano.

    And Ben Stiller. Why does he get to hang out with all my (our) childhood heroes? When I get famous…..

    No Seth McFarland or Jason Alexander?

    Takei and (obviously) Nimoy will be there but what about Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, and most importantly THE SHAT! Hopefully they invited all the surviving original cast to attend and I would have hoped they would have asked Shat to attend when they were at his charity event.

    Maybe only Takei was invited because of his Heroes connection.
    Then again, Ms. Nichols was also on Heroes. They might have known Takei was coming so didn’t want the drama of he and Shatner there on what should be an amazing night.

    Good to see Frakes and Wheaton going, too bad Patrick Stewart isn’t.

    I see lifelong TOS fans like Arquette, Sam Jackson, Ben Stiller, Christian Slater (ST VI cameo) were invited and probably were begging JJ to attend.

    The only glaring ommission is not having Mr. Shatner there.

    I still think Liotta should have been Pike.

    The big question is will Shatner show up? How about Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols? I’d be shocked if they weren’t invited.

    Any word on Patrick Stewart and any on the other “big names” from TNG and the lesser known “Star Trek” programs?

    What happened to the clip of “Star Trek” that appeared at the beginning of “Lost?”

    If Shatner shows up I hope he and George Takei get into a brawl.

    haha Trent Reznor wrote “I’m doing something cool tonight!” on his Twitter. I didn’t know he was a Trek fan.

    Patrick Stewart is in a play running 4-30-09 to like july in London

    According to Twitter, it looks like Reznor might not actually be there.


    I was wondering the same thing =(

    But mmmmm Kristen Bell is there =)=)

    Go Trekmovie!!!

    Here’s the “Lost” clip of Delta Vega:

    Now that sounds like fun! I would have loved to been there! It woud have been cool if both the original (remaining) and new casts had
    gone…at least most is represented. Its lookin good.

    The KABC reporter SO wants to be somewhere else…

    Masi and Hayden from Heroes. That’s nice. Supporting Zach. Both are great. Hopefully Greg Grunberg too, at least. He’s friend with JJ.

    It’s kind of funny that Mike Vogel is going seeing that he was the runner up for the role of Kirk. I bet he will feel weird watching Chris Pine as Kirk knowing he was almost cast as Kirk.

    Wow the ABC reporter guy is a douche and the supposed Trekker Denise didn’t get the episode number even close to right for Trouble With Tribbles.
    Also there is indeed a Tribble in the movie, hence it being handed out.

    Is the Shat back in Star Trek XII? In an Alternate Universe, the Alternate Kirk could have saved the day with Picard and survived. He could be happily living in the 24th Century.

    Pine’s Kirk could have a vision of his future self played by Shatner. It could parody this Simpson’s episode about Scotty!

    (Star Trek Christmas Carol)
    Capt. Kirk: Report, Mr. Sulu.
    Sulu: Captain, there appears to be some sort of spirit, from an Earth holiday past.
    Kirk: Mr. Scott, fire photon torpedoes.
    Scotty: It’s no use, Captain. He’s showin visions of me future. God, I’m so fat.

    Thank you 24!!

    Ugh… the streaming commentary is dreeeeadfully painful to watch.

    The reporter Denise just called it “The Mengaeray” snicker…
    The commentary is just terrible, naturally…

    At least the reporters don’t call it “Star Track” like so many do.

    Can’t wait to see the celeb interviews for the cast and crew! I wanna see Nimoy so bad!

    Wow. A lot of celebs out there. jackson must be trying to apologise for his comment and thats ok. This is indeed a big event and oh so kool. Wish i was there.

    I love how they had Nimoy listed as Prime Spock. That was kool

    **SPOILER** The creature designer just explained the evolution of the Romulan’s brow line. Hmm… good reasoning.

    I agree it was a pretty decent explaination of a makeup change

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! 7 more days till I can see Trek. AHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    It’s Frakes and Sirtis!

    Haha Kendra is there, lol.

    Nimoy and Cho are visible now, also!

    This is a Huge night for Trek. Finaly trek has gone A List.

    Man Mr. Nimoy is a cool cat, I’d love to talk with him :)

    This is amazing… Nimoy is the man!

    Is anybody else having trouble seeing the video?

    WHOA! The guy on the carpet just slipped and called this Star Wars! Where is the noose?!

    Oh the reporter finally did it and slipped up and did the “Star Wars… er Star Trek” mistake. It was bound to happen.

    Ah,…to be there…..or have that channel.