Nokia Star Trek Site Offers Tour of Romulan Narada

It turns out that phone maker Nokia, one of Paramount’s Star Trek marketing partners who are already part of the Verizon Trek site, has their own Star Trek site ( , which is themed around the Romulan Narada ship from the movie. Nothing really new at the site, but it does give you a good view of the interior of the Narada, details below.


Nokia and Verizon want you to join Starfleet Academy
When you visit the you will ‘zoom in’ from space to the bridge of the Narada and are asked to complete a ‘crucial task’. Your task is to identify two phones which have a certain set of features, and when you complete the task you get an ‘exclusive clip’, however the clip is actually just the Kirk Meets McCoy clip which was released a while back.

Your first ‘task’ on the Nokia star Trek site

Once completed you are on the bridge of the Narada and you can choose to explore the ship and complete other tasks.

Bridge of the Narada

Other tasks you can complete at the site:

  • Explore The Galaxy: Info from ‘Romulan Intelligence’ on Earth, Vulcan, Delta Vega, etc.
  • Gather Intelligence: More intel on humans and their technology
  • Study human communication: History of cellphones, promoting latest Nokia device
  • Explore Services: Overviews of Nokia

Here are some screenshots from the site (click to visit the site itself)


More Star Trek partner sites
Here is a run down:




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Cool. I love these designs.

What I really wish is that someone would make official bluebrints of the new Enterprise and the other ships (Narada, and Jellyfish) like back in the ’70’s and ’80’s. How about a new Tech Manual as well!


I hear a TOS bridge sound :D

Enterprise D’s logs?!?! It was the E…

Oh, and here we have it: Delta Vega is on the edge of the galaxy, near the galactic barrier.

Very cool, I was not sure I was going to like the Narada but after seeing it in action I find the ship very cool. Can not wait to see what the toy of it is going to look like. Hopefully Playmates will still release it this fall. Im not sure if anyone else noticed but after seeing the movie for a 3rd time. I saw the Vulcan ship from First Contact inside of the Narada. I just happen to look over to the left of the screen when Spock escapes with the Jellyfish.

#2 I agree. I want to see if this new larger Enterprise has a BOWLING ALLY like the original one. That would be one way to really get 60’s retro. Or maybe put in a mountain climbing wall for Kirk. Ski slopes? Go cart track? What else could they fit in this new huge ship? I hope they save the Hollodeck for TNG.

Nokia: Sensor scan detects you do not have the latest version of Flash installed. Click here to install flash.
Me: Flash tells me when it’s not up to date. Let’s try it in Internet Explorer.
Nokia: Welcome to the Narada!

Nokia: Sensor sweep detects you don’t have the latest version of Flash.
Me: I do too. Let’s try it in Internet Explorer.
Nokia: Welcome to the Narada!

one of the things i didnt like about the new movie (actually the only thing i didnt like) was the lack of showing us the technology. for instance with the exception of the transporter display- we never really get a good look of what the computer interfaces look like. would it kill them to show us a screen while they punched something up on it!? they bauscally did the same thing with the phasers, tricroder, communicator, medical scanning equipment, hyposprays (or whetever McCoy kept stabbing Kirk in the neck with.

thank goodness for playmates toys. if not for them we wouldnt have a clue what kinda equipment they are using in the future.

I also understand that they didnt want this movie too seem too geeky and what not. but part of what made james bond so cool were the gadgets. i think the same idea applies to trek in a way


Google “Haynes Enterprise Manual”. Coming 2010!

Nope, you’re not first

I still want to know why the Narada is flooded.

I was able to view it in Firefox.

It’s a little odd that “Romulan Intelligence” describes Vulcans by comparing them to humans. You’d think they’d have a different perspective.


Yeah, I forgot about that! It didn’t make any sense why it was all full of water! Even the “countdown” comics didn’t explain that.

I never noticed the Romulan script on the columns on the Narada bridge before. Cool!

Very nice pics of the interiors. The Narada is really growing on me as a “bad guy” ship.

The whole site may be product placement, but it’s very well done product placement :)

Works in Safari 5528.16.
Nice Warp jump at the beginning.

The movie is great but I wish they’d avoided the product placements. The Trek world is supposed to be post-capitalism – at least on earth. The Budweiser and Nokia references were annoying in that context.

What’s next? Corporate naming rights for starships or lame telecom logos on communicators?

Oh well – it was still a very good flick.

I agre. The product placements completely janked me out of the movie.

Please do not repeat this the next time around.

@18 oby

You think you’re just joking? Well with Blu-Ray and internet-connection it is possible to beam current ads into movies – another reason why I hate this technology.

So how did they keep fed, watered and the like for 25 years?

the bit where the kelvin captain approached and the narada ‘door’ opened was like vger ‘entrance’ (where spock flys into)

also there was some very sutle Borg-esque stype green displays etc…isnt it revealed in CD that the ship has borg tech? id have liked to see spock scan some borg looking thing in the ship and it coming up ‘unknown’ on his tricorder – probably go over the heads of mainstream audiences but the fans would get it

I wish we’d get some cutaway books and worlds of Star Trek books like what DK Publishing has done for all the Star Wars films.

Didn’t care for the design of the Narada at all. Was like Shinzon’s ship, on the inside with leaky plumbing. No sense of order to it at all as a credible spacecraft at all. Again for those who didn’t read Countdown, does this seem like a miner’s spacecraft?

THe Narada is a romulan mining ship that was modified with Borg technology (regenerating armour/hull, interior design modications, advanced systems, etc)….the mining ship didn’t look like that really…the borgification changed it a lot.

Hence it’s strange look/design. It makes no sense for most races, but it does feel similar to borg ships. Countdown, if i remember correctly, was written by the writers of the film script as well so they probably planned this all on paper first…

I just realized – having seen the movie again – that the movie actually makes of fun of the Narada’s ridiculous design.

When Scotty beams Kirk and Spock over, he says something like “Now, if the the ship is designed with any sense at all I’ll be beaming you into an empty cargo bay..” Something like that.

So they actually make fun of the design in the movie itself.