Star Trek Brings In $7 Million Thursday Night + Online New Ticket Buyer Polling Data

The critics love it and the fans love it (based on our current poll), so the big question remaining is, will the rest of the film going audience love it. We won’t know that until the weekend is over, but the numbers are in for Thursday and they are very good. Star Trek racked up $7 million dollars last night in domestic tickets sales. More below, including interesting polling data from the online sales sites.


A big Thursday
Star Trek’s early shows on Thursday night were a hit, with Variety reporting it brought in $7M from the 7PM-midnight shows. To put that in context, last May Paramount opened Iron Man with some early Thursday shows and it brought in a bit over $4M, but went on to rake in a total of $98 Million for its opening weekend, and went on to be the the second highest grossing film of the year with $318 Million domestically. Also last weekend Wolverine kicked off its huge weekend with $4M from just midnight shows on Thursday (although Wolverine played in 6.5% more theaters than Trek).

This is all good news for Paramount as day 1 was a success, but these are only tea leaves. Last night was the fan base going out in force, but the real test will be the main movie going audience for this weekend and then to see if the film has ‘legs’ going into the rest of the summer facing off against Angels and Demons next weekend and Terminator 4 the weekend after that.

The Variety report had this note of caution:

Based on tracking, Par, along with some of its rivals, doesn’t expect "Star Trek" to come close to "Iron Man’s" opening gross, or even the $85 million earned by "Wolverine" last weekend. Nonetheless, a number of films have overperformed in recent months.


STAR TREK polling data
Both of the big online ticket sales sites have shared their recent polling data with

Fandango polls Trek fans
Online ticketing site Fandango has been running an online poll of Trek Ticket buyers. 91% of those who chose to take the poll consider themselves Trek fans (note: most ticket buys do not participate in the optional poll). Fandango has given TrekMovie and exclusive look at the data those who participated in the poll AND said they consider themselves Star Trek fans:

Here is out the Trek fans break down:


  • sex:
    69% male /
    31% female
  • age: 20% 18-24 /
    26% 25-34 /
    42% 35-49 /
    12% other

Levels of Trek fandom (question: what of the following have you participated in?) :

  • 78% purchased Trek on DVD
  • 57% purchased Trek Toy or collectible
  • 51% Read Trek novel
  • 37% Read Trek comic book
  • 33% Attended convention
  • 7% written fan fiction

Favorite Star Trek movie:

  • 38% II
  • 16% FC
  • 13% IV
  • 6% GEN
  • 6% VI
  • 5% NEM
  • 5% TMP
  • 5% III
  • 3% INS
  • 3% V

Favorite series:

  • 43% TNG
  • 33% TOS
  • 9% DS9
  • 9% VOY
  • 6% ENT

More facts

  • 28% will take time off work/school
  • 10% will go in costume
  • 37% going with friend(s) / 26% with family / 23% date / 10% solo
  • 36% answered ‘yes’ to if they are ‘upset William Shatner is not in Star Trek’


MovieTickets data: high awareness with women
Also has been conducting an online poll of female ticket buyers (Apr. 21 – May 3) and 52 percent are aware of the film “Star Trek” with 63 percent of those aware of the film intend to see “Star Trek” opening weekend. According to MovieTickets, this is the highest pre-release polling numbers for females at for 2009

Additionally, the film is tracking well across all age groups at, save 60-plus. Three of the five age groups polled Apr. 21 – May 3 boasted intent to see opening weekend numbers over 70 percent, including 25-34s (70%), 35-44s (76%) and 45-59s (78%). Under-25s are currently at 58 percent, while 60-plus is at 11 percent.

Star Trek is also No. 1 on’s  moviegoers list of the next movie they intend to see in theaters. It’s tops for males, females, Under-25s, 25-34s, 35-44s and 45-59s. It’s second amongst 60-plus, behind “Angels & Demons.”

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Not bad for day one…..JJ has no doubt done something right!


… still disappointed.

I for one plan on seeing it every day this weekend at least once, if not twice.

Okay, so the accountants have paid Nimoy, Cho, Yelchin, some of the extras and the folks at ABC for letting them advertise during Lost. Not bad for what amounts to 3 showings

Already watched it three times and going to see it some more ;)

That’s an encouraging figure for a five-hour span, I think…

I’m cautiously optimistic that the movie will be able to match, if not exceed, the opening-weekend numbers for Wolverine.

Either way, I’m sure this will do better in terms of repeat viewers. :)


About what?

