ST09 Tidbits (T-2): 2 Kirks On Video + More Interviews + Onion’s Take on Trekkies + more

In this two days to go Tidbits we have video of the meeting of the two Kirks plus lots of other video interviews with Orci & Kurtzman, JJ Abrams, and Chris Pine and Zach Quinto. Plus we have some news on how Trekkies see this new movie (from the Onion’s point of view) a look at some new reviews and more.


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The meeting of the Kirks
The Shatner project has just put up a short video of the exact moment that William Shatner and Chris Pine met at the Charity Horse Show Dinner a couple weeks ago.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek As ‘Fun, Watchable’
The Onion has some breaking news on how Trek fans are reacting to the new Star Trek movie. 

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

Bob and Alex talk Trek and give tips on breaking in
A couple of new video interviews with Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. First is this one from our friends at

Time has a bit of a tongue in cheek video visit to Bob and Alex’s office:

click to see video at

Review Watch – two views from the MSM
So far the reviews for Star Trek have been very positive (still with a 100% rating at RT), but he bulk of the mainstream media reviews should start dropping in the next couple of days. There are a couple of new media reviews woth noting. First up is a very postive review from the Boston Globe which gives the movie four out of four stars, noting:

“Star Trek” – a.k.a. “Star Trek XI,” a.k.a. “Star Trek the Franchise Reboot” – approaches the late Gene Roddenberry’s original science fiction world not on bended knee but with fresh eyes, a spring in its step, and the understanding that we know these people better than they know themselves. Indeed, much of the vast pleasure of this movie comes from characters suddenly discovering things about each other that we learned watching TV four decades ago. There are flaws to pick at in terms of story line and other matters, but that can wait until the glow has faded. In the pop high it delivers, this is the greatest prequel ever made.

However the AP review gives the film 2.5 out of four stars with the reviewer having issues with the time travel plot:

A major plot twist pops up — which includes the arrival of Leonard Nimoy — about halfway through the film, a twist that doesn’t exactly work and from which the film never completely recovers.

I think we will see more of these kinds of reviews mixed in with all the glowing ones. Even with all the new stuff, this film still is about Star Trek and time travel can be confusing to some people who are not steeped in the genre, and if you don’t ‘get it’, it may be hard to understand what is going on with Nero and the elder Spock. Hopefully this group remain the minority in the mainstream media critics…we will know in a couple of days. Of course for Trek fans, we are trained to understand time travel so this won’t be much of an issue.

TV/ Video interviews

JJ Abrams on Colbert Report

MySpace ‘artist on artist’ interview with Chris Pine and Zach Quinto interviewing each other:

Collider has a 2 part video interview with Simon Pegg, part 1 is below (part 2 at

JJ Abrams on Opie & Anthony

Chris Pine on MTV

The Trek stars are fanning across the talk shows and TV stations, here are the latest videos. Tune in for these upcoming appearances:

  • Tuesday 5/5: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5 “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Tuesday 5/5 “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC) – J.J. Abrams
  • Wednesday 5/6: “Bonnie Hunt Show” (Syndicated) – Zachary Quinto
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated) – Chris Pine
  • Wednesday 5/6: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Zoe Saldana
  • Wednesday 5/6: “The Tonight Show” (NBC) John Cho
  • Thursday 5/7: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – John Cho
  • Friday 5/8: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Chris Pine
  • Friday 5/8: "Tavis Smiley" (PBS) – JJ Abrams
  • Friday 5/8: "The View" (ABC) – Leonard Nimoy

Finally: Don’t F*** It Up
The following NOT SAFE FOR WORK song by RTD Studios gives a plea to JJ Abrams and crew to not ‘f*** up’ Star Trek:


Tidbits bits
Even more Star Trek stuff for you:

Florida Trek fans in the wild


Thanks to all the tipsters

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that onion news video is priceless


Pine’s smile was a big ol’ nervous smile :)

And if the movie is half as good as that Onion video, I’ll be happy.

“We are trained to understand time travel”? I think you mean we’re used to accepting it- whether it makes sense or not.

It’s great that the movie is still 100% at, but the one thing all the less-than-100% reviews has in common is a problem with the thin plot, in particular the time travel. Hopefully NewTrek will learn from this and ditch it in the future.

Didn’t we learn anything from the “Temporal Cold War”?

How tall is Pine anyway? Shatner is, what, 5’10”? Pine towered over him!


#6 – Nope, Shatner is 5’9 1/2, according to IMDB… and I think that’s actually generous. Pine is 6’1.

Speaking as a die-hard fan, I find the Onion piece utterly hilarious.

I love the end of the song! Leonard Nimoy won’t F*** it up!

Seen J.J on the Cobert Report last night. I think they almost look like Twins. But it was very funny and entertaining. Trek Minus 2 days and 3hours and 50 minutes.

“And in further news an elderly black woman continues to follow President Obama around, shedding a single tear every time he says something…”
Wow, the onion is truly equal opportunity.
Great video.

The onion always gets a laugh out of me! haha.

I think The Shat is…ermm…not as tall as he used to be. Getting close to 80 can do that.

I have to admit that I got a bit giggity when Pine and Shatner first met. Weird, huh?

the VERY BEST thing about new trek is that shatner is not in it

If it the Films biggest problem how long it can hold a 100% rating, we can be really happy!

Another MSM source, the New York Daily News gave the movie the highest rating – five stars

6 – Well Shatner is old. He’s shrinking.

“A major plot twist pops up — which includes the arrival of Leonard Nimoy — about halfway through the film, a twist that doesn’t exactly work and from which the film never completely recovers.”

Translation: “I couldn’t understand it. Therefore, everyone else can’t and that makes the rest of the movie is bad.”

