JJ Abrams Responds To Fan Theories + Star Trek #1 At Wed. B.O. + more tidbits [UPDATED]

Are there hidden messages in the new Star Trek movie, some fans think so and so JJ Abrams has actually replied to some in a new interview. See below for more, plus in our latest box office update, more Pine gossip, and links where some are taking some lessons from Star Trek. [UPDATE: Star Trek is adding more screens for third weekend]


Abrams responds to theories
In a new article at MTV, Star Trek director JJ Abrams responded to some theories and queries.

One theory involved the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" and if that was some kind of dig at William Shatner (famous for pronunciation of Sabotage). Abrams says no:

"Yes, I have heard that theory," laughed Abrams. "It was so funny when I heard it. I wish I could say it was done on purpose, but it was not. I just dig the song."

Another more paranoid theory (that I haven’t even seen here at TrekMovie), is that the 60s era corvette diving into a ravine scene is some kind of mataphor for how they are ‘throwing old Trek off a cliff’. Again Abrams says no:

"I’m not sure if it was a ’66," Abrams said of the Corvette. "But that was also the year that I was born, so I wouldn’t want to do that to the year, for personal reasons. No, the idea was to show the renegade, young Kirk and have a wildly anachronistic scene where you had an earthbound, almost back-looking scene combined with a forward-looking futuristic scene technologically. It had nothing to do with that kind of metaphor."

Abrams also talks about if the film breaks with canon with Federation members recognizing Romulans and also discusses if the new USS Enterprise design can be linked to the attack on the Kelvin. Go to MTV for more.

Sometimes a Corvette is just a Corvette


Box Office Update: Trek #1 on Wednesday
Yesterday Star Trek again bested Angels & Demons in domestic box office, taking the number one spot with $3.1M vs. $2.9M, which means Trek beat A&D in three of the six days since it opened last Friday. Star Trek continues to show legs in its second week, with 2nd week day to day performance better than last year’s long-legged hit Iron Man.  With Terminator Salvation opening wide today and Night at the Museum 2 opening tomorrow, yesterday was certainly Trek’s last time at #1, but getting #3 over the Memorial Day weekend is possible. Star Trek’s total domestic gross now stands at $159M with a global gross of $231M.

UPDATE: More theaters adding Trek for its third weekend
In another sign that the film has legs, Star Trek is adding more theater screens. Even though two big movies are opening this weekend, Star Trek has upped its domestic theater count by 193 screens to 4,053 which is about the same or Night at the Museum 2 (4,096) and significantly more than Terminator 4 (3,530).

Pine Celeb Watch
The hookup between Chris Pine and The Hills star Audrina Partridge continues to be the obsession of the celebrity gossip set. Today US Magazine has an article all about it, quoting Hills co-star Lauren Conrad talking about how often Pine and Partridge are texting each other. And if you were wondering what kind of land vehicle captain Kirk gets around in, it is a Honda S2000, as can be seen in the latest Paparazzi images of Pine who can’t seem to go out for coffee without being followed by photographers.

Breaking news: Chris Pine drinks iced cappuccinos

Star Trek teaching lessons?
The success of the new Star Trek film is now being seen as an object lesson. Just today there are two examples:

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Yeah!! :D

I think this a great run as #1 for Trek. Only in it’s 12th or 13th day. It most certainly will stay a few more weeks (albeit on a few less screens) I can totally see it reaching 200m domestic in the next few weeks.

Should the (Supreme Court) consider producing an animated version of “Star Trek Countdown” in the style of: The Animatrix – Final Flight of the Osiris? >here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asbHiZtvMhc

With all of the actors available to lend their voices to the lead character in the graphic novel — it would seem that this new content (short film) could be marketed with a remastered and edited together blue ray version of STTNG: The Next Generation” Unification: Part 1 & 2 – This two disk set would not only be quickly snapped-up by the fan base but, to the New Audience JJ Abrams has created with “Star Trek”, become a very powerful marketing tool for Paramount / CBS for the marketing of all Star Trek franchise Disk / Blue Ray content to this brand new audience.- when Marketed next year with the Blue Ray release of Star Trek.

