TrekInk: Review – Crew #3 + Preview Missions End #3

The story of early years of Star Trek’s first ‘Number One’ continues to be told in the third issue of John Byrne’s "Star Trek Crew" hitting comic stores today. We have a review plus a preview of next week’s comic, the third issue from the series covering the other end of TOS, "Mission’s End".



John Byrne has been writing comic books for years. John Byrne has been a fan of Number One for about the same amount of time. John Byrne is writing a comic book about Number One, and the third issue has just been released. "Ghosts", the title of this issue, suits the story quite aptly. Now a member of the Ventura (NCC-1585 for those of you who might be interested), our heroine is sent down to the surface of what appears to be an abandoned colony planet near the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone. What else do you meet on an abandoned planet, but ghosts?

The beginning of the story plays out like another classic original series episode, and it is obvious that Byrne has a good feeling for the pacing and style of the series. Things begin with what appears to be a mystery scenario, complete with trees that the tricorder claims are carrots. It isn’t long before the ghosts show up, and Byrne quickly pulls the rug out from underneath the reader.

Byrne continues to study the character of Number One and how she grows into who she is when we first met her. In fact, one line stands out in this issue in terms of her attitude and a suggestion as to why she has kept a fairly low rank… it is simply that she isn’t counting. She is there to do a job, and as long as it is done properly, that is satisfaction enough for her.

Using a tricorder takes some skill, especially one of them newfangled carrot based ones… (click to enlarge)

The story ticks along with good pacing and, while largely planet-bound, there is still a feeling of the alien world. The artwork matches this, presenting a planet not unlike Earth, but with something just a little bit off. Late in the story is a flashback scene with some heavy exposition, and Byrne has taken the stylistic choice of presenting this in shaded black and white. This took me back to watching the old episodes on my parents’ black and white television. Changing the color style partway through an issue does not always work, but it works well in this case.

The lettering style of this issue is rather fun too, as there is a style choice taken for one of the characters later in the issue, where one of the characters met has strange emphasis on some of the phrases used. It would seem that these are intentional since it expresses the not-exactly-Human thought processes the character experiences.

The cover of the issue suits the story even better than the first two, and in fact, is almost a double of a panel in the issue. In the last issue, the line drawing version gave more detail, but the colors on the primary cover bring out the potential terror of the scenario far better than simple lines on a page can, in the same way that music makes horror films that much more effective.

Even new places are not this clean… (click to enlarge)

There have been requests recently for spotlights on characters (not just aliens) in the Star Trek universe. With this series, John Byrne is giving us a five issue spotlight on one single character, and shedding some light on her character and growth leading up to the events of "The Cage". The only downfall in this story is the large amount of exposition presented late in the story which slows things down a bit. If you are enjoying the series thus far, don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

Regular and dealer incentive cover for "Crew" #3
(click to enlarge)

Star Trek Crew #3 arrives in in comic stores today. You can order it and other issues from the series from TFAW.








(cvr 1)

(cvr 1)







Mission&#8217s End #3 (May 13) – 5 page preview
Coming up next week from IDW is the third issue from Ty Templeton’s "Mission’ End" series. IDW have sent us a preview of the first five pages, check it out.

(Mission’s End #3 cover & first five pages – click to enlarge)

Mission’s End 1 & 2  is available in comic stores now (see reviews: #1 & #2) and Issue #3 & #4 can be pre-ordered at TFAW.

Star Trek Mission’s End Series






(avail. now)





Look for our review of Mission’s End #3 next Wednesday


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I was always fond of # 1. I wish she had a part in the new movie.

Much saturation… I’m kinda glad STAR TREK is cleaning it’s clock, so to speak…


I agree, that would have been nice.

Cant wait, have just read issues 1 & 2 to both comics !!!! Roll on 11am tomorrow for the new film, skiving work for it !!!!

You know, sometimes I am realy mad at JJ for not exploiting further more those wonderfull characters that were before, like Number One, and making the movie more a supple transition, an evolution, rather than revolution. But then again there is that much you can accommodate into a single film.

I’ve always liked Byrne’s hand. He has a distinct look to his line.

Mission’s End

To the writer, if you’re here: They’re called ‘landing parties,’ not “away teams” in Kirk’s era.

One day more,
Another day, another destiny,
This never ending road to Calvary;
These men who seem to know my crime
Will surely come a second time,
One day more… until Star Trek

If that’s supposed to be Number One she’s a *lot* better looking than the live-action version.

Of course, Byrne can only draw one female face. He just changes the hair around, like a Colorforms kit.

#9 Maybe she was a Salt Vampire like faux-Nancy Crater all along, eh? ;)

#10 Also, you remind me that there MUST have been a Star Trek Colorforms kit in the early 70s, because I think I’m remembering having it.

#1,3 Another of the would-have-been-nices. Passing reference to her even… and to Carol & Janet & Ruth & Janice.. and to little Joanna… and even Sybok… more Easter Eggs. Heck, the “Barracks Officer” played by McGillion could have Finnegan. Oh well.. missed opportunities. We’ll hope they get it right on the next quantum looping 45 years from now! ;)

More characters eats up screen and story time. Remember there are sequels to make…

Query to Alex – is there an adaptation of the new movie? Dosnt appear on any sites to pre order etc

I am confused. Crew was supposed to be a 6 issues mini-series (Byrne said that in his forum), but Chris Ryall recently posted in his blog that it will 5 issues. Do you know anything about that, Alex?

Number One is a fascinating character mostly because she only appeared once, and then was never seen again.

I would have loved to see her and Gary Mitchel in the new movie. JJ missed using a couple of great characters.

Maybe Phase II will do a “Whatever happened to Number One?” episode.

#11… yes there were Trek colorforms. Some on eBuy right now.

Awesome! First!?

Only problem with having Number One in the Trek movies: how do you know it is number one if we never knew her name?

Look for a character with long dark hair?



LOL, good point!

18 – Someone back in the show’s insides told me long ago … either Myna Culbreath, Bjo Trimble, or maybe even DC Fontana that #1 was Brett Chapel, Christine’s older sister.

#13: No adaptions of the new movie announced to date. Sadly. :(

#14: Byrne announced 6 originally. Last I checked, that was revised to 5. I’m expecting 5 issues.

21 – blimey….could we be talking another Wrath of Khan here?

thats so strange considering there was the Countdown comic and everything..

im officially shocked

Number One rules!!


so I take that even in this comic series we still don’t know “Number 1’s” real name?