Shatner Cameo Scene Revealed + Monday Box Office + TOS Stars Talk ST09 + More Tidbits

We have been talking about it for year’s and now Bob and Alex have finally explained how they would have fit William Shatner into Star Trek. We also have the latest on Trek’s good box office performance, TOS stars talking about ST09 stars, and more tidbits, including a new augmented reality site and a Star Trek parody comic strip .


Bob and Alex Describe Shatner scene [spoilers]
We all know the saga of the Shatner and the new Star Trek movie. After all the hemming and hawing, screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman wrote a cameo scene, but in the end JJ Abrams chose to not to offer it to Mr. Shatner. But now Bob and Alex have described the scene to MTV.

Original Trek Stars weigh in
Speaking of the old guard, People magazine has a great ‘where are they now’ piece all about the original cast of Star Trek. Each living cast member is profiled and all provide a quote about what they think of the actor who is playing their character. Here is what Shatner had to say about Pine:

My impression of Chris Pine is that it’s perfect casting. He’s young and he’s handsome and he will be rich.

Go to for the rest

Star Trek’s Money Monday
One of the big tests for the new Star Trek film is if it will have ‘legs’, meaning if it can sustain itself through the summer and today we got the first indication that it can. After a stronger than expected weekend, yesterday Star Trek brought in $7.5M domestically, which is pretty good for a Monday. Comparing this to other first Mondays: Wolverine had $5.5M and Trek’s ‘benchmark’ film, Batman Begins had $6.6M. So far Trek has brought in $86.7M domestically.

Yesterday Paramount issue a statement regarding the strong word of mouth and performance of the film over the weekend. Paramount Rob Moore stated:

The spike over our initial estimates on Mother’s Day demonstrates that the combination of strong reviews and solid word-of-mouth contributed to better than anticipated attendance by families yesterday, confirming our belief that ‘Star Trek’ has a broad, multi-generational appeal.

Verizon’s Augmented Reality Site
Last week we pointed to an ‘augmented reality’ site from Paramount called Now Verizon is getting into the virtual 3d webcam fun with Here is a video showing off what you can do at the new site.

Star Trek: The Parody Comic Strip
MotionPictureComics is a movie-parody web-com and this week they began a new strip all about JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie. So far they have two strips up, but they tell TrekMovie they will have ‘a few weeks of fun’ with the film.

Click to see full sized strips

Star Trek V Romulan Blogs Trek
Do you remember Cynthia Gouw? She played the Romulan Ambassador Caithlin Dar in Star Trek V. The actress and former model is now the host of’s SnapGlow.TV, a show ‘celebrating the glamour of real Philadelphia women’. And she has written a blog titled "I too am a Romulan Relic" about the new Star Trek movie and her time shooting William Shatner’s Final Frontier opus.

Gouw -then and now

More bite sized chunks of Star Trek

  • ReelzChannel Movie Mob assesses Star Trek

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Can’t view the Orci clip in Canada! What the hell was the cameo scene with Shatner?!

I love this movie.

Nobody seems to acknowledge the possibility that Nero’s changing the timeline may have changed it so Kirk never died.

The Shatner flashback would not have worked because he looks older and heavier then when he died on the Enterpise B.

Gouw still looks good to me.,even if she is a Romey..

Very cool scene written for the Shat. It would have made the movie even that much better. Naturally, the lack of the scene doesn’t hurt the movie at all, but yeah, judging by the “oohs” and “awes” when Spock made his big reveal, a clip with Shatner would have been met with equal enthusiasm.

One miscalculation JJ, but after witnessing the rest of your movie, I’m willing to look the other way. :)

Nice to see TREK has gotten it’s ”legs”

Awesome stuff. Thanks Anthony for all your work. Seems odd now that the film’s out. The best part of it, though, is that the big news doesn’t end here. This is just the beginning.

That movie was amazing! Oh – we found the tribble! Pretty cool, JJ Abrams.

I don’t like the Shatner cameo, it does seem too contrived. The way it turned out was better.

It was suppose to be a hologram disk Kirk had given Spock some time ago for his birthday and he was talking about how good of friends they were.

Anthony, thanks for the great box office updates. I usually go to BoxOfficeMojo for weekday “sports scores,” but looks like I won’t have to this time. :-) We’re planning an IMAX show on Saturday, can’t wait!

I’m not going to lie, while I LOVED the movie the way it is, that scene they described with Shatner would have been really really really awesome.

Well I think it would have been too contrived, because that would assume that Spock left for Romulus before the events in Star Trek Generations, which would be like 60 uyears before the next generation timeline. To keep him hidden on Romulus for that long, would have been implausable, as when we see him in TNG, he only has a small band of “followers” and the Romulan government knows he is there.

I think the movie works without Kirk, I wish i could say differently, but I can’t. These new actors will carry on this incredible legacy thats been established, and hopefully the next movie will be even better, and maybe a really good TV series can come from it in a few years. I loved the film, but there were mistakes made in areas. I do feel that these will be corected in the next film (the errors to me are in the ships design, sets- not continuity as this is an alternate timeline).

