Photos & Video From Hollywood Premiere of Star Trek

Yesterday the stars came out to see the new Star Trek movie at the gala premiere in Hollywood. TrekMovie was there on the black carpet. See below for our report including photos and videos. 



Star Trek Takes Hollywood
Star Trek was big enough to stop traffic literally as Hollywood Blvd was blocked off to accommodate a giant Starfleet Logo sized black carpet maze for the stars to weave around to have their photos taken and get interviewed by the press. There were also a large set of bleachers full of lucky winners to a local radio contest who got to see the stars up close (and the movie too).

The setup for the Star Trek arrivals

Trek fans in the bleachers


Most of the Star Trek cast was on hand
(all below photos by Albert L. Ortega – click to enlarge)

Chris Pine

Zachary Quinto

Simon Pegg and Karl Urban

Leonard Nimoy and Eric Bana

Rachel Nichols and Winona Ryder

Zoe Saldana

John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Bruce Greenwood, Chris Hemsworth

Ben Cross, Clifton Collins, Greg Ellis, Faran Tahir

And the Filmmaker ‘Supreme Court’ of Star Trek was in the house

JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman & Bob Orci

And some folks from Trek past were on hand

George Takei & Brad Altman, Rod Roddenberry, Jonathan Fraks & Marina Sirtis

Here they are taking a big group shot:

The gang was all there
[photo: cobrasnake]

Oh, and then there were these guys:

Burger King Klingons
[photo Anthony Pascale]


Here is some local and national coverage of the

More TrekMovie Black carpet interviews coming soon

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The BK Klingons creep me out!!!!!

looks so much higher profile than the x-files movie… star trek beats the other franchise again!

Did any of the original series cast, or cast from the other Star Trek shows show up?

Chris Hemsworth, wowzers.

Woops totally missed a row of pics! Nice to see some of the original actors there!

It would have been nice to see some more cast from the original series there. I’m sure Shatner was invited, but I can see him not going.

I want to see that interview that Access Hollywood alluded to, sounds like a riot!

Wonder what Frakes thought of the new movie?!

Wow…Marina, Rachel, and Winona look great, but Zoe is just STUNNING. *drools*

nuqDaq ‘oH lIj joH’a’ DaH

Anyone who can read Klingonese and goes to YTMND will get the joke…

8. Uh, It’s says Jonathan “Fraks” under his picture. Missing BSG, Anthony? (Said with love. You have worked soooo hard this past month, you’re allowed a typo or two.)

C’mon, time–FLY!

lol Burger King Klingons, God Star Trek is back and I love it! great time to be a Trekk…..actually I’ll go Gabriel Köerner and classify myself a Star Trek Fan ;D

Here’s another great video:

(Zach says that he and Chris are in a bromance.)

Jonathon Frakes is mad. Every past trek luminar actually… with the obvious exception of…

The Burger King Klingons had about all the detail that a 5 year old mind could handle.

And then I figure there Batlev’s would be so dull they could not even cut melted butter.

I bet a Burger King Targ would most likely resemble a happy little kitty.

When in fact a 236rd Century Klingon would make a Islamic Terrorist look like Mary Poppins

Then what the Shat would not have given to have 1/10th the popular output for Star Trek The Motion Picture as Star Trek the Movie is getting.

So for the sequal can we rewrite the 2 part Deep Space Nine End of Season 3 begining of Season 4 Episode “Time Again” so the the Atomic war that happened at the turn of the century, now become O’bama 10 Trillion dollar debit that destroys society.

Side note: On Aug 8th, 1997 there almost was a real Atomic war started by Russia, on that date in Ukraine there was an electrical short in there Missile system that if another part of the national system had not failed a signal would have been sent to launch about 5/36ths of there missiles. This wiring was Russia’s version of the big red button they always said Reagan was going to push at any time.

Second side note. In some peoples eyes that date was important because it was as they figure the true 2000th birthday of Jesus Christ. The best I can say is thank GOD, GOD would not let humainty destroy it’s self at that time.

Wow. Dig that shiny suit Quinto has. Talk about surfin’ with the alien.

And Mrs. Nimoy is a good looking gal. Pretty feet.

Man,….Anthony. You’ve had a good ride with this. This has been fun. I’m gonna miss this. I guess it’ll still continue with the next movie……

And I almost forgot next week on Attack of the Show on G$TV all week will be the Stars of the movie making guest appearances starting Monday with Simon Pegg.

