EXCLUSIVE Blu Ray/DVD Featurette Clips: Morga On STVI “Brute” + Tim Allen Talks Kirk

Last week Paramount released a number of new Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray titles with the biggest being the Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu-Ray. Paramount has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive clip from that collection as well as another exclusive clip from the new Galaxy Quest Deluxe DVD with Tim Allen talking about wanting to be Captain Kirk.


Tom Morga: Alien Stuntman Clip
Tom Morga has the distinction of being the most seen stuntman in Star Trek history. He has appeared in six feature films, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. Morga is profiled in a featurette called "Tom Morga: Alien Stuntman" On the Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country disk from the new Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection Blu-ray set. Paramount has provided TrekMovie with an exclusive clip from that featurette with Morga talking about playing "The Brute" in STVI:

Look for our full review of the Motion Picture Collection on Blu-ray on Thursday.

Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection Blu-Ray available now at Amazon  


Tim Allen Talks Kirk and Shatner
In addition to all the other Star Trek home video releases, Paramount has also just put out a new Deluxe Edition of Galaxy Quest, the Star Trek parody. This includes a number of new special features and interviews. Here is an exclusive clip of star Tim Allen talking about how he always wanted to be Captain Kirk and how he talked to William Shatner about if he was imitating him in the film:

Look for our full review of the Deluxe Edition of Galaxy Quest on Wednesday.

Galaxy Quest Deluxe Edition available now at Amazon


More new Trek DVD & Blu-ray
The following new Trek sets are also available at Amazon.

Blu-Ray: TOS Motion Picture Collection & TOS Movie ‘Trilogy’


DVD: Motion Picture Trilogy & Best of TNG & TOS sets


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I love Galaxy Quest. I had to be convinced to go see it because I was certain it was a full-on parody of Trek. But it really isn’t. It’s an homage. :-)

The first time Tim Allen slouched over sideways in the big chair, he had me. He was fantastic. As was the entire cast.

Favorite line, heard often at my house (even my ten-year-old uses it correctly): “This episode was badly written!”

It’s mind boggling that there’s no Galaxy Quest blu-ray!

Galaxy Quest is one of the best Star Trek films ever made!


I’ve seen Galaxy Quest, what, maybe 10 times! Love it!!!!

I just want to know…. does Galaxy Quest still exist in this Nero-infested universe? :) And can Scotty transwarpbeam onto the Protector?


I think Galaxy Guest is the one of the funniest if not THE funniest films of all time.

Oh dear, Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies ever. I want that DVD!!!! But I’d prefer the blu ray of course.
Before actually watching it, I thought GQ was a parody, but it’s right, it’s an homage, you can feel love oozing in its script, true love.
And sure there are some GQ moments in Star Trek (more than a coouple I’d say….), but in a nice way.
Laredo, take her out :-D

Yeah i really liked GQ. Sigourney Weaver was well sexy in that! Seriously, i’m not jesting! she’s HOT
I thought it was a great homage to what trek had became. I also feel that it painted a decent image of how some of the stars may have felt during the time of the conventions etc.

I had friends that got a bit ruffled at the thought of seeing Galaxy Quest. But it is so obvious that it is really done by Trek fans who “get it”. if you can’t laugh at some of Star Trek and praise other parts of it, you start to sound like some of the fanboys.

Galaxy Quest is a better Trek film than say, Insurrection.

Galaxy Quest was fun, but I’m with JJ on this, it’s a parody of Trek no matter how you slice it. The two shouldnt be connected. I guess it was a sign that the series was looking into its own grave, glad it was saved.

#9. THX-1138 – May 19, 2009

“Galaxy Quest is a better Trek film than say, Insurrection.”

I still say Generations is the worst, i can see ur point though. lol :)

Galaxy Quest is awesome, one of my favorite movies of all time. I know that JJ Abrams specifically said in several interviews that he wanted to avoid a “Galaxy Quest-type parody” with his Star Trek movie. His statement bothered me, because it shows that he really doesn’t “get” Star Trek. Galaxy Quest is not a parody, but a homage, like someone else said. In fact, I would say that Galaxy Quest has more love and respect for the original Star Trek than JJ’s movie does.

BTW: I still enjoyed the new Star Trek movie…I just like Galaxy Quest more.

the novelty of the galaxy quest movie wore off with me after about 20 mins.


I want Galaxy Quest 2.

The show is going to get rebooted by a young, hip director, with a much younger cast, and everything is put upside down. Alan Rickman gets asked to reprise his role, but Tim Allen is completely ignored. And he recognizes how the fan base starts to make fun of him and the original show.

So he decides that he has to do everything to stop it. And parallel to that, he, his old crew AND the new crew get sucked into another space adventure.


LOL at 13.
And the fun thing is, Alan Rickman & Zachary Quinto are my favorite actors. Is it karma?

