ST09 Tidbits (T+4) Spock Prime Image + Bill/JJ Hug + Church’s Enterprise Art + Post-movie Analysis + more

For today’s post movie tidbits we finally got an nice publicity shot of Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime. We also have a nice piece of Enterprise art from Ryan Church, video of Shatner and Abrams having a moment, lots of post-movie analysis, Spock’s ship as UFO and more.


New Image: Spock Prime
Although they have released dozens images and a whole bunch of trailers and commercials, if you didn’t keep up with the news, you would have no idea that Leonard Nimoy was in this new Star Trek movie. Today Paramount finally released the first official publicity image of Leonard Nimoy’s Spock Prime

(Click to enlarge)

Ryan Church’s Enterprise art
Speaking of new images, Ryan Church, designer of the new USS Enterprise, has updated his site with a very nice drawing of the new USS Enterprise.

(Click to enlarge)

Bill and JJ hug
The fine folks at ShatnerVision have put up more video from the day the Star Trek team came to visit Bill at his charity horse show. This new video shows a nice moment between JJ and Bill.

Meeting of the Kirk’s (via Frank Caliendo)
The last ShatnerVision video showed us the real meeting of William Shatner and Chris Pine, but on his FrankTV show, Frank Caliendo brings us his version of how that meeting went:

Star Trek Post Game Analysis
Star Trek movie was the big game over the weekend and now the Monday Morning analysis has started, with lots of examples across the web [all articles contain spoilers].

More ST09 Bullets: Trek Tech & Jellyfish spotting

Finally, Guillermo the Vulcan
From Jimmy Kimmel Live


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