ST09 Tidbits (T-3): New Pics & Interviews + BK Klingon site + EW Covers + Richter FedCon Animation

It has been a couple days since our last Tidbits and they are piling up. We’ve got a new pictures (including behind the scenes), a new BK Klingons website, JJ Abrams talking box office, an EW cover story, update on IMAX, more reviews, more interviews and much more. We also have the FedCon intro animation from Tobias Richter featuring the USS Enterprise meeting the USS Kelvin.


Reminder: Tickets available online (including IMAX)
As we will begin every tidbits, we remind you that you can now buy advanced tickets (including early shows) for Star Trek at Fandango. You can also get tickets for IMAX at Fandango. And by buying your tickets from Fandango, you are supporting For locations that don’t have tickets available through Fandango, try

New Photos
Late last week a few new photos showed up online, including some new behind the scenes. Some were from the final Paramount Press Kit, but some were new. These haven’t being released by Paramount in the US so it is likely coming from Paramount International. They are all up at Celebutopia (higher res versions avaiable by clicking images below). 

New Burger King ‘Kingon’ site
As we previewed over the weekend, Burger King has a big campaign in support of the new Star Trek movie featuring toys and glasses, which cost $1.99 with a meal. They just started running TV commercials for this last night and today they launched a new website, It seems the Burger King Klingons (aka ‘Kingons’) are after those glasses and the website has a number of instructional videos on how you can defend yourself, it is pretty funny stuff.

Can you defend yourself from the Burger Klingons?

JJ Talks Box Office – lowballs opening weekend
As noted in Rosarios’s Sci-Fi column, the new Wolverine movie opened big over the weekend with $87M in domestic sales. This morning JJ Abrams was on the Howard Stern Show and he said he doesn’t expect to match the mutant and thinks his movie will bring in between $50M and $60M. Howard, who is up on the new Trek says JJ is downplaying and Abrams did note he felt Star Trek would have ‘longer legs’ than Wolverine.

EW cover story
The current Entertainment Weekly sports Star Trek on the cover and an extensive cover story with quotes from JJ Abrams, Zachary Quinto and more, including Ron Moore. It is an excellent read, and the full article is online. The issue also features additional articles look at the Star Trek franchise’s 43 year history. The issue comes with two collectible covers and EW has provied TrekMovie with high resolution versions of both.

EW Covers (click to enlarge)

More IMAX theaters + JJ pushes IMAX
As we noted last week, Star Trek has a limited two week run on IMAX, so make sure you go see it first on IMAX if you can. Last week IMAX supplied us a list of theaters carrying Star Trek and now they have sent us a few additions, they are:

  • Regal Transit Center IMAX- Wlliamsville NY
  • Brendan Theatres and IMAX at the Palms- Las Vegas, NV
  • Coliseum Mississauga IMAX- Mississauga, ON, Canada

Also a number of theaters are running ’round the clock’ Star Trek in IMAX:

  • Seattle, WA – Pacific Science Center
  • Dublin, CA – Regal Hacienda Crossings
  • Seattle, WA – Pacific Science Center
  • Dublin, CA – Regal Hacienda Crossings
  • Fresno, CA – Regal Edwards Fresno Stadium
  • Irvine, CA – Regal Edwards Irvine Spectrum
  • Long Beach, CA – Regal Edwards Long Beach
  • San Diego, CA – Regal Mira Mesa

Finally IMAX sends us this brief video of JJ Abrams reminding fans to watch the film in IMAX.

Review Watch – still at 100% at Rotten Tomatoes + Review Cliche site
Although it is expected to go down, more reviews have been added to the Rotten Tomatoes summary and Trek is still at 100% Fresh, two of the new reviews are from Ben Lyons and Ben Makiewicz from At The Movies, you can watch their review below [contains spoilers].

Speaking of reviews, one of TrekMovie’s followers on Twitter sent us a site he put together that is collecting all the Star Trek clichés coming from reviewers of the movie, and there are quite a few, check them out at ‘Boldly Hack‘…he even called out Mark Altman’s review here on TrekMovie, but apparently my review was cliché-free. To rectify that, here is a quote for Paramount from me to put in their next ad.

