The Collective: New Star Trek Tchotchkes Edition

"Star Trek" collectibles are arriving "fast and furious" at Collective Headquarters. Like "angels and demons" we have been opening and reviewing the items so fellow fans could feel like "17 again" and learn about all the products available now. Enjoy this guide to some recent Star Trek items that aren’t as noticeable on store shelves. From key chains to cards, there are many items in the tchotchke category this summer.

QVC Limited Edition Star Trek Items
This Sunday, Star Trek returns to QVC through items offered by collectible company Dynamic Forces. TrekMovie has learned of some of the items to be offered, which could be preordered now at the QVC website. These items include a Simon Pegg signed lobby card, lithographs, IDW comic books signed by authors and artists, an 18"x24" limited edition (there are only 99 made) gilcee print signed by Simon Pegg, and retail available items such as toys and DVDs. However, the coolest items are also a Star Trek collecting first: the limited edition delta insignia medallions feature Kirk and Spock as played by Shatner, Nimoy, Pine, and Quinto. This is the first commercially available licensed item to blend the original and modern versions of Trek together in the same item. Check out the QVC website for more details or watch the show this Sunday or Monday depending on your time zone.

Lithograph at QVC

Where to buy: QVC website and on QVC home shopping channel May 18th 1AM EST

Star Trek Hallmark Greeting Cards
Hallmark continues its excellent line of Star Trek sound greeting cards with two for father’s day. Previous cards have been for Valentine’s Day and Birthday’s and it is nice to see the line increasing to include other holidays. The card with Captain Kirk on the cover features the Star Trek theme music. The card with the Enterprise (which is a beautiful lenticular image when experienced in person) features Kirk’s voice and music. These cards have funny sayings and are the best designed of all the previous endeavors. More from Hallmark is always welcomed!

New Star Trek greeting cards

Where to buy: Available at local Hallmark and Hallmark Goldcrown Stores

Star Trek Keychains from Basic Fun
Basic Fun makes key chains from famous franchises such as Star Wars and now ventures to Star Trek with items from both the original show and TNG. Each of the ships is nicely detailed and made of slightly pliable plastic so they are comfortable in pockets or purses. The coolest of the group, though, is the Communicator key chain which has 8 phrases from McCoy, Spock, and Kirk, and lighting effects. It even has light and sound effects when opening. It is slightly bulky for a key chain, yet is a fun item for play or display. At about $8, these are very reasonably priced and are practical gifts for Father’s Day or other holidays. They are what I call "collectusables" which means they are collector’s items that are usable. Toys R Us online has the communicator for sale, and in stores, all four keychains are available. This summer, Basic Fun also has a Star Trek 2009 feature film Enterprise keychain.

Enterprise and other new Star Trek keychains

Where: Toys R Us stores and online

Corn Flakes Star Trek Edition

TrekMovie has provided much information about the various Star Trek themed Kellogg’s products in previous articles. Yet, there is one cereal that almost went unnoticed by fans and is perhaps the best of all food items from Kellogg’s: The Corn Flakes Star Trek Edition box. Featuring a very cool image of Kirk and Spock on the front, the characters join others such as Michael Phelps and C3PO and R2D2 who have been on the front packaging of the world’s most famous breakfast food. For those looking for a way to display their food collectibles, try this item for 18oz boxes from QVC.

Star Trek corn flakes

Where to buy: Local grocery stores


Star Trek Blockbuster Gift Cards
These are very nice lenticular cards whose image of the characters is replaced by the image of the Star Trek logo as the card is tilted. You decide how much money you would like to place on the card when purchasing at your local Blockbuster Store. They are available with Kirk, Spock or Uhura.

Kirk gift card at Blockbuster

Where to buy: Available at local Blockbuster Stores

DST UPDATE: All Good Things 1701-D Available for pre-order
TrekMovie has been talking about an exclusive edition of the Diamond Select Toys USS Enterprise D 1701 from All Good Things for about a year. Well, all good things do come to an end, including long waits! The AGT D is now available for preorder at Action Figure Express. The $49.99 price includes a free set of Star Trek minimates (a $32 value). Pictures and ordering information is available at

TNG’s finale future D

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LOVE that AGT Enterprise…first? If not, ok…

All Good Things Enterprise, Warp 13 for me!

Yay… more stuff I cannot possibly justify buying.

That 1701-D model from “All Good Things…” looks great! Wish I had someplace to put it, cuz then I’d buy it!

I gotta say, I’m a huge TNG fan… but I just do not get the love for that All Good Things future Enterprise.

It just looks goofy as hell with that third nacelle on top. lol

The best dad bit seems a bit off. Last time I checked Kirk kinda got his son killed…

yea, I got two of the AGT E-D’s pre-ordered!

