ST09 Tidbits (T-7): Trek is Critics Choice + Behind the scenes pics + Talk Show vids + Watch Shat Watch Trailer

One week to go folks, are you ready? Today’s Tidbits has the latest on the good critics buzz and some small but intriguing behind the scenes photos. We also have some news of a Mexican delay, videos from Trek celebs on talk shows, and much more, including video of Shatner watching the Star Trek trailer!.


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Star Trek named ‘Critics Choice’
The new Star Trek continues to play well with critics. The Broadcast Film Critics Association has named the film a ‘Critics Choice’ with a rating of 93 (out of 100). Star Trek is continuiting to hold its perfect score of 100 at Rotten Tomatoes, now with 15 reviews listed. Metacritic has only two reviews listed so far with an average score of 100. Tonight during Lost, Paramount started run a new TV spot (we dont have the video yet) touting various critic quotes, pushing the good buzz the film is getting. However, it is still early days, many of the top crititcs have yet to weigh in, so assume these ratings will go down to a more reasonable level.

Behind the scenes shots
In the last few days some articles online have shown some new behind the scenes shots from Star Trek. Unfortunately, they are all very tiny, but here they are.

New York Times


Space View

Swine Flu Delays Mexico Premiere
Earlier this week it was announced that due to a flu outbreak, this week’s premiere of the Wolverine movie was delayed by Fox. Now Paramount has followed suit. The studio has sent TrekMovie the following brief statement:

The Mexico release of STAR TREK will be delayed. Specific date has not been determined and we are continuing to monitor the situation – Paramount Pictures

Talk show video
The Trek stars are fanning across the talk shows, here are the latest videos

Zach Quinto on "The Late Show"

Eric Bana on Tonight Show

Tune in for these upcoming appearances:

  • Monday 5/4: "The Late Show" (CBS) – Chris Pine
  • Monday 5/4: “Live with Regis & Kelly” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5 “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Wednesday 5/6: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zoe Saldana
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Chris Pine
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Tonight Show” (NBC) John Cho
  • Wednesday 5/6 “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC) – J.J. Abrams
  • Thursday 5/7: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – John Cho
  • Friday 5/8: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Chris Pine
  • Friday 5/8: "Tavis Smiley" (PBS) – JJ Abrams
  • Friday 5/8: "The View" (ABC) – Leonard Nimoy

Bill watches the Star Trek trailer
Speaking of talk shows, The Shatner Project has posted this behind the scenes video of Bill Shatner watching the Star Trek trailer for the first time while on Access Hollywood:

Star Trek Movie Day Slideshow
TrekMovie reader James attended Monday’s Star Trek Movie day at AT&T park and has sent in this videos, via his flickr account:

Trek me out to the ball park

See Star Trek with Rod Roddenberry, Takei, Nichols and more celebs
On Saturday May 9th Rod Roddenberry is hosting a viewing of the new Star Trek movie on Catalina Island. On hand will be Star Trek luminaries George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Anthony Montgomery, Cirroc Lofton, Max Grodenchik  and Michael Westmore. More details at

Finally: TWOK as told by Kindle and Shuffle
Star Trek is on everyone’s mind these days, and Trek writer Kevin Dilmore points us to this new video from Dvice, with a classic Star Trek scene from Wrath of Khan, as performed by a Kindle and a iPod Shuffle…enjoy.


Tidbits bits
Even more Star Trek stuff for you:

blow away asteroids


Thanks to all the tipsters

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woo hoo. Just seen the first Star Trek advert in Kiwi-land during American Dad!
Got my tickets for the Rialto Midnighter in Dunedin.
Can’t wait.


Like the weapons sim!

Well,on top of my IMAX tickets… just got my “normal” cinema tickets also… and I am sure I will begoign ot see this far more than twice LOL


The smile on Shatner’s face when he saw the Enterprise…..It is his ship!!!!

I do hope Bob and crew get the Shat in the next one…. I really think it would make it complete for a lot of us.

I wish they’d shown Shatner the better, 2nd trailer :)

5 – I didn’t notice any reaction at all from Shatner.

Seeing Shatner split screen next to the Star Trek title and classic music makes me grin to no end. That dude sooooo belonged in the movie. Look at the guy. He is Kirk. I don’t care how’s he’s changed since his last film appearance, the dude is James T. friggin’ Kirk! I would have settled for a post credit sequence of him saying something Shatnerific. Or hell …a priceline commercial. Something!

