Star Trek DAC Game Trailer – With Footage From Star Trek Movie

The new Star Trek movie is not getting a traditional adaptation video game, however Paramount has put together a fun $10 downloadable arcade space-shooter ‘inspired by Star Trek’ called Star Trek D-A-C. They have just released the game trailer which you can see below. The trailer includes some cool ship-on-ship action footage from the Star Trek movie.


Star Trek DAC Trailer

[also at YouTube]

Star Trek DAC will be available as a download for $10 at XBOX Live Arcade on May 13th (worldwide, except Japan and Korea). More info at

It will be available for PS3 later in the summer. It may also be coming out on PC, but no date estimate yet for that.

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It’s like Asteroids, but all the asteroids are MEAN.

It is like the old arcade game the released for ST around the time of TMP, I remember it being very simple, but fun as hell.


gosh darn it, what does DAC stand for?

Don’t Argue Canon

the cut scenes.. is it me or do the phaser shots look like they eminate from random locations?

the game… looks aweful is that really rocket flames out the back of the nacelles? Like so many trek games Paramount should be ashamed to be associated with it


ILM rocks

The trailer itself looks good but the video quality is really crappy. So is the sound. I hope that’s not rocket flames coming out of the back of the nacelles.


Well, I’ll admit that shooting, destroying and killing can be a lot of fun in a video game but I also wrestle with that from a moral standpoint and don’t think it is in the spirit of Trek. But a Trek game about exploration and ethics wouldn’t sell much so… LOCK AND LOAD!

Have seen the new movie this morning 11am (UK time).

Two words: F*@#ING AMAZING !!!!

Will be seeing it again over the weekend.


THis looks amazing.. and im not into video games all that much!

but .. this is CLEAN!




Pure Military Combat!!! I love it!!! Stun is for pansies!!!!!

dammit why are there rocket jets shooting out of the nacelles again?

can anyone explain that?

star wars has really dumbed star trek down… the least common denominator is now catered too.

now trek is no better than anything else.

#4 Hahahaha. Too sad the game wont be avalible on PC.

BTW I’ve just watched the new movie with some non-trekkies friends… WOW, I like it, and they like it too!

At about 27 seconds in, is that the Defiant (DS9’s) or… what is that?

It looks like the worst game I’ve ever seen. Complete rubbish! Sorry, but there it is.

Sorry, I mean #5. XD


# 1 put it best I think

I really don’t think that, in these economic times, I’d buy a $10 game that was like this. I could play Asteroids and just *imagine* the other space debris are in fact Romulans.

First Wing Commander, than Battlestar Galactica and now Star Trek… :(

Exhaust from the nacelles.
The idots.
No thanks.

has anyone else seen ? (possible spoilers!)

I lol’d. pine+quinto=win

With the exception of Star Trek:Judgment Rites by Interplay, all Star Trek games have been crap. Hopefully, there will be a new era of great games.

LMAO@ post #5……. :-)

it might not be “rocket exhaust” it could be a visual manifestation of the impulse engines expending plasma, as we know they do, from The Undiscovered Country. BTW i know that the nacelles arent the impulse engines.

Divide & Conquer?

@23. That’s “idiots” you idiot

Oh great… now something else the “fans” can slate… and maybe the effect from the nacels is to give a good impression of movement.. Oh FFS quit looking for things to moan over.

Looks good, won’t buy, will torrent.

Also, just back from seeing Star Trek in the cinema. My god that was amazing, if the cinema wasn’t closed now I’d be seeing it again

Hey all, I just got back from a screening in the UK and i have to say, the film was amazing! Just as Trek should be – back at the top of sci-fi!

#32.. Great to hear mate, I am off to see it at 14:20 at the VUE in Staines, can’t bloody wait!.. then off to see it again at the London IMAX on Sunday.

DAC-Dogshit And Crap

I pointed this out to you guys 2 days ago! Sheesh!

Just kidding, I know how hard you work. Well done!

The rocket exhaust is a notable error. It’s a mistake that (fortunately) has never been made before.
Also, if the somebody (the director, I assume) thought that pulse phasers look “cooler” or “more powerful,” that might be something to rethink about. Weapons that fire continuously are more useful. That’s why machine guns were invented.

this movie looks like it is going to be great!!!

Net Essentials Llc.

Saw the film at 1 minute past midnight in Sheffield. Even at that time, the cinema was busy – busier than similar showings of crystal skull and phantom menace.

It’s a romp. I had some fears about the film but none of them were realised. I came out of the cinema grinning like loon as did many others.

It’s such a busy film, I will need to see it again to take it all in.

#34… Yep Dogshit and Crap certainly sums your post up… Oh and #36 also… get a life….

This just looks like a fun little shooter with Star Trek trimmings.

If you wanted a longer, in-depth game about exploration and personal interactions, it was never going to happen.

A) The developers didn’t have time.
B) It would have sucked, as most big budget movie-game tie-ins do.

There’ll probably be a bigger budget “Trek” game by the time the sequel comes out. And it’ll probably suck.

#40 At last… a sensible take on this product.. it aint meant to be big budget, just a cheap and quick “kick around” game.. a bit of a fun distraction… well summed up.. and at last… sense!

they should have done it side-scrolling Gradius-style.

Just come back from cinema
In a word………….wow

Worth the wait, seeing it again, can’t wait for the next one and my wife loved it too!

don’t believe all the hype… it’s much better

Star trek is going to live long and prosper

#43 I agree with you, it’s deff a wow film, i’m still buzzing from seeing it 2 hours ago. The showing i saw was also very busy, a lot more people in there than i’ve noticed for previous trek films, so that shows you how much attention this one is getting. From what i could gather there were also a lot of ‘newbies’ watching it, who (including trek/sci fi fans) left the cinema saying how great it was, so thats really positive.

Have just seen the movie.

Really good.

I’m glad i knew as much as i did about the back story, from watching the series, movies and reading the books/comics.

That made Kirk better, Spock way better (I loved Quinto and his Spock), Uhura, Chekov and Sulu I loved. Nero was cool. Really cool, and Bana REALLY good. But why? I have to agree with what I’ve read in reviews, his motivation isn’t fleshed out nearly enough. His venom is a little diluted by that.

As a whole, It was more familiar to me than I expected it to be. Which I think is good. Undoubtedly Star Trek.

I need a few hours to digest, and cannot wait for Saturday and IMAX.
I thought BSG ended well first-time. After the third time I thought it fantastic. I could put on the Wrath of Khan now and surprise myself by seeing/hearing something new.

All i need now is a special-features-laden DVD by my birthday in november … anyone agree?

To anyone complaining about ‘rocket flames’ from the nacelles: please go see the film, and get blown away. Trust me, you will not care about rocket flames afterwards. :P

Its NOT rocket exhaust . The rear end of teh nacelles ‘glow’ in this incarnation and when the ship moves that light stays there for a sec…kinda like waving a sparkler in the air and the light stays there fro a sec even after the sparkler has moved.

#47 I agree with you, its just an effect that they’ve used and i think it works pretty well on screen, nothing to complain about if you ask me :)

I’ll get it… who knows, it might be fun. :)

Okay, about the “rocket exhaust” . . . IT ISN’T ROCKET EXHAUST!! I don’t know what the heck it is supposed to be, but it’s definitely not that! If anyone has played STAR TREK: TACTICAL ASSAULT for the PSP or Nintendo DS, you’ll notice that all the ships there have something similar.

I’m feeling inclined to take #27’s theory.

In any case, I hope this game comes out for PC, hope it’s Windows XP – compatable. If not, I’ll upgrade.

Can’t wait to see the movie.