What do you think?

Lovin it!

It doesn’t really matter if JJ Abrams intended those metaphors, the intrepretation is just as valid as the intention. I find it peculiar that Mr. Abrams provides these kind of clear explanations considering he likes mysteries so much. I prefer Nicholas Meyer’s notion why we might think Khan wears the single glove is just as valid as what he intended and he never reveals why. Artists lose their say over what the art means when it is available to others.

gosh sakes… people get a life… Who cares about Chris Pines personal life ?

Beating Wolverine and Angels into a pulp!!!…Bring on the Terminator!!!

I love the fact that Trek has Fired it’s phasers and torpedoes and blasted All of the other Movies. Trek will have the longest legs of all movies this year. I think People are just trying to find things to nit pick about so now they just makeing things up just to try and stir some kind of Controversy when there is none. On Pine. If she is hot. I say go for it. I think she is Hot.

I read the MTV article and it doesn’t seem as if Abrams truly addresses the Romulan issue. But he so easily could have. Just say that the Kelvin incident is when Romulans were first seen in this timeline and so years later, the relationship with Vulcan had been revealed. You don’t have to just arbitrarily break with canon when you can please both camps. Expecially when you have such a cool reason the new Enterprise looks so different and wasn’t launched until years later.

Technically, it can’t be an iced cappucino, since cappucino are half milk, half foam (or 1/3rd espresso, 1/3rd milk, 1/3rd foam if you do it the Italian way). So he likes iced lattes. :)

(I maybe a coffee nerd.)

In another note, paparazzi are freaky and don’t lend much to reporting besides stalkerish celebrity gossip. I don’t think TrekMovie should really feed into the frenzy since it’s hardly Trek news, or news in general.

“You could say that it’s just a movie.” Excellent answer J.J.

Heh, I like the part of the interview when he grins and says “it’s just a movie.” He gets caught up in the explanations and the universe for a minute and then seems to realize that he’s getting into it and stops himself. Nice. I’m glad to see he thinks about this stuff as well, and not just Bob and Alex.


Please don’t report on paparazzi stuff. Just don’t. Please.

Nero’s appearance in 2233 didn’t just lead to advancing starship design.

It also led to the introduction of the TMP-style penguin dress grey’s for use by the Admiralty so that Starfleet could have better uniforms than an advanced enemy from the future.

I think it is awesome that the papparazi is stalking “KirK’ . Star Trek has fiaally arrived into mainstream America. There is no better indicator then the celebrity gossip columns and blogs. If US Magaizine cares about who “Captain Kirk” is dating and what coffee he is drinking, then all of America will care.

Thank you Supreme Court for making Captain Kirk cool!

#7 No reason that we can’t give him a thumbs up, of course! :)

If Chris Pine is seeing her… I can’t argue that there’s anything wrong. :)

She’d make a good young Romulan Commander, by the way… someone photoshop some uplifted eyebrows on her:

#3 Your idea stinks just as much as the previous 47 times you’ve mentioned it! :)

#jj Wrecking a Corvette was simply predicting that gasoline vehicles will still be in use in 2243. After all, I’m still riding around in my 1701. ;)

Did we ever get a name on that officer that was chasing him? Could it have been an officer named Thomas Hooker? Sure, why not. :)

By posting paparazzi images you are only enabling them.

Stop helping to invade the poor guy’s private life.

Kirk is lactose intolerant! His drink isn’t canon!

Can we get a page on this site designated to list off all the hidden nods in the new film?

We all love that stuff, and it just occured to me that shuttle “37” could be a nod to Voyager?

More likely than the two long shots mentioned above…

I’m still amazed at (and happy) that “Star Trek” is doing so well at the box office. The movie has a very realistic shot of going over $250 million domestic.

