Check Out The Star Trek Promotional Partner Commercials – Including BK Spot Shot On Real Bridge

A big part of the TV promotion for the new Star Trek movie is not coming from Paramount, but is coming from their promotional partners Burger King, Verizon and Esurance. In the last week both BK and Verizon have put up new TV ads, including a BK ad shot on the real bridge of the USS Enterprise. We have all the Star Trek promo ads below.


BK Kids Commercial
This commercial focuses on kids and promotes the toys in BK Kids Meals. It was shot on the real set of the USS Enterprise, with the help of Star Trek’s cinematographer Daniel Mindel and it also uses genuine costumes designed by Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan.

BK Kingons Commercials
There are also two commercials targeting adults, promoting the BK Star Trek collectible glasses. Both feature the ‘Kingons’

Verizon Transporter Commercial
Verizon and Nokia have just started running their own 60-second spot, this time using a transporter room which is similar to the one in the movie, but not the real commercial.

Esurance Ad
And Esurance has been running this commercial for over a month.


Playmates Commercial
Playmates Toys also have their own commercial promoting their line of Star Trek toys.


Thanks to LeSpock and applebox

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Glad I saw the film before these :)

Never thought I’d see a nipple pinch in a commercial.

Why in the first commercial does the BK building blast off with Phase II Nacelles?

Damn those BK commercials featuring the Kingons are hilarious!

@3 Because anything looks better than 09 nacelles.

Toy commercials are just as dumb now as when I was a kid, but its not like the kids have really gotten any smarter I guess.

i don’t think kingons are canon…

You say hilarious, I say pathetic.

“Not in a million LIGHT years” – that’s so lame.

@7 – it’s an alternative universe where Product Placement reigns supreme. It could have been much, much worse….

Apart from the Nokia retro in car system and the blatant plugs for Al’s Tattoo Parlour, I didn’t see any placements.

I hope these will be on the eventual dvd release of the movie.

@9 – Apart from Slusho being ordered in the bar LOL!

Well, the in-movie product placement made on thing certain: I’m never going to buy anything from Nokia. I mean, even their 23rd century hardware looks lame. As for Budweiser… I live in Germany, we do have real beer.


@11&12 – oh, I’d forgotten about the bar scene. And yes, you are quite correct, even the “cooking lager” in Germany is quite special if I recall.

Is Slusho a real drink then? I thought they’d made that one up… :)

The Bud, Nokia, Slusho (not that it really counts…)

Unfortunate, but way less horrible then it could have been.

They showed the Verizon commercial before one of my viewings of Trek

off topic, but was Trek shipped with any commercials? At both my pre-screening and my screening on May 7th there were NO commercials, but when I saw it on Saturday there were a couple (Transformers, 9, etc) but they were all old and were mixed in with a couple local ads.

Is it weird that I have such wicked envy towards those kids for being able to be on the bridge set for that BK commercial? Never mind…yes; yes, it is.

These ads get funnier and funniier.

The problem is, they’re not selling cheeseburgers. BK just had its worst quarter in a while, while McDonalds is actually doing well in the recession. Hopefully “Trek” will bring in the punters.

Though that “burger king” is absolutely frightening.

16 – Theaters decide which trailers to run. As for the commercials… When I saw ST in the regular format we must have had 20 minutes of some garbage commercial for “Land of The Lost” and some TNT series. Felt like I was stuck on TNT and had lost the remote control.

19. BOB

Let us clear this up a little bit.

There will be trailer from the same company (paramount for example) that are actually ON the reel, and others that the local company will add before hand.

Sorry, but that girlfriend is way too hot to be with a guy who toasts with BK glasses. I’m just saying…

#15 We’re forgetting the Corvette is also a product. That’s one way for GM to spend federal bailout money, huh? Hope there’s gasoline in the 23rd century…

The Burger King nipple twisting thing is complete retarded and I don’t feel it is in line with the spirit of Star Trek at all. While humerous in their own right, BK’s recent commecials, like the Sponge Bob Square Butts commercial, and some of the new Star Trek glasses commercials are awful. I guess it’s okay to teach kids how to be trailer trash these days? No wonder the children in the US these days are so dumb.

#23… such strong words… from someone who uses such an offensive phrase as “retarded”… Before you throw stones.. look at your own windows, and think on your own words..You really aren’t qualified to talk about others being “dumb”, when you use such an offensive phrase without thinking…

#23 I ask what has been “in line” with the spirit of Star Trek lately?? You’re right kids are dumb. They need more real Star Trek.

