ShatWatch Video Special: Bill’s Star Trek Leno Cameo + ‘Gavones’ Animated Show Preview + more

Chris Pine may be the new prince of paparazzi and celebrity gossip, but William Shatner remains the king of all media. In just the last few days the original Kirk has been all over TV and internet video, including a preview for a new Internet animated show and a Star Trek cameo on last night’s Leno. Check it all out below.


ShatWatch: The Time Travel Edition
Leonard Nimoy as Spock engages time traveling in the new Star Trek film, yet William Shatner time travels for real on the Internet. Shatner videos representing his past, present, and future are on the Internet this week, so please join TrekMovie as we get into our own jellyfish and travel with through time Shatner style.



Shatner’s Star Trek cameo on last night’s Leno
On Tuesday, May 19th, the Shat had a cameo on The Tonight Show. The skits about summer blockbusters is in the second chapter of the episode and features both music and images from the new Star Trek film.

Behind the scenes for Invasion Iowa Commentary
Bill’s official video project has a new video of Shatner at the Invasion Iowa commentary recording session, the show where Shatner played a practical joke on the entire town of Riverside, Iowa (featured in the new Star Trek film).



Preview of Shatner’s new YouTube animated show "The Gavones"
Shatner has a new pilot for an animated exclusive YouTube show called "The Gavones" which is a mafia spoof. The Shat stars as "Don Salmonella Gavone" who tests his sons for which should be the next Don in the first episode. Shatner got his start in radio, so doing voices is something he has a talent for and it shows in this episode. Shatner spoke to People Online about the show, revealing that there will be 6 to 7 episodes to begin with, shown about twice a month (at THE GAVONES channel at YouTube). Watch out Tony Soprano!

ITALIAN ALERT! Gavone is the English-American corruption of the word "cafone" in Italian which means an uneducated peasant. It usually means someone who acts rudely (ie: eats too much in front of others).

Preview of Shatner’s "Gonzo Ballet"
Some of Shatner’s new documentary Gonzo Ballet (about how his excellent Has Been album was turned into a ballet) is available on Youtube to promote the film.




Vintage Shatner and Nimoy Star Trek IV Promotion
Just uploaded to YouTube, this commercial was filmed in 1986 for Western Airlines. After the commercial is a video that was filmed on the same set for the Paramount Promotional Department about Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It is good to see this unusual footage and banter between Shatner and Nimoy is always fun.

BONUS -Shatner Customized gas tank
In this new vid, motorcycle customizers show their work featuring Shatner, himself a big fan of motorcycles.


You can own the things Shatner was plugging above! "Up Till Now" paperback and the Invasion Iowa DVD are available at Amazon.

Thanks to youtuber BeyondSpock and Rricardi,

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Haha that Star Trek IV promo was great. I miss that sort of banter from the Shat and Nimoy. Although we did get quite a bit of it from Pine and Quinto…

I love you Shat! You’re the real Captain.

That still picture on the YouTube video from Invasion Iowa with the white “substance” on his face looks…..wrong.

The Shat is everywhere!


I Love Shatner

A bit off topic here as well but I bought the Blue Ray of the Wrath of Khan yesterday and whilst watching it I noticed something.

Now I could be completely wrong BUT when Kirk comes onto the Bridge to announce he is taking command and Enterprise would be diverting to Regula One, am I the only person who thinks that the person sitting in Saavik’s chair bears a striking resemblance to the Director Nicholas Meyer???

Turn it on and have a look……

or Look here…

yeah I know, it’s probably not him BUT there is a resemblance there…

Yeah I was watching Leno last night when this was on, very funny!

There never would have been Star Trek if not for William Shatner.

Scotty! Get me those HOT POCKETS!

Can someone put the Star Trek bit on Youtube, we can’t watch it over here :(

#2! (for the year that is now) Monsters vs. Aliens, here we come!

See? He DOES do cameos–if asked.

The airline commercial is so awesome. I really enjoyed the interaction between Nimoy and Shatner. What a fun watch! THANK YOU!

#12 lol good point!

I too would love to see the NBC video, and eagerly await to see it on youtube!

There’s no stopping The Shat!

“I thought you lost your marbles in III!”

“I got a few back!”

Nice. That whole video was quite enjoyable.