Hats off to everyone involved. You guys really hit it out of the park on all levels.

I think coverage of paparazzi coverage gives us all an insight to mainstream acceptance of the actors, and if it brings flocks of girls to Trek as new customers, it can only be a plus.

The site is not “Teen Beat,” but is simply reporting on the increased coverage.

Though Charles Trotter has been known to stalk Trek celebs once in a while
(runs to CHAT and hides) ;-)

#18 Agreed on pop-harass-y pictures… but I’d note Chris is in no way now “poor”….

Im not sure if it has been mentioned or not. But Chris has already gotten a new name from all of these gossip sites. A lot of the girls who comment on the sites are starting to call him Chris Fine. It is still very encouraging that Star Trek is doing very well at the box office. I am still hoping that Star Trek will be able to break the $100 million mark in foreign markets. That is a challenge for the next movie, besides coming up with a movie that tops this one. But some how find a way for Star Trek to really connect with more foreign countries that don’t seem to get Trek.

#3: Rick, we get it. You want to see an animated TREK. Give it a rest already.

As Anthony mentioned, you spammed it (more than) enough.

And since you asked what “we” think, I vote no. If I want to see the TNG crew again

Maybe the Supreme Court (though I do have to say that title is a bit annoying) will see it fitting to push Paramount to do one more Next Gen film, though I sincerely doubt that will *ever* happen…. heck, I’d even welcome a direct to DVD NG… or Titan… film (or two or three).

#13: “Heh, I like the part of the interview when he grins and says “it’s just a movie.” He gets caught up in the explanations and the universe for a minute and then seems to realize that he’s getting into it and stops himself. Nice. I’m glad to see he thinks about this stuff as well, and not just Bob and Alex.”

JJ Abrams doesn’t think ‘Star Trek’ is real???? oooooh, so NOT canon! NOT canon at all! What’s wrong with that man???

Fire that man now.


just KIDDING, folks!!!

#3 – Its a cool idea, Rick. Unfortunately now that its been posted in a public forum that the “supreme court” visits and reads it won’t have a shot at seeing the light of day in order to prevent law suits over the “theft” of an idea.

#25: “And since you asked what “we” think, I vote no. If I want to see the TNG crew again”


That was supposed to say…

And since you asked what “we” think, I vote no. If I want to see the TNG crew on the big screen again (and I do), I want a live action story that is a fitting, deserving ending for that crew. AND ‘Nemesis’ was NOT that film.

I have no idea how that sentence got botched up… there must be some
nan-ites in my computer. Somebody please call Wesley Crusher to come debug my computer (grin).

Terminator Salvation is getting savaged by the folks at Aintitcool.com


Plus it’s really kind of a downer plot. So it might not be as big a threat to Trek.

Here’s one. How Big is Vulcan? Or Where Is Delta Vega? is it in the Same System? It can’t be a Moon. Vulcan has no Moon, right? So That said, how can Spock be seeing Vulcan as big as we see Our own Moon if not Bigger in the sky, From Delta Vega if it’s in another Star System?

We need an Imax in ANCHORAGE, ALASKA so we can watch this!! (Boos and hoos).

Hey, Anthony, I always appreciate your clever photo captions. Just wanted to let you know! :)

#30 They moved Delta Vega. In the prime timeline it’s at the Edge of the Galaxy in the Episode “Where no Man has Gone before”


But yes in the movie based on scale it would have to be in the same star system and would at that distance get ravaged the way Ceti Alpha V did in TWOK.

You guys-
Roberto Orci & Co. commented they “like to think” that the old timeline was still in effect up until the point the Narada arrives.
It seems more “realistic” to think, based on what was shown- the type of ship the Kelvin is, the bridge window, the uniforms,etc.- that the Narada arrived in a not-quite-the-same pre-TOS universe, which it subsequently shifted into an even MORE different direction via its actions.
Perhaps that would make things even more complex for the average moviegoer than they already are though…

=30 and of course you aren’t trying to nit pick…. move along now… move along… sorry to break it to you fella… but people LIKE this film, me included.