Looks like they hired Orci and Kurtzman to write the greeting cards :)

(I kid because I love! Also because I mean it, but because I LOVE!)

Wow! That corn flakes box photo is more like it!!
Best Kirk & Spock portrait yet! Great lighting and pose.
Should be a poster.
SO much better than the other “official” photos.
Hats off to the photog.

I’m holding out for a DST Grissom.

#8. Why you talking like that man? ;)

I love the picture on the cornflakes box. It reminds me of that iconic kirk/spock pic with the two of them looking upwards. Very cool. I want that as my wallpaper.

i just got the corn flakes at the store. Picked them up along with the Star Trek waffles as well. The waffles need something on the box that says “resistance is futile’

Actually have that Corn Flakes box, I bought it a few weeks ago. I’m afraid to open it to get the Corn Flakes out!


It kind of amazes me when products are advertised so stupidly. For example, Kirk and Spock are shown on the box for the Enterprise-D. Who gets paid to do basic research for these companies? And how can I get a job there and read the newspaper all day?

I have a new favorite word!

Tchotchke, tchotchke, tchotchke! :D

Never really a big fan of the AGT D; it looks too much like a fanboy’s UBER-starship to take seriously…

That is a rather nice pose for Kirk on Spock on the cereal box.

theres a kelloggs star trek cereal with the new enterprise on the box limited edition-it was only a dollar a box-it has marshmellows and tastes like lucky charms only not as good and i dont even like lucky charms,blahhhh!

Just watched the QVC hour-long segment, I CAN NOT BELEIVE they mentioned the late “DeForrest Kelley, followed in death by James Doohan and THEN WALTER KOENIG.”
I thought I miss-heard it, but fortunately I was recording it and played it back, I was HORRIFIED! I immediately went to Koenig’s website to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

16 – How can anything taste worse than Lucky Charms??? lol. I remember eating those as a kid. I wanted to get them because I saw the commercials on TV and even though my mother said I didn’t like them, I swore up and down that I liked them, so she relented and got a box. Sure enough, I hated them!! lol. Those things are disgusting!!

So whatever happened to the DST regular Enterprise D?? Did it finally get released or what? I haven’t seen it in stores yet and I thought it was supposed to be at places like Toys R Us.

Wish I had money for any of this. But I just saw the movie for the fifth time and now I have to cut myself off if I still plan on having cash for Terminator this weekend D:

Nothing related to the new Star Trek (2009) film?

Here’s a good greating card tagline. “Your dad will buy into Bob and Alex’s alternate parallel time line theory and like it, even though it’s bupkis! Happy Fathers day!”

will the collectors edition corn flakes box be available in australia i dont wonna try and buy it on ebay

I would like to buy this stuff, but I wish I had somewhere good to hide all of it. I mean, I don’t want people who come over to see my Enterprise-D toys, right?

I like the ENT-D, guess I’ll have to replace the old ENT-A model that an old friend built before he started working for NASA building models. Wonder if they’ll make a to scale model of the new Enterprise. And the QVC guy said they are already working on a script for the 2011 movie. How long until the script starts leaking to the public (namely us fans). Need to have an idea as to the plot before guessing on the film cast. How much you want to bet we’ll here of members of the film before the content of the film, that is those that are not major crew roles.

#5 – Couldn’t agree with you more. I really love TNG, but that future ship is just terrible.

#5 – Funnily enough, I have the opposite reaction: I was never a big TNG fan (not much of a fan of any Trek post-TOS actually) but I always found the AGT 1701-D design interesting and actually more interesting than the standard 1701-D as the extra nacelle and additional weapons arrays give it a more aggressive look. I’ll probably be picking this one up, though it’ll most likely be the only post TOS-era ship that I’ll own.

I’ve had this on pre-order from Play.COM for a year…. (and the 1701-D).

I’ll believe its available when its in my hand…..

Grissom, Reliant, and an Enterprise-C would be nice as well please ;-)

I love the Cheerios slogan on the Cheerios Box….”The Original is Best.”

Stamped right beside Kirk and Spock. How appropriate!! lol (and true!)

And what’s with QVC doing this thing at midnight on a Monday? What bonehead scheduled this thing anyway? I’d love one of those prints but I love my sleep even more.

Just checked out QVCs site and they really don’t have anything that interesting. What they do have is crazzy ass over priced (at least for me!). Was hoping they’d have something limited edition or what have you. :-(

Has anyone found the actual Star Trek cereal…I haven’t seen it anywhere in the Chattanooga TN market…with starfleet arrowhead marshmellows!!

