The Collective: New Star Trek Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

Looking for the perfect last minute Mother’s Day present for your Trekkie Mom? Like the Enterprise itself, The Collective saves the day with gift ideas, including news about the newest Star Trek licensee, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and some collectible items available at movie theaters.



Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Vermont Teddy Bears
The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is debuting the first-ever officially licensed Star Trek Vermont Teddy Bears. The Captain Kirk version is a honey bear with the original television show costume, from the boots to the gold shirt. The Spock bear features a buttermilk fur and sports the Vulcan ears, along with the boots and uniform of Leonard Nimoy’s famous character. Both handcrafted bears are 15" tall and sell for $99.95, available now from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company website [Kirk Bear & Spock Bear]. These are genuine and heirloom quality teddy bears, crafted by artesian entirely in Vermont. While not the first Star Trek teddy bears ever (there have been various incarnations during the previous decades), these certainly are the finest quality offered and are a recommended gift for Mother’s Day. The venerable company has been making fine quality teddy bears since the early 1980s and now provides a perfect gift for those who like their Trek cute and cuddly.

Bears come in ‘awesome’ and ‘logical’ styles

Star Trek Mother’s Day Cake
Need a cake for Mother’s Day? DecoPac Star Trek cake decorations are now available at many local bakeries and grocery stores. Fans could have either an edible image or four inch model of the Enterprise on the cake. Although it pains me to do so, out of my sense of commitment to my fellow fans, my family ordered a cake and asked for Star Trek decorations. The Enterprise lights up and the cake includes a removable Star Trek logo. The ship is a nice replica with good details and is nice memento of the cake or a toy for kids. Darn, now I guess we will just have to eat this cake because we don’t want to waste it. Oh, what we must endure for our fellow fans. Most bakeries could get this kind of decorating done with short notice, but it is a good idea to order the cake today to be ready for tomorrow as they are busy with orders at this time of year.

Our Mother’s Day cake (click image to see it glow in the dark)

Take Mom to "See Trek" – pick up a collectible
Another great idea is to take your Trekkie Mom to see Star Trek at movie theaters. Some chains have collectible items for sale at the theaters. For example, at many Regal Cinema chains they are selling a special edition CD ROM that has all of the Star Trek movie comic book adaptations (and the 18 1980s Marvel Comic issues and some other bonus issues) for $10 at the concession stands. And at AMC Theaters, there are Star Trek gift cards you could purchase and many theaters are giving away mini posters this weekend. All the more reason to treat Mom to Trek this weekend.

AMC Gift cards

Regal Cinemas Trek Comics CD ROM (click to enlarge)


Promise Mom a Trekkie Meal – serve it in BK Glasses
A great gift that doesn’t cost too much yet is very thoughtful is to make a promise to cook your Mom a Trekkie meal once a week for a month. You could utilize the fun and delicious items in Ethan Phillips’ Star Trek Cookbook which features recipes from Star Trek celebrities and episodes. The book is available at many local bookstores and at And for the drinks, serve it in Burger King Star Trek glasses, which you can give to her as a present (see previous TrekMovie article). Many BK restaurants are allowing patrons to buy a set of the four glasses for about $7-8 dollars and these are a very cool item that Trekkie Moms would love, plus they are practical.

What Trekkie Mom wouldn’t want these?

Flowers and Plants
If you are getting your mother some flowers, why not make a boutique of yellow Roses, red Roses, and blue Carnations to mimic Starfleet colors. You could also get her balloons in these colors and attach a Playmates Star Trek action figure from a local Toys R Us or Walmart (about $7) as a weight. Or, if Mom likes house plants, buy some plant stakes and a bunch of Trek action figures form the new movie. You could create a quick arrangement of the crew in the house plant soil as if they were on an away mission.


Happy Mothers Day
To all the Trekkie Moms, who either introduced us to Star Trek or tolerated our own fascinations with the shows, thank you for all you do everyday to make us live long and prosper.

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I wish there was some way to make the blue-shirted bear do the Vulcan salute!

I’d love to get my mom some of this stuff, though it would be a bit late for Mother’s Day.

Those glasses really are cool…and I live nowhere near a BK, dangit!

Third Remata’Klan: What world do you live on that there isn’t a BK near by?

I love those bears! So cute :)

The Star Trek cake toppers and cupcake toppers can probably be picked up from local cake hobby stores. =D I know ours always has the recent movie stuff – including edible images.

I’d love to have the bears, but at $200…I’d prefer to have you know, food on the table, money to pay bills, etc…(Shouldn’t the Kirk bear not be so tubby?)

My Mother’s Day present to my mom is paying for us to see the movie a third time next weekend… =D

Photo caption sez: “What Trekkie Mom wouldn’t want these?”

The Trekkie Mom who’s crushing on Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy?

Oooh, I know. A card that says:

“This is Not Your Father’s Star Trek …”

and inside it says

“So It’s All For You, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!”

Hi WallDoctor, sorry to say, there do seem to be some places where there is no Burger King nearby. I am a student at the University of California, Berkeley, for example, and around campus or downtown Berkeley there isn’t a B.K. in sight. I was doing a lot of complaining about this when their promotion began because I would love to have one of those collectibles, and I now fear that the promotion will be over when I graduate and move home at the end of the month – where there is a BK nearby.

