New Ships and Behind Scenes Images + Box Office Update + more ST09 tidbits

In the new Star Trek movie there are a couple of glimpses of some Federation ships besides the Kelvin and the Enterprise and we can now get a closer look with a new image from now available online, along with some more behind the scenes images. We also have the latest box office numbers, Trek’s ratings with movie viewers online and more.


Ships image + more behind the scenes shots + Mindel interview
The International Cinematographers Guild site has an interview with Star Trek cinematographer Daniel Mindel, which also includes a great shot in space giving us a good look at a couple of the other ship types in the movie. There are some behind the scenes shots too.  Here are the images, click to see them larger and read the interiew.

Enterprise and other ships ready for warp

Behind the scenes shooting Star Trek

Box Office Update: Another good Monday for Trek
Star Trek continues to battle it out against Angels & Demons, but on Monday the Tom Hanks movie edged out Trek a bit to take top spot at $4.7M vs. Trek’s $4.5M domestically. Star Trek is now up to $152.2M domestic with $219.9M globally. Paramount has run ads about Star Trek saying it is ‘this year’s Iron Man’ referring to the hit movie from 2008, which proved to have very long legs. So it is good news that Trek’s second Monday sales ($4.5M) are higher than Iron Man’s  ($3.9M).

Star Trek online ratings sky high
We have already noted that Star Trek has the top ratings at movie review aggregator sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, but the New York Times notes that it is no surprise Star Trek has legs, pointing to new movie site Flicketz, which rating films on a number of factors, including fan reviews, and Star Trek has a perfect ‘fan score’ of 100. Speaking viewer reviews, Yahoo Movies readers give Star Trek an average of an ‘A‘, and on IMDB, Star Trek has a rating of 8.4, which ranks it as the 71st highest ranked film on the site (in the same range as films like Pan’s Labyrinth, Aliens, and Raging Bull.   

More Star Trek Celeb Watch
Links to the latest from the cast of the new Star Trek moie.


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Abrams, et al. – Do yourselves a favor and release some errata with class names, etc. for the ships. It seems silly, but nerds like me (us) go crazy for that kind of detail.

Sweet; been waiting for some more ship shots. The one in the upper right looks like it has a bit of Miranda in her crossover support. Did anyone catch a glimpse of the Kobyashi ?

Nice stuff! This site continues to impress me.

Even though Star Trek will be facing some tough competition from Terminator this week, I predict that Kirk, Spock, and the gang will ultimately best John Connor and his bunch in overall box office earnings.

Miranda ’09 & ENT-Intrepid ’09!

I’m worried when comparison are made – this year’s Iron Man – Maybe I’m superstitious, but the adage about pride & falling always comes into my mind with comments like these.

It is a very strong film – well balanced – which will help it in the box office. I’d prefer it if Paramount would sell it on its own merits without the comparison to blockbusters past.

Nuff said. Don’t want to jinx anything. Incidentally, 4 of my high school students were raving about it today before class. Nice to see a diff demographic excited about a show they never watched before.

#4: I agree. Based on the reviews so far, ST will make more money, at least domestically. I don’t think Terminator will cross $200M domestically.

Nice to see that Dan Mindel is getting some notice for his work, hopefully it leads to an Oscar (or at least a nomination).

I’m confused…

When Watchmen came out they had TONS of amazing art from the film books, amazing photographs of the characters in a big book, behind the scenes book you name it. They had it all, same goes from Batman, Hellboy, Iron Man etc..

Why isn’t there anything on this film? A big fancy worth every penny kind of a book??!!??!?

Is there something in the pipe line?

I like the film way more than I thought I would but guys??? What’s with the ratings on these sites… it’s REALLY not that great. It’s good. Pretty good. But not an 8.6…

I love the new ships. Toy replicas should be sold in the stores.

I belong to what you’d call a “redneck-y” club here in Maryland… total “roadhouse” type joint. And last night the bartender, a 50-something year old woman who says she’d never seen a Star Trek in her life, told me unprovoked that she was dying to see “that Star Trek movie” because she’d heard it was so good.

This person was the absolutely last person I’d ever expect to mutter the two words “Star Trek”, so at this point I figure JJ & Co. have successfully reached out to absolutely every demographic possible.

Paramount must be beside themselves with giddiness. Of course you know this means we’re going to get one of those stupid parody films called “Space Movie” now.

C’mon, everybody, lets keep going back to see it until it hits Dark Knight money!

