2 New Star Trek Commercials [UPDATE w/ New Kelvin Clip & Screenshots]

The commercial blitz for the new Star Trek is just non-stop right now. Paramount has recently aired two specialized commercials. One touts the critical response the film has already received, and another is an ‘intro’ commercial targeted for kids. Both include some bits that haven’t been seen before, check them out below.


[update: new clip and caps added]

Critics Commercial
This commercial uses new rousing music (again not from the movie), and is interspersed with quotes from Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Access Hollywood and Film.com. The spot is clearly trying to build that ‘buzz momentum’ even before the bulk of the reviews start to drop next week. There are a couple of new shots, including Robau in the captain’s chair. 

Kid’s intro – Who’s Who On The Crew
The second commercial is running on Nickelodeon and is aimed at getting kids into the new Star Trek by introducing the characters. This version introduces Scotty, Bones and Kirk with clips from all three (including some new stuff). It looks like there will be other ‘intro’ commercials for more cast members. 

Chris Hemsworth Clip
Australian Chris Hemsworth was on an Australian morning show where they interspersed his interview with clips of him playing George Kirk. 


Screencaps & analysis

The following are the new bits in the commercials and the clip.


Critics commercial

Kirk tries to find Uhura while McCoy tries to find the right injection

Romulan drilling rig under attack

USS Kelvin’s Captain Robau sees the Narada for the first time

Enterprise comes out of warp

Kids intro commercial

Scotty gives it all she’s got

Scotty working in transporter room

Kirk and Spock beam onto the Narada

McCoy scans Kirk (Chekov on screen)

McCoy tries to cure Kirk of giant hands and numb tongue

McCoy injects Kirk with various things

Hemsworth Clip

George Kirk in command of USS Kelvin

Alnschloss K’Bentayr works the controls on the USS Kelvin

Winona Kirk in Kelvin turbolift

The bowels of the USS Kelvin

About that LOST clip
Yesterday we put up a clip that was shown during Lost this week, however that clip was pulled due to a copyright claim so we removed the article. However, TrekMovie expects the clip to appear online officially soon, and when it does we will put up a new article.


More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme

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Sweet! I contributed to Trekmovie! Yay!


Im givin her all shes got Captn!!!!!

That kids trailer had some great bits in it. And the critics commercial is possibly one of my favourites if only for ‘fencing…’ *music stops* *terrified look from Kirk*.

“I Givin’ her all shes GOT Captain!”

I can’t find the critics’ commercial.

My god… that so-called “kids intro” is so brain-dead I fear for the future of mankind…

I dunno about the engine room. The rest of the ship is an Apple store but the engine room is the Titanic. Like they were going for a Galactica thing with it. Not sure it works.

I keep laughing at the McCoy stuff.

6 days…


Yeah, the video linked isn’t the Critics Commercial.

“Stop it!” – Kirk


The critics’ commercial seems to play an earlier commercial instead…

SCOTTY! Damn! He’s got it!

Me neither…

Look for “Star Trek TV Spot 13” on Youtube and you will get the critics spot.

I saw the “critics” commercial somewhere, although I can’t remember what I was watching.

The commercial blitz has been really impressive. I can’t remember ever seeing this many for a Star Trek film.

It really hit me while I was watching the NFL Draft. This year’s draft got higher ratings than any MLB (non-World Series) or NBA playoff games in the past three years, so that should give some idea of how many were watching (at least the first day of the draft).

There were two ST09 commercials (one with the rock music, and one more conventional) running on NFL Network, and one of them ran during *every* commercial break!

I like this marketing campaign….it’s exciting!

Kirk is hilarious with Bones in those clips!

OWW! OWW! Stop it!

The Kelvin uniforms look like a mix of ST:Enterprise and ST:TNG uniforms.

there’s another tv spot out there with kirk bumping his head on a bulkhead just like how scotty did in a previous movie. i saw it up here in canada a few days ago but i haven’t seen it floating around the internet yet

AH! STOP IT! Got love it. But I need to stop watching these clips or im not going to have any surprises left when I go see the movie next week. I actually like the look of the engine room. I just find it funny that it is the Budweiser refinery.

To get the critics commercial, just search ‘star trek tv spot’ on youtube and sort by newest.

