April 2009

TrekInk: Review of Missions End #2 + Previews of Klingons Spotlight & ST:II Adaptation

The IDW Star Trek comics are coming faster these days. Today the second issue of the "Mission’s End" series comes out and it is full of politics and intrigue, set at the end of the TOS five year mission. Below we have a review of "Missions End" #2. Plus we have previews of the "Alien Spotlight" Klingons issue coming out next week, and the Star Trek II adaptation coming this summer.

Leonard Nimoy To Appear On ‘Fringe’ [UPDATED: Orci Answers Fringe Questions]

Leonard Nimoy is headed to another JJ Abrams production, this time on the small screen. EW is reporting that Nimoy will appear as what could be a recurring character on Fringe, the genre show created and produced by the same team who are bringing us the new Star Trek movie. This is big news for fans of Fringe and of Star Trek, and huge news for fans of both. [more below, including FRINGE spoilers]

SFX Excerpts From Interviews With Pine, Quinto, Saldana, Cho & Pegg

As reported earlier, SFX Magazine’s May issue, coming out this week, is chock full of stuff about the new Star Trek movie. In addition to an interview with director JJ Abrams, there are also interviews with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and  John Cho. Plus Simon Pegg has a guest column. We have excerpts from all of those below.

Library Computer: Review – “Star Trek Countdown” Trade Paperback

Today is the official release date of the of the trade paperback for the comic series, "Star Trek Countdown," the prequel for the new Star Trek movie. Many fans held off from reading the individual issues (reviewed here at TrekMovie), awaiting the TPB. So this week the Library Computer takes a bit of a side-trip to review the graphic novel and find out if it was worth the wait.

New Star Trek Clips + Abrams & Cast Comments

There are some more clips from the Star Trek movie now online. Firstly MTV have an extended clip of the Iowa bar scene between Kirk and Uhura, and Yahoo has a shot of Kirk and McCoy on a shuttle. In addition the Australian show Today Tonight have interview clips with JJ Abrams and cast members, interspersed with clips from the movie, including some not seen before. [SPOILERS]

Austin, TX Fans Get Surprise Showing of Star Trek Movie [UPDATE 2: First Reviews In]

Tonight Paramount pulled off one of the coolest stunts in fan history. Promoted as just a 10 minute preview of the new Star Trek to show along with The Wrath of Khan, tonight fans in Austin, TX were actually shown the entire new Star Trek movie. The event included surprise guests, including the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. [UPDATE: A number of reviews are already in – we have a summary of those below]

ST09 Tidbits (T-31): Surprise TX Guests + Sydney Prepares + Make-up Details + Pine On Kirk Flirt + more

The week just started and we have a ton of Tidbits for you, starting off news on surprise guests at tonight’s Austin, TX preview. Plus we have pics of preparation for the Sydney premiere, comments from Pine on Kirk’s flirting, some new details on movie make-up, first images of billboards, and more.

Paramount Launch New Star Trek ‘Fankit’ Site + New Phaser iPhone App

Today Paramount has released two cool digital tools for Star Trek fans. Firstly there is a brand new StarTrekFanKit site with all sorts of ways for you to customize your online life with Star Trek movie stuff. Also there is a brand new free "Star Trek Phaser" iPhone application for you to play with. Details below.

Excerpts From JJ Abrams Interview in New SFX Star Trek Issue – Talks Fans, TOS, Roddenberry & more

This week the May issue (#182) of the venerable UK sci-fi magazine SFX comes out and it is all about Star Trek. The magazine features a number of articles and exclusive interviews related to the new movie, including a cover story with comments from director JJ Abrams. SFX provided TrekMovie with some excerpts from the new magazine, read them below.

Get Your Questions Asked At Star Trek World Premiere In Sydney – See The Answers Here On Tuesday

On Tuesday April 7th the new Star Trek movie will have its global gala premiere at the world-famous Opera House in Sydney, Australia. The event will be attended by director JJ Abrams and many of his stars, and Paramount International is offering fans (and specifically TrekMovie community members) the opportunity to ask questions of the Trek celebrities. Details below.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Dragonball, Transformers, Terminator, GI Joe + Lost, Heroes, Doctor Who, Stargate Univ. + more

We are headed towards the Summer movie season and so we have big updates with images and video on upcoming movies, including Dragonball, Terminator 4, Transformers 2. and GI Joe, and more. We also have news on future movies, including Spidey 4 and Iron Man 2. We also have details and previews from TV, including Heroes, Lost, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, and more. Check it all out below.