Once again there is a clip up that is unviewable outside of the States. I would have liked if there was a written out interview included along side the clip so people in Canada and other countries outside the U.S. can at least read what things are about.

I can’t even access the link.. so.. anyone want to fill me in on what the cameo is?

The idea for the cameo is better than I imagined it could be, but even though i love Shatner and his latter work (Boston Legal in particular), his persona has become a bit of a joke, and his presence would have hurt general audiences’ perception of the movie

I hate to say it, but I think the Shatner voiceover would have TOTALLY worked. I was leery of a Nimoy cameo at the time, let alone a Shatner one. But based on the way Bob and Alex described the scene, I think it would have been good on a few different levels.

Still a killer movie. Saw it again today before I had to go into work. But I do think the Shatner scene would have been a great way to tie the movie together. Plus, it may have eased out the pain of the that horrible goddamn scene from “Generations”. As a life long Kirk guy, I am _STILL_ pissed about the absoutely TERRIBLE and LAME way that Kirk’s death was written. At least this would have allowed us as an audience to both close the book on Shatner and maybe even open a new chapter on Pine.

Of course, just my opinion and I could be wrong….

While it sounds like a cool scene, I think at that point in the movie trying to describe what the disk was and how elder Spock fit into the future would have taken part of the audience away. The flow of the current movie is fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Can someone describe the Shatner scene?

If the Movie were good the Shatner Scene could have worked.

They could have worked it so that it was a CG Kirk from Generations speaking about going out on the maiden voyage of the 1701-B. Saying something about passing the torch to new caretakers while the shot is of the new cast. Would have really been a tear-jerker for trekkies, but alas

16 – Shatner’s Cameo was supposed to be at the end where young Spock is talking to elder Spock, and young Spock didn’t believe that he and Kirk would eventually become best friends. Elder Spoke was supposed to pull a holo-projector where you would see Kirk’s holo-image, while listening to a voice over by Shatner about how good it was that he and Spock were friends, etc, etc. It was essentially supposed to be his last message to Spock before Spock left for Romulus for his ‘Reunification’ efforts.

I say “Black Hole of Suck!!”

The physical appearance of Romulans in Trek has been inconsistent and amusing. Ambassador Dar in ST:V shared the look of the original series (same as Vulcans). However, her contemporary counterparts (1989) on TNG had the “updated” ridged forehead Romulans. Now with Trek XI, they have gone back to the TOS version.

You know, i love this movie BUT, the ending bugs me. Kirk is promoted to captain like two weeks out of the academy? Completely unrealistic. What really bugs me about the otherwise great film is that they could have just as easily had him say good bye to the crew before going off to another ship during the interim between ST11 and 12, then start the sequel with him being given the Enterprise during some crisis (much like ST the motion picture). It would have had the same effect and been more plausible. But that’s just me and most likely, only me.

i asked this question before but got no response. if anyone knows please let me

in generations when kirk and picard go back, y aren’t there 2 picards. Besides the dreaded killing of kirk falling off a bridge, that has always bothered me and I don’t understand if picard was there and then came back, where did the other one go lol

There are always possibilities…I just don’t know how. (honestly, with the way the movie ended I don’t really see how Shatner’s Kirk would fit into a sequel)

Not to jump down their throats (because it could well have been a slip of the tongue) but the two supposed “Trek” guys on Abrams’ supreme court don’t even know the TNG episode Spock was in? It’s “Unification”, not “Reunification”… just nitpicking… lol

I wonder where Gary Mitchell is in this timeline?

That Shatner scene isn’t that bad. I would have liked to see it.

Oh my, The Shats really gone for good. In 40 years, Pine’s Kirk may have a better end.

All they had to do was when Spock meets young Kirk (shortly after he arrived in the past) he screams out in pain and crumbles to the ground. Young Kirk asks him what is wrong. Prime Spock, in a rare look of surprise, reveals that all of a sudden, he has TWO sets of memories, those of the original timeline, and new ones projected from what will happen in the new one. Later, after the Spocks meet, an older Kirk, played by Shatner, appears, saying he is here to help his old friend. Spock, stunned slightly similar to Amok Time, states “Of course. The events of Verdian III and the maiden voyage of the Ent-B happened differently now. Kirk is a little perplexed, but brushes it off. Due to the new timeline, he knew about Prime Spock being there and came to either offer him a lift back to the new 24th centruy, or to help out in the new 23rd with the Vulcans. Kirk can even paraphrase “the good of the many” line as they decide their own destiny.

That’s good news as Trek has over $380+ million to recoup before the first profit is made (and of course the merchandising will help reduce this number as well). This film must make at least $600 million (theatre owners get half) to realize a decent profit and justify making an equally expensive sequel.,3,3372044.story

Oooo… the Shat’s scene would have been a considerable improvement over the current ending, I think. Spock’s weird little transition there, the oddly formalistic promotion…

Yeah, I think boborci’s right. But, then, boborci has been right about virtually everything ever so far. Maybe boborci should direct the next Trek film? :)

Two words: Lap band.

That would have been AWESOME.

Please include it on a director’s cut or something on DVD!