What about when Kirk (Pine) is eating an apple during the “no win scenario” test? Think back to Wrath of Khan, Kirk is eating an apple when they are in the Gensis cave, talking about how Kirk beat the “no win scenario”. Connection????? I think so!

#30 Bob Orci covered this the other night in the lengthy Q&A session–a couple of times at least. It was more symbolic than geographic–like Spock Prime could sense the deaths of all those Vulcans as that great of distance, “seeing” it in his mind’s eye.

30. Spocktimus Prime —

Here’s a thought… As a director I can tell you it is called creative license. Sure he could have just showed a tiny dot in the sky winking out but the way Mr. Abrams did it was way more symbolic and moving. I don’t blame him at all.

If you want some dumb-ass techno answer surely you could come up with one. As a science teacher the 1st that comes to my mind is the unique particles that make up the Delta Vega atmosphere combined with the very unique curvature of the planetoid cause an interesting and extreme magnification effect in the polar region.

Wazzam! Trek to 400 M and beyond!!!!

34 – Can we not take the word of the guys who wrote the story? This is what I don’t get… these guys wrote the story, they KNOW what they meant, and how it fits.. so who are we all to tell them they are wrong and that we know better than them… it’s their material. Plus… why are folks going soooooo far into pulling and picking and taking appart.. doesn’t it take away the ability to let it be what it is.. a fantastic bit of entertainment, that makes up part of our beloved franchise.

– 36.. Hate to break it to you.. but that was pointed out as a “nod” a long time back..

#37 Ah thanks I missed that session. Like the Spock doing the Obi Wan Kenobi thing when the USS Intrepid is destroyed in The Immunity Syndrome

That picture of Chris Pine really bothers me. I can’t imagine living life like that, having people following you around taking pictures of everything you do. The actors are people to and deserve some privacy.

I guess with Nero changing history and Starfleets development you could have a movie based on Doomsday Machine or Space Seed and have a entirely different outcome. I just hope if there is a Doomsday Machine movie Mr. Abrams doesn’t decide to have it destroy Andoria or Mars.

#30 – Here’s one: Who cares????? You know it’s all FICTION, right? Spoken as a Trek fan of 40 years! I feel sorry for those so OCD that they can’t enjoy a good Star Trek Film for what it is.

seriously what idiots thought that the Corvette was symbolic? With all those references it seemed they were declaring that Trek Prime is still very relevant.

Now what about the ship size? These are like the theories no one thought of until reading this

-43… Well said sir!

dont forget the First Contact theory thats been mentioned in previous threads – that the Ent E and the borgs arrival changed the timeline so everything from the 21st century onward looked abit different and more advanced to TOS (NX 01 and Kelvin and ultimatly the NCC 1701 – also changed by the arrival of the Narada and the kelvins destruction – wasnt George Kirk supposed to be one of the NCC 1701 designers too?)

#43 The script writers prided themselves over the effort they made in thinking through the mechanics of timelines and time travel. Now that I heard that the DV thing was “minds eye” it clicks but lacking that info it seems like a blunder when compared with the effort that was made in getting the time travel stuff right.

I too like this movie as well and I don’t have a problem with everyone nitpicking it to death, it’s their right. The ones that start to froth at the mouth with anger are the ones I tend to tune out though…no point in the anger.

@3: Like the idea, but once is enough.

#42 –
I feel pretty confident that after rebooting the franchise and giving it new, vibrant life that re-doing a tv episode won’t happen. Thank god!! The NEW adventures of the Starship Enterprise………

44- The theory I want addressed is how the “penguin” dress greys….the Admiral’s uniform (TMP-style) wound up in the new universe some 15 years or so before they should’ve been introduced.

It’s Ok though, because I’m just damn glad they brought those back