Abrams, Pine & Quinto Depart For Australia + Prelim Global Premiere Schedule

Today in Trek (future) history is First Contact Day. On April 5th 2063 Zefram Cochrane will make the first Human warp flight and greet the first Vulcan visitors to Earth. And how fitting that today Star Trek director JJ Abrams and his Kirk and Spock (Chris Pine and Zach Quinto), all boarded their first flight to greet fans (new and old) across the world, in their global Star Trek tour. See below for details including a preliminary schedule of the events.

Preview Of Scott Bakula’s Guest Spot on Chuck + Bakula Talks About New Star Trek Movie

On Monday Scott Bakula, Star Trek Enterprise’s Captain Jonathan Archer, begins a three-episode arc on the NBC show Chuck. We have video and image previews plus some interview excerpts from Bakula talking about Chuck and about Star Trek, including how maybe the new Star Trek movie could prove that Enterprise should never have been cancelled.

ST09 Tidbits (T-34): Hi-res images w/ TNG ref? + Pine, Abrams & Quinto comments + Sports promo + more

Another day and another Tidbits. Today we have Quinto and Abrams talking about Spocks, Pine winning an award and talking sequel, Abrams (again) talking IMAX. Plus we have yesterday’s new images in high res, including some intriguing details. And Esurance have a cool sports promotion coming up. All that and more below. 

TrekInk: Review – Crew #2 + Preview Missions End #2 + News On Post-ST09 Comic

In addition to the final issue of "Star Trek: Countdown (see review), IDW also released the second issue of John Byrne’s pre-TOS series "Crew" focusing on the enigmatic "The Cage" character ‘Number One.’ We have a review of that plus a preview of next week’s IDW Trek comic and details on the first comic set after the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie.

Official Star Trek Site Adds ‘Dossiers’ & Bridge Panoramas + Movie Gets PG-13 Rating

The official site for the new Star Trek Movie ( startrekmovie.com) has a very cool set of updates today you should check out. There are new images and crew information, an amazing tour of the bridge of the USS Enterprise and a closer look at all those artist models. See below for a breakdown. The film also now has its MPAA rating

Science Friday: Mind-Operated Robots, Artificial Physicist, Galileo Event, Space Bone-Loss, NetRabbit + more

This week on Science Friday, learn to control robots with your brain, follow in Galileo’s 400-year-old footsteps, fight the Borg and bone-loss at the same time, witness crystal clear sound come out of a .25mm-thick vibrating sheet, learn why you should fear our future robot overlords, and see a snapshot of the forefathers of modern physics. All this and more (including an Internet Rabbit).

ST09 Tidbits (T-35 days): Bob & Alex On Fans & Books + Quinto Talks Sequels + New Images + more

The Tidbits are now a daily feature at TrekMovie (assuming we can find enough stuff to talk about). Today we have a video interview with the writers, another interview with Quinto, a couple new movie images, Star Trek celebrity casting news and more. Also there is a new Star Trek commercial, but we don’t have video yet.

The Collective: DST Announces New TOS Ship Toys & Figures + Review of Electronic Chair & Kirk Figure

Not all the toy news is about new movie related stuff, Diamond Select Toys is still announcing new items from the rest of the 40 years of Star Trek franchise (especially TOS). TrekMovie has the details about the exciting toys and action figures on their way from DST. Plus the Collective reviews the new Kirk Figure w/ Electronic chair.

ST09 Tidbits (T-36 days): 10 min TX Preview + Trek April Fools + Pine Award + more [UPDATED]

Another day, another bunch of tidbits about the new Star Trek movie. Lucky fans in Austin TX have a chance to see 10 minutes next week (even before the world premiere in Australia). Plus Star Trek was the subject to a few April Fools pranks today [UPDATE: including a fake ‘leak’]. And Chris Pine isn’t letting his pre-superstardom go to his head.

Paramount Launch ‘Rock Band’ Promotion – Win A Private Star Trek Movie Screening

Do you like to Rock? If so, then we have news for you. Today Paramount and MTV Games announced a promotional partnership for the new Star Trek movie and the popular rockin’ videogame Rock Band. The promotion kicks off today and will include music track giveaways, an in-game Star Trek themed battle of the bands and a futuristic avatar contest. You can even win your own personal screening of Star Trek. [and no this is not a April fool’s joke]