Trek4Kids: My Trip To The Star Trek Premiere

We first met our ‘youth correspondent’ James Trowbridge, back at the 2007 Vegas Trek Con, when he was invited to the Star Trek premiere by Leonard Nimoy. James and his family flew to California for the premiere as guests of Mr. Nimoy and today we have James’ report from that event, along with his ‘Kids Review’ of the new Star Trek feature film.


Trek4Kids: An Overview of the Star Trek (2009) Premiere Event

by James Trowbridge



Hello again, I have had the most wonderful experience at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek (2009), which was held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 30. As you may know, at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention in August 2007, Leonard Nimoy invited my entire family to attend the premiere as his guests.  I was excited and thrilled as well as honored.  Now after a long wait, it felt exciting to finally board the plane from Honolulu to Los Angeles the day before the event.  The flight felt longer than usual because I wanted to be at the event already!  Mr. Nimoy and Paramount generously covered the costs of our airfare, hotel, and ground transportation.  We stayed at a very nice and comfortable hotel and were met on the evening of the event by a ten-seater limousine that had nice leather seats, ice chests with bottled water and sodas, and even two TV screens!  Just riding in the limo was an event in itself, especially for my little brothers, Henry (age 5) and Alastair (age 3).

Our limo

When we arrived at the theatre, the fans and the press thought we might be someone famous, but right as we stepped out of the limo onto the carpet, the screaming and the pictures stopped.  I personally thought that was amusing. [editor’s note: But TrekMovie took a picture!] So we were looking around and we saw Zoë Saldana walk right past us!!! We also saw Leonard Nimoy but we did not get a chance to introduce the rest of my family before he was interviewed by the press.  I was a little sad not to have the chance to thank Mr. Nimoy again in person. We saw Walter Koenig and George Takei, Chekov and Sulu of The Original Series, Cristine Rose, Adrian Pasdar, Hayden Panettiere, and Jack Coleman all of Heroes, and celebrities from the new movie such as Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, J.J. Abrams, and many others. 

Trowbridges on the ‘black carpet’ (photo: Anthony Pascale)

We then picked up our tickets, proceeded into the movie theatre, got our popcorn and drinks, and found our seats.  It was really cool that the popcorn buckets had an image from the movie on them.  I plan to use mine as a Halloween bucket, and it would be really cool to dress in one of the Halloween costumes from the movie.  Before the movie started, J.J. Abrams stood up and gave his thanks to the many people who helped him make Star Trek and introduced the main actors of the cast, who stood up as their names were called.  When I saw J.J. Abrams, I knew that he thought this movie was going to do well and that he was proud of it.  Seeing a director feeling proud of his movie made me want to see how he portrayed Star Trek even more.

Before going in




To start off, I thought the movie was a very good reincarnation of Star Trek.  The way the new actors portrayed the old characters is very similar to the original actors, as when Spock says “Fascinating” toward the end of the movie.  The performances of Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock were excellent.  I thought that Karl Urban, who played Dr. McCoy, gave a performance that was the closest to DeForest Kelley’s performance as McCoy in The Original Series.  Anton Yelchin’s performance as Chekov was very funny because the computer could not understand his name and code.  I did not think that he overdid the Russian accent because it made those scenes possible.  In my opinion, the scenes with Scotty (played by Simon Pegg) were the funniest, especially the scene when there is a momentary silence and Scotty lightens everything up by saying, “I like this ship.  It’s exciting!”

This movie is exciting

I think that older fans might have a harder time assimilating the new technology and the new direction.  After the beginning of the movie, you will see that it is more similar to the original than the pictures make it look.  I really liked the fact that the Kobayashi Maru test was in the movie, because it shows how close this movie is to the others.  Even if you are not a fan of Star Trek, it will be interesting to watch the test.  But as a fan, you can enjoy it at a different level.  Seeing how the younger Kirk responds to the older Spock was interesting, because Spock (played by Leonard Nimoy) knows everything about Kirk, and Kirk thinks that the older Spock is crazy.  In the scene at the end with the two Spocks, it is an important occasion as we see Leonard Nimoy giving Zachary Quinto the go ahead to be the new Spock.

Kirk thought older Spock was crazy

As you might have known from my last article, I showed some of my friends the trailers of the movie and at that time, they said they might see it.  But when I asked them recently if they are going to see the movie, they said that they definitely would.  I think kids my age will find this movie interesting because there is lots of action as well as humor and just a little bit of romance (but not too much) in the movie.  I thought that Star Trek (2009) was really good and I hope you see it as soon as possible. Live long and prosper.

Kids should like this new Star Trek


More about James
Last week, James’ local paper The Honolulu Advertiser ran a story about him and how he has become a bit of a Trek celebrity in his own right.

Picture from Honolulu Advertiser story



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JAmes and his family are so adorable in the family vulcan salute pic! I bet it was a blast for him and his family to be leonard nimoys guests!

Unlike “The Dark Knight” and other big budget movies its ok to take kids to this one.