I can’t believe, that having slagged off the movie, folks now wanna slag off any product that “oh gosh” has helped publicise the film with linked promotion campaigns… jeeeeeez…

Saw the Verizon ad in the theatre before Trek, I love it: “I saw a spider come through here, will I have 8 legs??” haha

I hate to say this, but it really seemed like one big Star Trek product placement commercial… ;-p

Did anyone else notice that someone has the short ending bit of the movie with Nimoy’s “space, the final frontier…” speech posted on you tube? Check out that link above for the verizon/nokia commercial. after it plays, scan the choices on the bottom, look for “where never gone before”. The quality is so so, and the sound is harsh, but it looks like someone’s already got a bootleg of the film!

Tha’ fine people at American Home Products coulda not get thar’ ad fur’ Preperation H aired. Seems no one wanted ta’ hear about Spockoids.

I did! I may very well have ’em!

Oh, well… Tha’ Kingon would just steal me cream anyways… Hey, Kingon- take me wife, please!

Free ent-arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-prize…


Absolutely love the new BK commercials! Hilarious!

@9 Al’s Tattoo Parlour? What?

#8 – It’s SUPPOSED to be lame, because it’s supposed to be FUNNY. You didn’t really think that the “Kingon Nipple Pinch” was supposed to be taken seriously, did you??

I wish Burger King sold something I was willing to eat, so I could show appreciation for the wonderfully (nipple-) twisted Kingon ads.

(Checked their online menu, they now have grilled chicken and veggie burgers. So, slightly less impossible. But improbable.)

The dog named Tiberius was a great stinger.

Saw the Verizon one in the theater before the movie.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeesey. But entertaining.

Was that Playmates commercial made in the early 90s? Yikes.

But the Kingons are pure brilliance. Everyone I know thinks the King is creepy, I just think he’s hilarious.

Why are there spotlights shining into the camera? Now that the bridge actually has a window, shouldn’t you have dim or no lighting so your eyes can adjust to the outside darkness? Nobody could see anything in that glare. It’s the Enterprise, not the BSG (TOS) Ship of Lights

Oh, those commercials are ok, but I remember the great days of totally unParamount approved White Castle space restaurant commercials. Complete with AMT USS Enterprise kit, on visible strings.

I’d pay real money to see THAT commercial surface on YouTube!

Re:#39 I could have sworn I saw that on THIS site sometime ago, linked perhaps to YouTube. That was fun!!! The Kingon’s… eh, it’s okay. I agree that with recent BK ad’s they seem to be lowering the standards for LOWEST common denominator. LOL! And yeah, kuddos at least for the cooler looking, non-blue lightie nacelles. What is the facination with this blue glowey light anyways? Far as I recall it was just the latest light reactive stuff back in the TNG day, really wish it hadn’t become de rigeur.

Yes!!! God bless you Burger King!! XD

– 24thCRS

23. Brad – May 12, 2009
” No wonder the children in the US these days are so dumb.”

Speak for your own kids.
Parents need to teach their children and not just leave it to TV to do it. When that education happens, the kids then understand what context to view a comedic TV spot.

@5: Because anything looks better than 09 nacelles.

Someone obviously has never seen the Excelsior. Blargh.

The scene sounds really cool. If done right it would have been amazing!

Lord, I just watched the new BK commercial again. It’s covered in lens flares. Too funny.

“Why are there spotlights shining into the camera? Now that the bridge actually has a window, shouldn’t you have dim or no lighting so your eyes can adjust to the outside darkness?”

That would take quite some adjusting, considering the overwhelming majority of space is lightless, or illuminated only be sources from vast distances. But, I agree, in any other movie the lighting would be a deal-breaker. I hope they find something more subtle for the next movie.

Those are the gabe koerner nacelles coool!…check it for yourselves!!!!

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but in 2009 a tie in with fast food… is it really necessary? I mean it’s bad bad bad for you food… then again the butter popcorn is nearly as bad so perhaps I’m getting toward the grumpy edge of older age.

I went to BK last night and all that was left were Spock Glasses. I grabbed two of them, so much for collecting them all. two weeks in and three of the four versions sold out.

Look at the TV ads this way, it does not matter how good bad or ugly the ads are, at least they place the thought of the Star Trek Universe in the mind. And the more times that thought is stored in the mind (even temporary memory’s) the better the odds are it will be remembered. And as these kids age these brief flashes will become memories and the then kids, now parents will impress good views on their children. Even tho we may be venturing space by then it will become this is why we’re in space. It’s because our grandparents wanted us to be in space.

And that is filling a dream that the Great Bird of the Galaxy hoped would come true and that he helped create. I’m not saying how big or small a part but he will be a part of the future. I bet Gene’s angel up there is feeling very proud of JJ honoring his visions.