Tormentor — did you happen to see the CSI “Trek” like episode? It was quite funny, and there was a redo of a Trek like series (I forget what they called it). When the guy who was re-imagining it presented it at a convention, instead of being all colorful and fun, it was dark and there was screaming and fire everywhere (and, had the ep been made after JJ’s STAR TREK, I’m sure there would have been lens flares). In the audience were multiple actors from RDM’s BSG series. Everyone is shaking their heads as they watch this grittier take on their beloved series.

After, there’s silence, and one guy stands up and yells YOU SUCK! — and that guy is Ronald D. Moore.

Great stuff.

No Blu for this??? Where the Heck is Bill Hunt????????????

3. Plum = Last!

13, 14 – That would be so much FUN !!!

I had worked on Galaxy Quest as an extra in a couple of scenes here and there. It was actually kind of more fun to work that film than on the usual ‘high school drama’ that I usually work on. (I’m 90, but still look like I’m 15 haha)

GQ is now the SECOND best Star Trek movie ever made.

Best line from Galaxy Quest:
“I have one lousy job on this ship. It’s stupid, but I’m going to do it.”
–Sigourney Weaver, repeating the computer commands since apparently on the show no one could actually hear it except her


So many quotable GQ lines! My faves:

“We have to get out of here before something kills guy!”

“Did you guys even watch the show?”

“Oh, I see you found a way to get your shirt off.”

“It came back inside-out….and it exploded.”

Bring on Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation!

Oh crap! A&D beat Trek on Monday. But Now Trek and Wolverine and in a dead heat for domestic box office totals….$152mm. But Trek will blow by it this week. Next target, getting ahead of Monsters VS Aliens for the 2009 box office crown…so far.


Sorry, I gotta disagree.. I don’t see how JJ’s wanting to avoid “a Galaxy Quest-type parody” implies he doesn’t “get” Star Trek. It seems to me (and some others), there is no way anyone vaguely familiar with Star Trek would not see this film and THINK “Star Trek.” The film SHOUTS Star Trek. Galaxy Quest is a wonderful film. It is a comedy. Star Trek is not, specifically, a comedy, so it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges. For what JJ did, my estimation is that he does “get” Star Trek, whether he learned to “get” it, or had divine revelation… whatever it took.
Galaxy Quest is a perfectly wonderful, entertaining parody of Star Trek… all of those characters could easily have been Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan, etc., whisked away by aliens who only knew them as Kirk, Spock, Scotty, etc. (I seem to recall a short story in an early Trek fan-fic book which had a similar plot — I’m sure someone out there knows this story). But, certainly,Galaxy Quest was not the kind of movie JJ would want to be compared to in trying to resurrect the fading franchise, hm? Any more than he’d want to be compared to “Generations.” And in saying this, he instilled a bit more confidence in myself and others, who didn’t want Star Trek to be taken less than seriously.
I remember reading that a remake of “The Six Million Dollar Man” was being tossed around, and — while I wouldn’t say that show was heavy drama — the remake was rumored to star Jim Carey, and it would have been a comedy. I wonder who would have wanted to see THAT?
In the same vein, I wouldn’t have wanted to see a comedy version of Star Trek, or even a Star Trek that did not respect the original. What JJ & Co. gave us is surely enough evidence that A) Abrams came to understand Star Trek very well; B) he surrounded himself with people who knew Star Trek very well; C) they treated the show with tremedous reverence, IMO.
I loved Galaxy Quest. I love the new Star Trek movie… ’nuff said.

I have to agree… GQ IS one of the best Trek films ever made!!!

Ok I absolutely LOVE Galaxy Quest….. but can we please stop with calling it “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made”??

Whether you want to call it a parody, an homage, or a spoof, it’s a movie about a bunch of ACTORS pretending to be officers on a starship. How exactly does that make it a Star Trek movie????

I agree it’s a lot more entertaining than most Trek movies, but in no way would this POSSIBLY work as an actual Star Trek story. LOL

So when the time travel takes place at the end of Galaxy Quest, are they in a alternate reality/timeline? ;)

Poor Tim Allen. It was his last best role.

Galaxy Quest was great. Too bad the script was so much of a one-off deal. I’d pay money so see a sequel.

Galaxy Quest is one of my favorite movies ever ! Loved Sigorney Weaver in it !

I also love Galaxy Quest. The script was amazing and the cast brought it to life brilliantly, and the direction was flawless.

Galaxy Quest is my third or fourth favorite Star Trek movie. Third, I think. :)

I frequently use in conversation, “That was a hell of a thing.” –Tech Sgt Chen after ‘transporting’ for the 1st time.

im sure there were some GQ ‘homages’ in the new film – dunno if they were intentional or not:

Pike being tortured lying down…same thing with Tim Allen getting tortued by Sarris

way Tim Allen dealt with Sarris during their 1st encounter – similar to Kirk in the Kobashi Maru

also the interior of Neros ship – similar interior of Sarris ship …..the Kelvin uniforms didnt look all that different to the GQ ones

probably reading too much into on those lol

Please do NOT call GALAXY QUEST one of the greatest STAR TREK films ever made…

…while FORBIDDEN PLANET still exists. Now THAT’S your perfect TREK Prequel right there!!!