#9 Here, Here… get him in the next one!

Cool! Going to the same midnighter in Dunedin too, should be awesome!

There’s a line in one of the trailers, spoken by Eric Bana’s “Nero”

“James T. Kirk was a great man. But that was in another life”

J.J. Abrams, Bob Orci, Ales Kurtzman and the rest of the guys have made the new Star Trek movie. We know Spock plays a key role, hence the wonderful inclusion of Leonard Nimoy.

How about for the next one, they star from Nero’s line and make a movie about fixing Kirk’s death? At least have that aspect included in the movie.

It would fit with the “messing with the timeline” concept of Star Trek 2009.

Just my 2 cents.

Get Shatner in the movie.

Even if they don’t fix the death thing. They could have an aspect of Kirk’s life (before his death in Generations) be the catalyst for the main storyline of Trek 12.

Just my 2 cents thrown out there.

omg omg omg omg OMG

less than one week ’til i see this movie… holy cow!

Seems BFCA rates ST way better than Wolverine which is well, sooooooooo gooooooood :)

Problem I foresee is the swine flu fears will keep people away from the crowded theatres. No amount of advertising can overcome that…

Re 13,,

I would love to see abit of time travel,,see Malcolm McDowell,Patrick Stewart,and William Shatner up on the rocks,,,

and maybe have his old freind “Spock” turn up to save the day,,


#16 – Did bird flu do the same? No.

God. Shatner was horrified by the trailer.

Bill’s a funny guy. ‘I’m sure I saw George in the crowd!’

I just seen some of the first billboards in Scotland! They look great! UK are beginning to advertise big now!

we so need to be on the other side of this movie’s release already……

#18… Umm, I don’t recall a Star Trek movie premiering during bird flu… Or bird flu closing 100 schools in the USA…

This is going to be big! I caught the ad that had the critic’s names listed Rolling Stone had great things to say about it! Welcome Trek to the mainstream!

Yup, the grin’s definitely there, and I’d say you can also see that grin of his when Baby Spock is shown. :)

In the end he looks as if to say – wow, that was extremely…fast…moving…:))

– That dude sooooo belonged in the movie. Look at the guy. He is Kirk. I don’t care how’s he’s changed since his last film appearance, the dude is James T. friggin’ Kirk! –

True words.

– I don’t have George Takei in my book… –

LOL – love ya, Bill! :D

Did anyone else see the altered opening of Lost last night?

I squealed like a little girl when the Enterprise flew through the O in Lost!!!

JJ at the yesterday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live:

^ they actually used Budwiser’s factory for engineering

@26 Do you know where to find a vid of that?

A beer factory… gosh, someone wanted to skim some bucks from the bottom.

#30 Yep, it stands out as the one “oops” by JJ&gang. I state the argument they should make is that this “old fashioned” engineering was due to the high-tech engineering not being ready until next Tuesday.

Or, some sort of Ron Moorish explanation as was used for Galactica being comparatively primitive.

Remember Scotty’s quote in ST3, “the more they overthink the plum[b]in'[g], the easier it is to stop up the drain.”!

Guess we see Scotty stop up the drain firsthand this time around, eh?

Wolverine has dropped from 100% with 5 reviews, to now 43% with 30… I dont see Trek taking such a drop due mostly to the fact that they already have 15 up…

Hi Guys,

Is that a new clip of the movie on the web site?

The extended scene of Kirk on Delta Vega shown during last night’s Lost was very interesting. I’ve never seen effects of that caliber in a Trek movie and it at least confirms that Paramount put out the money this time around.

Still disappointed that Abrams apparently went the cheap route with the Engineering set. I can understand them using the brewery as a cost saving measure if the set doesn’t figure prominently in the story but hopefully they’ll go with something a little more aesthetically pleasing and appropriately futuristic if they make a sequel.

Man its gotta feel weird for the Shat – mind you!

Bana’s clip is hilarious!

“In the future…”

@29 I wish! That was sooo freakin’ cool! I knew they were showing a clip, but I never expected it to meld with the opening titles. I hope someone posts that vid!

1. Battle-Scarred Sciatica

Got my tickets for the Rialto Midnighter in Dunedin.
Can’t wait.


There’s a “Dunedin” in New Zealand too? I used to live in Dunedin, FL (US).