Opps thats G4TV at 7:00pm Eastern or 5:00pm Mountain time

I think I see myself in that Bleechersw pic.

I theorized about the delta shape.

Interestingly, most of the stars didn’t come over to the Bleachers, though they did go to the barrier to our left.

a few came over, and Eric Bana was friendly.

JJ Introduced the movie when we sat down to watch, which was great.

As for the movie ……….

No Spoilers(tm) …. LOVED IT !!!!

It was a lot of fun, and it had some heartbreaking moments in there.

The Enterprise just blew me away on the big screen. And I LOVE the visuals for the end credits.

Not going to say too much more, except the lens flare issue is vastly overstated in the forums. I didn’t even notice them.

This is going to be HUGE …

Oh, and Anthony, I saw you with the video camera and the monopod over by the entrance. Vigilent for interviews and footage as always :-)

I would have said hi, but for the security, red carpet and mass of carbon units surrounding us.

Paramount publicity did say “no uniforms”, but there were a couple. Good camera fodder.

Rachel Nichols… yum.

MAN!! Zoe is SO consistently HOTTT!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Ben Cross should be great as Sarek!

Hopefully we’ll get to see him again in the next one as a Romulan Commander or Klingon Captain?

Rachel, you are hot too, but PLEASE go back to blond?

Zoe is EL HOT.

I was in the bleachers during this event and it was a blast! I noticed they kept most of the costumed fans in the corner of the bleachers furthest from the street where passersby could look in, hehe. Those people were really nice though!

The movie was great! However, when they say “this isn’t your father’s Star Trek,” they aren’t joking.

The funny thing is that the guy who told everyone NOT to wear costumes wore his and spent the entire time in the bleachers trying to get on camera.

Wow how ’bout those Burger Klingons? And the one to the right is following the Duras sisters style!

Noni showed up for the premiere!

Karl Urban did the salute one advantage over De Kelley or what was seen in Journey To Babel. “That hurts worse than the uniform.”


Qapla’ BK

I’d love to have the Klingon Burger King mask!

rachel nichols gorgeous…

I’m in the 2nd photo…I’m taking a photo and I have a cast on my leg…front and center!
it was a GLORIOUS experience being there!! My daughter, who is not a Trekkie, is now!!
I won’t spoil the movie for you all, but I will say that the effects were great, the acting was great, the costumes were great and Karl Urban was awesome! I loved the new bridge, but it ain’t your father’s bridge.
I do have problems with some of the story though…I’ve never been one for canon arguments, but I suspect after May 7th you all will be buzzing about it here.

I wonder did Rick Berman go the premiere or do you think he is bitter that Star Trek never got this much attention when he was in charge of the movies?

I don’t know why, but it just seems right that Frakes and Sirtis showed up looking like a couple.

Come to think of it, those two look great! Why aren’t they making another TNG movie? They had the original cast on film until they were practically senile, the TNG people still have some good years in them!

They needed to have one group shot with original cast. That would have been poignant and nice.

This is exciting

I will know to make of the film when I see it on Thurs. I am looking forward to it.

At least now I can feel good that it has got Trek where I have always wanted it to be. A summer blockbuster.

I just hope JJ does disappoint me. I still don’t like all that he has changed but after the reviews at least I feel confident that he has got it right about the values of Star Trek.

And the fact that hard core fans are pleased makes me feel better. I was always worried this was going to alienate me but at least I feel that this film honours what I love.

I’m devouring a box of Kellogg’s Star Trek Frosted Flakes as I read through all this. I think I might have spent about 15 minutes in the cereal aisle just marveling at how “main stream” this incredible franchise has become. It’s taken 40 years but it has been worth it all. Now if only Quark’s can reboot in Vegas or someplace else in the U.S.

Has anybody else noticed anything – strange. . . .

Rick Berman nor Brannon Braga have made any appearances to try and get to any of the premiers of the new Star Trek… Both of whom were basically fully in charge of Star Trek since Voyagers sixth or seventh season back in 2000-2001… until Enterprise was canned.

