New Star Trek ‘Critics’ TV Spot w/ New Shot of Enterprise Interior

Seems like a day doesn’t go by without a new Star Trek commerical, and today is no different. Paramount has just officially released video for five of their recent spots, four of which we have already covered here, but there is one new one for us to chew on…see below.



TV Spot "Thrilling Review"
Another spot touting the new reviews for Star Trek, with a few new things (most notably a shot from the bowels of the Enterprise).

Screencaps & analysis

Click images to enlarge

Kirk on Delta Vega

Sulu, Kirk, Spock, and Pike on way to shuttle bay – before orbital skydive over Vulcan scene

Kirk and Spock after Pike puts Spock in command

TV Commercial: Break the rules
Also if you missed the other recently released critics commercial, here it is again.



More trailer analysis and details
And in case you missed it, check out our previous shot-by-shot analyses:

NOTE: numbering updated to match official Paramount scheme

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First looks mint!

Two more finals then on to May 8th!!!!! Make it SO!!!

Thanks for all the great work AP.

Star Trek is going to kick Wolverines ass all over the planet Wolverine sucked

I just got my New Star Trek Uniform shirt in the mail from !!!

i am going to love this movie!

i had a nightmare i didnt get to watch it in hollywood at 1201a MAY 8TH!!


Ty Burr at the Boston Globe gave the film four stars.

Love the yellow pipes!!


I can’t find a link to the ‘Rolling Stone’ review. Could you link us to it, please?

They were airing this ad during Voyager on Spike TV (2AM). I have Trek induced insomnia.

@8 its review from peter travers, and it will be online in a couple of days. just google him

…looks like more of the brewery… Yay! [sarcasm] =(


The Boston Globe critic you mentioned gave Star Trek the best review of the 36 (or so) films currently on his page at their site.

…just saw JJ on Colbert Report! Romulan Kh’ol’ber’t was pretty cool! =)

…had a nice little TOS clip up front re: empathy…

That looks like a Street Lamp in the engineering shot.

boborci – > “Buenasuerte”!

Can’t wait to see this flick, dude!

so.. is 3pm too early to show up for a 7pm thurs show? ha ha, figured i’d just window shop til a line forms. more accurately, until they let me form one. i didnt wait this long to not have one of the best seats in the house (tukwila imax). tick tock, here we go.

Anthony, you’re a bloody legend. I absolutely love this site.

Only 2 more sleeps until I see Star Trek at the IMAX.

BTW, I picked up a copy of the JJ edited Wired Magazine. I’m sure that some out there might say it’s a “fascinating” read. :)

Anthony – just wondering if you may be able to shed some light on something for me. I have been trying to pre-order a copy of the soundtrack, however it appears that none of the retailers have it listed nor have any foreknowledge of it being released in Australia which seems a little strange. Other than ordering the CD and having it shipped from overseas myself, do you have any information or would you be able to find out if the soundtrack will be released in Australia?

Wow, that so called “brewery” shot- where Pike is leading the three to the shuttle bay, it really conveys a sense of immensity to the Enterprise. Those tubes or giant pipes or whatever that seem to go up for a few stories, it finally conveys that sense of scale that hasn’t been seen since waaaay back in TMP with the shuttle bay sequence.

Maybe a bit off-topic but I just watched this:

TOO funny :D

#19 This Onion clip is, as always, totaly great !! :D

9. Millennium Vulcan

That’s where I saw it too, though I didn’t watch it at 2am! (Comcast DVR) Anyway awesome trailer, just 2 more days till Imax!

Looks like there’s a trailer Paramount has kept a secret about. There are 2 Star Trek trailers (not inclu. Burger King) in Voyager. One is “Break The Rules, and the other is a TV spot that I haven’t seen here or on There’s a shot of *spoilers* Kirk hanging on the the edge of the Romulan Drill and a shot of a Romulan being thrown off the Drill.*/spoilers*.

Anthony, I don’t know if you caught this, I’ve been avoiding spoilering articles… But this looks relevant to this article:

Star Trek DAC Trailer contains new(?) Movie footage!
Gametrailers HD:

Gametrailers SD:

Apologies if it’s already been spotted.