Just came back from the movie about an hour ago. Wow, what an amazing ride! I plan on seeing it at least two more times.

oh look its made more than nemesis already :P (joke)

I saw it a second time to show my support.

I think it will be a big hit… people are ready for a truly exciting and epic space movie after the letdowns of the SW prequels. And Trek is only fulfilling the potential it always had, stepping back in to fill the gap.

H-town is representing (15 in my group) Friday, 9:55 p.m., Edwards Marque IMAX, Katy Freeway (sold out!). I’ll have a “ Houston Chapter” on me. ;-)

I am going to see it again this weekend. I think good word of mouth will sell this baby, ultimately. Especially the younger generation, as the older non-trekkers will be more entrenched in their views of its geekness. The younger kids will not be as prejudiced, me thinks.


But, how many theaters is Trek in compared to Wolverine?

i live beside the tallest cinema in europe…and i went there today to discover only ONE Star trek poster outside while they had about 15 wolverine ones everywhere…majorly disappointing.

i have made my contribution, and loved it!!! Live long and prosper Star Trek!!!

I was at Cerritos “Edward’s Theater” CA last night. They did not advertise but there was a small crowd in attendance. I liked the movie. It was cannon and new at the same time. All of the actors were believable and held the screen when needed. The action was there ALL of the time and I didn’t see any lack if interest.

I see this beginning a new run of Movies (or maybe a TV series?).

Saw it last night. Loved it. Was thoroughly entertained. Very subdued audience though, no clapping or cheering =(

Acting was awesome! But someone should have fixed Leonard Nimoys dentures. They seemed a bit loose.

I hope it makes a ton of money. I want to see more!

Saw it Thursday night, crowd wasn’t that big. Saw it again @ noon today, crowd was bigger. Oh & I LOVED it, great movie. Bob Orci if you’re reading, thank everyone for a great ride.

I saw it this morning with my brother. All our apprehensions and misgivings were largely allayed and we both enjoyed ourselves a lot. For all the changes, it very much felt like Star Trek. It was great to see Leonard Nimoy again and the new cast is very good. The clips shown in commercials and trailers don’t do them justice and they need to be seen within the context of the film to be appreciated. I have to especially tip my hat to Chris Pine, for subtly working in some of Shatner’s mannerisms into his role; Zachary Quinto for beautifully walking the tightrope between Spock’s human and Vulcan halves; and especially Karl Urban for channeling the late DeForest Kelley without ever falling into parody. All three did a great job and the chemistry between them was clearly visible and felt genuine. Looking forward to seeing this movie again (hopefully before the weekend is out) and eventually getting it on BluRay. I hope the mainstream audiences embrace it; I’d love to see more adventures with this cast.

Bravo to JJ Arams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzmann and everybody else involved. You guys did a great job and I’m extremely happy to say that I was wrong in doubting your ability to make a good Star Trek movie.

Hmmm. 7 milion? Is that good? To be honest, in my country, I watched in a barely half full theater.

I’ve seen the movie yesterday and it was simply awesome… I feel like I’ve been inside the nexus and the only thing on my mind is going back!

But here in Belgium there seems to be almost no promotion for the movie. I still haven’t seen any Star Trek posters, while there were posters for Wolverine almost everywhere…

hey if you don’t like the idea of this film, just at it as a necessary evil.

if this fails theres no chance of a tng or ds9 revival and thats the end of this series period, I grew up with tng, ds9 in the 90’s and the star trek films and I don’t want it to die just because of Rick Berman’s insistance on techno babble, boring characters and ugly uni collored sets,

besides if we hate it JJ will read our opinions on it and make sure NOT to make the same mistakes like Rick did and drag it on for 4 movies, two tv shows and two ugly ships (granted I did like the look of voyager and the enterprise e looked good from the top)

This is great knowing that last night did so well. I saw it last night at the 10:00 showing in Houston, and I have a group of 12 going tonight to the Alamo Drafthouse in Katy. Whoop!

This movie is just an amazing experience, and I really hope it does something close to how Wolverine did last weekend (or dare I say better???)

I saw it last night at 7 in Iowa City, (twenty mi from Riverside). Unfortunately the theater was only a quarter or third full. Apparently they didn’t do a lot of advertising for the early showings. But there was an at least seven foot tall poster for the movie right at the doorway.

I’m hoping to see the movie at least 20 times in the theater. I’m planing to see it again tonight, have already made plans to see it tomorrow with a friend, and am taking my Mom there for Mother’s Day the day after. (My Mom is a total Trekkie and the one Who got me into Star Trek. Also, we went to the showing last night together.)