I’m sure they’ll do an update soon with the correct spot. but here’s the youtube link:


LOL…. I’M GIVING IT ALL I GOT CAPTAIN !!! lol, wonderfull…

I actually liked the Nickeloden spot… showcased some pretty funny bits!

15. Closettrekker – May 1, 2009
“I saw the “critics” commercial somewhere, although I can’t remember what I was watching.” I saw it during American Idol on Wednesday.

19. That would be a brewery not a refinery. ;-)

Great commercials. I was practically jumping up and down when I heard Simon Pegg yell “I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Captain!”, and it was great to see a bit of the humor that will be in the movie with McCoy running around stabbing Kirk with hypos for half the movie til Kirk finally says, “STOP IT!”. GOOD STUFF!

Karl “NAILED” being McCoy with the look he gives with the freeze frame title graphic. I understand the need to bring some of the actors own talents in…Mr. Urban seems to be WWMD!

(What Would McCoy Do)


I hate that I will be unable to see it opening weekend…Think of me as the all important 2nd weekend numbers shift..IMAX, of course.

Nick spot is The Best So Far! This needs to blanket the networks in the final week. Brain dead or not, it’s plain fun!

Where is Robau in the clip?

25. Thanks for the correction :)

Can someone please post the URLs of these videos, I can’t access the embedded videos, but I can get to it with the URL.


#28 “Brain dead or not, it’s plain fun!”

Brain dead? Yeah, that’s really what we’re all hoping for…

The actual new tv spot is here:


Pegg’s scotty almost made me scream like a 5 year old, but the engineering section set killed it. Hopefully that part of the enterprise will get a refit for the next film.


I just watched both trailers and I saw no shots of Robau.

can someone post the URL of the Nick commercial?


Regarding the Lost clip, something made me excited that I couldn’t put my finger on, so I rewatched it a couple of times on TIVO.

Up till this point, we have seen a steady dose of hip, modern trailers, clips, TV spots, etc. all with various music cues, rock and gituar riffs. For many of us, it hasn’t felt like “Trek” yet.

However, what I realized on the Lost clip is that for the Delta Vega scene, there was that eerie hum in the background that was always played on planets in TOS. I gives a kind of subconscious, otherworldly, alien feeling.

It was the most “Trek” like aspect yet for me. Small point, but it got me very excited.


Thanks for the fix.

BTW, I just wanted to say thanks for all the work you and your team have done for us with this site. Over the last couple of years, you have been our guides, our protectors…and our friends*.

(*STVI teaser trailer…)


I love the engine room, you know I figure the engine room on a starship capable of FTL is going to be pretty damn complicated, it might be a little too low tech in look and style but hey, better than the one man closet room that was engineering on the E-D!

Wow.. at the very beginning.. do I faintly hear the classic three note theme from the Star Trek intro? Oo

Hmm. Only 6 more days to go, and I’m thinkin I may have to stop reading these comments til then. Already people are saying things like “I don’t wanna give anything away, but there’s a funny reason why so and so is doing what they are in the trailer” etc… and I don’t wanna go to the film looking for why something is gonna be funny every other scene.

I kind of wish I hadn’t watched the Kid’s Spot…it was awesome! Scotty’s famous line…the hilarity with McCoy and Kirk. I’ve been sooooo controlled as far as what spoilers. I’ve actually avoided entire articles here at this great site. And if you knew me, you’d understand how freakin’ difficult that is for me. But as May 8th gets closer it gets harder and harder. I haven’t been this excited for a movie premiere since TMP! Bring it on…may Trek live long and prosper!

#25: “That would be a brewery not a refinery.”

Ordinarily, yes, but #19 was referring to Budweiser. That stuff seriously needs to be refined.

Haha! Thos shots of McCoy constantly jabbing Kirk in the neck with a Hypo until he says “STOP IT!” were priceless!

I’m suddenly getting nervous that I’m not going to like this movie.

I’m hearing some of Kirk’s line’s lately, like yelling at Bones to “stop it.” And I’m just dreading those things. Numb tongue for god’s sake! The adventure looks great. The star trek looks exciting but the baseless humor seems — baseless.

I’d like a commercial with Nimoy.

After all the anticipation and years on this site I guess I’m worried I won’t like it and be devastated.



Here are a couple links with new footage of chris hemsworth.