April 2009

Playmates Week (Day 4): Review Of New Star Trek USS Enteprise Vehicle Toy

The USS Enterprise is a Star Trek icon, and it gets a redesign in the new Star Trek feature film, so it is appropriate that Playmates first ST09 toy ship is for the big E. Today TrekMovie’s week-long coverage of the first wave of new toys from Playmates takes a look at this new electronic USS Enterprise with a review and also video and pictures..

SciFiNow Star Trek Issue Excerpts: Abrams On Film’s End + Orci & Kurtzman On Differences w/ Past

The new issue of SciFiNow magazine (#27), going on sale this week in the UK, has an extensive feature all about the new Star Trek movie, complete with interviews from most of the main cast and many of the filmmakers and crew. The mag also comes with a few DVD and more Star Trek promo offers. We have details below, plus SFN have provided TrekMovie with some excerpts from the interviews with Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman.

New Clues In Star Trek Viral ARG [UPDATE: More Clues]

Over the weekend TrekMovie reported on a Viral ‘Alternative Reality Game’ for the new Star Trek movie with clues being left in images and on various websites. Although we think we solved one of the clues, it appears there is more to this game than originally thought. Today we have some more found clues, which only lead to more questions about the scope of the overall game. [article updated with more clues found by TM community members]

EXCLUSIVE: Report From Paris Star Trek News Conference w/ Q&A

On Tuesday April 14th,  J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana and Eric Bana all came to the Hotel Parc Hyatt in one of upscale districts of Paris to talk to the press about Star Trek. Unification France has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive report from the event, with photos and a transcript of the Q&A. We also have a report from the French screening of the film for the press (no spoilers).

ST09 Tidbits (T-22): Soundtrack Clips + 5/7 7:00PM + Cast Interviews & Mag Covers + more

We have three weeks and a day to go until everyone can see this new Star Trek, and for today’s tidbits we have some fun stuff. Firstly you can now hear some clips from Giacchino’s score, also the whole 7:00 PM May 7th is definitely happening. There are also new magazine covers (with snippets) with Chris Pine, Eric Bana, and Zoe Saldana. Plus a new Simon Pegg interview. Lastly: Berlin ‘Dance Party’ pictures, a Photoshop contest and more.

TrekInk: Klingons Alien Spotlight Review + May Star Trek Comics Preview

Kang is back. And he’s going to show us why you should share. Of course, his idea of sharing is telling stories where a whole lot of people die pretty horrible deaths. Are those stories any good though? You will find out in our review of the brand new IDW comic, "Alien Spotlight: Klingons." We also have a preview of comics coming up in May, including some exclusive first looks at covers.

Playmates Week (Day 2): Review Of Star Trek Playsets

Today  we continue our weeklong look at the first wave of Playmates Star Trek movie toys (officially coming out April 19th) with a look at the two playsets, one for the bridge of the USS Enterprise, and one for the transporter room. Both playsets come with figures, and both can be expanded with bonus pieces from the Galaxy Collection of 3.75 figures. See a full review with pictures and video below.

Official Star Trek Site Updated With Additional ‘Dossiers’ + more

This morning the official site for the new Star Trek Movie (startrekmovie.com) was updated. The most interesting new thing was the second wave of ‘dossiers’, with three new entries, including Spock and one showing a cool space station and some ships. They have also added the three new clips (which were previously exclusives) and some new photos (which were sent to some international sites last week). More details below. 

STO Update: Another ‘Path to 2409’ Entry Ties Into ‘Countdown’ + Screenshots + More

This week brings a lot of news about Star Trek Online. Cryptic has released another one of their ‘path to 2409′ updates, which links into the recent Countdown comic series. There are also four new screenshots (three space, one land) and we have links to a number of new interviews with Cryptic’s Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich, and more.

ST09 Tidbits (T-24): Movie Coming (bit) Early? + Russia Premiere + New Interviews + Pine to A-Team? + more

According to the Official TrekMovie countdown timer, we are currently at 24 days and 2 hours to the first Midnight shows of Star Trek (on the west coast), but our first Tidbit of the day says it might be a few hours earlier. In other bits we have photos from the Moscow stop for the JJ Tour, interviews with Quinto, Pine and Abrams, new casting news for Pine, and more.

