Star Trek: The Experience Expected To Re-open In 2010 + Part 2 of ST:TE Documentary

Star Trek The Experience closed down at the Las Vegas Hilton last September, but since October we have been reporting that it may have new life at a new location in Vegas. According to the best info we can gather, it looks like a new STTE will be back in 2010 at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas. More details below plus a new entry Vernon Wilmer’s STTE Documentary.


A new Star Trek The Experience for 2010
In our previous reports on The Experience we have noted some of the statements from Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Neonopolis manager Rohit Joshi were somewhat optimistic, including the claim that they would open at least one phase by the first week of May in time for the new Star Trek movie. CBS will still barely acknowledge the project exists on the record and it appears they are trying to get Goodman and Joshi to reign in their optimistic estimates as well.

According to TrekMovie research and sources it looks like ST: The Experience will reopen sometime in 2010 and it may open in phases (this is still being discussed). If it does, the first phase would be a bar/restaurant and the Museum of the Future. Right now everything is still in the planning phase and there is no construction going on. It also looks like the new Experience will be significantly different than the one at the Hilton, with the inclusion of more elements from both The Original Series and the new Star Trek movie. It is also expected that the pricing will be lower than at the Experience at the Hilton. Those are both welcome changes.

When the main details get worked out, it is likely CBS will finally make an official announcement about the new Experience (something they have yet to do). Until then, as noted in previous reports, it is not wise to make any travel plans to Vegas and assume you will be able to see The Experience.


Part 2 of Vernon Wilmer’s ST: The Experience Documentary
In our last update we showed you a great behind the scenes documentary about Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, put together by former cast member Vernon Wilmer. Now he has released the second part focusing on the genesis of The Experience, check it out below.


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