April 2009

ST09 Tidbits (T-13): Online Sales Strong + ET Sneak Peek Tonight + New Interviews & Reviews + more

Star Trek is now two weeks away (less than that for the those going to Thursday early shows), and the buzz keeps on building. Today we have the first indications of ticket sales (going well), a DVR notice for an ET exclusive tonight, more interviews, some interesting review perspectives, and more. Plus, did Nathan Lane get cut from Star Trek?

JJ Abrams Talks Working With Nimoy on Star Trek and Fringe at Paley Fest Fringe Event

Back home from his global tour promoting Star Trek, JJ Abrams came to the Paley Festival in LA tonight to talk about his TV show Fringe, and he brought along his fellow Star Trek/Fringe team of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Bryan Burk, along with show stars Anna Torv, John Noble and Joshua Jackson. One of the subjects of the Q&A was Leonard Nimoy. [FRINGE spoilers below]

ShatWatch: Horse Stunt, Phaeton Fun, Gonzo Premiere + Bill/JJ Summit?

With all the news going on in the world of Star Trek it is only natural to ask, what is William Shatner up to? And if adventure had a name it wouldn’t be Indiana Jones – it would be William Shatner. This edition of ShatWatch tracks the Shat’s latest adventures on horseback, in a Phaeton, with Gonzo (not the Muppet Gonzo), and more. Oh and there may be news on how William Shatner does tie into all this new movie stuff.

Games News: First Look At Star Trek D-A-C Official Announcment w/ new Screenthots + STO Update

Since we first found a promotional sheet for "Star Trek DAC" a few weeks ago the new game has been a bit mysterious, until now. Today TrekMovie was given the exclusive first look at the official announcement and new screenshots for the arcade shooter inspired by the new Star Trek movie. See all that below, plus we have a quick update on the latest on that other game, Star Trek Online.

ST09 Tidbits (T-15): Variety Review Love + Interview-o-rama + ST: The Spork!

Another day and another flood of news related to the new Star Trek movie. Firstly there is an imporant new review from trade pub Variety, that bodes well. Plus we have all the new interviews of the day (both text and video) and some new images. Also have a fun new ‘Enterprise Morph’ video, and  the mos important news of all: Star Trek: The Spork!

ST09 Tidbits (T-16): Star Trek Cereal + Scoring Pics + More Biz Buzz + More Interviews & pics

It has been only four days since our last tidbits and even with all the other news about Star Trek, there still are a few things that fell between the cracks, until now. Today we have photos for the Star Trek scoring session, new updates on the business and marketing buzz around Star Trek, lots of interviews, clips and pictures…oh and ‘Star Trek The Cereal.’ 

Review – Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 – Blu-ray [UPDATED]

Back in September 2006 CBS commemorated the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek by going back to the original film and digitally remastering the series for the HD era, cleaning up the images and adding new CGI special effects. Previous HD-DVD & DVD releases were available with only the new. But now thanks to the benefits of Blu-ray, fans have a choice (original or CGI), and can see Trek in 1080p.

Star Trek ARG Update 5 – First Video Clue + more [UPDATED w/ another clue!]

Today the Star Trek ARG took a big step forward with the revelation of ‘Malak0’ on video, showing off an interesting alien-looking device. There is also more ‘chat’ going on at the viral site. So just one day after our last update, we have a whole new update and analysis of the exciting Star Trek alternative reality game. [4/22 UPDATE: One more clue added, see below]

More From JJ Abrams WIRED Issue Online – Including Entire 6-Page Star Trek Comic

Last week we previewed the special ‘mystery’ issue of WIRED Magazine guest edited by Star Trek director JJ Abrams. The issue is now on all newsstands and WIRED has put some more content online, including a behind-the-scene video with Abrams, the entire 6-page "When Worlds Collide" comic written by Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, plus some concept art by monster creator Neville Page.

EXCLUSIVE: London Star Trek Gala & Press Conference Report w/ Pictures & Video + First UK Reviews

On Tuesday night (UK time) JJ Abrams and his cast came to the London gala premiere of Star Trek, the final stop on their global tour before coming back to the states. TrekMovie was there every step of the day and has a full report from the premiere and the press conference. Plus we have a summary of the first reviews coming from the UK.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Wolverine, Terminator, Transformers, Hobbit + Lost, Heroes, Fringe, Dollhouse + more

With Summer fast approaching, in this week’s genre news roundup, we have lots of news and new images and vids from those other two big May movies, Wolverine and Terminator, and the big June movie Transformers 2, plus updates on projects down the line like Hobbit, Green Hornet, Ghostbusters 3 and more. In TV news we have news that Dollhouse and Terminator: TSCC may not be dead, updates on Fringe, Lost and Heroes, finales and much more.

Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman Talk Plot In Star Trek Issue Of Geek Magazine

Another magazine devoting its May cover to the new Star Trek is Geek Monthly. The issue contains a number of in-depth interviews and special features all about Star Trek — past, present, and future. Our friends at Geek have provided us with exclusive excerpts from the interviews with Star Trek director JJ Abrams and with writers Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman. Check them out below (with SPOILERS).

TrekMovie’s Guide To Kirk Fu

We’ve seen some of the new Captain Kirk’s fighting sprit in some of the new trailers, and according to his Dossier, the new Kirk is an instructor in hand-to-hand combat. This all fits with grand Star Trek history, and so with that in mind, TrekMovie has taken a look back at the original Kirk fight moves in a little something we like to call: TrekMovie’s official guide to Kirk-Fu.

JJ Abrams Guest-Edited WIRED Mag Preview – w/ Star Trek Mini-comic

The nice people at Wired Magazine sent TrekMovie their May issue which has a very special ‘guest editor’…the director of the new Star Trek movie, JJ Abrams. The issue is filled with the stuff JJ loves, especially mysterious puzzles. Abrams also writes an essay about mysteries and spoilers. Plus the issue contains a Star Trek mini-comic written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and also ‘production notes’ from ST09 the DP . See our Abrams WIRED preview below.

New Interview Excerpts From Main Trek Cast From SciFiNow and more

Yesterday we had excerpts from JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman from the new issue of SciFiNow magazine (#27), going on sale this week in the UK. Today we have excerpts from the cast interviews, including Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Bruce Greenwood and Simon Pegg. We also have some excerpts and links to a couple of other interviews with John Cho and Zachary Quinto.

ST09 Tidbits (T-20): Tix On Sale + Sony PS Event + More Media Tie-ins + ST v Wolverine prediction + more

After all the early premieres and early shows on Thursday the big opening day for Star Trek in the US and many countries around the world is exactly three weeks from today. In a quick Friday morning tidbits we have news on a special event at Playstation Home, more details on Trek marketing tie-ins, early box office predictions from Ad Age, and news on an Irish early premiere.