Galaxy Quest was an absolutlely hysterical and delghtfully affectionate send-up of Trek. I’ve got that DVD from the *original* release and think its awesome. Tim Allen’s chase away from the rock creature at the end was a send-up to the Star Trek V ending that never happened!

I think it was Guy Fleegman who had one of the best lines as he watches Tony Shaoub make out with the girl/alien in the transporter room – “That’s…just…not right…”

If you’re a Star Trek fan, but can’t enjoy Galaxy Quest, it’s a cryin’ shame. Heck, we, of all people, ought to be able to enjoy poking at least a *little* good-natured fun at the extremes of our own pop culture franchise.

And Tim Allen rocks! I think one of the things that makes him so popular is that he ** doesn’t take hiimself so seriously **. Home Improvement is one of the most underrated TV sitcoms ever for its spot-on satire of American domestic family life. One of my favorite shows as well.

“By Grapthar’s hammer, I say Galaxy Quest rocks!”

By the way, folks, regarding this BluRay Trek film release……I have one thing to offer


Reviews all over Amazon for the BluRay set indicates that with the *exception* of Wrath of Khan, these are NOT original-negative digital remasters!! They are noise-reduced, filtered transfers of the existing prints (again, excepting Khan).

If you’re expecting a truly remastered set, you’ll be disappointed.

What #39 said. Shame, too.

Agree that GQ is the best Trek film since Wrath of Khan. But…what the hell is this “new dvd” nonsense? Where’s the goddamn blu-ray?

Somebody PLEASE, I’m begging you, Please do a Galaxy Quest/Trek ’09 mash up and put it on youtube.

OK all it looks like the Blue ray of Galaxy Quest will be out in September I know why so far away but it is coming so hang on!!! Oh and I too love this movie but I’m not going to say it’s the best Star Trek movie ever it’s not a star trek movie lol

3. Plum – May 19, 2009

Galaxy Quest is one of the best Star Trek films ever made!

Well,…it’s certainly one of the best ‘tribute’ to Star Trek films made. It pokes fun at a lot of things. The first time I saw it Tim Allen’s last name as Nesmith was very conspicuous and seemed to be poking fun at other things from that era. Like how Mike Nesmith was notoriously difficult at the time to work with.

And Tim Allen was super as the Shatner type character. I was surprised that wasn’t covered in the “Raw Nerve” interview. Could have sworn they’d hit that…even a little.


CSI “Homage” to the Galaxy Quest “Homage”

is available free on the CBS website


The CSI ep is called “A Space Oddity”

It’s funny. I didn’t really consider that the parallel (multi) universe also allows for parallel marketing by the recently divorced CBS and Paramount.
each gets its own Trek Universe to play with.

Some of the choices as to which entity gets to market which items still hurts my head.

#37:”Please do NOT call GALAXY QUEST one of the greatest STAR TREK films ever made…

…while FORBIDDEN PLANET still exists. Now THAT’S your perfect TREK Prequel right there!!!”

Dude, FORBIDDEN PLANET is *beyond* STAR TREK – it can not be subsumed into being merely a *part* of it!

Galaxy Quest was a good movie, when I first saw it I thought they wanted to start a Star Trek like series over at Disney. And I long ago back in the pre Blur Ray won days getting a e-mail ad for Galaxy Quest on HD-DVD and if I bought a player and picked the Sci-Fi 5 disk pack that came with it, I think it also had 2001 and Planet of the Apes, also Blade Runner and Andromeda Strain. But I wanted a Blue Ray since it was invented.

Forbidden Planet and Day the Earth Stood Still are the movies that created Sci-Fi, yes they are prequels to Star Trek. But Time is the only thing that can label them as Prequels.

But the only thing that really relates them to Star Trek is the same as you need water to make a cake. The cake that Star Trek baked needs water also. So thus you can say those movies are Prequels and that is what Star Trek was built upon.

Wonder what the remake of Forbidden Planet will be like, heard a rumor that they were thinking of remaking the film. But I think the box office of Earth Stood Still muffled those rumors.

But even if it becomes a DVD only movie I’d like to see it. Think Gort would fit in well with Klingons much better than with Data and Dr. Sung.

Favorite Galaxy Quest Line………….Those Pooooooooor People. Makes me LMAO every time just thinking about it.

GalaxyQuest is still an awesome movie!! It’s definately an homage to Star Trek, bot being a comedy it’s also extremely funny. The on ething I did take away from it though, was just how “right” Tim Allen would be as a Starship Captain. With viewing this little interview, I see that my thoughts were correct. I do think that if they should do another series, please give Tim Allen a chance at the “big chair”.
I know, they may want to go younger, but find a way to bring him into this, make him an Admiral or a guest captain in an episode if you must. I think that just like when they picked Patrick Stewart, which at the time was “way out of left field” casting, they should go to Tim Allen.. He’s my pick as the next Captain of whatever starship voyage they want to bring to the small screen..