I think this movie will open an all new door to the world of trek! I personaly and glad that they casted such a talented group pf young actors to play these parts. Chris pine is unbelievablely talented and Zach Quintos has Spock down to the letter!

did anyone see the last family guy episode?
it hase a nice scene from the wrath of khan:-)

Re: 25

Caught it.

Loved it.

Much to my relief, the “brewery” looks much more believable, at least in that shot above. I hope it holds up the same and/or better in the movie.

@ 26
even the music was the same, a really nice homage to TWOK:-)

The soundtrack is now available on iTunes!!!

Just keeps getting better and better….this will be the longest 48 hrs + of my life!!!
\V/ LL&P…

I guess a slightly more objective viewpoint wouldn’t make for a good TV spot.

I am very excited about seeing the new movie – I think it will be great. That having been said……I don’t like this alternate timeline business at all! A story could have been written that did not totally throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, I know this new reality depends on the original, I know they were respectful, yadda, yadda, yadda….I just think this approach is solely to shut up the fan base and say, “See – ‘Your’ Trek still exists, this is just ‘our’ Trek. That way they can do whatever they want to in the future without being bound by anything that has gone before. Fans would have never bought a total reboot or reimagining or whatever, so this approach was the only option IF you want to start rewritting these characters. I like J.J., I love Lost, so I am hopeful, but comments like, (paraphrase) “If your not going to come with an open mind, then stay home, we don’t want you” – Doesn’t sit well with me.

Like I said, I am exited about this project, I am going on opening day and keeping an open mind and expect to enjoy the film. I hope the ending will provide something that “corrects” some of these abberations in the timeline. (Like appearantly – Vulcan being destroyed.)

I’m going fri afternoon. It’s like waiting for Santa!

Ok…now I see what people are talking about the engine room. Wow…talk about “Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”.

The scene of the “brewery” looks very TOS like. I like it!

#23 Bren- thans for the heads up, some really nice footage of the new Enterprise there. And l love the look of the “brewerey”. All those colorful pipes look very TOS-ish.

Getting closer!

this is going to be great

However, I am not happy that the Shuttle bay seems to have steel pipes as well.

Its one thing I am not keen about engineering as well, to me Engineering should be the second coolest location on the bridge. The ship should be consistent as it has always been

Despite this I am still looking forward to the film.

man those bar code scanners just jump out at me now

I just hope my wife loves it as much as I know I will. ;)

I can’t ever remember another movie that had as many different TV spots as this Trek movie does. I’m not sure how many will make it to the DVD eventually, but I’m hoping that the second full length trailer will just because of the amazing music, courtesy of Two Steps from Hell.

I’ve got my tickets, I’m ready to go…Bring it on!

39. I paid a lot for my IMAX tickets, and my girlfriend has been hearing about this for like a year now. I hope she likes it too…


Just got my ST glasses from Burger King. Coolest movie ty-in since…. well since I was a kid.

Had to get two of them. Unfortunately you have to buy a value meal to get to buy a glass, I’m gonna need a diet by the time that fourth glass is released.

Has anyone seen this yet?

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

Ha ha!

42. Which one was available? I am going to BK (UGH!) after work just for that.

Is anyone in Gainesville, FL planning to go to the 7:00 thursday showing? I had a friend back out on me :( Let me know, I’ll sell the ticket for face value.

Why are we all so interested in the bowels? People?? I’m not going to this movie to critique the colon of the Starship Enterprise. So full of $hit.

So far there are 23 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, all positive.

The first reviewer to rate the film rotten (to ruin the 100% rating ) is going to rue the day they were born. I think the comments after their review will be intense.

Here is the comment by the last reviewer that was posted on there:

“A sublime space adventure that flies as confidently and triumphantly as Trek ever has before. It’s not only a victorious series highlight, but perhaps one of the best pictures of the year…120 minutes of unrelenting goose bumps.”

Hey, what a great idea . . . how about a page on about all the positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes?

Oh, here is the link to the Star Trek page on Rotten Tomatoes:


I got to see a screening last night, it was AMAZING. Though at the end of it I felt like only about 20 minutes went by.

I just saw a clip where Uhura was asking “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

I only hope she wasn’t talking to Kirk. If she was, they should make Uhura Captain, making this ST Captain the most pussy whopped in the galaxy.