UPDATED: Star Trek’s Big 2nd Weekend $43M Domestic + 21M Foreign – Headed To $400M Global Total?

According to industry estimates, JJ Abrams Star Trek movie will finish its second weekend with $43M in domestic sales, coming in a close second to Angels & Demons which racked up $48M. Trek actually beat A&D on Saturday ($18.3M v $17.8). Star Trek’s 2nd weekend drop of only 43% is impressing the industry, details below. [UPDATE: Foreign sales push Trek over $200M worldwide]


Star Trek’s $43M weekend in the US
At $43M, Star Trek’s 2nd weekend is impressive showing the power of positive word of mouth. Even though Wolverine’s 1st weekend was bigger than Trek’s, its 2nd weekend was only $26.4M (a 69% drop). Trek’s second weekend drop of 43% is lower than many other recent big movies including last year’s hit Iron Man  which dropped 48% in its second weekend (to $51.2M).

According to Box Office Mojo estimates, Star Trek will have brought in a cumulative total of $147.6M domestically by the end of Sunday. This means Star Trek will have brought in more money by its 2nd weekend than Superman Returns ($141.6) and Batman Begins ($122.5), and both of those films ended up with a bit over $200M by the time the left theaters. (see BOM comparison). 

Here is what the box office watchers are saying about Star Trek


"Star Trek" enjoyed an excellent hold in its second sesh at the domestic B.O., dropping just 46% to an estimated $43 million from $3,860 theaters for a cume of $147.6 million in its first 10 days.

J.J. Abrams’ "Star Trek" is benefiting from strong word-of-mouth, evidenced by such a strong soph sesh. It beat "Angels" on Saturday, seeing a 56% uptick from Friday to Saturday.

Deadline Hollywood

The No. 2 movie was Paramount’s Star Trek which showed strong legs Saturday with $18.3M — better even than Angels & Demons take. That’s a remarkable hold as great word-of-mouth about the film kicked in and the studio said families turned out in a big way. Add in Friday’s $11.7M and Sunday’s estimate, and JJ Abrams’ reboot earned another big $43M, down only 43% from last week’s total. Its new cume is $147.6M.

Box Office.com

Star Trek lost only 43% of it audience during its sophomore frame, which is a respectable drop during an already incredibly competitive summer season. Reaching the $200 million mark domestically is looking like a very real possibility for the franchise reboot.

UPDATE: Foreign data in – Paramount predicting Trek headed to $400M globally
Deadline Hollywood reports that Star Trek brought in a total of $21M from 57 foreign territories over the weekend. Last weekend Trek brought in $35.5 from 54 territories. The film has yet to open in a few markets, with the the biggest being Japan next weekend. This weekend’s foreign box office brings Trek’s overseas sales to $68M for a total global gross of $216M.

We don’t yet have detailed data on all the markets, but based on performance from last weekend, it appears the film is performing well in Trek’s traditional markets (English speaking countries and Germany), but not as well in other countries. Star Trek actually opened in 2nd or 3rd place in a number of foreign markets last weekend, including Spain, Italy, France and S. Korea.

It looks like in the end Star Trek will be a very strong performer in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany, with modest success in the rest of the world. It is likely that the new Star Trek will continue the pattern of past films in the franchise and make its lion’s share of money domestically. And apparently Paramount agrees. Deadline Hollywood reports:

Paramount is predicting that this latest Star Trek should do around $150 international and around $400M worldwide


We will have more info and analysis of Star Trek box office (foreign & domestic) sales later in the week. 

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Yea but there’s steam valves in the engine room!!!

Just saw it for the 7th time last night, they said it out sold A&D, and it was sold out at all weekend showings at Imax!

And when they ejected the core 6 beer vats got whooshed into space. I just can’t get over how stupid the engine room is. Straight out of 1999, 250 years in the future my ass

Great! So chances for a new show rise. I’d love to see mroe movies but I’d love even more to see a new show.

Good looking :)

oh and yes, the engine room is silly. Old pipes and especially those “steam chambers” – complete nonsense. There is a warp core in there – old coal factory items do not fit! JJ should know better than that.

It should pass Wolverine in total money earned (domestically) by the end of this week, and should probably be #2 overall for the year by then as well.

If it doesn’t pass $200 million by the end of it’s 4th weekend, I’ll be surprised.

Congrats to the whole Star Trek team. You made an incredible movie and deserve the tremendous accolades (and $) that you‘re receiving. Looking forward to the next one.

Kirk loses every fight in this movie. That’s not my Kirk.
Does anyone know why the Romulan ship was able to defeat 47 Klingon ships? When the Kelvin rammed it, it was taken by the Klingons (so the writers say) So how could it later destroy 47 Klingon ships and wipe out the Federation ships in a matter of minutes. Did it have shields that could not be penetrated? Was’nt it a mining vessel? Wouldn’t that be like me taking a dump truck and wiping out 47 tanks? Not to mention in the prequel it defeated Worf and a fleet of modern Klingon ships.

