The Wait Is Over – Star Trek Day Is Here + Opening Day Tidbits

You knew that headline was coming. It is finally here. This evening fans across the country (and the world) are finally seeing Star Trek’s big return to the big screen. For today’s tidbits we have some newish photos, box office predictions, more reviews, an interesting Spock video essay, and more.


Reminder: Tickets available online (including IMAX)
As we will begin every tidbits, we remind you that you can now buy advanced tickets (including early shows) for Star Trek at Fandango. You can also get tickets for IMAX at Fandango. And by buying your tickets from Fandango, you are supporting For locations that don’t have tickets available through Fandango, try

Another Reminder: New Reader Review Page
TrekMovie has more site reviews lined up, but what about the fans? Well we have set up a page for reader reviews, so if you have seen the movie, write your own review.

TrekMovie wants to see your premiere experience, so send in any interesting photos to tips [@] trekmovie [dot] com.

New(ish) pictures
We linked to some of these before, but today Paramount made the widely available and we have them in high res.
[note some captions have minor spoilers]

Click images to enlarge

Enterprise leaves Space Dock

Bones and Kirk head for space dock…and see a certain ship

Hangar at Starfleet Academy

Kirk bumps head on shuttle headed to SFA

Nero on bridge of Narada

Kirk faces his accuser (Mr. Spock)

Spock accuses Kirk of cheating

George Kirk in command of USS Kelvin bridge

Winona Kirk holds baby Jim

Box Office Predictions
The new guessing game is all about how much the movie will do in its opening weekend. JJ Abrams and Paramount are lowballing, with numbers in the $45-$50Million range. But the Derby at Box Office Mojo has the domestic opening weekend at $74.4M and is projecting Star Trek to make $70M.  The only real data we have so far is that Fandango tells us that Star Trek is now accounting for 91% of their online sales and it is outpacing where Wolverine was last week. One note of caution is that online sales are not neccesarily reflective of overall sales, plus Wolverine was on about 6% more screens than Star Trek.

Review Watch – Trek a hit with the critics – WaPo issues a prayer
Star Trek remains the highest current wide release film at the two ranking sites: with 85% at Metacritic and 94% at Rotten Tomatoes. The Yahoo Movies critics summary gives the film a B+.

Some of today’s positive reviews from top critics:

  • New York Times "The spirit of adventure and embrace of rationality that define the show are in full swing"
  • LA Times: "sci-fi epic mind-melds Roddenberry’s vision with J.J. Abrams’ sense of entertainment: epic storytelling and ramped-up action"
  • USA Today: "an energetic sci-fi extravaganza, with spectacular action sequences and nifty visuals. "
  • NPR: "the point of a reboot isn’t really to tell a tale; it’s to ensure that the underlying enterprise can go on. Abrams has done that, for sure,"
  • Time: "a real family film, relatively light on the violence and funny without being overly crude" [link includes video interview with JJ Abrams]

Really the only major critic was from he New Yorker, which had this (cue the torches and pitchforks) comment:

This theme of alternative reality is clumsily worked, and not a patch on its tighter, more alluring, and thus much scarier treatment in “Coraline.” Its effect here is to saddle us with two Mr. Spocks, one from the vulnerable present and one from the comforting future, and its main purpose, I suspect, is to drag in Leonard Nimoy, who these days makes Bela Lugosi look like Zac Efron, and thus insure that all the “Star Trek” scholars in the audience will have to hurry home and change their underwear.

But the most interesting review of the day comes from The Washington Post, which had their positive review in the form of a prayer, it starts off thusly:

Let us pray.

Lord of "Star Trek" and all its spinoffs, we thank thee for a movie that, against all odds, has miraculously resurrected a wheezing but beloved franchise.

We thank thee for an origin story that, unlike such recent downers featuring the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine, pays affectionate respect to its source material but never falls into the trap of slavish worship.

We thank thee for a cast of bright young actors who plunge headlong into the spirit of "Star Trek" at its most goofily straight-faced, saying some of the show’s most familiar catchphrases as if for the very first time, and capturing the gestures and physical habits of their characters.

