New Star Trek Behind The Scenes Photos

This morning Paramount has released a new set of behind the scenese photos from the Star Trek movie, showing director JJ Abrams at work with his cast on various sets and locations. Some of this we have linked to before recently, but we now have high resolutions of all the new BTS photos, plus some that we haven’t seen before.  


JJ Abrams working with cast of Star Trek
[note some captions have minor spoilers]

Click images to enlarge

JJ with Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana at Academy Hanger location

JJ with Zoe Saldana on Kobayashi Maru simulator set

JJ with Chris Pine on Kobayashi Maru simulator set

JJ with cast on bridge set of Enterprise

JJ with cast on bridge set of Enterprise

JJ with Zachary Quinto in transporter room set

JJ with Simon Pegg in Scotty’s lab set (Leonard Nimoy in background)

JJ with Chris Pine in Scotty’s lab set

JJ with John Cho and Chris Pine on drilling rig

JJ with Eric Bana on Narada


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great pics!

ST got it’s first negative review at Rotten Tomatoes and it was from Armand White, naturally. He hates everything…

JJ gives good director hand. And Chris was showing Captain’s crack.


first to comment. woot! everything looks great. i cant wait to see it tomorrow. it is going to be epic.

Interesting how they are leaking just a little bit more…. I feel like a lost puppy without any new stuff…. Tommorow can’t come fast enough.

Saldana is hot! Hell, so is Pine… whewww!





oh my ! can’t wait !!!!!!!

oh my ! can’t wait !!!!!!!

What, no mention of LEONARD (FREAKIN) NIMOY in the scotty’s lab pics??…

ALso i agree with the Armand White comment. PSHAW. Basically still at 100%… This movie is destined for Certified Fresh


Tomorrow we’ll be far away,
Tomorrow is the judgement day

Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more
…until Star Trek

Are we keeping secret that Leonard Nimoy is in this picture?

YAY ITS FINALLY GONNA BE HERE!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG PANNIIICCCCC!!!! Seriously though, this is friggin awesome. The time has finally arrived and I am too damn excited.

Damn… Am I seeing a John Barrowman (Torchwood) / Karl Urban ressemblance here (see the hangar picture)!!!

I really dig that JJ is wearing an Infocom t-shirt in that third one. :)

Spiked canon…nice enthusiasm….bad spamming

added note on Nimoy

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before.

God love this lines!

Is that transporter room on the enterprise? It seems to look quite a bit different, at least from that shot.

Since before your sun burned hot in space, and before your race was born, I have awaited….this movie’s release.

YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE NIMOY’S HAND in that second scotty’s lab pic. Whooooaaa! I’m geeking out here! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ummm get it right: the pic where the caption reads:JJ with Chris Pine in Scotty’s lab set …that pic is in A SHUTTLE..not a lab

@#2 – Yes! Excellent director hand! Almost shatner-esque, in a way, if I don’t mind saying…

Anthony….not intentional… was busy and I didn’t think it was accepting…however if the movie is awesome when I see it tomorrow. I will put awesome 10 times and make you work. :-) cheers

Looks like Nimoy behind Pine in the “JJ with Chris Pine on Scotty’s lab set” photo, too.

Really cool to see these! I can not wait for tomorrow night!

I love the realism of the final shot in the trailer when they’re on the drilling rig. To see the behind-the-scenes photo with the rig platform in front of a green screen, and the fact that they’re simply on the ground, it has to show that it’s just amazing cinematography and special effects mastery.

JJ and crew nailed it.

I’m liking the Kobayashi Maru (Kelvin derived) simulator set. It seems to have a lot of ENT feel to it.

I think they should have used the Kobayashi Maru set for the Enterprise.

Hey, I wonder if we’ll see some klingon ships during the kobayashi maru test. That’d actually be kind of cool if they used the same footage from TMP as they did in WOK.

Great pics! THANK YOU!

For the “JJ with Chris Pine in Scotty’s lab set” picture, please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a shuttle?



it is both

CTV, Canada’s largest broadcasting company has posted great articles about Vulcan, Alberta, Canada and Bruce Greenwood.


Bruce Greenwood

@31: SPOILER!!!

Yes, they do :)


“Set phasers on…spackle! Cover that Captain’s Crack!

just noticed that the uniforms have front pockets, which i think is interesting since most of the past uniforms never had those.

i like the pockets, don’t get me wrong, they make the uniforms feel more real and less like costumes – but it got me to wondering what a starfleet officer would carry around in his front pockets.

i mean they already have utility belts, and it isn’t like they would have any car or house keys in there.


Don’t even joke about it. Do they?

Did Zoe’s posterior cause that unsightly bulge in the pants of the guy off to the right in the second pic??

I wonder if Uhura can speak Burger Klingon…

These are the only pictures in which I can read the captions without having spoilers, the sets look great.


#38: The uniforms in TOS had pockets. You can see them in some episodes and more clearly in those costume elements that still exist. They had openings near the waistband rather than down the sides.


36: They use klingon ships, or they reuse TMP footage? I saw a comment here that said they *didn’t* reuse TMP footage, but they did use klingon ships – but now it’s gone.

I have been a Trekkie since the age of 5, and I have NEVER been this anxious about a Trek movie like I am right now!!!
I fear I may pee myself in excitement when I finally see it tommorrow.

*note to self; take extra pair of pants to theater*

Looks like Ben Cross (Sarek) is also in the shot of Zack and J.J. in the transporter room.

Can’t wait. Seeing this tomorrow in IMAX!!!!


We are getting oh so close!!!!!. Trek Minus 1day and 4 hours and 25 minutes. I just can’t wait any more. This will be fantastic it will be wonderfull and oh my GOD!!! i am not going to get to sleep tonight. let the Future Begin!!!!!!!

In 20 hours I will have seen Star Trek at the Imax in London! Is it sad that, at 28 years of age, I can honestly say that besides the birth of my niece I have never been this excited in my life??

“JJ with Chris Pine on Scotty’s Lab set” is misnamed – that’s the set for the shuttle, NOT Scotty’s lab on Delta Vega.