So twice as much money in fewer theatres? That’s great news!

by the way im going to go see it on tuesday in the middle of the afternoon, so its not going to be that full for me like with quantom of sollace, and the auto shops open, my parking boring characters broke after I came out at 11 at night!

by the way im going to go see it on tuesday in the middle of the afternoon, so its not going to be that full for me like with quantom of sollace, and the auto shops open, my parking Brake broke after I came out at 11 at night!

sorry I’m still half awake

Saw it in a packed Imax on Thursday. This morning, I saw it again at a 10:30 am showing on a standard screen in a stadium-seating multiplex. The theater was only 1/4 full. Still, that’s slightly over 100 people during work-day hours. The same theater had rented out the whole auditorium for their 10:00 am show and the usher said that the 11:00 and 12:00 start times had about the same size crowd my showing did. As I left, people were lined up for the 12:30 and 1:00 shows.

Of course, the crowd wasn’t full of young hipsters and trendsetters. I was one of the more physically fit specimens in the room- and I go nearly 3 bills. Fashion quality was quite low, and judging by body language, I’m guessing a number of people in the room have first hand knowledge of the terror that is the swirly.

In the category of “you can’t make this stuff up,” two fellow viewers actually had to use their inhalers to calm their excitement when the big E got her glamor shot.

In other words, the joy of Abrams Trek has not yet spread beyond the nerd herd in my neck of the woods.

I saw it last night. I have 8 hours of teacher certification tests tomorrow, so I can’t go again today or tomorrow. Dammit.

I saw it last night, and was underwhelmed at the turn out! Less than 1/8 of the theater was full. Even so, we were an enthusiastic bunch :) Cheering, applause, and laughter abound!

Since it’s unlikely that we’ll get a TV series set in this new continuity (though I beg you to prove me wrong, JJ!), what’s the likelihood of original novels? There’s a heck of a lot of material to open for exploration…

I’m very conflicted about this movie, parts of me really liked it and there were parts I did not care for like parts of the story and some of the production. Overall, it is a very good Trek film and I’ll see it again to formalize my stance on it. Though, I am surprised, I think it’s a little overrated by many here. Best Trek, I don’t think so, though very good all the same.

SEVEN PERCENT of those who purchased tickets through Fandango have written Star Trek fanfic?

Holy CRAP.

I will going with som friends in Nashville to the 1:10 showing at the regal IMAX. I think fans have known about Thursday, but the mainstream media on TV – Leno, Letterman, Kimmel – all were talking on thier shows about how it opened Friday – when John Q Public gets their vote in.

Todays figures are great – We find out over the weekend if the regular public is going to buy in.

Iron Man made $5 million opening day, so this is a wonderful number for Star Trek.

I saw it last night in IMAX, and I very much enjoyed it overall. I have mixed feelings after getting over the high of seeing it. There are a few things that bothered me about it (still love it, but just scratching my head).


It bothers me that old Spock didn’t want to go back to his time, prevent the black hole from happening in the first place and fix the timeline. It seems to me he would be very motivated to fix the timeline since the result of the black hole is the destruction of Vulcan, the early death of Kirk’s father and the early death of Spock’s mother.

The plot about Nero wanting to take the destruction of Romulus out on everyone immediately was hard for me to swallow for some reason, but I’ll take it. I was expecting something mind blowing based on the hype… but this enemy and plot were average to below average for Trek.

I thought the character development was excellent and the cast was near perfect. Checkov was a little annoying to me and slightly overdone, but I loved the rest of them. I was disappointed in the music which has always been a character in itself in the Trek movies. The melody was weak. It’s going to sound cheesy, but I wanted some hint of a Trek cue when the ship first appears, classic theme or Goldsmith. Oh well. We got it at the end.

I love that Abrams added more silliness and grit to Trek. The lighting and special effects made this film feel more real than any other Trek film. The special effects by far exceeded any Trek film to date, no doubt.

Spock’s ship looked like the underwater vessel from Star Wars Ep1. Some of the sound effects sounded like Star Wars too. The snow planet reminded me of Hoth… but I guess any ice planet would. The bigger animal eating the smaller animal also reminded me of Ep1. And Scotty’s little lizard friend reminded me of a cross between Guido and an Ewok.