. Must have been like a dream come true to actually be there at the movie’s LA debut among all the stars of Star Trek, old and new. Great report giving us an insider’s view. Well done, young man!

Invited by Mr. Nimoy to see the film…. How lucky can you get? Wow!


I was waiting for Trekmovie to post your review. I have two kids, a girl 8 and a boy, 6. They know lots about Star Wars, and only know that silly old Dad likes something called ‘Star Trek.’

I have ‘Star Trek’ toys that I’ve collected since the 1970’s and the kids play with them: Communicators, tribbles, ships, phasers, etc.

My kids need a reason to go. I’ll drag them to the film soon, but there has to be something ‘cool’ that they’ll hear about at school that makes them want to go. My son knows who Darth Maul is, and that film came out two years before he was born. He had three lines. My kids love Yoda because he’s cute, and R2D2 for the same reason. What in “Star Trek” will appeal to children?

James, that was an excellent adventure you and your family had. Live long and prosper (or as Spock Prime might say, “good luck!”)

Nice report (“,)

Great job James.
I have 2 boys 12 & 8 The oldest likes some of Trek esp TOS, the younger never really cared for it very much until this came out. He told me after the movie that he really liked it. He loved Scotty, Kirk, and Bones most because they had more humor in their lines overall, and generally thought it was a fun movie.
They both still aren’t as much of a fan as me – They are way into Little League baseball and the Red Sox, but it is still great to see the interest rekindled in the youth.
We all await the next installment.


Great stuff. Glad you had a good time at the premier and enjoyed the film!

I took my 11 year old Saturday…He really wanted to see Wolverine at first, but I wasn’t sure about the violence and all that…blah blah blah…
He is into Star Wars big time since he was a baby…and since I gave him a load of my old action figures!…
The sure sign for me he was into it was he waited til it was over to go to the bathroom….
He laughed at Scotty, and Kirk in the sickbay scenes with McCoy…
He recognized the neck pinch …though he called it the Vulcan neck grab…
He’s still learning….
He even said he wanted to see it again!…
This movie is truly for the NEXT GENERATION!!!

We took my 11 year old niece to this and she thought it was great. I wasn’t sure because of the PG13 but other than some swearing and Uhura in underwear I’m not sure why it was rated that way in the first place (surely TWOK is more graphic/violent!).

Though I think they played the unedited version of ‘Sabotage’ and that might have done it, as they do use the f-bomb. Though you’d never know because most of the verses are incomprehensible.

Excellent report James. I too was at the ’07 Las Vegas Star Trek convention and remember you well. You asked questions of most of the guests that weekend and I remember thinking what a smart and thoughtful young man you were and how proud your dad must have been. Again, great job James.

Bah. I knew it. Scotty is only there to amuse the kiddies.

That idiot Pegg is a diservice to the character of Scotty, and in my opinion, James Doohan.


Thank you for this review! My daughter is 8 (and much like your sister, takes an American Girl doll everywhere!) and is very much looking forward to this movie.

She gets scared at some things, so some of the Delta Vega scene she’ll probably close her eyes. But the rest will probably remind her of the show she watches with Dad!

Thank you again!


Lighten up. Pegg was fine. And as I’ve said previously, some nuStar Trek is better NO Star Trek.


LOL trolling kids

I’ll be taking my little ones to see it this week… they’re both looking forward to it!

That is to say:

“Some nuStar Trek is better than NO Star Trek”

10 and 15

Both of your shut up and go away.


Thank god somebody said it. I’ve been waiting for somebody to the yahoos to take a hike.

CORRECTION (sorry folks, late night last night):

“…to TELL the yahoos to take a hike”

Trek should be for anyone of anyage to thoroughly enjoy, this film does that in the same way TOS did in the early 70’s for the first time when I was a teen.

I feel so great to know James and family had this extraordinary experience, he’ll be talking about it when he becomes James Prime. Similar age to my kid, I guess that’s why I’m so happy for him and also to know what that would have been like for me at that age. Lap it up James!

# 20 – Amen!


That was an excellent report on the movie and the 5 star treatment that was given to you and your family! I’m glad you and your folks had a good time! Keep on writing and keep on enjoying all the Star Trek you can !

One of the best reviews of Star Trek I have read. And thanks for sharing your experience from the premiere event.

James writes better than a lot of college-age kids I’ve taught. Way to go, James!

Also, I want to say that if Trek is to survive, it must change. That’s the way of the world.

How was it that Trek itself put it in ST VI? Ah yes: Some people are afraid of change. But change must happen.

My daughter (turning 6 on Wednesday) and son (10) have seen it twice now.

My daughter favourite scene was the one featuring Kirk’s “big hands”. Her favourite characters where Uhura and Kirk.

My son liked Scotty’s little companion on Delta Vega. He also liked the special FX, and said they were better than the Star Wars films except maybe for Revenge of the Sith.


Great work! You write and express your thoughts far better than most adults! Cheers!