That one ship looks a lot like a Miranda-class starship with a misplaced warp nacelle. I like it!

The smaller ship is in D-A-C as the Fighter Class.

Trek tech is so sexy, if REAL 23d Century tech doesn’t catch up with it, it’ll be a disappointment. Real life might not be as cool as Trek, frankly, and that would be too bad.

For all we know, however, somewhere in the world, the father of the discoverer of warp or some other kind of interstellar drive has just been born.

Trek, or some form of it, could still be true. :-)

@ 12

Great story! Very indicative of the substantial crossover power this film possesses.

Well, T4 is tanking in the RT review department (25%). As we’ve seen, that’s meaningless. Trek is still the best-reviewed film of the summer.

Ships are great. I agree: Classes and specs, please!

#16 recent research by a string theorists postulated a Warp like drive FTL technology but the math indicates you have to burn the mass of Jupiter to make Warp 1

@12 Uulio, love the story and unfortunately there will probably be a film called ‘Space Movie’ (it’s probably being written on a napkin as I write). I’m hearing alot of stories from my friends that are going or have gone to ‘Star Trek’ and it’s all been positive feedback. All of these guys are not Trek fans so for them to talk this way is amazing! FYI, I’ve seen it 3 times in IMAX and I do think it is one of the better Trek efforts but Star Trek II is still the Trek to beat.

#18 Perhaps a Tech Manual to coincide with the DVD Release which should be November if keeping with recent summer hits

I’lll take as many FX shots of the Enterprse and the other ships as they’re willing to offer.

I’d especiallly enjoy any unused shots of the under-construction Enterprise at the shipyards. Those shots looked *incredibly* well done and gave the “E” a great sense of depth, dimension, and reality. I was hoping we’d see even more!

I am already looking forward to the DVD/BR release with all kinds of delicious extras and a JJ commentary :)

Great, more ugly ships… ‘Hey, let’s stick a bunch of nacelles on here!’.

Finally more ship images! That ship above the Enterprise looks a lot like a Kelvin technology Reliant would look like. Just remove the middle nacelle…

19, I read that too. But the mass has gone down considerably — it used to be many orders of magnitude greater. Maybe theoretical advances will reduce the energy requirements still further.

#7, it’s not just Terminator. Night at the Museum made over $250 million domestically and over $570 mil worldwide. Night at the Museum II actually has about the same reviews on RT as the original. Between T4 & NM2, we’re really going to find out who has not seen Trek yet who has no other interest in anything else. I personally still don’t think A&D is done either, because it is a whole different audience, for many of whom, this weekend will be the first to get away to the theatre and relax.

I love the new ship designs….all of them…..better than any version of Trek….

Can’t wait to see the new versons of the NewCanon Excelsior Class, Oberth Class and Miranda Class however… me….they will come…. They are the most popular classes besides the Constitution……

I also can’t wait to see the new version of the Klingon Bird of Prey…..

This movie is the new version of Star Trek……what a start !!!! what a beginning…. It is the NEW canon…. I don’t even acknowledge Enterprise as a prequel…. Everything from JJ and The Supreme Court is in my mind the new beginning…the new Star Trek…..from this movie onward……

Hey guys, just one more reason the new “E” is about the same size as the original.. Look at the rec-room windows on the saucer just by the port nacelle.. It looks like there is a person in there.. so unless that person is three stories tall.. i would say that one person fits in that one window.. therefore the scale is the same as the Enterprise from TMP at least..

I just want a clear pic of the new Klingon Warbird!

It is only on screen for a few seconds and the Burger King toy version is Super Deformed, but you can still make out new weapons and forward shuttlebays.

Oh and Mattel is releasing the Movie Enterprise and the Narada in its’s new line of toy ships, but so far the Movie Enterprise is MIA from this release. The picture on the back of the boxes shows a TOS paint job with Orange nacells, so maybe that is what delayed it.

A new tech manual has to be made….

It has to include:

The Narada
Spock’s Jellyfish Ship
The Kelvin
The Enterprise
All of the Shuttles
The other 6 starfleet vessels that made up the Vulcan Armada that were destroyed by the Narada
The Klingon Warbird
The USS Kobayashi Maru
The ship docked at SpaceDock prior to the Enterprise Warping (see in lower left hand of screen)
Space Dock
And of course all Star Fleet facilities


Same here. One of my favorite things in Trek is the glimpses at different types of Starfleet vessels. Class, name, origins, etc. I enjoy details.

I know, I’m a dork.