Has anyone found the actual Star Trek cereal…I haven’t seen it anywhere in the Chattanooga TN market…with starfleet arrowhead marshmellows!!

I picked up the Mattel Radica 20Q Star Trek at Amazon. Its great.

Playmates Toys’ Star Trek Movie: 6″ figures wave 2 do you think they will be out later this summer or out this fall/winter? It would be nice to have the whole crew in Enterprise outfits.

So, does anyone find it a bit ironic that on the Corn Flakes box, the caption reads “The Original & Best,” right next to the non-original Kirk, the non-original Spock, and the non-original Big E?

…tickled me a bit…

@32 – I’ve seen it in a Walmart in Fort Worth.

@35 – Well, I’d take that to mean that Star Trek is “the original and best,” not the alphabet soup of spinoffs. But it’s all in how you read it, I guess.

And of course, it’s really the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes marketing slogan. But you knew that.

#31. I saw it while in the Nashville, TN Kroger (at least one of them)…Not sure where Chattanooga is in relation.

Anyone else eat a truckload of Cherrios to get the ST:TMP cards on the back, in 1980? I did, and got sick of them. I didn’t like them in the first place but I was rabid to get those cards! I put up all I have on display here:

But the REAL question is: when are we getting a USS Kelvin salt shaker??

BTW we saw the Corn Flakes box yesterday at the store — talk about iconic. My daughter and I then walked the cereal aisle checking out the promos. I never thought I’d see Trek be this popular again … wow.

That qvc lithograph of Spock looks like Dick Gautier who played Hymie the Robot on “Get Smart” to me and not so much like Nimoy. Haven’t heard of him in years. Wondered what he was doing. (And let’s see if anyone gets that reference)

I remember Dick Gautier…always thought he resembled Nimoy…
actually remember thinking he would make a good Vulcan..speaking of Vulcans…must every Vulcan have the traditional “bowl” haircut…that is what I liked about TOS…only Spock and Surak had the bowl…Stonn was parted on the side.. Sarek kind of had no part, until the movies.. TNG gave us the bowl but Vulcans and Romulans as well…

41. Perhaps Vulcan hair does not lend itself to anything else; mousse and styling gel may be considered frivolous and ‘illogical;’ time spend tending the coif could be better spent on more fruitful endeavors. Another possible explanation is that Moe Howard of the Three Stooges is revered on Vulcan.

Whatever the explantion, one can only assume that stints at Vulcan Barber School are relatively brief….

#39: “Another possible explanation is that Moe Howard of the Three Stooges is revered on Vulcan.”

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the Vulcan salute pays obvious visual homage to the Three Stooges eye-poking gag.

I supose Surak startd it all those years ago, and most Vulcans wear it to honor him. That, or the producers are just following the mandate that all aliens on a planet must all look, dress act and talk alike. And that all planets can have only one climate, all the time, all over the globe.

#42: “Another possible explanation is that Moe Howard of the Three Stooges is revered on Vulcan.”

I don’t think it’s coincidence that the Vulcan salute pays obvious visual homage to the Three Stooges eye-poking gag.

Argh. Site was being sluggish; apologies for the accidental double-post :(

I don’t get why they wouldn’t have called the All Good Things ship Enterprise-F or something considering it is well into the future. I guess they figured in that timeline, the D wouldn’t be destroyed anytime soon.

For collectibles, I am not fond of this one. I hope they do a detailed Defiant sometime soon. Maybe even in scale to the others..miniaturization is getting better. Would be cool to have a 3 or 4 inch Defiant that has sounds and lighting like the others in the Starship legends line.


Although the third nacelle of the “ALT” Enterprise is wierd looking, you have to admit that the phaser cannon on the saucer section is badass.

41, 42

Aside from the Moe howard hair style I would have liked to have explored more of the Vulcan side of things. “Enterprise” and now this movie, have made them so human to me. What happened to the Vulcan that had a culture all it’s own? I’d love to hear more Vulcan made up language. People struggling with wrapping their mouths around English words. “Ze speaks? Spockhhh.” Art ze human, or art ze Vulcan?” That seems to be lost with this batch of Vulcan story telling.

To me…Abrams – kind of like Trelane – gets the exterior ‘style’, but not the ‘substance’. I could just feel him checking things off his list. As if he said “Okay we made them say ‘Live Long and Prosper’ and they did that Vulcan salute thing. That’s what they did didn’t they… in the Star Trek… didn’t they? Uh,..didn’t they guys? Okay good. The fans will be happy with that. Check that one off.” There,…I said it.

Does anyone know the brand name of the winter hat Scotty/Simon Pegg was wearing in the new Star Trek movie? Thanks.