I can’t really rate this film on a 1 to 10, because it’s so different. I will say that in the hours after seeing it, I put it 4th behind Khan, First Contact and Voyage Home. The special effects, camera shots and direction were the best of any of the films in my opinion. But the plot problems kept me from being completely blown away. I’ll be curious to see if the next film (who are we kidding, there will definitely be another one) will attempt to fix the timeline, or if they’ll continue in the alternate reality so they won’t have to worry about continuity and cannon. The sad thing is if they fix the timeline, these wonderful moments of meeting the characters in this way will be nullified. I think Abrams is trying to say that we’ll meet our destiny regardless of whether history is changed… but anyway, I guess we’ll have to see the next movie before casting final judgment.

Sorry for the babbling. I’m going to see it again next week, so maybe my thoughts will change. Some of the exposition was spit out so fast, I might have got some of it completely wrong.

32. I saw a very normal mix of people. A lot more younger people than I expected. I’m also a very fit “specimen”.

I wonder why we all take this so personally. I do too. If the movie isn’t the biggest hit since Lord of the Rings, I feel a bit sad even though I haven’t even seen it yet. Do we need to share the joy to feel it?

I’m going on Saturday with a bunch of people. Can’t do those midnight shows anymore. Those are fueled on caffeine and sugar. Not for me. I do plan to see it again on Monday.

Saw it a second time today, again in IMAX, the 1:30PM show. Theater was 95 to 100% full. Might have been a few empty seats in the first couple of rows. Enjoyed it even more the 2nd time. The audience seemed to skew younger than last night. More 20-somethings this time around. Good reactions again, especially to some of the material aimed more to the ‘mainstream’ crowd. I tried to remember to look for some things I missed the first time around (tribble, MBR’s computer voice), but I was so wrapped up in the adventure that I usually forget to check. I think that’s a good sign!

I saw it in London on the IMAX there to a full cinema at 3pm GMT. I feel like I can’t compare it to the other films as it isn’t like them in any way, all the others feel slow and slugish next to this. It’s isn’t the best but it is very good, all I say is roll on the next one.

Spoiler Talk:

@ Dubb in #39,

Old Spock never had the chance. Nero took his ship right off the bat, then his younger self did what he did. Old Spock was stuck.

Besides, given the nature of a multiverse, Spock Prime’s Vulcan was unharmed by the destruction of Spock 2.0’s Vulcan

I saw it last night at 11PM. Enjoyed it ! I could have used less shakey cam actions shots though. I was a bit dizzy at the end credits. Perhaps I’m just getting old.


I missed the tribble both times myself. MBR’s voice is most noticeable when Kirk is waking up in the pod on Delta Vega.

I’ve written a review (kinda spoiler filled though)

feel free to let me know what you think :)

I went to both the premier of Wolverine last week and Star Trek this week in my local theater in rural Iowa…. Theater was about 3/4s full for both premiers Star Trek got the best croud reaction… Esp. when the Iowa scenes came up.. A local comic book shop was having a costume contest and 1 person showed up dressed as Admiral Kirk that was it.. although when i was coming out of the first showing I saw a bunch of people dressed up

I just got off the phone with my brother, also an old Trekkie (we don’t call ourselves Trekkers).

He and his wife had this to say about it:

“…blown away….”

“….don’t know how a sequel can top it…”

“…loved Scotty’s brogue….”

“….was by far the best of all Trek movies…”

“….just incredible, incredible….”

“….the cinematography was off the chart….”

He was there in 1966 right along with me, watching the Salt Vampire and Charlie X, still in his diapers.

He and his wife will be seeing it again along with her dad this weekend.

My wife and I will be going again tonight or Sunday at the matinee.



Spock didn’t want to go back to his timeline to prevent the destruction of Vulcan because he read TrekMovie’s write-up on alternate realities. Vulcan still exists in the prime timeline, and his departure to “fix” things would not have altered Vulcan in the new timeline.

I disagree with you (and most fans) about Checkov. I actually think his performance was one of the more refreshing surprises of the movie. In the show, he was just short Russian who was arrogant about his home country and low on the fist-fighting skills. The whole savant angle adds depth to him.

Finally, I can’t disagree with you (and most fans) more about wanting to see sequels “correct” the timeline. I, for one, am relieved that these stories can be retold with a genuine level of suspense. Honestly, I think the major question for the sequel will be which of the caracters will get killed or permanently altered. It’s excitin’!

The polling data for last night’s screening has to be off. There’s no way 3% said Star Trek V was their favorite of the series unless they were rolling their eyes of had the stench of alcohol on their breath.