JJ Abrams has boldly taken Star Trek to the final frontier of filmmaking with a warp speed attack which beams up a new crew that sets this film to stunning. Paramount will drive a nerve pinch into the competition this summer as they will once again live long and prosper with a new Star Trek.

– Anthony Pascale,

Richter’s Enterprise and Kelvin meet in new animation
TrekMovie has previously highlighted the excellent CGI and animation work of German designer Tobias Richter (of The Light Works)  as he has (entirely on his own) created beautiful renders of the USS Kelvin the new USS Enterprise. Over the weekend at the FedCon event in Germany, he showed off a 5 minute long animation of a ‘what if?’ scenario that brings both ships together, check it out:

TV interviews
The Trek stars are fanning across the talk shows and TV stations, here are the latest videos

Chris Pine on his shot as Kirk and Abrams on his style, casting Pine and Spock as a ladies man [spoilers]

Crhis Pine on the Today show this morning

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Tune in for these upcoming appearances: [list UPDATED]

  • Monday 5/4: “Live with Regis & Kelly” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Monday 5/4: "The Late Show" (CBS) – Chris Pine
  • Monday 5/4: "Charlie Rose" (PBS) – JJ Abrams
  • Monday 5/4: "Colbert Report" (Comedy Central) – JJ Abrams
  • Tuesday 5/5: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5 “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5 “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC) – J.J. Abrams
  • Wednesday 5/6: “Bonnie Hunt Show” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Chris Pine
  • Wednesday 5/6: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zoe Saldana
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Tonight Show” (NBC) John Cho
  • Thursday 5/7: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – John Cho
  • Friday 5/8: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Chris Pine
  • Friday 5/8: "Tavis Smiley" (PBS) – JJ Abrams
  • Friday 5/8: "The View" (ABC) – Leonard Nimoy

Finally: Trekkie plays Star Trek on Theremin
And lastly, there is this…


Tidbits bits
Even more Star Trek stuff for you:

get yourself onto the MSNBC gallery


Thanks to all the tipsters

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Just got tickets for thursday night !!!! Take us out Mr. Sulu, ahead warp factor 1!

I said it once,, and I’ll say it again…

I cant wait to see this !!!


sooooo,,, any updates yet on ST: ???

Oh my God, that first pic in the article with the Enterprise… I’m in love.

The Guy with the Theramin in the Transporter Room is awesome. lol

I’m so excited about this movie! Unfortunately the closest IMAX is almost 4 hours away, and I don’t think that I’ll have the time to go see it. :(

Great tips Anthony, Thanks

Nice video…

Anything will do until Thursday, but TR did very, very good.

That FEDCON material is absofrakkenlutely amazing!! BRAVO!!!

Question when is the DVD release likely, around xmas or thanksgiving?

The last days are passing pass very, very slow.

Man i cant wait to see this. the last time when i was so exaited to a date was christmas 1996 when i was seven

Why doesn’t the Fedcon vid have it’s OWN HEADLINE .. it deservers it .. come on Trekimovie .. bump this up to it’s own column. Couldn’t even tell this was here until I just happened to look.

HA. The BK video isn’t for Klingons, it’s for KINGons.

Like the Fedcon video. Looks like the Kelvin is being attacked by shrunken Son’a ships, or are they Orion Pirates?

TR’s Fedcon video is stunning brilliance, absolutely amazing…

Those renders are amazing! Can’t wait to see The Enterprise on the big screen.

Wow…allways liked the light works images and that intro was awesome! Seeing the movie on the 7th and then meeting a friend to see it in IMAX on the weekend… can’t wait!

FedCon video is beautiful, but I would have liked to seen the Enterprise shoot something other than torpedos.

Kingons are so amazing. Burger King has the best ad department.

Hi everyone,

There is a new Star Trek clip – warning spoilers (although it has been referenced before on this site)


My God, that is one incredible picture of Zoe and Chris. And a nice unintentional reminder of the Kirk/Uhura interracial kiss thing (or am I the only one picking up on that vibe?)


Seeing it 5:35pm this Thursday afternoon! Cannot wait!!!

22? I was on this page a while, huh? LOL!!!!!!

“Not just for geeks anymore!”
No, now we cater to ADHD teens too!