I find it funny that Shatner has not seen the trailer, they should have shown him the good one i.e. “FIRE EVERYTHING,” considering Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are themselves fans of Star Trek. With Shatner I would have liked him to visit the set and connect with Chris Pine. Every other actor made it to the set and talked to their counterpart. If I were Shatner I would MAKE the time, the excuses of being busy is pathetic, your William Shatner..people will do what you say lol, if you say reschedule your meeting because I am going to go visit the set, it will be done. Even at the charity auction I would have taken at least 30 minutes out to talk to JJ and Chris and anyone else from the movie, from what it sounds like he spend a whole two minutes with the new cast, not even five minutes? If I were in Shatners shoes I would have done all I could to connect with this movie, or even be involved in some small way, not in the film itself but with promotions or something. I guess I am disappointed that Shatner did not make more of an effort to connect, even outside the studio life is all about connections with other people. It would have meant so much to the cast, crew and even us fans. I guess I expect from Shatner the same thing Nimoy offers. Just goes to show his attitude, Shatner I love ya but c’mon…..C’MON!!!

Yea, Bana doing Russian, freaking funny, lmao.

its interesting because I swear they made a small change to the trailer for uk television,
look closely at :33 in the american one

and then at the same spot in the one i taped on uk television

I looked the same as Shatner did when I was watching the trailer for the first time :-D

In the spirit of balance and hopeful opacity of the buzz…slash film has provided a tough review:

“The least successful element of the plotting, on the other hand, is a not inconsiderable heap of coincidences. In one section Kirk ends up in a very, very snowy place and, while I won’t say too much about what goes on, just about everything that happens from there until he is back on the Enterprise is dependent on some truly outrageous conveniences. This is definitely curious as the film’s time travel revisionism seems to suggest a very deterministic world view while these coincidences come along in such number to have a vague whiff of fatalism behind them. I’m convinced that neither of those philosophies really apply, however – all we really have here is some bursts of clumsy writing from Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman.”

“Ultimately, this film succeeds on two counts. Firstly, it is an ice-creamy indulgence for fans of the original Trek and, as addressed above, offers a lot of giggles on this front. Secondly, however, it works as an accessible, low-effort entertainment for Saturday night audiences. Where it fails is, frankly, just about everywhere else. The film is utterly shallow and offers only a rote portrayal of great tragedy; only a superficial set of motivations for most of the actions portrayed.”

Loved the clip shown during Lost. Something finally peaked my wife’s interest.

“Now I want to see it just to find out what the heck that was about.”—quote.

This from a woman who has poked fun and rolled her eyes at my Trek fandom for years.

Lost is her favorite show, so good job—Bad Robot. She couldn’t get away from that one.

The Wrath of Khan bit is rather funny.

That Letterman interview was hillarious. Quinto is a great interview.

The Millimeter article is a great read if you’re interested in production. The lens flare issue is discussed at length. Here’s JJ’s explanation:

“I can’t explain it with intellectual reasoning—I can just say it was important to me,” Abrams says. “Even though some people may think we went over the top with flares, I just loved that they made it feel like there was always something spectacular going on off-camera, as well as what was happening on-camera. It reminded me of the feeling I would get watching NASA footage. It might be a distraction to some people, and I apologize to them, but I loved that feeling that this was a more natural future, rather than a [stereotypical sci-fi] shiny future.”

Great article! Check it out.

#44—Quite frankly, it’s about time.

I’ve been amazed at how so many “critics” have been swooning over this movie. It was only a matter of time before some of the reviews came down to Earth.

(mild spoiler)

“In one section Kirk ends up in a very, very snowy place and, while I won’t say too much about what goes on, just about everything that happens from there until he is back on the Enterprise is dependent on some truly outrageous conveniences.”

So the plot of a Star Trek movie depends upon some outrageous conveniences? (insert sarcasm here) No….

You mean like when Admiral Kirk (who no longer commands a starship) just happens to be aboard the Enterprise and end up in just the right place (since, of course—she is “the only ship in the quadrant” after all) for Khan (who just happens to have escaped Ceti Alpha V and commandeered yet another starship at the same time) to exact revenge upon him?

Come on…..This is still a Star Trek movie. The film franchise is built upon outrageous conveniences.

We would all be fools to expect any Star Trek movie to make it through the guantlet of reviews after this long without a scratch.

In the immortal words of Leonard H. McCoy, M.D.—- “Poppycock.”

And what the heck is “slashfilm”? Never heard of it.

All right, what is this secret feud he has going on with Takei?

This crap has to stop. Did Shatner give money to Prop 8 or something?