Hopefully CBS/Paramount is excited about this news and is greenlighting the sequel already. Let’s get ready for the next voyage.

With a new engine room please.

9 – If you read countdown, you should already know the answer to the question you are asking

Oh for crying out loud, I can’t believe how many people are bitching about the engine room.

Get the drill ready…it’s time for sending some Red Matter to Germany…From Narada With Love :)

Seriously, I HATE being German…now more than ever…Only 170,000 people watched Trek on its second weekend…that’s well below NEM numers to this date…1.1 million saw Angels and Demons! Okay, the pope is German but that doesn’t explain Trek’s dive down from the already dismal 420,000 on its opening weekend…

I’ve done everything I could. I went to see it 9 times so far…I’ve taken about 40 people to see it. But the German numbers are still totally craptastic. Sorry folks, I really AM sorry…

I’m so glad there is the US and a president embracing the Final Frontier…really great numbers, US! Thank you so much for Star Trek…

Well…I gotta say I hate the engine room too.

I know a friend of mine wondered if they actually ran out of a budget.

What they need to do in the sequel is this:

Get a better engineering set. Screw consistency – I can’t get get used to that. One of the worst production decisions ever, a complete flagrant foul right there.

I think they need to put another female regular senior officer on the [i]Enterprise[/i]. Perhaps put her as head of security (without the “redshirt” gene if you get the idea) and make her a lieutenant commander. And don’t give her one of those silly looking cocktail dress uniforms (put her in pants). I’m no fan of the miniskirts as uniforms, but it was good to see quite a few female crewmembers in trousers. She doesn’t need to show off her legs, make her tough, and also make her a counterbalance to Kirk’s womanizing ways (Kirk’s going to have to know better than to treat her like a piece of flesh). Females can relate to this character, whle men can drool over Uhura’s legs and the other stuff in the background. Have your cake and eat it too.

Fair compromise eh?


Relax, Smike.
Did you see my thing in the BAMS today?

I know Kirk lost the fights in the movie, but hey he took on four guys in the first one and the rest where Vulcan/Romulan. He’ll do better in the next one after he’s gotten a bit more experience.

I’ve seen it four times so far, now I have to go back and try to find R2D2.

J.J. & Company I know you read this page… We need Khan for the next one. Maybe “The Rock” will play Khan he and Richaro have about the same chest


Hi Chris!


“The Rock” as KHAN?!!!!

No…no…please no…

“The Rock” could never match Ricardo Montalbahn.

I wish the next movie won’t deal with him, but given what I’m hearing, the chances seem pretty favorable.

18 – what HAVE you been hearing, other than things fans have been saying? I’ve heard nothing official about what the next movie is going to be about, only things that people do and don’t want to see (and Kahn seems to be featured prominently on both of those lists)

Personally, I think essentially remaking Wrath of Kahn would be a mistake.

It’s nice to see the movie getting “universal appeal” and that everyone finally understands why we love Trek so much!

Just sitting in the audience for the 3rd time, it was strange to see all these “non-believers” watching the movie. Star Trek didn’t feel like it was just for me, but for everyone.

Nooooooooooooooo! Not “The Rock”…ridiculous…they MUST cast Javier Bardem as Khan…He would be our Heath Ledger and the second movie our TDK…


Well, Spock Prime is out there, helping the Vulcan survivors with the colony. He knows exactly where the Botany Bay is drifting through space…

No, I hope that XII will be about something new, not a rehashed Spaceseedtwok.

19 – well, I heard Orci and Kurtzman discussing Khan.

I agree, they shouldn’t do a re-make of Khan.

Also read my previous post at #14 at what else they should do.

Star Trek 12…Kirk and Spock…the Bromance Continues.

23 – well, “discussing” Kahn is rather vague. It’s clear that Wrath of Kahn is pretty much the pinnacle of what they’re trying to achieve, both as far as how good the movie is and what type of bad guy to have, so there are two reasons to invoke Kahn right there.

Khan is still out there in the Botany Bay, sure. But don’t forget V’ger, either.

Kirk losing fights…

I think that’s the point and totally intentional. This is a younger less experienced Kirk. He’s not afraid to get into a fight, but he does win them. The more experienced Kirk knows how to pick his fights better.

Would be neat if…

we saw Kirk and Spock playing chess together….

Mccoy and Kirk having a heart to heart in the Captain’s quarters, maybe after Kirk loses several red shirts on a mission…

Scotty finally snaps and orders a complete bow to stern redecorating of Engineering. Nimoy makes one final appearance, telling Scotty one more time how it’s really supposed to be done.

Ok, everybody is tired of the engine room arguments but let me tell you something, i’m a professional steam engineer and that’s NOT a Starship engine room. I won’t shut up until I hear a response from JJ and his team. By the way, most of the engineering problems in the first film can be changed NOW before it goes to DVD or pay per view with CGI. You can replace the rising stem steam stop and domestic water valves with high tech solenoid controlled valve gear, you can modify some of the tanks, you can create an intermix multi level chamber somewhere in the center of Engineering. You can modify the lights to look something not like GE industrial fixtures. You can do all this and more for a million dollars post production. If JJ or Orci really do read this they can e-mail me:

josepepper@yahoo.com This movie is much too good not to fix such a fundamental mistake

I think it would be great to see Khan from “Space Seed” or some other Trek storyline revisited, BUT I think that should be saved for the 3rd movie. Something original should be in the second.