@ #20 Jordan

It was that scene at the end when Quinto Spock speaks with Nimoy Spock next to the shuttle. And in the OG script, Quinto couldn’t believe that he and Pine Kirk would become the best of friends. Nimoy gives Quinto a hologram disc:

A final happy birthday message to Nimoy Spock from Shatner Kirk, since Nimoy Spock would (as a half-Vulcan) now outlive him.

And the rest of Shatner Kirk’s message would be in voice-over as we watch the scene of Pine Kirk being promoted captain of the Enterprise.

Oh, I wish they would have done the Shatner hologram/voiceover cameo! I’m nearly crying already. It would have been beautiful. Maybe they can have an alternate ending on the dvd? Nudge, nudge, producers.

never wanted shatner anywhere near this film, and i believe it has done far better without him, but SPOCKBOY’s suggestion of a shatner voiceover of the closing coda has me thinking that it would’ve resolved many cultural discomforts and would have been an appropriate closing of the loop between old and new. not as a geeky wank mind you, but rather as an aesthetic stroke (pardon the weak analogy).

this of course is easily done for using finalcut/protools, and i’ll indeed try that when the DVD is available for fanhacking. anyone care to see it when i do?


I know you’re really stuck on this idea, but the movie does not have to make $600 mil in initial release to justify a sequel. With the incredibly positive word of mouth and near universal acclaim from critics, there’s no way they won’t greenlight the sequel.

For those dying to know more about the new USS Enterprise, a new technical manual will be offered.

I read about it in the following news release:

As far as the Shatner scene, sounds like they made the right choice to clip it. It sounds convoluted and possibly confusing for those who aren’t familiar with all the ins and outs of Trekdom.

Jeez, no wonder Shatner didn’t want to do it! I can totally understand his reasoning now.
But thats not to say I don’t love the film as it is. Cos I do!

i dont know if many fans realize this, but the orignal time line is still in tact and can be revisited at any time. Just like they can go between the alternate reality and the our reality in ds9. so no this movie did not ruin trek cannon and just opens new doors to new stories. Prime spock woudln’t have two sets of memories hed just have the one becuase hes from the prime timeline. i keep reading the yahoo reviews were some trek fans are giving the movie f’s because they seem to think that the orignal time line has been destroyed. Also to make a point about the insides of the ship. In TOS we never see a warp core like in tng. And in TOS it seemed very industrial, they just didn’t have the budget. And about the bridge… ending of STIV when we see the A’s bridge for the first time? And oh btw, there was a huge thing on here before about those what seemed like projectors on the concils on the bridge… tos had those too for one episode. I’m rather frusted with some fans on yahoo that are slamming this movie. It seems like JJ bent over backwards to fit to cannon as much as he could. And why do people keep calling Uhura a slut and Jim a frat boy? And about him getting promoted to captain, Janeway mentioned in her ready room that the federation at the time of kirk and spock was much different than it is in there time. Kirk proved him self when he took command. He deserved to be captian. And technically he was captian. Pike prmoted him to first officer which would probably have given him a higher rank. Also did anyone notice that Uhura was called Lt. Uhura? Does that mean she got her rank as well without getting it? I’m not sure if this covers everything but I think the movie is great. All my friends love it and the entire office were I work at loves and those who havnt seen it yet are very excited.

Live long and prosper.

#33: And then Kirk says “Let’s go kick some Romulan ass!” and Spock raises an eyebrow and says “Fascinating.” And then they both ride off into the sunset. Then a brief comedy moment when a Tribble races along after them, trying to catch up.

Re: 34

Theater owners do not get half. They get nothing for the first month and then only the biggest chains get 10%.

Theaters make the lion’s share of their money from concessions.

I used to run 3 Loews theaters in San Diego.

Oh Man …

Bob Orci – You are totally right.
That scene would have definitely worked.

It would have been a very nice bookend.
… And a more fitting final screen presence for Kirk Prime.


Still a great movie, though.

Bob (and JJ), is there any way that scene can still be filmed?

“There’s always possibilities.”

That would be an *awesome* alternate ending to the DVD release.

I saw the video of JJ and Mr. Shatner hug at the charity event.
Seems like some good will there.

Why the hell not?

JJ, let’s do this!

Give the fans this ultimate easter egg on the DVD.

35, it’s interesting that you’ve mentioned Spock’s transition in the new movie. I’ve read hundreds of posts about the new movie, and yours is the first I’ve seen that talks about it. I assuming you’re talking about Spock’s speaking a line that then transitions into the same line’s being said in a cut to the Enterprise with Kirk at the helm.

I do like that transition, but I wonder if it is meant to be taken literally rather than as an artistic license. That is…

Given the uncanniness of Spock’s statement, does Spock have a special psychic promonition about Kirk somehow, perhaps as a result of his having traveled to the past from the future?

#3: We had that same thought, too – as far as I’m concerned, our captain’s fate is wide open again. Thank God!

I’m not so sure the Shatner scene would have worked . . . I think it would have been a distraction and taken away from the wonderful scene between the two Spocks. Honestly, I hate Kirk’s awful death as much as #18, but I walked out of that theater not even thinking about Shat.

@27: He tripped and fell into a plot hole at about the same moment.