~ Ben

Could someone post the leno video on youtube so we lowly canadians can watch it?

I second that emotion – re: #8.



Simple Epic! Shatner is always funny! Glad he’s got a great sense of humor!

#8 – Spot on!! Why people practically worship Nimoy as if he invented Star Trek is beyond me…or why they have him say the “Space, the final frontier…” line in the movies, which is KIRK’S line…

Haha, I have the script to Star Trek IV and it IS green (the cover page, that is). And it is very heavy. ;)

##8, 18
Third! :)

Great compilation, John – thanks. The Shatner/Nimoy clip is wonderful; even in a commercial you can see the unique chemistry between them.

Should the (Supreme Court) consider producing an animated version of “Star Trek Countdown” in the style of: The Animatrix – Final Flight of the Osiris? >here

With all of the actors available to lend their voices to the lead character in the graphic novel –it would seem that this new content (short film) could be marketed with a remastered and edited blue ray version of STTNG: The Next Generation” Unification: Part 1 & 2 — This two disk set would not only be quickly snapped-up by the fan base but, to the New Audience you have created with “Star Trek”, become a very powerful marketing tool for Paramount / CBS for the marketing of all Star Trek franchise Disk / Blue Ray content to this brand new audience.— When Marketed next year with the Blue Ray release of Star Trek.


thanks for the mmrs!

I want to see William Shatner in Kirk’s Captain uniform, ONE LAST TIME!


#20! great points!

.. i would like to hear Chris Pine say the whole: “Space the final frontier…”

Have I mentioned I love Shat? Oh wait,…yes I have. And I do. He’s the man.

Leno’s bit is funny! And the airline/ST4 ad is just perfect.

May Quinto and Pine achieve such legendary status…

boooo bill shatner. pine is the best kirk next to sandra smith.

“Christmas…1986”. I was there.

Why don’t all you shatner lovers just marry him already.

Thank God he was NOT in the new movie – which is the best trek movie of all time…..

The SHAT Rules!!

Go, Bill! Go, Bi-ill!

Mr. Shatner is THE MAN!!! Live Long and Prosper.

Wow. Those guys have almost as many The Dark Knight posters as I do. XD

FYI, Shat is Not a good actor, the tribble in new movie acts better then Shat ever did.

#3…that’s not egg on his face. Cum on people….look closer!

#34 Criticising Shatner’s acting? That’s… (dramatic pause) original.

William Shatner is a GOD


#22 i LOVE that idea. you know the next gen cast would jump on lending their voices for their characters and it would be a pretty good flick in my oppinion. hopefully orci and crew read that and put it in motion.

The Promo was great. They rolled right on through with that…didn’t miss a beat.


Agreed, the heck is that?



Well I disagree. There I said it. I HATED it! But I don’t know what you care if I love him or not. And I still do.

29~ Ahhhhh Freddy… a good movie yes (fantastic infact)… but the shat should be in the next one.. and mate, grow up a little before hurling the insults.. fool.

Hahaa. Leonard in a Hawaiian shirt. xD Priceless.

#38 … PJ, Thanks for the kind words and support of the idea

If the Supreme Court has not already thought of doing this… How do we promote Bob, Alex and JJ to consider it ?

Any Ideas?

22 – Rick

Rick, you have come up with a fantastic idea mate… Bob and co, take note and act on this guys idea! Fantastic.

Oh and just back from seeing the film for a third time… and pleased to say, the cinema (Staines in the UK) was packed out full! – on a weds!

I say we definatly need a Star Trek Countdown animated Movie!!! Not just to pleasure me but even for those who have never read it. It would be great to have voices of patrick steward, brent spiner and leonard nimoy toghether after all the time since TNG.



I will scream KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

as long as it needs till we get it and i want all the fans out there to scream with me! Do it Now!

the NBC thing doesn’t work outside the US anyone got a youtube link?


aww the whole episode has been pulled on NBC……

double lol! That ST IV promo with Shatner and Nimoy is great fun!
Thank you, beyondspock!!

Now, who do we have to spam with requests for that vid in higher quality? Paramount or Delta Airlines(bought WA in the same year)?

#35: Nimoydog, that comment (and one I won’t repost) was crude, rude and socially unacceptable!