OK so my little (future) brother in law is 5 years old, about to 6 in July. Do you guys think we could take him? I’m on the fence about it. I’ve seen it once but I want to see it again and take my fiancee and next weekend we’ll be visiting her parents and we could take her litte brother who is a big Star Wars fan (gotta try and do a little conversion…).

James you are a lucky guy! and ignore #10 and #15, they are jealous that Mr. Nimoy and Paramount didn’t give them the limo treatment to the movie.

Trek on my friend!

Congratulations on seeing Trek at the premier, you have a lot of older Trekkies jealous of you right now!

James you wrote a terrific review as well. Your observations and insights show a wisdom beyond your years. I love your comment about JJ: “When I saw J.J. Abrams, I knew that he thought this movie was going to do well and that he was proud of it. Seeing a director feeling proud of his movie made me want to see how he portrayed Star Trek even more.”
Very cool!

PS I think Simon Pegg did alot better than I thought he would. I think Mr. Doohan would be proud.

Ah, ignore the grouches!

Plenty of old-timers (I’m 34, my Mum 61 and my Dad 72) loved this film. The film’s for everyone, which is why some people don’t like it.

Thanks for the review!

james , great review…..
and your mom is hot!!!

I’ve seen you at the last couple of Vegas cons James. You are fine young man and a credit to our fandom. I always enjoy your questions and you are mature beyond your years.

Thank you for this lovely review of your adventure in Hollywood. I’m so glad to see a new generation of fans for Star Trek.

Great review young man, how lucky can you get! :-)

As for Simon Pegg he did us proud, there where moments that he really felt like the old Scotty I knew. I am sure when we move to the next film Where get to see more of Scotty develop.

James — Lucky you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I took my ten-year-old daughter on Friday, and she loved it so much she went back again yesterday. I hope she tells her friends how great the movie is so that there will be a new generation of Trek fans to keep it alive.

What does one say in this instance?

Good for you, kid. Don’t get cocky.

Good work James. I’m glad you enjoyed the film and I hope more young folks are going to see it because of your review. Ignore the bad posts on here, some people never grow up… =/\=

took my 6 yr old…he loved it. He wasn’t thrilled with the Bar fight. He giggled at the Orion Slave Girl and just wondered why she was green. Dropping TWOK bug in Pikes moth freaked him a little but it went so quick he was ok. And the snow monsters just startled him. that was it. It was a very minor PG-13

Great review James! Nice to see that even a 43 year old franchise can appeal to bright young kids like yourself.

Live long and prosper!

Very nice work. I was a kid for most of the Trek movie premieres, but young or younger, I still enjoy it. Actually last night I took 2 friends (both in their early 20’s) who have put Star Trek down since we were in high school. Never nothing nice to say, always gave me hell with being a fan, but I talked them into actually going (which never wouldve happened unless I didnt keep telling them how good it is) and they liked it. Both they and I were surprised to hear that. I have now talked 3 former Trek-haters into seeing it and they have all liked it (one got confused when Spock Prime showed up, but I explained it a second time later). Overall, I agree this movie works for kids and adults…and people who never would give Star Trek the time of day.

Nice review James.

Great insight into Young Kirk’s reactions to Spock Prime.

James you are one kool kid and you are very smart for you age. Great Review.


I was at the premiere, too, and I took your picture! At first I thought you might have been one of the kids in the movie, but then later I realized where I knew you from! I remember you from the convention last year, when Mr. Nimoy invited you onstage.
My little girl was at the con, too…she was 5. She is now 6 and she loved the movie. She is going to the con in Las Vegas with me again this year. I was wondering if you will be there…I’d love to introduce you two because she doesn’t know many kids that even know what Star Trek is. Although, I suspect this movie may change all that.

Thanks for your report. You are a bright light.

Great job, James

15. You couldn’t be more wrong. Move along now.

33. He would be

37. I agree.

I’ll be in the minority here but I would not take kids younger than 13 to see this movie simply for the scene with Kirk and his Orion female friend and Uhura changing clothes. We are exposing kids to too much sex and violence these days and they don’t have a chance to simply be KIDS! Don’t get me wrong, I thought the film was great and I took my 15 yr old son to see it but my next oldest is 7 and there’s no way I’ll expose him to that.

The boy loves Transformers and I hated to not let him see the 1st movie but when I heard the foul language and saw Megan Fox slinked out over Bumblebee’s hood I was heartbroken. Don’t these producers know that young boys want to watch a movie about their favorite toys and take that audience into consideration when they start filming? Just a few wise script edits and some better wardrobe choices are all it would’ve taken, both with Transformers and Star Trek.

He will eventually see both movies, but a few years down the road from now.

Star Trek Gains nearly $3 million on weekend actuals, now up to $75.2 million for the weekend, and $79.2 million for Thursday-Sunday. So close to $80 million!

Looks like it only dropped 22% from Saturday-to-Sunday vs. the predicted 33%

48. You are in the minority but your argument is valid. There is a reason they rate films, it always makes me cringe to see tykes at pg13 films. Don’ worry JJ I’ll see it a few more times at the theater to make up for the kiddies ! :-{)