I was just curious… They claimed to have loved Star Trek very dearly… And yet they seem to want to have no part in JJ. Abrams re-booted/re-tooled Star Trek. They certainly haven’t been heard from for some time now…

Anyone else notice this? Or is it just me?

nice photos, cant wait for the movie

one question, are Jonathan Frakes & Marina Sirtis a couple?
i remember seeing a picture with them holding hands and now again.

Just curios because im a TNG fan :)

Marina Sirtis is actually hotter now than she was in TNG. Don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m not complaining, either.

Data476: The answer regarding your query about Berman & Braga is elementary my dear Data…it’s all about the $$$. They are not involved in the franchise any longer and sadly their so-called “passion” for the world of Star Trek appears to have left the building along with their final paychecks.

@38 & 41: I haven’t heard anything from or about Rick Berman since the end of his Star Trek tenure. I don’t know if he’s working on any new projects. Maybe he’s taking some time (okay, several years) off.
The thing is: These people only talk about stuff when they are asked. They don’t go on the net and actively post stuff.
Brannon Braga seems to be more active but he’s working on other projects now. So obviously he’s mostly talking about that.
I think I remember a comment from Braga wishing the new team all the best.
Why would they show up to the premiere of the new movie? Many fans and probably some of the media blame them for almost killing the franchise. Thus, it probably wouldn’t be as much fun for them to be walking the red carpet.
Also, we don’t know how amicable it was between them and Paramount. Braga left the franchise toward the end of Enterprise to work on Threshold. But from what we know, Rick Berman started the development of a new movie before apparently that was shelved and he was fired (or is he still working at Paramount in some other capacity?). So there may be some bad blood.
I’m pretty sure that Mr. Braga will watch the new movie. And if some journalist were to ask him about it he will probably say some nice things.

Leonard Nimoy’s wife is the cousin of Transformers director Michael Bay.
It looks like the only Star Trek alumni that attended are George Takei, Jonathan Frakes, and Marina Sirtis. I hope the new movie does well in the box office and is up there with TWOK.

Wait a tick!

Marina Sirtis was there?

Wasn’t she the one that complained and said Star Trek should go forward?


Yep, she was there with Jonathan Frakes.

#44 …. NO ONE is a stronger believer than I am that Star Trek should re-launch as a 27th Century series that perhaps has starships going from star to star by transporting the whole ship, and perhaps using attached engines to go from this galaxy to one or two of the BILLIONS of galaxies out there …

… PTTB at Paramount clearly thought it was “safer” to just go the lazy and easy route, and to blank out all of Star Trek as we know it and redraw it from the beginning, and then “going forward” from wherever it is that history became altered in the new “reality” of Star Trek.

I don’t know if the result is good. I’m looking forward to next weekend mostly because of Science Friday, but secondly to that watching the new movie. Then, I’ll decide if it would have been better to “go forward” with the 27th Century or to just “go forward” to a rewrite of “future” history. I suppose that beyond the need to create unimaginably different species in other galaxies, and to truly take the franchise where no man has gone before, the lazy way is easy money, which Viacom and Paramount both need these days. So with the bottom line being the bottom line, I suppose history responsible for reporting to Viacom shareholders will always find the lazy way best.

Parosu, no Frakes and Sirtis are not a couple, they’re both married to other people. I’m guessing it was a platonic thing since they’ve been friends for 20+ years. ??? (Wow, that’s crazy to think about though! I watched TNG when I was in elementary school.) I think the new movie looks great though.

This is a very GOOD FILM

not merely a good scifi movie,

or a good action adventure film

it is a GOOD film. The only ones I am hearing complaining are the die hard literalists who keep falling over themselves with the changes from the TOS such as the elimination of “Where No man has gone before” and “obsession” episodes and “Trouble with the Tribbles” and Menagerie all screaming well that it is not Star Trek because it does not keep those storylines and background in canon. I say if this level of SOLID story writing and execution is maintained in the planned sequel most will not care that it is a reboot and accept the obvious reboot /alternate reality changes as they work very very well.

32 and 39- I agreed with you…I ´m pretty sure that Jonathan always had a crush on Marina…and still has…he speaks a lot of her…in interviews and conventions…I don´t know…but I think….Laura Spencer from general hospital, must take care…of her…lol….

I´m a huge fan of imzadi…and I´d love if they ´ll get together!!! or are together…´cause when I saw the video of them….mmmmmm…

By the Way…the movie is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!