Take the BART from Berkeley to El Cerito Plaza. There’s a BK at the corner of Central and San Pablo about three blocks from the station. Good luck on Finals!


In my opinion, running a headline about Mother’s Day gifts during ST launch weekend is inappropriate.

Logging onto the site of record during this critical weekend, and seeing teddy bears as the top pic is just silly.

BTW, thanks for reminding me it’s Mother’s Day. I’m in trouble.

Hey, they made the Shatner Teddy in the right shape.

Too cute.

Aw, how cute. xD My mom would love the Spock teddy bear. They’re adorable. ♥

A little overpriced, though… Hee!

My dad (God bless his soul) got me a Star Trek glass from BK.. the Spock one!!! Made me a very, very happy girl. I am going to keep that thing for all of ETERNITY. 83

Fun post! That cake is not far off from the wedding cake a friend made for us many years ago — our invitation was a comet over Antarctica, so she re-created that in a sheet cake, and then made a white chocolate Enterprise to fly over it!

Teddy bears are cute too. I already have a Vulcan teddy bear….

it is my decision what goes up and we are still in the business of being a star Trek site and there are new star trek products and john tied it into the movie and mothers day

i am getting a bit tired of your whinging at all of our merch articles, i suggest you skip them


I have 4 Enterprises sitting in front of my desk, one with points.

I’m sorry, but I’m looking for epic Trek ’09 articles during the launch weekend.

I will not skip your merch articles, because I have young children who may like a ship or a bear (my son has 4). And I like ships.

Actually, my complaint was, seriously, that I ran to the site and the running film commentary was not up top. That’s all.

Of the hundreds of posts I have made in the last two years, I have complained about perfume once. And I apologized to John.

I do not want to be an issue for you during hell weekend. If you track me, you know I love Star Trek. I’ll be good.

I showed my mother the picture of the bears and all she did was complain that the Kirk one’s looked nothing like Shatner that that the Spock one was giving the Vulcan death grip (which doesn’t even exist) instead of the Vulcan salute.

I called her a nerd.

Now I don’t get to go to BK with the rest of the family, where she’ll no doubt scream at the 3-year-old kid across from them for flying his Enterprise and Kelvin toys upside down and not eating his lunch.

Does the Spock teddy Bear Vulcan Mind Melt with you and tell you what your dreams were last night. So where is the Scotty Teddy Bear to guide you as you try to fix your car, or the Uhura Teddy Bear to manage you phone calls. Or your Chekov Teddy Bear to replace your Garim road map. Or Sulu to protect you from all the evils that come at you almost daily.

Now on the serious Side I hope the movie is still popular long enough that when next V-day comes around the bears will still be here as presents. Now if we can only make them beam in the hearts with your feelings so the ones that receive them will know that you value them at lest as much or even more than you adore Star Trek.

I almost forgot I got my Trek glasses last Tuesday. Only flaw was they were only 12 ounce in size. The only time I use that small of glass is for hard drinks at the bar. So who wants to help me recreate the scotty seen with the Andromeda Guy to break in all four of them. But I’ll skip the breaking of the glass part.

Hey, those glasses are NICE! As with the movie, I’m impressed. Now I definitely want all four.

My 11yo is taking me to the movie tomorrow for Mother’s Day. :) We went to BK for dinner tonight, but alas no toys yet. Did get 2 of the four glasses, though. They’re pretty cool. :) Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

I, Friday night after Seeing Trek in IMAX, I was able to stop at BK to get the 4 glasses. They look so good that i’m considering not opening them as each are sealed inside the box, and purchase a second set just to use!

#21 Yes! A superb present… take Mom out to the Movies.

I wouldn’t have been watching original broadcast Star Trek as a toddler if it weren’t for my mom’s crush on William Shatner… which then became one on Leonard Nimoy! If only she weren’t 1500 miles away, we’d be at the movies.

I live in Vermont and have toured the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory several times. The bears are extremely high quality and make a great gift for any holiday. They are all made right at the Shelburne, VT factory and, even though they are very expensive, are made with much care and attention of individual, talented people; not just assembly line machines.

Also, it’s interesting to note that the vertical drop cliff, as seen in the scene when a young James T. Kirk takes a joyride in his step dad’s corvette, was filmed at Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Barre, Vermont. You’ll notice Rock of Ages, Vermont credited in the end credits. None of the actors, etc. came to Vermont to shoot the scene, but a film crew came to take pictures and film of the quarry and digitally inserted the cliff in that scene.

Here’s link about it:

Pretty cool. Proud to be a Trekkie from Vermont!

They went to Vermont to get the quarry? Would it kill these guys to actually film in Iowa? How do you set 20 minutes of a movie in Iowa and never bother to travel there? btw I have traveled to the Riverside area many times and the area in the movie looked in no way similar. Am I supposed to believe that in the future we no longer grow corn? how would we sweeten our coca-cola?

Hang on… those boots are wrong! They aren’t canon! and… *gasp* the rank insignia … When will the travesty end? The butchering of Trek?!!?!? I mean, shouldn’t Spockbear have a tinge of green to his fur?? This is so wrong!!! *pantWHEEZE* My heart!

;) It’s a joke folks… these guys are awesome!!

I love how Captain Kirkbear seems to be somewhat pudgier than Spockbear is.

(Off to order Spock-bear for the wife…yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it..)