Looks like Paramount has already taken those photos down; the links don’t work. Anyone know if they can be found elsewhere?

That Fedcon video is unbelievable!!!

Holy crap! JJ was so energetic and on fire in that IMAX promo video … I’m sold. I’m definitely going to see it in IMAX now!

Dang…I wanted that first pic for a new desktop….wont load though :(

To answer Shatpines question Star Wars 3 was realesed May 19 and the Dvd came out on November 1. I think with Star trek it will be the same time span.

Looks like celebutopia can’t handle the traffic. I can’t get any of those pics.

Won’t be missing Abrams on Charlie Rose tonight.

Looks like Spock ins’t the only one getting some Uhura action!

Oh, and that Tobias fellow ought to be working on the next Trek or something!

And I loved the theremin guy! That takes real talent, on a truly science-fictiony instrument.

29 — Yep, the DVD and Blu-ray release is expected in November, along with the TNG movies on Blu-ray.

Ok!!!! Trek Minus 3 days and 4 hours. So! So! So! close i can smell it. Regal westgate in Austin. Ill be there. Yes I bought my ticket at fandango as i love this site. I here it is sold out. Love the pic of a phaser being pointed at vader. Thank goodness it was not a red shirt pointing that phaser. So much going on. Ok. Anthony come friday morning be ready for a possible overload of Trek Movie as we will all be giving our personel reviews. May the Future Begin and Live Long and Prosper!!.

#21. You are correct. it does remind me and others of that first ever interracial kiss on Tv.

Yay! They put my picture on that site! :)

Holy Crap… I’m gonna see Trek on Wednesday!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!

I have not been THIS excited about a movie in a long time!!! :)

That “Kingon” site is hilarious! I think the narrator sounds like he’s doing a George Takei impersonation, or is it George Takei?

# 37. No fair. Just not right. You belong in the Agoniser Booth. Oh well. Your one lucky person. Or are you Alien. Lol.

Burger King site is hilarious! Buying my glasses tonight!

I am having a hard time guessing how Trek will make out. It could open north of 80 million, but more likely we will see it top out around 70-75 million. And once the good word gets out there should be a strong possibility of topping the box office for two solid weeks until the release of Terminator Salvation.

@38 Isn’t it the Actor that played “Johnny Rico” in Starship Troopers? Never saw it in Original only the dubbed version :D

The IMAX theater at the Udvar-Hazy center in Virginia is saying they will have showings up through JUNE 23RD at least. See I don’t know if any other theaters are doing likewise.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping Terminator Salvation is great, but… unless Arnold himself (not CGI) comes out and does the Hokey Pokey with Yvonne Strahovsky wearing nothing but whipped cream and then reveals the secret formula for KFC chicken… it can’t possibly deliver as much bang as Star Trek does.

I’ve seen the future…it’s not what it used to be, but it’s still ASTOUNDING.


I bought regular tickets at Regal Transit because I was told the nearest IMAX showing was in Albany…and NOW they have it.


Ah well. I guess it’ll help for seeing it a second time.

whoaaa, this animation from Tobias Richter is totally freakin amazing!

Trek has done so well on the RT reviews, why is it expected to go down? I’ve read a ton of reviews (many not on RT) and I have not read one single negative review. I suppose the real test will be in the next day or so while the rest of the reviews come in, but I’m not expecting it to go down that much – if at all.

As far as box-office numbers are concerned, I’m still expecting Trek to bring in 100M+ over the weekend. Combine the overwhelmingly positive buzz, reviews and fan talk all around the net, I really can’t see Trek doing any less than 100M+.

Wolverine should have made over 100M+ but didn’t due to bad hype, the workprint, and just poorly received marketing & trailers. I know when I saw the trailers I didn’t get an “epic” feel from it at all and just seemed like an average ho-hum origin story. Now that Wolverine is out of the way, we can really start off the summer movie blockbuster season with the release of a film everyone deserves to watch on the big-screen – and the name is TREK.

That picture of the Enterprise leaving the space station is the shot Paramount should have released first, not that ugly side view.

Also, the Kingon’s are great, I have to get to Burger King and get at least one glass.

If you have a picture, you can still go send it in. :)

The high res versions of those pics are gone Anthony…what gives?