Photos From Star Trek Tokyo Gala Premiere w/ Giant Enterprise!

Today Japan was the final stop in the world gala premiere tour for the new movie. JJ Abrams along with stars of the film attended a press conference and premiere in Tokyo, complete with a giant Enterprise. See below for pictures from the events including a giant Enterprise!


Giant Enterprise Attacks Tokyo
The last time JJ Abrams came to Tokyo to premiere a movie it was for his Godzilla-like monster movie Cloverfield. This time he came in peace, with a giant Enterprise. Japanese site has some great pictures.

The Enterprise makes its appearance

(L-R) Bryan Burk, John Cho, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Eric Bana, and Karl Urban

Side view of the giant Enterprise

There are more premiere pictures at WCBS880, here are just a couple

Another group shot

On stage at the premiere

Chris Pine with fans in Tokyo

JJ and crew at press conference with collection of Japanese schoolgirls
(we have no idea why)

More photos at and at WCBS880.

UPDATE: More Enterprise photos
More photos of the Enterprise can be found at

Will Star Trek Be Big In Japan?
This is the second Trip JJ and cast members have taken to Tokyo to promote Star Trek. Japan is one of the few countries where Trek didn’t open last week and is one of the bigger international markets. Star Trek films have not been big earners in Japan in the past. The last film, Star Trek Nemesis made only $564,650 in Japan. In contrast, Cloverfield made $11.6M and JJ Abrams first film Mission Impossible III made $44.4M (of course Tom Cruise helped with that).

Star Trek opens in wide release in Japan on May 29th.

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The Japanese do nothing small.

LOL @ the school girl photo… wow… just wow…

so they did have a life sized enterprise after all!


Bet that turns up in the new ST Experience in Vegas :)

I want that Enterprise for my back yard.

“we have no idea why” LOL!

Can I have the Enterprise please. I’ll look after it. Promise.
Though I might install real warp drive into it…I mean, I live near Linlithgow, so Scotty could help me :P

The kids’ stockings represent the Starfleet primary colors. It’s as incomprehensible as when my kids talk Pokemon.

Why are there japanese schoolgirls everywhere in Japan…

Really reassured to know that Paramount and Abrams care so much for Asian markets. Star Trek opened at #1 over the past weekend here in Singapore and I have no doubt that it will trounce Angels and Demons when the latter opens this week.

The Japanese girls are part of a pop/theater group over there. The Japanese like to see schoolgirls on TV….

Looks like the giant Enterprise is a balloon, notice the bulging neck



Naturally curious. Who made this? Was it made in Japan or shipped there? Is the impetus Japanese or American? Was it made to an accurate studio plan? What is the scale? Whose idea was it to build it? For this event only or for other purposes? Why giant? And where will it end up? (The Experience, mentioned above?) And who did the construction, and are they of “movie ready” modelling materials, or something lesser, that fools the eye, etc? These photos indeed raise so many intriguing questions!

That’s as close to lifesize as we’re gonna get. At least for about 200 years. Really cool.


I agree–the saucer looks balloon…er…balloony?


Ah, Adam I think you are correct.
Balloon does come to mind, now that you have pointed it out.
Not “Experience” then, but Macy’s parade in November?

Now if I could only get a Godzilla or Gundam that size :)

Domo arigato, Anthony.

But if a balloon, why the supports from ABOVE?
It seems clearly to be hanging from a ceiling and making use of gravity, not antigravity, in its support….

the “school girls” might be Morning Musume.

Star Trek AND Japanese school girls? My favorites! :) YUM

I like that massive Enterprise. Really cool !!!

Good God man!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t you just hear 100 Japanese schoolgirls yelling “Sulu, Sulu, Sulu”.

Jeeze those women are horrid.

^ Perhaps because of the odd shape of the ample nacelles, she need some additional support. I have seen parade balloons like that.

I wouldn’t kick it out of my backyard if it was a balloon.

/Dreams of a Bridge set bouncy castle…

24 – And can you imagine their disappointment…

Just returned from watching Star Trek a second time. And now I love the movie even more! It’s a movie that grows.

At my first watching I didn’t notice that Admiral Pike was wearing Kirk’s uniform from TMP. That was really cool.

I see now from perusing other photos from WCBS that it is indeed not constructed to exact studio specs. (Thick neck, balooning lower saucer, possibly too ample lighted dome, etc.) Cables from the ceiling in other shots are clearly visible.
A fairly fidelic attempt and a fine publicity stunt nevertheless….

12 – You could say the same about Shatner. – BOO YA!

Nah, seriously, i Love the big guy.

“Thank Heaven, for little girls…”

All I ask for is a tall ship, and an inexhaustible supply of helium for which to keep her afloat.


I just returned from my fourth viewing, there is a LOT I didn’t catch the first, second and third times, including Majel Barret-Roddenberry’s voice!
I just got one of the Burger King glasses too, it is the Spock glass, elder Spock on it has one Vulcan eyebrow and one human eyebrow, one is not arched or pointed, must be to prove that he is half Human/half Vulcan… NOT.

The side view shot, with the scaffolding, reminded me of Spacedock with the Enterprise tucked inside it…


Maybe his non-canon eyebrow is there to signify that this movie is 1/2 canon and 1/2 non-canon?



That is insane, and awesome!

Where was that giant model at my premiere?

Maybe they’ll give it to to giveway in a contest. I would build a hanger for it next to my house!

#34. I was just about to post that same thought. Beautiful!

I just want to know WHY the Japanese, who have never been crazy for Trek, get this awesomeness and we in America DIDN’T?

It’s not fair.

Nothing says Star Trek like Japanese lolis lol

it’s probably just inflated with regular air not helium that way it can be suspended instead of held down and they can walk under it :)

hey, hang a gondola under it and lets go for a ride :)

I think, the combination of Star Trek and Japanese school girls can be outmatched only by this sighting I did in Japan 2005:

oh just wanted to say the new film was amazing…. and we are counting on you.

The girls are part of a group called “AKB48” – an all-female Japanese theater/idol group……and this is why I LOVE japan!

Wow… in comparison to previous smaller Enterprise models at premiers, that one looks like it would be 900 meters long in real life!!

(ok, JUST KIDDING I’m just fanning the flames of the size of the ship issue…)

But yes, I’d love to have that in my backyard, so when Google takes their spy pictures, er, Google Earth pictures, it would show up quite clearly.

Why cant all movie releases have giant Enterprises and especially random Japanese school girls? Seriously, if more of the US openings would of had Japanese school girls we woulda blown Wolverine outa the water.

cute girls!

its good to be da captain!

That is one slick Enterprise balloon, with lights and a illuminated deflector dish.

Paramount is sparing no expense with this movie.

I want to see that Enterprise in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Alexander Courage’s theme music bumping in the background!