TrekMovie.com Review of JJ Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’

Although TrekMovie has grown to be the most popular general Trek news site and we now cover all aspects of the franchise, it was born in 2006 in the wake of the Paramount announcement of bringing Star Trek back to the big screen. JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie represents what could be a make or break moment for the franchise, at a time when it has seen better days. So it was with much excitement and trepidation that I sat down to finally see the film a couple of days ago. My full review is below. [Review is almost entirely SPOILER FREE]

The Collective: Autographed Edition

Collecting autographs is not a hobby unique to Star Trek. Fans of everything from sports to first-edition books have been fascinated by obtaining the signatures of those they admire. Today TrekMovie provides a guide to obtaining autographs from the world of Trek, plus we have a fun contest sponsored by Autograph Magazine and news about Rittenhouse Ltd.’s Star Trek 2009 feature film trading card set signers.

EXCLUSIVE: First Review Of Genki Star Trek Fragrances w/ First Look At Pon Farr Perfume

Since TrekMovie first revealed the coming release of Genki Wear Star Trek fragrances, they has garnered much media attention from newspapers to even The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Now, we are back with two more exclusives: the first image of the bottle for Pon Farr perfume for women and the first review of the fragrances themselves.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Terminator, Transformers, Venom, Tron + Lost, Heroes, Stargate, V, Fringe + more

Today we have details, clips, and images for Summer tentpoles like Terminator 4, Transformers 2, Wolverine and others. Plus we have news on projects further down the road like the Venom spinoff and more preview images and vids (including a look at Michael Myers. For TV we have lots of details on upcoming Heroes and Lost episodes, a synopsis for V, cameo news for Stargate Universe, and pics and vids from all sorts. Check it all out below.

Abrams and Stars Show Star Trek To Troops in Kuwait – Report & Pics + More ST09 Tidbits

JJ Abrams Star Trek promotional tour took a side-step from the red carpet gala premieres and press events, to stop in Kuwait and give some lucky US service people an early look at the Star Trek movie. We have pictures and details from the event, plus some more Tidbits, inlcuding Pine in Vanity Fair, interviews with Cho and Urban and more.

Saturday Matinee – Trek Through Time Part II

Last Christmas we presented you "Trek Through Time", a fun and very creative Doctor Who & Star Trek mashup put together by our friends at Kelvington.com (which ended up with over 100k views). And as promised then, they have released the second installment in time for Easter. So check out "Trek Through Time Part II – The Wrath Of Caan Parody Easter Special 2009" below.

Science Saturday: Lost World, Flat Bulb, Space Inventor & Geoscience FTW

Science Friday has moved to Science Saturday this week, but have no fear. We are here to bring you your weekly science fix! This week, help astronomers discover an ancient planet near Earth, purchase flat and bendy OLED light bulbs, do zero-gravity experiments in space, and create the next generation of geoscientists. All this and more plus our gadget of the week: CrunchPad Table PC.

New Star Trek Viral Campaign [Update: Game Clue Solved?]

Back in January of 2008 Paramount put up a viral site (ncc-1701.com), but since then it has been quiet on the viral marketing front from for Star Trek, but that appears to have changed, and in fact we seem to have missed it as it has been out there for a couple of weeks. It all starts with those Star Trek dance parties we reported on a couple of weeks ago. 

ST09 Tidbits (T-27days): More Cast Interviews + Jumping on ST Bandwagon + Kuwait Premiere Details + more

Today’s tidbits has more cast interviews from Salda, Pine, Quinto and also Capt. Robau (Faran Tahir). We also have more details on the Star Trek showing for the troops in Kuwait, and some examples of how others are jumping on the Star Trek bandwagon. All that and more, including a notice on the upcoming TrekMovie.com review of Star Trek.

ST09 Tidbits (T-28): Trek To Troops + More Cast Interviews & Pics + Trek Yourself (and your stuff)

We are now inside the last month of waiting for the new Star Trek movie (except for a lucky few who have or will attend one of those cool premiere events). As for the rest of Trekdom, you can still feast on Star Trek tidbits and today’s menu has more from the red carpet in Sydney, Chris Pine talking about bringing Trek to the troops, Zoe Saldana looking yummy, and more.