Essay on Spock
L Magazine has a long, but worth checking out and very interesting video essay on Mr. Spock.



JJ Abrams on Jimmy Fallon

Zoe Saldana on Jimmy Kimmel

John Cho on Jay Leno


Zoe in Latina (click to read interview)

Talk show list updated – Don’t forget Nimoy to do Top 10
The Trek stars are fanning across the talk shows and TV stations, here are the latest videos. Tune in for these upcoming appearances:

  • Thursday 5/7: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – John Cho
  • Thursday 5/7: "Late Show with David Letterman" (CBS) – Leonard Nimoy (doing top 10 as Spock)
  • Friday 5/8: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (ABC) – Chris Pine
  • Friday 5/8: "Tavis Smiley" (PBS) – JJ Abrams
  • Friday 5/8: "The View" (ABC) – Leonard Nimoy
  • Friday 5/8: "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" (NBC) – Leonard Nimoy & Zachary Quinto

Also tune into the TV Guide Channel tonight at 8PM for a special on Star Trek.

Finally: Lost Parody
JJ Abrams two projects crash together:

Tidbits bits
Even more Star Trek stuff for you:

Trek v Wars


Thanks to all the tipsters

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Here we go!

I honestly think we can outperform last week’s wolverine returns…

Well, I’ve seen it twice so far. Once it German and once in English.

You can read my review in the comment section of this article:
(you’ll have to scroll down a bit, it’s #267)

@#1: Why the hell are so many people obsessed with being the first one to comment?

Great to see this day finally unfold…^^ Saw the movie on Wednesday in Germany. It is terrific but not perfect. Considering most aspects the best Trek movie to date.

Everybody enjoy!

Saw it last night in IMAX at a preview showing, seeing it again Saturday.

Absolutely blown away by this film. Been a trekker since the early ’70s as a young kid.

I want MORE of this Trek. Moves AND TV please.

“I’ve been waiting for this day……This is exciting”. My Wife and I have tickets for “Star Trek” at an IMAX theater on Sunday. Never been to an IMAX, I hope it will be awesome!

I saw the movie and find it the BEST Star Trek film made!!!!!

Just back home from the Imax screening across the other side of the country (it’s a small country).

I think I’m more relieved than anything else – they really didn’t make a mess of things and apart from some minor niggles that I’ve seen shared by other people, it worked for me.

The wait is not over… I want Star Trek 2.0 part 2 asap please!!

And Quinto was great I thought, I liked his take on Spock very much. Not aping Nimoy but clearly conflicted. The audience were Scottish and laughed a lot at Simon Pegg and the hubbub going out seemed to be very positive indeed.

I must check my diary for next week…

Hooray! Going to see it tomorrow night at a local old-fashioned “Movie Palace” in Brattleboro, Vermont. Looking forward to it!

Saw the film yesterday midnight, and again tonight. Going again soon. Can you tell I enjoyed it? :P

I saw it last night (I’m in Australia). It was unreal! What an awesome movie.



But I’m still sad about Vulcan. Now this isn’t a rant against canon actually, it’s just sad that Vulcan was destroyed.

Pike’s line to Nero “You just committed genocide against a peaceful people” sums up the loss perfectly.

Saw the movie tonight. Loved it.

I have to say, the new Enterprise design looked very nice on the big screen.

Minor Spoilers!

WOW! saw the movie at 6:30 at Imax in Melbourne, and there was a good vibe among the crowd even before the movie started.The star trek theme was playing before the movie, getting everyone in the mood beforehand.
The opening scene is amazing, just wished i could of seen more of Captain Robau.

Effects were spectacular, the character moments really hit home, the mannerisms and phrases of the crew all homaging the original’s performances, and there was even a slight cheer when Spock Prime appeared!

The only things that irked me were 1) The romance in the film was alluded to WAY too subtly before being slapping us in the face with it, and
2) the shaky ‘bay’ style camera work made it hard to follow the action scenes, although this could be because we are used to seeing starships always oriented the right way, and slow panning shots of the ships, not 360 views like JJ has done.