Maybe fleet vs Klingon fleet, with Commander Kor at the helm!


Hey thorsten! What stuff in BAMS are you talking about? Is there anything online?

It’s a huge victory for the Star Trek franchise yet people are bickering about the engine room? Wow.

29 – yes, everyone is tired of the engine room arguments…which is why you immediately started another engine room flame thread with the first comment?

Also, they aren’t going to change the engine room before it goes to DVD, so you can forget about that.

Next, what, exactly, is a Starship engine room SUPPOSED to look like? Have you seen one in real life before?

I just saw Star Trek again, I loved it more the second time! I am doing my part to bring her back alive!!!

In the next one, Spock’s Brain is stolen. When he gets it hooked back up, he goes on a journey of self discovery with his pals on the good ol NCC-1701..

Star Trek 12: Regarding Spock

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the engine room. in 2009 we still use steam pipes and the like as they used 100 years ago. Why would this suddenly not be needed? If you take a look at all teh other ST movies and shows you can see all the pipes hidden in crawl ways and behind walls. This new engine room is wide open without all the walls. I think it looks fine. It shows the size of the Enterprise. I think everything looked great with the design. But hey, that is just my opinion… I’ve been watching Trek for 35 years now.


Well, the marketing here in Germany for this movie has no way been as good as in the US. I’ve seen one tv spot. That’s about it. I noticed the lack of exposure, when I asked my parents, wether they’ve seen the movie. They didn’t even know there was a new one out and mind you my mother called me last time and asked, wether I had seen Nemesis.

I’ve seen it twice in the cinema. Maybe I’ll go a third time, but for me 8,50 € (~11.45 $) is really a bit too much to pay for a movie I’ve already seen.

Maybe I’ll just wait for the DVD.

The engine room on the Enterprise more than likely has exposed pipes, vents. and other open areas for one simple reason: quick and easy access to repair any damaged sections.


A huge centerfold in todays issue with a bridge panorama explained with details, plus a lot of facts about the new E and about the movie…
To tell the masses about the movie ;))

Yeah, it seems the Trek haters and spammers are out in full force. In an obviously defensive position. It’s a shame that people can’t enjoy a good film without the baggage. And it’s a GOOD Trek film no less!

BTW, enough about the sequel!!! Some of you just don’t grasp that you’re childhood is over!! Khan, et al, have been done!! Can we move on??? With NEW stories you might enjoy just as well???

Plus you should look into the recent issue of “Digital Production” with my ILM story in it…

I NEED a new weekly series!!! Bring back the velour!!! And the laser pistols!!! And And have Bruce Campbell as Gary Seven guest every now and then, like Q…..

#9. Mahoney

NO SH%T!! This movie doesn’t make any sense. I can’t Imagine Seeing it “7” times, and it getting any better. The truth is that In terms of Box Office success it did indeed Save Star Trek, However in terms of Substance, of which there isn’t any, it completely Fails.


I just saw it for the third time so I have done my part. I am glad it had such a great 2nd weekend and is close to 150 mil. Not sure how it will fare against the Terminator next weekend. I think it will depend on the reviews. I am a big Terminator fan, but if the reviews are bad, I will wait for it to come out on cable and go see ST for a 4th time .

No new Trek series for a while, I say. Let Trek fans have a break for a while. In my opinion, Trek got way oversaturated a while back, and people got burned out on it. Besides, if they did do one, where would it air? The networks are a total loss. Unless we have something reality-based and/or slutty and smutty, it won’t air with what is currently on.

I have no problem with the open design, that’s fine and probably more reasonable in any engineering environment. Take another look at the scene where the “core” is ejected. You will see 6 large “tanks” from the brewery tossed into space.

Gimme a break

They could take it easy on the lens flares too. One interesting thing about STTMP is that the ship was well thought out and they even gave out “blueprints” during the opening week to lucky Trekkers. They have a good start here, why not keep it as professional and realistic as possible. Were supposed to believe this shit right? It’s not just 16 year old girls watching the movie

I dunno how the bleak Sperminator movie is gonna fare with the relatively light and fun Trek movie in its 3rd weekend.

That is an impressive second weekend, considering the competition. Terminator: Salvation should, of course, rule the Memorial Day weekend but I think people will continue to make their way in to see Star Trek for a few more weeks. The movie wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but I’m glad for Trek anyway.


Right, Paul.
To speak with JJ, Bob&Alex:

“Zerstörung durch Fortschritte der Technologie”

46 – maybe the tanks are used to gather heat generated by the warp cores to heat steam up to use for power? That would make sense and a secondary source of power from the warp cores.