Serioulsly, I know everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but c’mon. At least tell us why it doesn’t work, i.e. too complicated, too contrived. The movie isn’t about Spock traveling back through time, so why should it ruin the rest of the movie?

Man that Onion film was totally brilliant!

6. Shatner is 5 9″ tall. Chis Pine is 6 exact. I met him at the London Premiere.

#20: Reading the entire review, I think it’s clear that the reviewer _did_ understand it.

I’m going to see the movie tomorrow night! I can’t believe that I checked this site nearly ervery day the for last three years and in 24 hours it’s all going to be over. Wow, it’s been…. fun.

I cant help but feel sorry for the guy who did tha AP Review….surely he must be sitting down thinking to himself “damn…everyone else thought it was great, I only gave it 2, they all gave it 4 or 5…was I even watching the same film…guy had claws right? Was Star Trek set in the 80s…the Captain Picard arrived in a helicopter and saved them all….that was Star Trek wasn’t it?”

Seriously…he is in very little company with such a bad review, is…weird!

You can see how nervous Pine is when he meets Shatner, he pulls an expression you never see in the film…real trepidation lol.

Also, speaking of reviews I laughed when I went to the official site and saw this reviewer’s name.

“‘Star Trek’ is finally cool.”

“This generation’s ‘Star Wars.’”

– Kirk Montgomery, KNBC

How about that Boston Globe?

“the best prequel ever made”

“ridiculously satisfying”

And of course—“I just about wept with joy, and I’m not even a Trekkie.”

I never dreamed I would ever read such things from mainstream media about a Star Trek movie. This is surreal.

As a purist, I too declare that the Onion video is utterly………………. BRILLIANT!!

#24: “I only gave it 2, they all gave it 4 or 5”

He gave it a 2.5, not a 2, and he didn’t have the option to give it a 5; he’s rating on a 4-star system.

I’m baffled why people here consider it a “bad” review when generally, 62.5% of the rating scale is considered a good (if not glowing) score for a film. For comparison, Rotten Tomatoes counts a review as “Fresh” if it’s 60% of the rating scale … so if this film were included in the RT count (I haven’t checked to see if it is), it would be flagged “Fresh” and contribute to – not detract from – the film’s current 100% RT rating.

… And if you read some of the growing library of “Fresh” reviews at RT, you’ll see that a lot of them praise the movie but with similar reservations and complaints thrown in. The AP guy isn’t the odd man out; he’s just one of the lower voices harmonizing in the chorus, is all.

Speaking of happy critic numbers, I note that the film’s average rating at RT just edged upward from 78% of scale to 79% of scale … that officially edges it over Wrath of Khan for the moment. If it holds _that_ score, that’ll be much more impressive than the big 100% in many ways.

People calling it a “bad review” aren’t paying attention; it’s a review that has a lot in common with many of the other reviews out there.

I saw JJ on Jimmy Kimmel with another new clip that I hadn’t seen before! JJ was awesome! I especially liked the part where he talked about the beer factory, it was excellent!

The Onion rocks.

off topic

look at those, just like out of the Old Show:)
nice, JJ;-D i love you for that retrostyle phaser and tricorder:)

The Onion is dead on…lol.

That “Artist on Artist” clip was probably the best footage I’ve seen so far–outside the movie itself, of course, which I won’t see until Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday…

I actually didn’t think the AP review was bad. It sounds as if the time travel element tripped this guy up, but aside from that part of the story, he basically praises the film the rest of the way.

I don’t know what else he chooses to rate 2.5 out of 4, so it is hard to put into context.

But I still don’t feel like I’ve read a poor review. So….the story has some weak spots? There are contrivances and odd conveniences? No….. It’s a Star Trek movie!!!! Give me a break. The fact that the usual suspects are not yet pounding on it is a near miracle.

This isn’t Schindler’s List, Patton, or The Godfather Part II. It was never going to be.

@ 29 – I didn’t really want to split hairs over .5 of a mark but ok, and as for the out of 4 or 5…does it really matter…was a joke! I love people who so easily fit into Fruedian psycological stages!

Was just a joke!

On another note, just bought the Star Trek soundtrack off iTunes, is good! Should help with my humanitarian intervention essay!

Ahh ha, see. I almost read this article.

Tried to lurer me in with that crappy Shatner/Pine first meeting video.
Oh well, at least I can appreciate the”historic” moment caght on film. Surely was not the photo op it could have been.

Still waiting on Friday.

So, do we all hate the AP review?

#35 “[…] he basically praises the film the rest of the way.”

Yeah, it’s basically a thumbs-up.

Speaking of iTunes, anyone knows if the audiobook will be available? I couldn’t see the preorder on any European website and I’m quite peeved!

Where’s the Onion vid? It’s *seriously* funny.

Chris and Zach Artist On Artist, kind of a new version of Mind Meld!


ignore @42, sorry, page came up without comments (again)…


Some augmented reality for the rest of you non-ARG players.

Alex said he likes the West Wing. I very badly want to see “Articles of the Federation” on screen.

Haha, Onion news report is priceless. They are setting the standard for modern journalistic reporting


I agree time travel is overused in Trek, but in this case I think it’s a necessary evil. It’s the quickest, most straightforward way to create a new, TOS-era timeline that isn’t weighed down by 40 years of canon.

And as far as weak spots in the movie, even the BEST movies still have some of those (the bat-voice in TDK anyone?).

you guys may want to check this out.

:) enjoy

Just back from a preview screening of “Star Trek”. I know this’ll get lost in the sea of reviews, but it is fantastic! A visual and aural stunner, all the actors are perfectly cast and as at least a dozen reviews have stated, at the end of a very fast two hours and six minutes, you just want more! Roll on number two! Or is that number twelve?