And of course, the defining moment was the monologue by spock prime, which made us realise this movie was made just to get them on the bridge, the real adventures of the enterprise are still to come, and i say BRING IT ON!


I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed your website immensely and will continue to do so. You have made this new Star Trek even more special by creating an international hub for a multitude of Star Trek fans. You and your staff should be very proud of your incredible accomplishments.

I can’t wait to see what trekmovie has in store for the future.


Well said Chris.

I did know the headline was coming, and I can’t freakin wait!

Thanks for everything Anthony!!

Ah Newsweek. So typical. The Republicans are the evil characters and the Democrats are the heroes. Only problem is both parties want the same thing…a big spending, big government that controls the individual through regulation, taxation and the destruction of your Liberty.

It’s time to fight back!

At least Newsweek picked the best Enterprise; The Constitution class refit!

Yes! The wait is over! I can not express how excited I am! The first showing starts in one hr at 7pm in my small town. But I am not going to see the movie till 12pm tomorrow. The only reason is that I was able to convince my GF to see the movie! I am also taking the day off from work to go see this. Its been a long 3yrs since the movie was first announced, and ever since the beginning I have been coming her to trekmovie to get my fix of Trek every morning. Anthony you have done an INCREDIBLE job on this site. And I continue to look forward to see what the future brings to this site and Trek itself.

“Let us pray.

“Lord of “Star Trek” and all its spinoffs, we thank thee for a movie that, against all odds, has miraculously resurrected a wheezing but beloved franchise.

“We thank thee for an origin story that, unlike such recent downers featuring the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine, pays affectionate respect to its source material but never falls into the trap of slavish worship.

“We thank thee for a cast of bright young actors who plunge headlong into the spirit of “Star Trek” at its most goofily straight-faced, saying some of the show’s most familiar catchphrases as if for the very first time, and capturing the gestures and physical habits of their characters.”

Hmmm. Not a bad liturgy, if missing the properly conjugated Edwardian verbs and wonderful vocabulary of the Book of Common Prayer.

And from the heretical Washington Post no less. Be still my heart!

C.S. Lewis

D’oh! L-I-T-A-N-Y not liturgy. Double d’oh!

Humbly and apologetially,
C.S. Lewis

*highfives everybody*

Newsweek. Pfft. The weekly chronicle of satan if ever there was one. And as a card-carrying Mensan, I find their comparisons highly illogical.

C.S. Lewis

oh yea !!!!! STAR TREK , HERE I COME !!!!

i just saw the movie – twice. I am speechless. It is a most phenomenal film, my expectationbs wrre high but fearful, but i came out of it amazed. Abrams and his team did a most excellent job, well deserving to be paid for to see at a theatre

Just got out of the film… And I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Not gonna ruin it for anyone though, will post detailed comments later.

So do the nacelle caps ever turn red or what?


Didn’t you know, that blue is in style this summer ? Some say it’s the new red.

And I’m the exact opposite of “disappointed in the movie.” Just walked out and thought it was fantastic. Everyone who hasn’t seen it yet make sure and go. You owe it to yourself.

Going to catch the afternoon showing tomorrow. I’m too excited, I’ll never get to sleep tonight………and I’m 48 years old! Thanks J.J., Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzeman (sp?) for letting me feel 12 years old again!

“The wait is not over… I want Star Trek 2.0 part 2 asap please!!”

So would that make it Star Trek 2.2? jk ;)

I just seen it. My fears were unfounded. It is still Trek.

Thumbs up.

Just saw it!

Dear Orci, Kurtzman, Abrams, Lindelof, Burke, and the entire cast:

Thank you for saving the franchise.

Thank you for bringing Star Trek back to us!

#26 – no, the caps never glow red. They do however glow bright bluish-white at one point.

I just got home from seeing Star Trek. By far the best Star Trek movie. Khan is no match for the new Trek! I thought it was a perfect balance of action, comedy and heart. There really isn’t anything I found in the movie that was cliche or forced as far as the acting went. I can’t wait to see it again and again!!

It did suck about Vulcan though. :o(…

I just got home from one of the most exciting movie experiences in recent memory. It’s not perfect, but pretty damn close!