The thing I love about the new trek film is that new ships were designed by CGI……note to ILM…do not lose the files…..remember Star Trek First Contact… lost the Norway Class methinks…..or was it the Sabre ????

I look forward to some new designs in future installments……

Good job ILM, et al.

Ahhhhh….it was the Norway Class CGI file that was lost…..I just checked on the First Contact page on Memory Alpha….

OK…now that I am mentioning Memory Alpha….they must make a Prime Universe Page and a new Alternate or JJ Abramverse/Alternate Reality Page to seperate each universe and to further avoid confusion to make things easier…. Of course the new universe page would start with the events of the new film….with references to the Prime Universe of course ;)

29 Throw away line
{In Delta Vega Outpost}
Scotty: So I tested it on Admiral Archer’s Prized Beagle…..

32. Spot on. We need a new “Scottys guide to the Enterprise” book me thinks

#4: “Even though Star Trek will be facing some tough competition from Terminator this week, I predict that Kirk, Spock, and the gang will ultimately best John Connor and his bunch in overall box office earnings.”

Overall, I agree with your prediction, but not for this weekend. Terminator will rule this weekend.

As Han Solo once said, “don’t get cocky, kid.”

#9: “When Watchmen came out they had TONS of amazing art from the film books, amazing photographs of the characters in a big book, behind the scenes book you name it. They had it all, same goes from Batman, Hellboy, Iron Man etc.. Why isn’t there anything on this film? A big fancy worth every penny kind of a book??!!??!?”

Because in the past, at least in the latter years of the TREK journey, Paramount has not had confidence in its property. Need facts? Budgets far less than this film; involving a few directors and writers who knew nothing about the series; further evidence?

The Star Trek Encyclopedia has not been updated since 1999 yet in that time there has been one additional film released; “Voyager” completed its seven-year run and the much maligned four-year voyage of “Enterprise,” which IMHO should have been permitted to complete the seven- year cycle that its sister programs did.

UPN did not treat the program with any respect, so of course, it did not, in executives’ eyes, succeed. Now, all of a sudden we have a winner and Paramount is caught with its collective pants down unprepared for the success they have so long sought.

Is this any way to treat a flagship franchise?

Wasn’t one of Gene Roddenberry’s rules that starships would only have two nacelles due to the way warp physics worked?

Totally off topic.

But… has anyone seen that animated movie BOLT.

Upon viewing I caught two references that made me smile.

1) “Larak tarath” – the mak’tar chant of strength from Galaxy Quest.

2) “It’s a good day to die” – a reference to the Klingon/Worf saying.

On topic – Nacelles Monthly.

The nacelles on those ships are FUBAR. Except maybe on the Connie II: Fast & Furious.


Yeah I’m holding out hope that the great business the movie is doing will inspire Paramount to release a lot more merchandise.

Hell, even ST:Insurrection got a “Making Of” book! lol

Just got back from my 4th viewing. Tuesday night, still strong beyond belief here in San Francisco. IMAX at 7:30 totally sold out, and a line-up out in the lobby for another regular showing. I really can’t remember the last time a Tuesday night was so busy. It looked like Friday!

This is the best website in the entire world; no, the Universe; no, actually in the Mulitiverse.
That said, why can’t words be spelled correctly? I think today was the worst. The article headline actually says “Scenese.”
It’s a real juxtaposition: the great care and love that goes into this site in every other way, and the consistently awful spelling. I don’t get it, especially since the spellchecker was invented well over a decade ago.


Not sure what you’re talking about because Memory Alpha has already done just that. For instance:

“Where No DP Has Gone Before”


Hey Anthony,or Quaksbartender, or Veron-Say it aint so! I saw the Enterprise D deflector dish from the giant illuminated model at The Experience for sale on ebay with a sad notation stating the Enterprise did not survive her battle against the evil minions at the vegas Hilton! Anyone know anything about it?

Am I the only one that gets goosebumps in the new movie after Kirks heroic dad gives his life in the opening scene to be replaced by the gigantic stone Starfleet delta shield slowly rotating to the front as the gigantic title star trek in classic tos font fades in with the new theme horns blowing the new title theme? Wow! The first time I saw that on the huge Imax screen I almost had a tear in my eye and I knew Trek was back…likewise at the end when the camera goes over the big E and Spock starts the familar phrase and the classic theme starts as the Enterprise thunderously disaapears–goosebumps I tell ya!

Thanks to Bob Orci,Alex, JJ and all involved for helping to show non trekkies why we love this franchise and her characters!