All I can say (for now *) is OMIGAWD!!!!

RUN, do not walk! Run to the nearest theatre. Do it!

*review to come after I organize my thoughts and feelings on this.

Isn’t it funny how each political party assumes Star Trek reflects it’s ideals and not those of the other party’s (see the Star Trek/Star Wars comparison above).
I’m a conservative independent, and see a LOT of my belief system in Trek, including a tolerance for diversity, yet staying true to one’s values.
I suspect my liberal friends also see their beliefs reflected in Roddenberry’s vision. As Bob Orci mentioned in another thread, we shouldn’t be so foolish as to let the mainstream media stereotype and divide us.
I suspect most conservatives and liberals have a lot more in common than many would lead us to believe.

I just saw the movie… not going to reveal anything, but I have to say it was downright amazing. Thanks Trekmovie for keeping up so well… It was indeed a great journey.

just got back from my viewing too. it was amazing. yes little things could have been changed. the last nimoy scene i felt was a bit rushed, and my retinas need some retnox 5 thanks to the lense flare. but other than that it was just the star trek fix ive needed. more so even.

10 out of 10

I have not posted on this site, but I can no longer stay silent. This movie was awesome. If you truly love trek, you will love this movie


Bruce Greenwood will be on CBC’s popular night talk show “The Hour” tonight. It is available in Canada and U.S. border towns only.

I Just saw it… and It was way way way better than I expected! The comedy, action, suspense just blow my mind. Way to go JJ. Way to bring this to a new generation, THANK YOU.

Worst Movie Ever. This was a big middle finger to all true fans of Star Trek. By going back and changing everything, they destroyed all the other series and movies. They never happened!

It was an ok stand alone movie, but if you liked anything that ever came before, then your pretty much s.o.l

When I was in college, writing news and sports for the student newspaper, one of my colleagues who reviewed movies invited me to join him for an exclusive midnight showing of ‘Star Trek III,’ which he was reviewing for the next day’s paper. A quarter century later, he’s still at it, now writing for the Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette. Here’s what he had to say about the new Trek:

“There are certain things you don’t expect to find in a ‘Star Trek’ movie: joyriding teens, sky-diving, the music of the Beastie Boys. But director J.J. Abrams includes all of these — and many more surprises — in his version of ‘Star Trek,’ an ambitious, audacious and altogether fascinating revitalization of a well-known property. It’s a ‘Star Trek’ for people who think they don’t like ‘Star Trek.'” – James Sanford, Kalamazoo Gazette

Well said, James!

That pic of Obama vs. Bush/ ST vs. SW was stupid. People shouldn’t mix Sci Fi and politics.

(you know they might have compared Clinton to Kirk back in the day now look, he’s Pike all diseased and junk)

So you never know, 20 years from now Pres. Obama might be compared with Nero.

You never know.

Just a suggestion, maybe you should create a page as a forum for spoiler-laden talkbacks? Just to try to keep it out of the other articles?


The wait IS over

Got home a while ago. Still digesting it all, but the magic was captured. The characters were always what was important to me and that was captured very well.

Despite no Shat, I still really liked this and look forward to more.

Well done.

I just saw it.
Evokes Star Trek the way the Lost in Space movie resembled the original.
Too much CGI.
Too much reliance on gags and devices.
Drilling rig. Yawn.
Romulan villans are worse than “Nemesis” bad.
Story= weak.
140 million?Where?
Yuck.Hated it.

The first word that comes to mind is EPIC.

The second word that comes to mind is FAN-TASTIC!

Bob Orci, you were right. My non-Trekkie wife understood and enjoyed the movie, and, well… I was gushing from the first frame anyway, but I loved it.

Thanks again – that really was two-and-a-half years worth the wait and paid off handsomely. Looking forward to an IMAX showing sometime in the near future, the Blu-Ray release, and a sequel.

I have been a Star Trek fan for forty years and I just watched the movie earlier tonight. I must say that this is the best Trek movie ever! It has everything a good Trek movie needed. A bigger budget, great story, good acting, and lots of action, also enjoyed the handheld camera stuff.
I’m going back to see it again. Bravo!